Troubleshooting 101- “Done” Stuck!

UPDATE: Getting scattered reports that many of these tasks are now starting to clear. I hope lighting the fire helped many of you out. Please let me know if many of you are still having this issue. Keep posting to forum and contacting EA as well if you are.Β 

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by to try and help out with an issue that is hitting all over the place. Many different results. Many different issues. All seem to revolve around one thing, the task is stuck on “Done”.


So many of you are running into this very same issue over and over. There is a LOT of ways to try and help the issue, but for some it still remains. Below I will make a list of options you can try before reaching out to EA. Here are the basics of what you can try.

1. Try and complete the task again, but this time use the pop up in the Task Menu on the left to “Go To” the character and complete the task instead of just tapping on the Thumbs Up.

2. Try to use Town Hall Character Locator and “Go To” them instead of tapping on the Thumbs Up to complete the task after trying it again. Just locate their name and tap on the info next to it.

3. Try “kicking” the game aka getting it to sync back up that the task is done. To do this, go first to Krustyland then back again. Try the two methods above. If still nothing, go to a few Neighbors, then try again methods above.

4. Send the Character on a different task. Use the Character meant to complete the “Done” task and send them on another short one. When they are finished, use the methods in #1 or #2 to clear their new task. Then use #3 to see if it helps as well.

5. Take the Building that the task was being completed with. If the Character is inside a building, like Moe’s or used Moe’s to do that stuck task…store Moe’s into your inventory. This will kick any Characters in there out and then you can replace the building and try again.

6. Take the Character out of the game. If the Character was released with a building/decoration, store it in your Inventory. This will pull them out of the game. You can then put the item back and they will return.

7. Same as above, only this time take it a little further. Store the item in the Inventory, but then exit out of your game, restart your device, then go back into your game.

8. Wipe the game from your device to see if it is a bad or corrupted file. You should do this ONLY if your game is saved and linked to an Origin ID. This way you will not loose any progress. Go to your device Applications Manager (if you have one), locate the TSTO app, clear all the cache/data for the app, Uninstall the app, restart your device, once restarted reinstall the app, Log back in to your Origin ID. Try again to see if it will clear.


When all else fails, contact EA. I did see there is already a Forum thread on this one, but it was Originally started in 2012. Many started posting on it recently, so we can still utilize it to get the issue “FIRED” up.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help some of you out of the “Done” loop. If not, please open a ticket AND post to the Forums so we can bring it to their attention.



39 responses to “Troubleshooting 101- “Done” Stuck!

  1. I have multiple characters stuck in the Simpson house. Nothing works because I can’t store the Simpson house. Anything else to try? I spoke to someone one the phone but sadly he was less than helpful.


  2. Homer is stuck on “done” after flying the sleigh. Tried all of the troubleshooting tips, so am off to contact EA. Had anyone else had thisome problem?

    • It’s going around. Try to trigger the phone call with EA when you contact them. Might be a little better than the chat option.

    • Well i exited the game restarted the device went back in tapped the completed task then quickly moved the Simpson house to spring field heights then all the characters were released. Not sure which one of the action worked but it worked! Thanks for the suggestions here!

  3. I can’t unlock Santa delivering presents. I’ve finished the quest line for what I can see, but I can’t get him to fly his sleigh. Any tips? It’d be much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve tried everything and kirks testify is stil stuck on done…!! Soooooooo frustrating…!!! Been about a week now 😭😭😭😭

  5. Is Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 14 stuck as “Done” a new wrinkle to this glitch? Can’t store Homer, can’t store the Toy Workshop (where Try to Fly the Sleigh is based). Wanted to post this question here first as opposed to adding it to a ticket if Pt 15 is not supposed to unlock yet. Thanks!

    • Have you tried going to Krustyland and coming back? Sometimes that helps clear it out. Also try a hard close and restart TSTO…see if that helps.

    • Had this problem too. Unlike earlier dones, where a simple KL visit helped, none of the quick solutions helped, not even a re-install or having Homer fly again and rushing it with 2 donuts. Then I let him do it again anyway and came back 5 hours later, and the task book entry simply was gone, and Lisa triggered step 15. Hope everyone else is just as lucky…

  6. WOOHOO! The two task that have been stuck there for a week and a half cleared over the weekend. You guys rock πŸ™‚

    • Argh… spoke too soon. Every single one of my tasks completed today is showing as done and staying in my list without payout. One being the Nativity task… presents! Wah!
      Going to go through the drill… wish me luck!

  7. I am stuck with Apu feeding the “8” juice!

  8. Bunny, you’re a champ.

  9. My freddie quest stuck at 3rd action is now fixed!

    Perhaps you remember that I couldn’t seem to make it work… not very good with that sort of thing πŸ™ and trying to fix it got in the way with Christmas goals so I let it rest for a bit. (I was becoming far too frustrated! lol)

    Anyway, I’m very glad EA fixed it for me πŸ™‚ And I have learnt a few new troubleshoot actions in the process πŸ˜‰

  10. Thank you for this informative article (all advice is accurate except contacting EA – well for me? I’ve gotten zero help & I don’t have 90 minutes to wait on assistance, so EA remains on my ‘boo hiss’ list and deserves a lump of coal from Krampus (lol).

    I truly think a patch update needs to be sent out (its the right thing to do), but happy holidays fellow Tappers and have a nice weekend! πŸ™‚

    • Many are reporting they are fixing.

      As far as EA…ALWAYS try to contact during regular week work hours and ALWAYS opt for phone call if it is there. πŸ˜‰

  11. My “Database Recovery pt.2” quest has been stuck in the Done status for days. I’ve tried all the great suggestions above and even took it one step further yet it didn’t solve anything so I just opened an EA ticket; I sold Honest John’s Computers but the quest is still there… You can add that as a Do Not attempt πŸ˜ͺ

    • Mine was stuck in the exact place. Did all the troubleshooting except #7 before contacting EA. Went through chat…first time got disconnected when reinstalling game..didn’t help. Next day went back to chat and they sent my case to a specialist. When I saw this post, I then did step #7 which didn’t help right away but few hours later when I got back on it finally fixed after of about 3 weeks stuck. Woohoo! Not sure if it was the step or EA that fixed but it did finally fix…so closed the case with EA. Just hang in there… Thanks so much Bunny!!!!!

  12. hows this for a messed up issue. My icon for the game is STILL halloween icon. No joke. I can’t even count how many times I reinstalled the game since the middle of November and up until this past week. And still seeing Halloween icon.

  13. Strangely enough going to Krustyland ans coming back fixes it for me everytime

  14. Another one I found going through the EA Forum a while back when I had this issue was storing the task giver if it is different than the person doing the task. It seemed to work for a handful of cases as well.

  15. My game keeps crashing at the loading screen. I got it to work for a bit but now it crashes when I try to go to my neighbors.

    • Try uninstall/reinstall on it. Could be a bad file with the latest update.

      • Still super unstable. It’ll crash 6 out of 7 tries. And when I do get it to work it crashes within 2 mins. And the cycle resumes 😩😩 I’m just going to contact EA

      • So I ended up contacting EA. They had me delete the game. Do a power cycle where you hold the home button and lock button on the iPhone until the apple logo comes up. Then reinstall the game. That seems to be working so far. I hope it fixed it for the long run. I would hate to miss out on the cool Christmas stuff.

  16. Hi guys quick question will the tunnels finish Tomorrow as I notice we are at the end of tunnels?

  17. Thanks for the tips – I’ll give them a go. I’ve got two quest-lines stuck and I’ve already contacted EA, but if your suggestions help then great.

    I’ll try 1,2 and 7. I’ve already done the others!

  18. Anybody else notice the writers building glitch? Every time I go out (like to neighbors) and come back, it’s got cash for me (similar to the tribal hut glitch awhile back). Not complaining though! πŸ˜‰

  19. How do you get the spuckler brood?

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