Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnel 19

Hey All You Merry Ho Ho Ho Grumples! Time for some Grumplety Stew? 😛


Santa 1

If you want ALL the details for Santa’s Daily Tasks aka Elf Tunnels (including Character Groups), please go to the MAIN Santa Daily Tasks Post.

Now for today’s Santa Daily Task. Just tap on the Elf Tunnel itself to be taken to all available Tasks.


Or tap on the Santa Daily Tasks Shortcut Icon in the top right corner of your Springfield. (It usually wiggles when a new task comes available/one is completed.Santa's Daily Tasks Icon

Santa's Daily Tasks

Remember, if you have a task “stuck” or can’t get the next Tunnel to open try to go to Krustyland/Neighbors and back. Or exit out of game then go back in again. (It won’t let you start the new task until the other one is complete, this means to make sure ALL the money and items are collected.)

If you are missing Elves, see post HERE. (Just try to go in n out of Krustyland then ring the Elf Bell first to see if the missing ones appear.)

Here is today’s Santa Tasks.

Tunnel Task Length Character/Group
19 Make Milhouse Complain to His Parents 4hrs Milhouse
Make Apu Feed the Octuplets Elf Berry Juice 4hrs Apu
Make Springfielders Toy Makers to Stock Santa’s Sleigh 8hrs (x9) Springfielders (ONLY the Characters that currently have tasks in the Toy Workshop)
24 Hour Complete Bonus Prizes Options (The Game only picks ONE to give you)
100 Gifts Fever Cabin, 1 Elf Fever Cabin

And now for your FINAL Prize for unlocking ALL the Santa’s Tasks/Elf Tunnels…

Zutroy 1ZUTROY!!

We will have more information on him later, but he is a fully active Character with his own questline and tasks. He is voiced, but not really any phrases. More just noises.


Again, you have plenty of time for these tasks. The 24 hour timer starts as soon as you begin the first task. You can still complete the tasks past the 24 hour time, but you will NOT get the bonus 100 Gifts. So I suggest plan ahead to hit the timer BEFORE 24 hrs if you need those Extra Bonus 100 Gifts Each day.

There you have it. The end of the Elf Tunnel Santa Daily Tasks. Have YOU completed them all? Get Final Bonus Yet? What do you think of Zutroy? Let us know below.


118 responses to “Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnel 19

  1. Is santa supposed to disappear from the game after u get zutroy?

  2. I finished the tunnels and didn’t get Zutroy!
    I’m so sad.

  3. I didn’t get Zutroy character either! I completed all the tasks, which I love the cabin but then I noticed 50 of my donuts disappeard. How can I get them back or are they gone forever?

  4. I didn’t get the zutroy character either it says that I have completed all the tasks but I did see one of the presents from the task was a decorated crazy cat lady house but I don’t have that that the cause if the glitch??

  5. Finished all of my tunnels did not get Zutroy !!!! Help!

  6. Due to a busy work week (travelled 400 miles and all day meeting plus Christmas do) I’d delayed a couple of tunnels but have completed the final tunnel this morning. Happy to have reached the end of Phase 1 with a few days to spare 🙂
    Good luck to all those that have had problems getting Zutroy to appear in their town.

  7. I received everything o much fun playing. The help on whos doing what tunnel really helped so I wouldnt send them to o other wrk. Thnks Bunny.

    One small issue I have multiple briwn houses. I click very quickly to.have money. Someties I accidently doule click snd my donuts are taken. I noticed once b4 It ssked are you sure you wsnt to use a dinut? How can I get them to asks me instead of takibg the donuts to soed up house time? Thank You kindly..😜

  8. I cannot get the game to wk. My feds are missing and cannot get the tunnel to work either, it chimes but doesn’t open. Help!! Apu should be done but nothing’s going on:(

  9. I got Zutroy and now he’s running round my Springfield. Trouble is I don’t like him much. Can I swap with a reindee?? Ho! Ho! Ho!

  10. I guess I was lucky. Zutroy is here. I had a lot of fun with the tunnels.
    jthielien5209. Happy holidays

  11. I did not get Zutroy! I finished this task around 10 hours ago, i have tried logging out, visiting neighbours and Krustyland but still nothing. Not impressed, this years christmas story has not run as smoothly as other years!

  12. I received Zutroy and started the Who Wants to be a Billionaire quest but can’t find what all the tasks are for this quest line. I’m currently working on quest 2 of the chain but don’t know how many more there are. Where can I find the quest line?

  13. Hmmm,
    No Zutroy, no elf, no presents, just another space waster (fever cabin)

    I am down at least 3 elves..

    4+19+4 = 27, and I have 24…

    Contacted EA back with the first missing elf, the rep tried, but no one there even knew where the elf counter was! He did give me 10 donuts for my trouble.

    Sigh, I swear I get every glitch in TSTO and FGTQFS.

  14. When does Part 2 begin? I’ve got some long tasks that need to be done for other storylines but don’t want to miss the start of Part 2.

  15. Didn’t even notice I was supposed to get a character. Got everything but him. Got the nativity scene and the cabin at the same time, and I didn’t get the pop-up about getting the elf or the presents. Looks like I’m missing elves too (only 22).

  16. Same as lots of others – missing elves, no bonus presents and no Zutroy!

  17. No Zutroy for me either after completing all tasks. I contacted EA too and they said to wait for 24 hrs and it should correct itself with the update. bummer.😞

  18. Hi. I received the cabin but no Zutroy. I contacted EA this morning. The advisor said that there had been a major glitch and that he would appear in 12 to 24 hours and assured me I would not miss out on earning any presents. Hope this may help others who think they have missed out!

  19. Has anybody gotten Zutroy after waiting 24h like EA suggests?

    I was lucky to get the character, but my boyfriend didn’t … tried the basic troubleshooting but still no character 🙁

  20. For the end of tunnel 18 my A game didn’t get the Ice God ( I had it from an earlier event) but it was in my inventory for my B game, that didn’t have the item. Anyone else had this happen?

    I can’t remember whether the item was originally bought with donuts or won as a prize.

    I’ve yet to finish tunnel 19 questline as I was out last evening, so started the event late to suit the time in Australia. PS/ Merry Christmas to All here!

  21. It’s 3:09 AM EST and Tunnel 20 has yet to open for me. Perhaps it’s a glitch in the game? Maybe I’ll contact EA. 😉

  22. Just finished all tasks for Phase 1. Zutroy hasn’t shown up either. Can’t wait for Phase 2. I am better prepared for this event then when I was when I started playing this game a few days after the Halloween event started. Missed a few items from Halloween event but all in all not too bad.

  23. Also missing Zutroy in my main game – all tunnels open and have logged in and out a couple of times – no luck. Definitely looking like a bug.

  24. Oh great, another male character.

  25. Ditto on the missing Zutroy. I’ll have to contact EA via the web (no phone contact available here in Aus). Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

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