Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey the Hoppereenos!

How are our favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time to see if reindeer really know how to fly!  That is coming…really soon. Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!  (this is very quickly becoming our favorite time of the week by the way!  You guys have some AWESOME things to say!)

Now this thread can be used at ANYTIME. So if you just want somewhere to come to chat with your fellow Addicts, feel free to continue the conversation here all week long. 🙂

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  The Holidays are upon us soon. Got any plans? Dreading the relatives visiting? Or having to go to their place? Anything you are hoping to happen this week?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, update fun and glitchs, NHL, NBA,  MLB or any other 3 letter leagues you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


159 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. Does anyone remember when the Valentine Event started last year? Any bets on when it will start this year? Last years was great!

  2. Is it my imagination, or are there more mountains out there to the left than there used to be? I also kinda looked like there would be a couple of new ocean plots available to the left, but there weren’t.

  3. I managed to put the present depot away before the first half ended, do you think I should put it back out our save it and see if it does something next year?

  4. Is it just me…..or is The Yes Guy merely mosey-ing away in shame now? Where is the pep in his step?

  5. OMG – how awful! I’m so sorry to hear that! I don’t think I’m one of your neighbors, but I’m glad you’ll be prioritizing your family over the game at a time like this. I hope your son will be okay and I’m sending good thoughts to you and him. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, to, during this stressful time!

    • Sorry – this was meant to be a reply to Julie… Don’t know how it ended up as a separate comment!

    • Thank you, Sandra…I just sent you invite to my second town…hope you have room to accept.
      Talked to Phillip this morning…appears he has had an infection on his chest and that has gone to his heart causing the attack yesterday. Possibly pericarditis. He has a battery more tests to have, but such a huge relief to know it is something that can be controlled and hopefully fixed now! He has another three days of strict rest then he can go back to work on light duties. He was so upset at missing little Brielle’s 1st Xmas, but at least now he gets to spend the rest of the day with her.
      Xmas day is nearly halfway thru here, and I can tell you…it’s warm! Lol.
      Take care and enjoy your time with family and friends.
      Thank you again for your kind thoughts.
      Cheers, Julie.

  6. To all neighbours of nonnajay, loftyjnr and jameslucas…please accept my sincere apologies for the lack of visits to your towns at present…my 33yr old son…youngest, had a heart attack this afternoon at work…he is manager of security at a shopping plaza and daddy to ten month old daughter….this is just so out of the blue with no previous episodes…he’s being kept in hospital as the doc did tests and feels enzymes in blood indicate that it is the building up to something bigger…so as you can imagine I am on tenterhooks and unable to settle to anything. He lives thousands of kilometres from me which doesn’t help my stress levels at all. Iam unsure if I will be able to finish any of the Xmas event tasks, so if you wish to delete me to add someone who can help you in your game, please know I fully understand. I will come and go on the game but I will not be regular now until I know my son is okay.
    Take care everyone, and give your loved ones a big hug!!!

    • Oh, Jules! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. It’s good, I think, that the doctors are taking the extra care and follow-up, given his age and lack of history with heart problems. We do live in remarkable times for medical care, so keep heart, dear one.
      ~ Susan C. (Suski33)

      P.S. Oh, and as for any offer of letting you go as a neighbor? Banish that thought forever! Take care, and drop a note to update about your son if you get a chance. (It’s okay for Mods to forward my email to you if you’d like) – SC

      • Hi Susan…so funny hearing you call me Jules….I have a sister Susan and that’s what she always calls me! Lol….we call her Micky! Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know…she has always been Micky or Mick! Lol
        Thank you…it appears Phillip had a chest infection that somehow got to his heart…possibly pericarditis…but still more tests to be done before final diagnosis. Good to know it is treatable and hopefully fixable. He is now at home spending the second half of Xmas day with little Brielle so he is happy about that. I think missing her first Xmas was more upsetting for him to accept than having a heart attack! She’s his only child after not expecting to ever have any at all, so she is precious to him..all of us.
        Hope you have lovely day there dear and thank you for your kind thoughts. Cheers, Julie

    • Hey Julie sorry to hear but my good wishes and prayers are there for you and your family. I will be here when you are ready no worries!!

      • Thanks neighbour. Phillip is home resting now and while still having chest pains, he is being treated for pericarditis and needs to let treatment start working instead of being like his mother and wanting everything done yesterday! Lol..he didn’t like me telling him he was taking after me in the gene pool! Hehehheh. But he is home and I think that always makes one feel better in its self alone.
        Thank you again for your well wishes, I really appreciate my wonderful neighbours.
        Cheers, Julie.

  7. Just in case no-one knows at the moment I am experiencing a glich with Santa Homer where all his quests give normal amount of currency instead of the extra 50% like a normal premium character… I did contact them about this and they said they were aware and fixing it though… Just figured I would let you guys know and see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem… I originally posted this in the Should I Buy post but I wasn’t sure if anyone would see / respond due to it being an older post but figured is should be posted there just so people know 🙂 and thanks for all the help, info, and tips from all of you at tsto and the community this website has been such a massive help I can’t put it into words, Thank you and hope everyone has a fantastic Holiday 🙂

  8. Positive of the day is that I now have Zutroy in my game 😃. Negative of the day is that I’m too shattered from work to actually play the game. I seem to forget every year just how crazy Christmas in retail is and get reminded in the most stressful way every time. At least I get to start at 9am tomorrow, no 5am starts till after the New Year.

    • Well I’m glad Zutroy arrived! Now get some rest before phase 2 starts up! 🙂

      • No chance of too much rest lol! It’s Christmas and I work for a major British supermarket. So even though I’ve finished for the day, work isn’t far from my thoughts. Dreading tomorrow and the 3 days worth of reductions I have to do.
        TSTO is definitely going to be left alone after this evening though until tomorrow evening.

  9. Counting every present !!!
    My first event was Halloween 2013 and this is the first event that I have had enough extra currency to earn doughnuts.
    I have already got one extra batch and an am clawing my way to the second batch and it will be close !!!
    Kind of ticked off that when I went over 14000 to get the nativity scene, 50 of my presents did not go towards the bonus count. Had I known it worked like that, I would have been very careful to hit 14000 exactly.

  10. People are talking about the Christmas store and things to buy. I’ve been playing since TSTO came out. There’s very little I’m missing. But I’m confused about what ppl are referring to. “Christmas Store” The only Christmas themed items i have available this year are the bells and the burning trash can. Am I missing items? There have been quite a few glitches this year. I’m missing 6 elves due to EA issues, obviously we can’t buy them. What was for sale in the Christmas store?
    I would lol but this is serious.
    Bunny… We need a 12-step thread.

  11. I forgot one.
    They fixed the Writers Compound 🙁
    But they didn’t do anything about the Kwik-E-Mart. Any word on what is going on? Should I just sell them back for $55 each?

    • I believe the Kwik-E-Marts were part of a different glitch and eliminating the payout solved that issue…for now. It may come back when Christmas is over, or it could just be gone forever. We won’t know until it happens, unfortunately.

    • Are you really that maxed out on Consumerism points that you could afford to sell your Kwik-E-Marts back? (Not to mention that they’re still good for earning $ through the Scratch-Rs and, if you sell them all back, you’ll lose Apu!)

  12. So, talk about anything. OK, here goes.
    1) I have seen all of the problems that people are having and I am not having them. Although I do have to go to Krustyland and back to get something to work. I close down my ipad every day and then do a hard boot every day. Maybe that helps?
    2) On my Springfield, on the ‘go to neighbors’ (with Milhouse and Bart), there is a number. It was 18 and now it is 17. I cannot figure out what that number is for. Also it says new, same thing – why? Can someone enlighten me?
    3) I got the extra donuts for 2000 presents and for bonus after 47 and before 48. Both times I got 1 extra donut. That is why I don’t go to the casino. 🙂
    4) Thanks again so much for running this blog. I have learned so much and it enhances my playing satisfaction.

    • 2) It’s new friend requests. Just means you have new neighbors asking to be your friend.

      And thank you for being a part of this awesome community! 🙂

      • I guess I need more help then. I opened my Friends box and it says No Friend Request Received. Am I not looking in the correct space?

        • The numbers can be a “delay” too. It does not just mean the request sent to you…it is ALL friends. So a request YOU just sent may have been approved/Denied thus changing the count. A new friend on Facebook may have joined/left (if you are linked to your facebook). Or a friend on your list may have dropped you. It is a variable of items which will be impacted by YOUR actions as well as your neighbors/pending friends.

      • Thanks for the explaination

  13. I think all this fixingto is breaking the game….how is it possible to have plenty of tappables available yet no handshakes and ONE fed to be all clear? ….smh… Instead of creating all these other tasks characters etc fix what’s broken please ea! So tired of multiple daily restarts, hard closing, sirens and no feds, contacting ea multiple times a week, especially since plenty of us spend lots of real money for them to have us go through all this recently (I started playing halfway through clash of the clones and have already hit level48 bonus a few times and only missed a couple premium items…dang timers!) when should we expect the major crash? Lol….Sorry just venting….

  14. It would be neat if Gil had a desk in Golden Scratch-Rs (maybe for a “book” of 10 for $7, or something like that). Have they ever done a deal on those before?

  15. The update I just got seems to have fixed the writers’ building glitch. Oh well….it was nice while it lasted!

  16. Thank you Alissa :)!!!

  17. I need to know if this is weird: Bought the BBQ and placed it in the Rigelian compound. Also placed the bounce house there. Basically, created Shake and Bake for the Rigelians!

    Also, am I missing anything else that should go with that theme?

  18. In one of my friendvilles, they had the Simpson family doing the manger thing AND another set of those characters doing other tasks (Homer was playing on his MyPad, for example.) I’m assuming this means that they’re playing a modded game, right?

    • Not necessarily. Sometimes it glitches out and you get multiple Homers…

    • No – this was the whole family and it wasn’t any of the other characters, like Hugo, etc.

      • It happens to me a lot. They…”fracture” and you got the character on one task and their doppleganger on another. It usually happens on tasks that include joint characters. Like Burn & Homer or Homer & Suzanne the Witch.

    • Thanks, Bunny – good to know that my neighbor probably isn’t a hacker, after all! 🙂

    • After posting my earlier reply, I found the same thing happening in one of my neighbor’s towns as well. Homer, Lisa, and Bart were in the manger, and Homer (not Barbarian Homer) was playing his tablet, Bart was skateboarding (which isn’t a task for Hugo), and Lisa was playing the sax. When I scrolled back over the nativity scene, Homer disappeared right before my eyes. Odd. Verrrrry odd.

  19. If you reach 2000 extra gifts, how many donuts do you win?

  20. Been looking into this whole “farming” thing (although I don’t know if I have enough money saved up, or enough of a multiplier, to make it worth doing yet). Is the bloodmobile still the best deal for doing that?

  21. Does anyone know if part 2 will have Tunnel tasks too? The freebie prizes are fun. On another note, the trouble shooting for Zultroy hasn’t worked for me, an iOS iPad user. Waiting for that update.

  22. Only 2 more days of work!! Then I get 6 days off and don’t go back to work until 31st Dec for 1 day. Then I’m off again till the 2nd Jan. This is most unusual for retail, going to make the most of it.
    Gives me lots of time to see my family this Christmas and also means I don’t have to spend most of Christmas driving to see everyone in a short space of time. So I get to crack open the vodka and prosecco (not at the same time lol) and not worry about having to be somewhere.

    • …And lots of time for TSTO too 🙂

      • Yes that too. Although probably not as much as I would normally, due to travelling to see family. Will probably be driving around 400 miles over Christmas, at least I don’t have to do that over a couple of days this year. 2 years ago I drove 400 miles in 36hrs so I could see as much family as possible. Much as I love my family, I don’t want to do that again. Too tiring.

  23. Where did this come from???

    I have a friend that has a few part two items in there town. How is this possible? And then I happen to see a ski lift as well! So I started reading other sites that talk about the Christmas event. (The Ski Lift was a premium decoration that was available during the Christmas 2014 Event. Once placed, Stupid Sexy Flanders was unlocked and came with its own quest line.) the event is not over. So when was this offered for purchase for 150 donuts? I’m on this game all day long every five minutes. I will be a very MAD tapper if I missed out on this.

    • You didn’t miss it. And it’s reasons like this we don’t post about stuff until their actually in the game. It hasn’t hit the game yet. Your neighbor is most likely using a hack.
      The other sites you’re looking at, refer to stuff in the past tense even when the event is still going on. Just so they don’t have to go back and fix things.
      It’s not planned until Part 2 hits….don’t worry you didn’t miss anything 🙂

  24. Just think how many angels have gotten their wings with everyone ringing their elf work bells (ala “Its a Wonderful Life”)

  25. It’s my birthday ! 🙂

  26. Still I’m thrill in this season of chill,
    Will Gil ever spill to give his Deal?

    It’s almost Christmas and Gil is nowhere to be seen. C’mon, I’m hoping for holiday donuts. T.T

  27. Didn’t see this, sorry if it’s a repeat.
    Anyone having connection issues? Bart keeps pulling the plug on me 2-4 times almost every time I go in. I’ll contact each if needed but I recently put those guys through a lot with my game breaking on the islands in the revenue stream task line (broke my game so bad they had to recreate the problem before they could figure out how to fix it).

  28. Hi Addicts. I know for sure i’m not missing anything thanks to you guys and ladies, but yesterday visiting a neighbor I saw Gil walking around which I found odd since he just shows up for deals. Anyone else had seen him too?

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