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Hey there holiday tappers! Howzit? So TSTO is officially in White Christmas mode and the snow is a’falling. I don’t know about you but I love my town covered in snow. As a Southern California resident, I like the snow I can oooh and aaah over without being cold or shoveling it. Of course with a brand new event comes brand new stuff to chat about. My favorite part is of course re-watching Simpsons episodes and then sharing with you just where THAT comes from. For this edition, let’s take a look at the Nativity.


Once you acquire 14,000 presents in the game (the eighth and final Part 1 prize), the Nativity is added to your town. This new item comes from“Simpsons Christmas Stories” (S17:E9). After a horrific model train crash at Reverend Lovejoy’s and an unfortunate feinting by Flanders after a papercut, Homer is left to give the sermon at the First Church of Springfield. Homer decides to tell the story of the first Christmas.  Of course this is the story of the birth of Baby Jeebus so a nativity is a requirement.  Definitely a cute story to watch and you get to see all your favorite characters as figures from the Bible story.

Simpsons First Christmas

As a bonus, several characters get a 16 hr task with the Nativity.  All of them are what they were in the episode.

Homer = Be Joseph – 16 hrs/$500 & 125 XP
Marge = Be Mary –  16 hrs/$500 & 125 XP
Bart = Be Baby Jesus – 16 hrs/$500 & 125 XP
Lisa = Be an Angel – 16 hrs/$500 & 125 XP nativityHere’s a couple more images of the nativity from the episode.  Anyone besides me wish more characters could have been involved?


Our new decoration kind of looks like a stage piece so my thoughts are you could put it with Krustylu Studios.  Maybe this is yet another way EA has broke the 4th wall and now we actually have the set for the segment?  Another placement could be near the church and I don’t know why, but I have plans for Flanders’ backyard.

And that’s really it for the Nativity.  As a bonus, I figured I’d show ya the nativity from Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice (“Kill Gil Vol. 1 & 2, S18:E9).  Gotta love animals in ice skates lol.

Christmas 10

And that’s really it for this decoration.  What do y’all think of it? Just another Christmasy item to stick in your town for the event or all year long.  For the interim, I think their might be Nativity plays in Wookieetown for the foreseeable future.  Happy Birthday Jeebus!  Well my friends, have fun in your games and have a classy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).

TTFN… Wookiee out!

31 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Nativity

  1. This was my favorite prize for Christmas this year. So glad they added this. 😄

  2. I bought the nativity scene after part 1, I was hoping I could get the Simpsons family to go there but it looks like it wont work now that part 1 is over.

    • Double check Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart scrolling down to look for a 16 hr task to be Joseph, Mary, Angel and Jesus respectively. I just checked all my characters and they have that task.

  3. I finally got the Nativity scene this morning but Marge was doing a task already. So I didn’t get to make all of The Simpsons do this nativity task. Now that phase 2 has started the task is gone. What a bummer 🙁 Is this a glitch?

    • No the quest probably got pulled once phase 1 ended. All phase 1 quests got pulled. However, their nativity tasks should still be in their task list (16hr tasks)

  4. Dear TSTO,

    Well I ain’t gonne make it with the presents for the Nativity Scene 🙁
    I have four hours to collect 452 presents.

    Is it smart to spend 61 donuts to get the Nativity Scene? Or save my donuts?

    • If you REALLY want it…61 donuts isn’t a bad price for it. It’s a personal preference really. If it’s something you really want then go for it.

  5. I’m definitely not making the nativity scene as it stands – can I push off updating?? Or will this be automatic? I haven’t read anything about that so I’m guessing it’s automatic 🙁

  6. I ain’t gonne make it 🙁
    Got 10h and 33m to go still need 877 presents…

  7. So disappointed when I did the math and found out I’m going to be about 300 presents short for this item. Unless I get a miracle and all my friends send me feds today… I even wasted 30 donuts on this event :'(

  8. I put mine out by the prison in the bad side of town. But will probably move it by the church later.

  9. Does it do anything for the Conform-O-Meter? Even if it does it’s probably going into storage – unless I can sell it. Rather underwhelmed as you can probably tell.

  10. It’s weird how some jobs have glitches when seeing them in other people’s towns.
    Noticed that while viewing somebody else’s nativity scene, the Simpson family will both be in the scene and walking around around outside it. Kind of funny seeing two of each.

  11. I am going to fall short in presents in getting the nativity scene prize.

  12. I finally had everyone free to populate the manger for the first time, but Santa Homer has disappeared! Task board says he has finished driving the sleigh, but he is nowhere to be found to click on.

  13. I got mine this morning. I was soooooo hoping that Maggie would be added to the game as a playable character, and her first task would be to rest in the manger. Well, it could still happen, I suppose.

  14. I think a whole town nativity play would be good…… Otherwise it doesn’t picklemy walnuts very busy pre Christmas so not worrying about winning this prize.

  15. Hi!!what happens when part 2 starts??the gifts go to 0 and we start over??than you tappers!!

  16. I place mine next to the church. Yes I definitely wish Flanders and his boys could have been involved oh and reverend love joy. But it’s still nice

  17. Yes it would have been nice to have had more characters like the 3 kings and a donkey why not.

  18. I absolutely love it!
    I rearranged my church area so I can keep it out year round : )

  19. I’ve already put it away. I was going to keep it out for the sake of the holiday season, then I remembered I don’t like Christmas :p

  20. So many connectivity issues as folks try to complete this event. Not cool, EA. Not cool. #sorrydonuts

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