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With only a few hours left till Gil leaves town I know many of you are having issues with the game crashing and/or not getting your donuts.  There’s now a workaround for it if you want to take advantage of his offer before he leaves Springfield.


Thanks to reader Steve for finding this work around.  He writes:

“I tried the Gil deal multiple times by clicking on his icon to get to them. It crashed each time. I went another route by clicking on the donut icon in the lower left corner of the app and purchased them that way. Worked like a charm the first time. Maybe give that a try if Gil is still crashing for you.”

So basically instead of going through the store to purchase them try using the Get More Button located on the bottom left of your screen:

2014-12-27 14.48.10

I can tell you…I tried it this way and it works (after a lot of crashing for me the other way).  So if you’re worried about missing the deal but are more worried about missing out on the donuts try it this way.  Everything should go through smoothly with the purchase.


Now for those of you who’s game crashed and your donuts weren’t delivered….

First of all…know that donuts should be delivered right away.  As soon as you purchase them your game will restart (not crash, but return to the splash screen) & once Springfield loads back up you’ll see a popup saying they were successful.  So if they don’t appear right away…or your game crashes know that you’ve got a problem with them.

Here’s a few things you can do….

1. Contact EA.  I always suggest trying to contact them after 9am EST to trigger the call me option.

2. Contact your App Store (iTunes/Google Play/Amazon) directly and request a refund for your purchase.

In either event you’ll need your receipt.  For whatever reason…iTunes takes 24hrs to send it to you.

Now, I too experienced the crashing and not getting my purchase.  I first tried the contact EA option.  BUT their call wait time is ridiculous right now…especially with all the issues going on with xbox and Play Station right now.  So I got impatient waiting so I went the route of Contacting Google Play for a refund and just repurchased donuts using the method described above.  It worked perfectly!  No crashing & I got my donuts.  And I got refunded from Google for my first purchase.


So if you’re having issues…try giving one of those methods a try and see if that helps.  Of course if you can’t afford to spend more on donuts while waiting for the refund I do recommend the contact EA option.  Since they’re the only ones who can put donuts back into your game.

Are YOU having issues with Gil’s deal?  Did you get a refund?  What did EA tell you?  Have you tried this method?  Did it work?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

76 responses to “Workaround For Gil Glitch

  1. EA Support is still very overwhelmed. I tried again today, and I was able to get the call back three hours later. I got my 300 + 45 donuts for $19.99, and, at my request, they provided 75 more donuts for the inconvenience.

    I still have another case open for the pair of Snowball II Snowcat I bought that “disappeared” in a later session. There must be a better way to purchase in-game items to ensure they’re sync’d properly.

    • By the way: just be nice and courteous with these guys and they’ll do everything they can (within reason). The glitches aside, the support is always great (when you finally reach someone).

  2. Bought 345, only got 300 + 30 (New Years bonus ^^) from chat support.

  3. usually play on android, but used an ipod touch to buy gil’s truckload of holiday donuts with itunes gift card credit. sure enough, i didn’t receive my donuts, but got charged for the transaction. sent out an email to itunes store customer support but got no reply after a day of waiting, so i initiated a cs chat with EA. i did it in the middle of the night (PST) but still had to wait almost an hour to chat with a rep. can’t complain though, as i was not only promptly given my 300 donuts + the 45 holiday bonus, but also received 75 extra donuts that the rep explained was “for the inconvenience.” i gotta say, despite the frustration my son and i experienced playing the game together over the holidays (yes, we didn’t get zutroy right away either and also got locked out of the game for a while), EA customer service left us feeling well compensated after the whole ordeal. I can only hope that others are treated as fairly as i was.

    • Well that is better than I got. I was dealing with EA for and hour and a half. After they finally decided to compensate my account with the proper amount of doughnuts I bought and didn’t receive they closed the case. Nothing extra for the issue or the frustration. After this event I really don’t see the point in giving them anymore more money. Phase one was fine but phase two has been a disaster.

  4. really hope EA brings back the deal briefly for the people that missed out because of these glitches. +a slight increase for the troubles.

    i missed out on the deal entirely, so im praying for another chance. (fingers crossed)

  5. EA can be smart with the dialogue and game design, but so dumb when it comes to making money. If you got the Gil deal (which I couldn’t either) you’d have 3120 donuts, I did that for the same deal last year and it lasted until this month. I kept thinking, do I really want to spend more money on this game…but that deal makes it $100 a year which isn’t as bad as it could be if you are a TSTOaddict. I don’t understand why A. they don’t at least extend the deal or offer it more often B. also create more land if they keep offering all this cool/extra stuff. So from what I read EA is not going to rectify this? Smart move in my opinion would just to extend Gil’s deal through NYE and refund people’s money. Just my 2 cents…

    Hope you all had happy holidays and as always, thanks to the great site moderators with all the helpful information. I don’t know what we’d do without you all! Take care!

  6. Its all very frustrating but not the guys on the end of the phone they are just doing a job over Christmas with no fix ready. I am sure EA will fix it oce the tech guys turn up.

    Worse things have happened in the world this festive season.

  7. I purchased the boatload of donuts through Google Play yesterday and Tapped Out crashed as soon as I made the purchase (I was using the “Get More” icon to do the purchase so I’m hesitant to try the workaround since it didn’t work for me). I logged back in and no donuts. I tried the call option yesterday but I missed all 3 calls due to real life interfering. I finally talked to a representative through chat this morning after about an hour wait. He was very apologetic but he couldn’t tell me when it will get fixed and I still have no donuts. (He did at least assure me that I would get the special Gil deal though) Very frustrating especially since I was trying to get some of those time-sensitive deals that are now over. It would be nice to get an update from EA or here about this ongoing issue since it seems to be so prevalent.

  8. Well, now it’s a completely different problem. When I get the login screen, it says that I am Level 48, but after an unusual number of “Synchronizing” messages, I get the Level 1 intro movie. I’ve been waiting patiently for an EA chat response for over 2 hours now. I guess other people are having problems too. Doesn’t look like I’ll be completing Phase 2. This is the second problem in 3 days.

  9. At least some people are hearing from EA. I too got charged for donuts I didn’t get, but have waited for the chat everyday & asked for the ‘call me’ thing twice but haven’t heard from anyone at EA. I’m wondering if I tried changing the subject description to something else? I wish they would just acknowledge that they’ve heard from me. I’ve been tring since Christmas Eve.

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