Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  Everyone enjoy the holidays?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time to sing Fa ra ra ra ra…nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Christmas Phase 2 hit our games on Christmas Eve…what do you think of the new update?  Gil was in town for a couple of days…with a donut deal FINALLY…did you take advantage of his offer?  Christmas was last week, did Santa bring you everything you wanted?  New Years Eve is this week…what do you have planned?  Sunday Night Football tonight features the Bengals vs. the Steelers.  Who are you rooting for?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, update fun, Gil, NFL, Christmas, or anything else you can think of!  We can’t wait to chat with you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


186 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. Question: I want the TimesBuilding really badly, but the quest line requires that I build the other buildings first. I have been holding off spending any of my cuffs or capes until I have enough for the Times Building…is that wrong? Will having the other buildings first help me get the Times building? Will they pay out in additional capes or cuffs? Should I hold out, or build the other stuff first?

  2. Hi,
    I was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue when they were visiting friends if they were not getting there bells after they were about halfway/ three quarters finished visitations. I have not been getting mine after so many friends towns and I was wondering if that was normal?

    • It is normal… here’s the breakdown. 120 actions total so 40 neighbors if you use all 3 actions.
      30 actions, 5 Bells per action (Double for Elf Cannon & Elf Tunnel)
      30 actions, 3 Bells per action (Double for Elf Cannon & Elf Tunnel)
      30 actions, 2 Bells per action (Double for Elf Cannon & Elf Tunnel)
      30 actions, 1 Bells per action (Double for Elf Cannon & Elf Tunnel)

  3. Please add me to your friends
    Thanks a ton bunny

  4. Please, please, please add me for friends.
    Thanks tons

  5. I want to thank EA for the free donuts and for this awesome game. Also, Bunny, Alissa, and The Wookiee, I thank you for all your hard work and for letting us vent our feelings on these pages. I agree with u Julie, Sandra and etamni, plus people seem to feel like they r entitled to what ever they can get and it is never enough. It seems like the world is full of hurting and miserable people, so they complain. How sad. It makes my heart hurt for them. Mary Jo

    • Hey Mary Jo. Good to hear from you. I’m afraid my computer is still out…I go to Mackay this Thurs so Ken is going to hopefully put in the new network card and all going well I’ll have Internet again! Yaaaayyyy! Lol
      See surgeon same day so hoping for some answers as my palm is now puffy which it never was before and I’m still numb in the fingers…such a pain in the bum! My hand that is…not me!! NEVER! Lol
      I wrote you and Val way down bottom of this page but don’t know if you saw it.
      It is 3 in the morning here, so I think I should get some shuteye before the sun makes an appearance!
      Take care dear lady and hoping all is well in your world.
      Lots of love and laughter as always, Julie.

  6. Wasn’t sure of the best place to post this, but, for those of you who were looking for him, Mr. Plow has arrived in the store!

  7. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that some people take this game way too seriously and could use a little lesson on forbearance? I can totally understand the ire of the folks who paid money and didn’t get their donuts – I’m sure a lot of us who play this game aren’t rich and these purchases are not insignificant. So I’m not talking about those folks with that situation. But the servers weren’t down for a few hours today and some folks just went ballistic! I’ve seen tirades (both here and on EA’s message boards) from people ranting about a litany of grievances about the game and all I keep thinking is “well, then stop playing it!” I’m also tired of the rants of the “entitled,” who can’t seem to understand that it takes a lot of money to run the kind of operation required to support a game like this, and that, while it’s great that one can still party this game without spending a dime (I’m basically a freemium player myself), they shouldn’t need to apologize for trying to make money when they can. It’s in their own best interest to strike the right balance on that, and to keep the game thing as smoothly as they can, and to come with interesting, fun events, because, if they don’t, people will stop playing and the game won’t make money. Also, EA is staffed by real, live human beings, who want to celebrate holidays with their families and friends, and, since they don’t land planes or staff emergency rooms, can maybe be forgiven for leaving their operation a bit under-staffed this time of year.

    Whew, sorry for this meta rant, but it’s been building up over the past few weeks and I thought maybe this would be a good place to just come and vent and maybe see whether I’m not alone in having these thoughts. And, next time, maybe I’ll vent another one of my frustrations, like the one about the people who don’t bother to read the comments section to see if their question had already been answered before becoming the 651st person to ask it! 😉 (Or would all this ranting make me really the same as the people whose ranting I just complained about? Think I’ll shut up now…🙊)

    • (Oops – meant to say “servers were down,” not “servers weren’t down.” REALLY wish WordPress had an edit function for comments!)

    • Hey Sandra…firstly…welcome to my neighbourhood…lovely to have you there.
      Secondly….yeah there are a lot of ‘whingers’ as we call them…not just on these pages and at EA, but in the general world…does make you wonder if they know how to be REALLY happy! I used to get upset when someone graffitied my towns, but after a major kafluffle with a dear neighbour who was good enough to welcome me back to his fold, I realised…it IS a game and yes it would be nice to have all those righteousness points unaffected etc etc, but still a game. Having said that…I still do delete deliberate graffiti artists, cos I don’t like it!! Lol….but I am often gobsmacked at the rants about donuts and servers down etc etc…probably more so when the moderators here get the jab as if it is somehow their fault and not our imperfect technology that is the problem. The other day I saw a rant where I think it was Bunny who got a serve for commenting on one person’s message but not on that person’s message!! I mean, REALLY BUNNY!! How mean of you!! 👀😸😈😆😇😉 how pathetic to think the moderators MUST answer each and every comment on here!
      Thirdly…yes, people do think they have the right to have holidays, and spend time with their families, but no one else should do that! It simply amazes me at how selfish and self-centered the majority of the population has become…but we feel it more on these pages because so many are concentrated into such a small amount of the Internet media. We humans really have become a thankless lot!😩 and at this time of the year when we are supposed to show love and peace and understanding, it really sticks in your eye like a pointy stick to see the absolute opposite!
      So there you have it….I can rant too…not that you would notice!! Ha ha ha ho ho hee hee har har cough cough splutter choke…just the halo slipping! 👹
      Cheers, Julie.
      Oh and Moderators may leave their comments below!! Heh heh!…and no rude signs!! Or remarks!! By definition or implied innuendo!! 😆💖

      • Thank you for your friendly and sympathetic reply! I’m happy to be your neighbor, too, although I’m afraid I’m one of those dreaded vandalizers (because I like it when people vandalize my buildings, since its the only way to make money from those buildings and I have enough training walls to protect me from righteousness damage), but I’ll try hard to remember not to do that in your town. (If I forget and you decide to unfriend me, no hurt feelings!)

        On the original subject….I wonder if older people are less likely to get bent out of shape about outages, etc., because, as one ages, one learns not to sweat the small stuff as much and to understand that life isn’t always fair.

      • Like, Like, Like, (to what you both had to say)!

        One of the problems is that our society is teaching people, especially young people, that everything in life should be instantaneous. Want food? Your fast-food meal is ready in less than three minutes, or you can microwave it in 90 seconds. Want a movie? You can start streaming it instantly. Want to talk to your friends? Talk or text anywhere from your cell phone (even while driving, unfortunately).

        Personally, I think it’s reasonable to expect that a company running a game, even a free game, will take necessary steps to support that game. But that doesn’t mean their employees shouldn’t be able to have major holidays off. In the future though, I think that major releases and changes to the game should not be scheduled to occur while the support team is absent. Some people have spend hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars/euros/etc. on this game, and they do have a right to expect it to work.

        I doubt EA will even notice these comments though. Too bad.

      • Hi Sandra and Etamni…first of all, Sandra…I have mellowed like you wouldn’t believe so if you vandalize me, I’ll come on here and ‘slap’ you silly! Lol actually you will have noticed my taggable buildings are out of the way so it has to be a deliberate tagging for it to happen. And then I DID invite you without checking on the pledge page so I’ll just have to cop it sweet if you do wander into no man’s land!!😲No unfriending!……yet!, haha
        With regards to the older person mellowing and not taking life at such a furious pace….I have had my now 15y old grandson in my care basically since his birth, and I am always complimented on what a well mannered lad he is and how calm and placid he is compared to his peers. I had put it down to his nature, but have been told that children raised by older people tend to be more placid and less I am very pleased I have had this wonderful effect on this young lad. It is a thrill to have his teachers ring me and compliment me on such a great kid…and last week in the supermarket a lady came up to me and said she thinks Jamie is such a beautiful young man and she keeps telling her son to watch him and do what he does! Lol
        Now if they saw him at home things would change, Etamni…cos that’s when he shows his modern day kid character…do we have any microwave popcorn left? Any microwave macaroni cheese? What? Are you serious? You KNOW how to make this stuff without a microwave or plastic bag? Wow! When did they invent this sort of food then? Lol
        Coming home from Cairns a couple of years ago, we witnessed a young lass drive off the road, the over-correct herself and end up wiping her car off…I raced over to see if she was ok and there on the floor between her feet was her phone..opened on texts! She was only 17 and it was her school prom night and she missed out on it because of her injuries. I told the police officer about the phone and he just said…well let’s hope she’s learned her lesson…but has she? I hope so cos she hit another car in that accident and nearly killed the two occupants of that vehicle. It is actually an offence here in Australia to use a cell phone whilst driving so she should have been fined, but I guess he felt sorry for the pretty little girl and let it slide. Instant message leading to instant accident.
        I am so in agreeance with you on the release times for major events. It is such a pain in the proverbial to have these glitches and down times…and I think I am way out now for the little island at the end of this event …so I think EA really needs to think about that issue. Not just for me to get my island…but for all users in all events! You’d think with all our technology, they could manage that, but then they are mere humans unfortunately for us!
        I seem to remember reading either Alissa or Bunny stating…or it may have even been the Wookie himself…stating that sometimes people from EA view comments on these pages, so we can only live in hope that they are on here today!
        Cheers, Julie.

  8. Happy New Year to all! First, is there a way to search problems to see if it’s been asked are is on going so that the question/problem isn’t asked on multiple fronts? And this brings me to, Krustyland, I’ve noticepber the last couple of days that I no longer have the “pop balloons” option that I had before, has that been dropped? Or is this par with all of the other trouble that I have been experiencing, kicked out, not connect to Internet/server, wich everything else is ok…
    Anyone else notice this in KL?

  9. I am having problems getting onto either of my iPads for TSOT. Was on at 2:30am and it was slow and acting up. Now, just Bart. Thinking someone is messing with EA’s servers. Happy New Year to everyone. What I saw for today, free donuts!!! Yeah!!! Now just to be able to get them. Lol. Mary Jo

  10. Neighbours of nonnajay, loftyjnr and Jameslucas please be advised I am having major connection issues so have not been able to visit most of you. Please bear with me as the Internet sorts itself out and returns to normal.
    Cheers, Julie.

    • No worries, Julie – we’re all in the same boat! Hopefully, the server situation will get sorted out soon and we can all get back to tapping. 🙂

  11. So?????……how are all the self inflicted headaches today?? 😥😨😱Lol.
    Hoping all saw in the new year safely and with loved ones.
    Greetings from Australia where day One is coming to a close.🌏🌌🌠
    Hoping you Moderators get to have a bigger wee break than over Xmas as this event starts to wind down. Thank you once again for the incredible job you do for all of us.💝🎁😘🌹🌻🌺💖💕💗💓💋
    Cheers all, Julie.

  12. Happy New Year’s, everyone! Here’s wishing us all health, happiness, prosperity, and lots of great freemium items! 😉

  13. Happy New Year everyone! It’s 23:26 in the UK and getting close to Big Ben chiming the New Year in. Getting my greetings in early before the inevitable Internet/network crash and before I’m too drunk to type coherently!

    • Happy New Year to you, too, from across the pond! Hopefully the new year came… We won’t see it here for another 3 hours or so. 😉

  14. Hey, Wookie – It seems to me that the Simpson’s theme park could have a real My 1st Tattoo parlor, where kids could get non-permanent tattoos (like the kind that wash off, or, for older kids, maybe even henna tattoos?). Are there any plans for that? Seems like another great way to fleece folks out of outrageous sums of money lol! 😉

  15. FWIW, just read a second-hand report saying that EA has said that the Sideshow You problem fix will be part of the end-of-event update on January 13.

  16. Gotribe111 add me

  17. Thank you Bunny :)!!!

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