Should I Buy….Christmas Rewind! (Part 3)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The snow in Springfield is falling and friends are calling…oh wait.  Anyway, the snow is Springfield is falling and the store is full of premium items from Christmas past!  It’s like 2 of Ebeneezer’s 3 ghosts are visiting us, as we’ve got premium items of Christmas past & Christmas present in our stores.

As with Christmases past (and other events) EA has decided to make old items new again, and give players who might have missed out on something a second chance to get it.  Of course that second chance doesn’t come with out a price, as many of the returning items are premium.

Last Friday EA brought back Several items from Christmas past…although most are from recent past (like Phase 1)….Zutory, Mr, Plow, Plow King, Plow King’s Plow, Fever Cabin, Homer Fever Snowman & Burns Fever Snowman.  

I know many of you have been asking if these items are worth your Sprinkles.  Well before you hit that confirm button…let’s break down the pros and cons and take a look and see if these items are worth YOUR donuts!


This will run a little different than our typical Should I Buy posts.  Basically I’ll give you a quick overview, some pros and cons & my opinion on it now…but I’ll also link you to the previous Should I Buy for more insight…

REMEMBER: ALL of these items will leave the store on 1/9/15.  So make your purchases before then…or you’ll miss out.  

Let’s get started with…the Characters coming back for this week.


Character: Zutroy
Cost: 115 Donuts 
First Introduced to TSTO: Christmas 2014, Phase 1
How Did You Get it Before: Prize you won for completing all of the Elf Tunnel Tasks.
What Does it Do: Premium character for Springfield, full list of tasks and questline.

-Premium character, earns 50% more on all cash and xp for tasks completed.
-Comes with a full questline
-Chance for those that missed out on completing all of the Elf Tunnels, and didn’t earn him, to get him.

-Was completely free just 2 weeks ago
-Crazy Expensive for just a character.  No building/decoration comes with him.

Final Thought
Personally this one is a complete pass for me (although I already have him from Phase 1).  It’s a complete slap in the face (IMO) that EA is offering this an a premium option during Phase 2.  Especially with so many players having a glitch that prevented Zutroy from hitting their games.  Personally I think you should save your donuts and pass on this guy, if you don’t already have him.

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Still Missing Zutroy in Your Town?  Contact EA


Character: Mr. Plow
Cost: 90 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Winter 2012, Reintroduced Christmas 2013
How Did You Get it Before: Premium
What Does it Do: Typical Premium Skin

-A Simpson Classic!  (Come on I dare you not to sing the song…)
-The same price he originally was in 2012.
-Has a lot of fun outdoor tasks (Melt Snow is my favorite)
-Makes Homer earn at a premium rate (50% on all cash and XP)
-Should have a questline associated with him (at least he did last year)

-A Skin for Homer.  So you’ll need Homer free to use it
-A bit overpriced for just a skin for Homer

Final Thought
I own him and love him.  How could you pass up Mr. Plow?  He has got a lot of fun outdoor tasks & allows Homer to earn at a premium rate.  If you have the donuts this is one I say go for…and then sing the jingle over and over again!

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Character: Plow King
Cost: 80 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Christmas 2013
How Did You Get it Before: Wheel Prize
What Does it Do: Skin for Barney.  If you don’t have Barney you can’t use it.

-Another classic to pair with Mr. Plow
-Comes with a questline (at least he did last year)

-Requires Barney.  So if you didn’t shell out the donuts for Barney it’s basically useless.
-Was basically Free last year..a prize from the Wheel.
-Steep price for a Skin…that has to go on a premium character
-Questline is short & not as good as Mr. Plow’s.

Final Thought
I own this, because I won it last year (and yes I have Barney).  But paying 80 donuts for this skin, in my mind, is a pass….especially when you have to shell out another 200+ just for Barney.  So my advice is save your donuts (unless you REALLY want him and have nothing else you can get) and spend them on Mr. Plow or Stupid Sexy Flanders.

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Decoration: Plow King’s Plow
Cost: 50 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Christmas 2013 and again in 2014
How Did You Get it Before: Christmas Prize (9th Prize Won) & a Tunnel Prize if you didn’t already have it.
What Does it Do: Basically nothing.  It’s a decoration for Springfield.  No bonus % awarded though.  Does boost Vanity by 600 points

-Looks cool
-Another vehicle for Springfield

-Was free last year & this year (was a tunnel prize if you didn’t get it last year)
-No character interaction
-Not animated
-Like all other cars and objects in Springfield it cannot be placed on the road.

Final Thought
I own it and it’s ok.  It sits outside of my Skating Rink but really serves no purpose to my Springfield.  This is another complete pass for me.  There’s no benefit to having it in your Springfield (other than it looking cool) and personally I don’t think it’s worth the 50 donuts.  So save those sprinkles for something a little better down the road…

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ico_xmas2014_prize_homerfeversnowman_md Fever Cabin Burns Fever Snowman

Buildings/Decoartions: Fever Items….Cabin, Homer Snowman, Burns Snowman
Cost: 20 Donuts each for the Snowmen & 60 Donuts for the Cabin.
First Introduced to TSTO: Christmas 2014, Phase 1
How Did You Get it Before: Tunnel Prizes
What Does it Do: All are decorations.  So basically they just sit there…although the Cabin is animated.  No bonus % associated with them.  They do each improve Vanity (200 each for the Snowmen & 1,000 for the Cabin)

-Chance to get some items you may have missed from Phase 1 if you didn’t do the Tunnels
-Cabin has a nice animation when tapped.

-Were free just two weeks ago
-No $/xp associated with the cabin…it’s decoration only.
-No bonus % paid out for any of the items.

Final Thought
I own all three from Phase 1 of Christmas (as i’m sure most of you do)…but it was a struggle to find the right fit in my town for them.  These are a pass, IMO, because they’re just not worth the donuts.  Plus you don’t know if the Snowmen will melt when Winter’s over (like the other snowmen do)…and then you shelled out donuts for a non bonus % earning decoration that’s melted and you have no idea what it is.  My advice…save your donuts.

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So that sums up all of the…”if you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you” premium items!

Remember…everything is marked Limited-Time.  And they will ALL leave the store on 1/9/15.  So if you’re thinking about making a purchase do so before they disappear again!

What do YOU think of the items?  Have you purchased any?  Have some from previous Christmas, or Phase 1?  Any advice on what to buy for TSTO Noobs?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

59 responses to “Should I Buy….Christmas Rewind! (Part 3)

  1. I completed all the tunnels and got Zutroy but no cabin. Out of all the returning items I’d only buy Mr Plow skin for Homer. HATE premium characters that do almost if not every task indoors. I have Plow King but would be pretty annoyed if I bought him and then discovered his lack of outdoor tasks. That’s why I don’t buy anything now without checking here first. Except for Stupid Sexy Flanders, that was a have to have.

    • If you got Zutroy you should have gotten the cabin. Check your inventory to see if it’s there (check your whole inventory as things tend to move around). If you still don’t see it contact EA. You’re supposed to get the Cabin and then Zutroy triggers.

  2. I think being Mr. Plow is my favorite thing Homer ever did, great classic episode. Got the skin in a heartbeat, so glad they are offering it again.

    Don’t even know what to say about Zutroy as a premium character, especially if people who couldn’t get him just because of the glitch would have to buy him.

  3. Wasn’t Mr Plow for free laster X-mas? Or maybe the year before? I’ve allready got him and don’t remember laying down donuts for him…
    Also got Barney last year and used his skin a few weeks back (during the event). His questline did pop up over here (although I did think it was kinda boring).

  4. Glad I got Zutroy, because there’s no way I’d spend that many donuts on a character. Especially a character I care so little for.

  5. Wait, what? I was supposed to get Zutroy as a reward for completing all of the tunnel missions? Well I did that but I don’t have any bonus character (I figured I would get my bonus character after all of the Christmas special was finished). One day I didn’t complete the tunnel in time for the 24 hour bonus but that was not a requirement for the bonus character as I can remember.

    • Zutroy is the bonus character for completing everything..

      • Everything? Which means exactly what? I finished all the tunnels, I collected enough gifts to get all rewards from that and I completed all the questlines related to part 1 of the Christmas event and I still don’t have him. Why? Because I didn’t get the 24 hour bonus on one of the tunnels?

      • Okay I found him in my inventory. A notice of some kind that he had been put there would have been nice, then I would have found him as soon as I got that message.

  6. I bought Plow King cos Homer has way too much skins, and the crown looks cool too and Barney only has one skin.

  7. I just saw the Cabouse scene on the Simpsons

  8. I must have gotten the Mr. Plow skin last year, but I only noticed it a week ago… has it been an option for my Homer all year? Or is it only available seasonally? I should have been Mr. Plowing all year!

  9. I got a donut from a handshake as well but then when I went back into my game it was subtracted back out from my total! I didn’t get to keep it.
    What’s the email to contact EA?

  10. My experience with Plow King. I won it last year, but did not have Barney at the time. When I bought Barney later and applied the skin. No quest line. then or now that we are back in a Christmas event. My wife bought Barney during this event applied the skin won last year…and no Plow King quest line for her either.

  11. Mr Plow said 150% extra money and XP for me… that’s one of the reasons why I got it. But! Even if it is a glitch I’m still happy. The questline is cute. 😀

  12. That price for Zutroy is really a slap in the face, especially considering all the users that won him and had issues getting him. For those thinking about it, I have him and 100% agree with this post. Waste of donuts. French Waiter at 50 is a lot more entertaining. He grunts a bit but is essentially not voiced and none of his tasks are interesting. His “interesting” outdoor is to hide in a hedge like Moe, but we can already see Moe do that.

  13. Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate post….

    Is anybody experiencing a lack of elves? Since Saturday I cannot seem to keep pace with the cannon. I’ve had to delay firing it in order to accumulate enough of the little buggers. Prior to Saturday this wasn’t even a concern.

  14. Does the Ice Goddess, SnowHomer and other snow-characters that give % bonuses lose this characteristic when they are melted?

  15. Mr. Plow, soon on my game!
    Soon in my game,
    That’s Mr Plow!

  16. I bought Santa Homer in phase 1 for 80 doughnuts. However, I noticed that he’s not paying premium rate. Is this normal or is it a glitch?

  17. Another reason not to bother with the Plow King skin for Barney if you don’t already have it: Only one of his tasks is outdoors, handing out flyers. Really only worth bothering to get if one is a compulsive completionist.

    Of all of these, only Mr. Plow seems to reasonable. I do rather like seeing Homer driving around town on his little plow-equipped riding mower or attempting to melt snow with a fuel rod. “…That name again is Mister Plow!”

  18. Cant have Mr Plow and not The Plow King right? They just go together.

  19. I’m assuming that Mr. Plow’s quest line should be filed under “Pros” and not “Cons” in its description above.

  20. Joni Öfwerström

    I’m around 12.500 bells, is that good? Cuz it’s not easy earning bells when i have completed every task.

  21. I’m almost glad the snow plow doesn’t have a bonus multiplier, because it’s gonna look out of place once the snow is gone and would be kinda hard to hide behind a building. Now I can put it in inventory later without really losing much!

  22. Just got a donut for clearing one of my handshakes. How awesome is that?

  23. Some shocking pricing here for what you rightly say were free (albeit to win) items weeks ago, especially considering the lock out issues we had. Couldn’t resist Plow King though 😊

  24. I’m hoping that more past items will be released this weekend coming up since the event ends next week. I’m pretty sure Candy Kevin hasn’t come back yet and he’s the last thing I really want.

  25. wildthornberry88

    I bought Barney recently as I had his skin kicking around still from last year. When I finished his main questline I got the skin out of my inventory for him by no questline occurred… 🙁 was kinda annoying as the skin was the main reason I chose to buy him over other premium characters XD

  26. Where is the ‘should I buy it’ for the ice castle? Can you please post the link? Thanks.

  27. How are you getting bells? I play everyday and I don’t think I will get all my prizes,any advice?

  28. Don’t understand why no pay out for the Cabin. It is a building.

    Also, disappointed that Mr Plow and Plow King have no sound bites different than what characters normally have.

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