Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?   Did you watch the special Simpsons Mythbusters last night?  What did you think of the outcome?  Bunny announced yesterday, after talking with EA, that the Christmas event will end on January 18th, what are your thoughts on the extension?  NFL Playoffs are in full swing, who do you think will make the Superbowl?

So chat about the Simpsons, Mybusters, TSTO, the Christmas Update, NFL or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


355 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Ok this may be a silly question but I was wondering what is the max amount of friends you can have and does it include your facebook friends


    • Ok. Comments like this belong on the Vandalism page…not the Open Thread.

      Remember we have two friend feeds…so if you got them from the Add Friends feed they’re likely to tag you.

      • Just curious…even if this heinous villain wanted to apologize for his dastardly deed, where would he do that anyway? Do people in the “no-tagging” camp actually go to the no-vandalism “add me” thread to see whether the vandal has issued an apology?

        As someone who’s not part of the anti-vandalism tribe, I don’t know the ins and outs of their rituals, but, as an amateur online anthropologist, I’m interested in learning more about their customs…

  3. LOUIS ..if you manage to get on here, I just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you, and hope all is going well at your end. Kindest regards, Julie.

  4. Okay – one last puzzler for the night… Why is the $135 wooden fence showing up in the store as “New”?

  5. Another stray thought… I have Homer’s pink car, but where’s the family’s orange station wagon?

  6. Here’s a head scratcher that I just recently noticed… Why does Todd talk, but not Rod?

  7. Probably a really dumb question, but here goes…. I JUST noticed that the clouds by/on the mountains have movement to them! Is that new, or had it really taken me several months to notice that?!?

    On a semi-related note….IRL, when there’s a certain kind of clouds in the sky (cumulus? nimbus stratus? – sorry, I’ve forgotten some of what I learned in 4th grade about the names of the different type of clouds), I refer to them as “Simpson’s clouds,” because they look just like the clouds in the opening of each episode. Does anyone else do that?

  8. craig (ibuylow2014)

    Wow, since Christmas event ended, I have had an unbelievable number of vandals coming through my Springfield. Empty spray cans all over the town. I wish the SWAT van roamed around town to catch these hardened criminals.

    • Hi Craig, I have noticed so many of my neighbours being vandalised since the end of the event…possibly cos visitors all forget what the cans are fore after only having bells for so long?? Not sure…so far I’ve been relatively untouched except of my son’s town, of which you are a neighbour…and I sorta let them go cos they were his original neighbours and he didn’t mind…so feel a bit mean about deleting them cos I don’t like them messing in my adopted town….but I did go get me a pile of training walls!
      I have my taggable buildings out of the way in my other towns so there’s been no problem with them.
      By the by….did you read my answer to your Collinsville question way way way down this page?
      Cheers, Julie.

      • craig (ibuylow2014)

        Yes, I saw your reply. My Collinsville is about 20 KM east of St. Louis, which is right in the middle of the USA. As a young boy I could see the St. Louis Arch being built from my bedroom window. There are quite a few Collinsvilles in the states. The Collins family must have gotten around as the land was being explored.

    • Did you get your friends from the No Vandalism page? Otherwise, they may think that you might WANT to get vandalized, so that you can earn something from those buildings. (I’m also more likely to vandalize sometime if that’s all there’s left to tap in their towns.)

      • craig (ibuylow2014)

        I never vandalize, not even if it is the only thing left. I just wait and come back. I don’t want to cost my neighbor any bonus just so I can get a few $$$. I pretty much have the game on continuously and send everybody on one hour tasks so I get into my neighbor’s hoods all day. I have plenty of walls hidden so I am not affected by malicious spray can usage. I just like to complain about it. Plus, I would love to see a programmer come up with the code to have the SWAT van move around and erase graffiti – THAT would be cool.

  9. Kiddo762001 (Jo Anne)

    I wanted to pop in a plea or two for those who have added my daughter shannonmk12. She will be playing her game sporadically, sometimes with several days of absence, as for a 15 year old, the internet is a privilege to be earned, and not a priority as she also has a two month old son to care for, homework, and other responsibilities any teenager should have. So please do not delete her from your neighbors because I’m being a mean Mom/Grandma. I want her to learn responsibility and being on FB and tapped out constantly is not being responsible for her child. Duty first… And trust me, she’s very smart. She just doesn’t use those smarts very well.

  10. Okay – I think tomorrow’s gonna be the day that I *finally* pull the trigger on the purchase of Crazy Cat Lady and her house. I’ve been eyeing her for a long time, but between the huge number of donuts (as a freemium player) and the fact that she’s not voiced (which is part of her “charm”), I’ve kept hesitating. But something keeps drawing me back to her… So, before I part with those 180 precious sprinkled circles of sweetness, I thought I’d check in here and see what y’all think (yes, I know, Bunny…” What do YOU want? What will make YOU happy to see in your town?” 😉 ). Of course, I’ve already read the SIB post on this (many times) and it’s definitely been helpful, but I wanted to see how others who have made the purchase feel about that decision in hindsight.

    So folks, speak now or forever hold your peace (at least until the next person asks LOL)!

    • Hey Sandra…I have Cat Lady in my main town & I like her. She doesn’t actually speak, but makes cat sounds, which drive my real cats mental……, that’s not the actual reason I like her, but it is fun watching my three go all bug eyed as they try to find the rotten interloper! She has a few tasks that can be done repeatedly, so not a waste like some of the others.
      Hope this helps in some way, neighboureenie.
      Cheers, Julie.

      • Thank you, Julie – I didn’t know there was any sound at all, so it’s helpful to hear about three cats sound! Oh, and BTW, I’m thinking of putting the catapult from CoC next to her house, since it flings cats LOL!

      • Hey Sandra….no…I HAVE three cats who all go bug eyed at the sound of cat lady when you tap her…she does have a couple of different sounds but not sure how many…think it is only two…but lots of fun when it comes to watching neurotic real life cats! Heh heh. that catapult! I suppose it HAD to throw cats considering its first syllable! Lol
        On an unrelated topic….think it was you who mentioned tapping leprechauns and watching them run around…did you also know the wee man with the green hat, I think it is, will also pay you some money if you can keep up to him? Not as good as hassling Bob in your other Springfield, but still heaps of fun trying to keep up to him. With Bob…if you go out of your OS and then back in again, you’ll usually find Bob back almost in same place so you can tap him again, go back out, then back in, out and back in….great for new towns to build up the $’s!
        Cheers, Julie.

      • No, not mine with the leprechauns…I haven’t been playing the game long enough to see any. So funny about your cats reacting to the game sound though! 🙂

  11. I didn’t get it 😢 not yet sure why but just checked my UCAS tracking space and it said unsuccessful. I will find out why but probably not today. Gutted isn’t really the word…

    • Chin up kiddo!! Think positively…maybe there is a GOOD reason you missed this one….a better opportunity may be on the horizon. Don’t let it get you down, my dear. Life is too full of crap for us to add to it ourselves. Go take a long soak in the tub…shampoo your hair, shave those lovely pins, put on your prettiest outfit, pop on some music and just dance around the room! Get Dad up to join in if necessary! Or go for a walk…but make sure you skip as you walk, and smile at everyone! You’ll be amazed at how many positive responses you get and they will make you feel so much better.
      Big hugs, my dear. Julie.

      • Thanks. I can’t get my dad up to dance because he lives 150 miles away from me. But I spent a bit of the afternoon with my Godson who adores me and got a lovely cuddle off him. That always makes me feel better. He’s already asked for me this morning and his mum has texted me to ask me to come over to play. So I’ll have a nice Saturday with him.
        On a positive note, my date went well on Thursday night and he’s asked for a date on valentine’s day. I can also really recommend The Theory of Everything, it’s a really good film if you haven’t alrwady seen it.

      • WAHOOOOOO!!! A Valentine’s date already lined up?? Oh you go girl!! Lol. I am so thrilled the date went so well. And thank you for the heads up on the film….the nearest cinema is nearly 100ks from me, but I will pass your recommendation on as I have grown babies in big towns and cities who often pop out to the movies….half their luck!😩😩😫😫lol
        Being a grandmother of nine grandbabies, plus four ‘adopted’ grandbabies and even one ‘adopted’ great grandbaby…..(my youngest son’s lady came with two ready made teenage girls and I can’t claim my grandchild without claiming their half siblings as well)…..let me tell you,….grab all those gorgeous little cuddles you can before they grow up and think they are now too big for them!! Nothing like a sweet baby hug to set the world right! I miss em! Jamie is a 15yr old grown up teenager now and believe me…those cuddles are so sparse these days..and when I do get them…it’s usually more of a prop up rather than a hug…you know where they stiffen up like a plank of wood and lean against you with their arms flapping limply by their sides?? Lol oh I love him to bits so he’s lucky!! Lol
        Stay positive my dear and I hope you had a terrific Saturday with the wee man.
        Lots of hugs, Julie.

  12. Curious, before event ended, only quest was to build Gold Navy, now since event ended and with no change besides event ending, wondered why random characters are popping up with quest tasks and no dialog associations. Just wondering. Have had 45 second one for Marge, 4 hour for Apu, 30 min for milhouse, currently 24 hr for Skinner and Krusty titled “Looking for doves in all the wrong places”, and “That’ll be fifty bucks” respectively. Side note, Gold Navy just finished building, must get back to tapping!

    • It’s just random tasks. They’ll start to pop up for you now to keep you engaged in the game. Honestly they were probably popping up before but you might have had a ton of other quests going on that you just thought they were part of that.

      • I hope you are feeling much much better, too now, Alissa. Nothing worse than a leaky nose! Lol. Cheers, Julie.

      • Possible, but seems while event went on it was strictly main quest line. Now it’s character after another. Did you see the same change in your games or w/e? Just curious. Btw Julie, love the positivity!

    • Hey neighbour, are you saying I am being cheeky about poor Alissa’s snotty nose?? Lol the positivity comes with my magnetic personality! And I can prove that magnetic personality…..I cant touch damn credit or atm cards!!…I de-magnetise them….so there you have it!! I’m magnetic and positive!😉
      Cheers neighbour, Julie.

  13. Is it just me, or is Springfield GREEN? Maybe I got too used of the White there and the brown around home here…but boy it all looks so….so……..VERDE! Spring really sprung huh?

    • Nope. Just your imagination. It’s all purple. Purple and fuchsia. 😉

    • You mean I had to get to THIS stage of my life to find I have colour blindness?? Well!! It’s noh how ye make por-rudge I tell ye!! (That’s my Scottish accent…do you like it??) lol
      I like fuchsia…and I like purple too, so that’s ok! 😍😘

  14. Well it’s Thursday and haven’t yet heard anything. I’m a nervous wreck today and it’s not really helping my neck to be like this. Doesn’t help that I keep checking my emails every 5 mins because it will come through on there.

    • Sit back and RELAX!! Now that’s an order, young lady!!
      Stressing is not going to influence the outcome one way or other! Life will continue as before, regardless if you get this job, or have to apply for another! Remember…life is all about putting one foot in front of the other without tripping ourselves up…and stress is the tripperupperer!! Thinking of you over there dear.
      Lots of hugs, Julie.

      • Oh and it’s Friday here! Lol

      • Thanks, didn’t hear anything at all yesterday. So it should be today and probably after 9am UK time. Feeling a bit calmer today, but that’s not really because I’ve stopped stressing. It’s more because I took one of the prescription medicines I was given last night. It’s a muscle relaxant, sedative and helps with anxiety.
        I’m trying to relax though and today is going to be busy at work so hopefully I won’t have too much time to keep checking. I had way too much time to check yesterday.

  15. I’m guessing that the “old timers” around here have already seen this, but I thought maybe there are other folks, like me, who are newer to the game, may not have seen this little gem:

    Enjoy! 🙂

  16. Has anyone noticed that the task/quest are not paying out what they should be. I have been noticing the task or quest may be for 24 hours and the payout should be $1000 at the end. But it’s only paying $50 with 5xp points. What is going on?

    • ? Can you be more specific

      • The reward is not paying what it should. For instance the Rev.Lovejoy is on the 6hr task with $225 cash and 55xp. But when the task ends it does not pay this. This happened durning the Christmas event. I will see if it does it now that Christmas is over.

  17. Woo Hoo! Just made #1 on the leaderboard for the first time ever in any event! Sorry, Janis – you’ve been dethroned (well, at least for a few minutes/hours anyway 😉 )!

    • I had dropped down to 5th place on the leaderboard when I awakened this morning (oh well, it was fun while it lasted!), but interestingly, I had significantly more bells than any of my neighbors, including the five ahead of me in the leaderboard! (Yay – I’m the best at something! 😉 )

      I think that this also shows, once again, that the cannon is/was not really the main thing that helped one to get enough bells to earn all of the prizes.

    • Sandra, you are so much fun! I really enjoy playing this game with you, neighboreeno!

    • Grats, I was between 4th and 2nd for a while then got 1st. After that I think Wacres tilted his/her cannon towards my iPad and blew me out of the water leaving me in 2nd for remaining of event.

      • The best I did was at no.5 on one town, then the server went down and I came back in at 28, then I went to dr’s and came back to 74 and finally managed to grind my way back to 68!! Lol! But hey…I got the island in ALL four towns…I think that was more exhausting than chasing those dang elves and that dang canon! Lol…..have you noticed the canon is still firing off elves by the way? Not sure if it a glitch, or if we just get to play with a super cool animation for rest of year…but it’s fun. Not sure if you can fire it in another person’s town, but certainly fires in all 4 of mine.
        Congrats you lot for doing so well on your leader boards.
        Cheers, Julie.

  18. Here’s something I don’t understand… How come sometimes (like now) when I’m stuck in a Bart screen cycle and can’t get into the game, I still get notifications from the game (just got one letting me know that one of my neighbors just paid me a visit)? It’s such a tease!

  19. Just about closed out of here and remembered in time what I mainly came in to do!! Nothing wrong with my grey cells, believe me!!…much!!!

    MARY JO and VAL,
    I am sorry…Ken replaced my network card and all seemed well down there, but for some reason I still have no internet connection here at home. HOWEVER, that gorgeous grandson of mine has waved a magic wand or something and I now can get my mail through wifi on my iPad!! Yeaaaaahhhhhh! Um….but I still can’t access your email addies, so could you please drop me a quick email to the same email addie that you have and then I can store it here on my iPad and write you both all the happenings from this side of the sunset.
    Loads of love to you both, Julie.

    • Hmmmm used to be a Venturer, too busy as a kid for the earlier versions and besides which I used to live in Upper Beac, and yes was there through Ash Wednesday, getting a bit too used to bushfires! Cleaning, mopping, tidying, swearing, cursing but generally coping 😉 Good luck with the poota problems, being a techie / engineery type person I understand the headaches…

      • That’s what they were…Venturers…not Rangers! Lol
        We had lightning hit a house about 2yards over a couple of weeks ago and the surge busters were triggered, but I’ve not had Internet since then except on Wifi on my iPad…don’t ask me how that works…it just does and for that, I am eternally grateful! Lol…my son-in-law put in a new network card as the other was definitely kaput and it all worked fine in Mackay…bring it back to Collinsville…and still no internet, so I don’t know if it is modem cable or other problem and being such a phenomenal computer whizz…..I thought I’d leave it to the experts to sort out. Lol it’s enough that my daughter has to ring me and tell me she knows I’m not using my computer they built for me, and when I ask her how she can tell that, she sweetly says…cos, you haven’t asked me for the password to let you on! So yes…I’m a real expert!
        I am not sure I’d know how to cope in those fires down there. Ours up here are grass fires…they don’t go up into the treetops like you get them…that’s scary! Ok so we get cyclones, but I’d rather one of them to one of your fires any day. Horrendous to say the least.
        Cheers, Julie.

      • I think I’ve had four fires, decent ones, over my time, just a part of Orstraylya 😉 Doesn’t matter where you live the propagation method for our wonderful bushland is fire, we kinda just all chose to live in the middle of it. I’m pretty sure this is why most Ozzies are fairly laid back, and drink alot 🙂
        Regarding poota problems, having worked as a poota-tech, 8 out of 10 issues usually come down to cabling, its more than likely the phone line or cable (depending how you receive internet), and then its either a setup problem if the modem / router was looking for the old card, and lastly if not that its bound to be something simple but brilliantly stupid!

      • Hi guys..sorry about late posting..went to OT yesterday and sorta dropped off the planet for quite a few hours! Actually….I snored the time away!😜
        Came home from OT with a rigid splint on only the left hand o’wise i’d be completely useless as my thumb is left out from my hand a little and so I can’t hold a thing! No opposable thumb!! It’s scary stuff!! Lol. Was up there over two hours trying to get splint right, then I think I just vegged out a wee bit too much and came home and had a granny nap, that lasted into a long siesta,…got up….cooked dinner and ate that and was nearly falling asleep at the dinner table!! So not sure what this splint is made off, but it’s good stuff and I certainly slept well!! Lol
        Ok…CRAIG…I’m an Aussie thru and thru, mate…my Collinsville is in North Queensland….sorta, kinda just under the bottom of the pointy bit that sticks up trying to poke New Guinea out of the way! I have a wonderful penpal, whom I call my Udda Mudda (other mother) in Collinsville, Oklahoma tho…and we started corresponding because of the town name. There is a Collinsvale in South Australia that people confuse with my wee little town of about 1000 population…or could be less these days as there are lots of empty houses around town….mines are going to flyin fly out staff, so not much renting or buying going on.
        CUBEY…thanks for the ups on the monsteromine (my name for my
        Will try new cable and see how that goes. Son-in-law said same thing as you….so better listen to you both! Lol.
        I have an amazing tree in my yard…when it starts to flower, depending on how much blossom it will get, is how much rain we can expect, and in about 6 weeks from time of buds appearing. I have to tell you…things don’t look overly exciting at present! It is an acacia, but I’m not sure which one…we thought it might be a black wattle, but apparently not…so back to watching out for a similar looking tree in a photo, I guess….but we wanted to propagate it and put in a hedge of them and nothing worked, but my nephew told me to get a dead branch off the same tree and burn it and put the fire out in bucket of water, then use that water to soak the seeds in…and it worked!! I couldn’t believe it! So now I am waiting for my baby sprigs to turn into plant looking items so I can pot them up and wait! Lol the original was a tube plant from Bunnings which we lost the tag off somewhere along the line, hence not knowing what it is.
        Believe it or not. I’m not Ya usual Aussie…I don’t drink a great deal at all…usually one drink a year type o drunk!! I can’t even claim to be a two pot screamer, cos I don’t usually have a second. But I admit it was so dang hot here when Mike brought Jamie home in new year, I sat and had three beers with him…slept well that night too, come to think of it!! Lol
        Cheers, Jessmeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Phew… glad I finally dropped into the site, good timing as I just saw your post Julie! I’ll shoot you off and email tomorrow, I have to go into the office and do payroll ( staff frowns on that if you don’t pay them, gold stars apparently don’t suffice). Deal with a few things in the office then I’ll be home, I’ll be sure to send email tomorrow however. Hope all is well with you and your recovery still.
      MaryJo, hope all is well with you also and your hubby…..we’re doing well here, doing our snow dances in hopes of more snow. I’m told naked snow dances is ideal but…..hmmmmm….Nope, can’t say that’s going to happen. Been out skiing a few times but we’re lacking snow right now, warmer temperatures have been sticking around.


      • Hey Val so good to see you on here!! Missed you heaps!!
        Can’t believe the staff are so rude as to not accept gold stars for work! Really not how to play cricket, is it? Lol.
        I see OT tomorrow and while talking to him on phone yesterday, he started mentioning rigid splints on BOTH wrists and thumbs now, so I’m gonna be typing some strange lingo for next few weeks if that happens! I barely type English at moment with one hand…imagine it with no hands! Lol
        Talk to you again real soon, dear friend.
        Love and laughter as always, Julie.

    • Yes Julie, I’m solitude and if you check drpixiedust on your nonnajay acct you will see my 2nd town. If you want to send requests from any other of your accts. be my guest. Think I have around 25 spots left. Was hoping to get island but with only one day instead of the theoretical 5 it’s going to be tough to even get the caboose prize. Oh well. Back to tapping! Have a good one!

      • Aha! So there’s where you be! Lol….so pleased you joined your second wee town to my neighbourhood…it’s been great watching you go from fledgling to new parent! Lol
        Happy tapping, Dan…will check availability in other towns…have deleted some who stopped tapping as soon as they got their islands…rather miffed about that!…they were all new neighbours on this event so obviously only there for what they could get and not what they could give. So there may be spots left….I am still getting requests so not sure of how many in each town at present. Take care dear neighbour,
        Cheers, Julie

  20. Anyone got any educated guesses on when we might get level 49? I’m waiting for the strip-club to fall in price, really don’t want to spend 900k on a building I don’t want and will do my best to hide once I get it. Had been hoping I could just skip it altogether but it’s blocking my progress.

  21. Any other Kindle users seeing TSTO on the lock screen ads? Always makes me smile for some reason!

  22. Can’t believe it! Had 8 hours to go and couldn’t get on due to server problems…so I thought I missed out on the island in my two towns, then suddenly I could log back in as if nothing was wrong, and so I clicked on the canon in 1st town and on final click I got the island, so I zoomed over to other town and only JUST got enough bells to secure the island in there. So now I have the island in all four towns and I am exhausted! Lol.
    Now I am going to bed! I need some rest and recuperation happening here! Roll on patch or whatever,….I’ll check you out in the morrow!…too tired now! What a hectic life I live! Tap tap tappity tap! It’s exhausting!
    Hey Nessy….how’d your interview go, sweetie? When will you know for sure?…I’ve been thinking of you all day and trying to send you good vibes and positive ions…not sure if you got them or if they helped, but I was sending them…or trying to at least! ☺️ Hope your neck wasn’t giving you to much gip.
    To all who managed to finish this event, CONGRATS. To all who missed out for whatever reason, commiserations.
    Goodnight to all, and to all, goodnight! Away Dasher, away Dancer…(was there a Dancer???), away Prancer and all you other little night mares, um dears, um deers, whose names I haven’t got a clue about! XMAS IS OVER….roll on some down time for easy tapping.
    Cheers all, Julie.

    • I am just home from the interview and I feel like I’ve done ok. But I was so nervous and just hope that I met all of their assessment criteria. We were told we were not competing against each other though. There is enough places for us all as long as we meet their criteria. I will find out either Thursday or Friday.
      Neck is hurting now but it’s held off long enough to get through the interview without me needing painkillers. Going to take some now and relax before Guides tonight.
      Well done on getting the Island in all of your towns!

      • You’ll do great, and rest, try not too stress! Congrats to Julie (your hands must be crippled, they deserve the rest ;)!

      • So pleased you feel you did well in the interview. So 😔 your neck is paining you afterwards tho. As dear Cubey says….rest up and try not to stress overly much! Lol…cos you WILL still stress till you know the results, but just try to relax as much as possible cos whatever you do now…its past interview stage and won’t be of use now. Sit back and know you’ve done your best.
        Sadly we don’t see Guides or Brownies or even Scouts up here in North Queensland any more…what about down there in Vic, Cubey?…kids these days want too much instant and no do it yourself stuff like we used to do in Brownies and Guides….and then wasn’t there Rangers after the guides and Scouts for the teenagers?? Sorry too long ago for me to remember accurately. Lol what I do remember is that I learned to make tea at Brownies and I’ve been a tea drinker ever since! Gotta have my cuppa REGARDLESS! It cures all ails and is the utopia of all wellness! Lol
        Thanks for your congrats, Both of you ….and Cubey….you’re not wrong…my hands are objecting like there is no tomorrow….but I is TSTO after all and I AM addicted!
        See the OT tomorrow and probably get new splints for both wrists and hands so that will make tapping and typing so much fun to do! Auto-correct will have a field day with me then! Like it already does.
        Can you believe I now log on here BEFORE I check any of my games these days? I shall away for now and see what is further down the page, then go see what this patch from EA is all about.
        Ok guys…take care Nessy, and Cubey..I hope you’re drying out ok down there.
        Cheers, Julie.

  23. So I just posted this as a a reply to a post I made in the “away from my game” thread since it was still on the first page, but I figured it might not be a bad idea to post it here too…smartburn is not trying to be a bad neighbor, honest!

    “Hey, I’m having problems again, I can’t be in the game 3 minutes without it crashing on me and it’s been like this since Sunday morning. I was able to tap a few of you then, but it just got too frustrating and today was even worse. I’ll try again tomorrow, but if things don’t improve, I’m afraid that tapping your town is out of the question, and I’ll probably take a break completely until the event ends. Sorry.”

    Oh well, I got Ralph’s Santa skin and the restaurant at least.

    • Oh SMARTie…I am so sorry! I do hope EA makes it up to everyone who missed out cos of their server problems! I will let you play on my tropical sunlit island all you want to sweetie…and you can BURN all you want to there dear!
      I suppose EA will offer the island again at some astronomical donut price for everyone which is wrong…its their blooper for not expanding their servers not the players. Ooooohhh don’t get me started! I got heaps of soap boxes I can climb onto!! I BURN for you with indignation, SMARTie!!! Lol
      Take care dear neighbour and if I don’t see you around town I’ll know you’re having a wee break till next event.
      Cheers, Julie……

  24. Hi Cubey, thought i’d put this up toward top of pages so you don’t have to dig back….so good to see so many commenting, isn’t it?
    Glad I was able to clear up the wee matter of origin! Lol. Monty Python was indeed huge up this way as was Ol’ Bazza McKenzie so I’m guessing it is a carry on from the good old days.
    I had seen that Vic was in for really bad weather today, and had hoped you’d be spared, but obviously not! What a pain for you. Bring out the tarps and mop and bucket! Do you get help from SES there? I’m assuming there is one in every State to provide assistance at these times. I sincerely hope you do anyway. Stay safe.
    Take care fellow Ocka, cheers, Julie.

    • Cheers for the bump up, great idea (was getting a little hard to find threads, kept misding them :). We do have SES but thankfully the damage wasn’t too bad; I am an owner rather than renter so at least there is insurance. Had the tradies out yesterday arvo to patch and the assessor comes next Thursday. But none of this really concerns me, I had all my stuff I was selling on ebay stored in there so this frustratementness has been now contacting bidders / apologising and hoping the insurers value them adequately! And with all the cleanup and phone calls my poor little Springfield became sorely neglected, I’m sure my neighborinos must have thought I’d dropped of the planet or something! I saw your post on the islands as well, agree but can afford the 90 dpnuts for the downed fighter island, and missed up-up-and-buffet when it was available 🙁 Hope things are well in your neck of the woods, rest well!

  25. Oh yeah. I’m so over the Christmas event!!

  26. EA should build a function where you hit one item and it collects all your money. We have so much space that hold a lot of bldgs and decos that bring you cash and exp it gets tedious to tap every single item!!!

  27. Hi Etamni…welcome to two of my towns….lovely to have you come by for a visit.
    Cheers, Julie.

  28. I was wanting to use the Mayan Homer to pull the rock a 10 hr. task I think. Its been awhile since I’ve used it . Is this gone or under a different task ?

    See Ya Bye , Shine on you Crazy Diamond .

  29. Okay, so I’ll be using this thread to address a little problem that’s been confusing me the last couple of days. It seems the quests for getting King Toot’s are not being triggered in my game. Or there is something crucial that I haven’t done yet… Maybe you guys can share what the normal sequence should be for the quests.
    I am not a very advanced player, only started playing some time ago. From Moe’s Tavern on the order in which I received the quests for the buildings were: Springfield Downs, Jake’s Hair Palace, Gilded Truffle, Luigi’s, the Police Station, Skip’s Diner (I then chose to build Pimento Grove and the Post Office), then the Penitentiary which I’ve just finished and now I received the quest to build the Retirement Castle from Lisa. So far, no King Toot’s. However, all walkthroughs mention it somewhere between the Gilded Truffle and the Police Station.
    Is there something wrong with my game? Is it just pure chance and I should wait? Or did I forget something important (like building the Squidport Entrance which I haven’t done yet because I want to build up enough funds to actually be able to invest in it)?
    Sorry for this long post and thanks for any help! 🙂

    • Sounds like a similar issue to the hospital. I would contact EA and let them know. Check out this post and do the same steps for the hospital…but only tell EA it’s king toot’s 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for your help! Tried storing the school and Skinner (since he apparently triggers the saxophone task for Lisa), but it didn’t work. Will try again once the Retirement Castle has finished, if it doesn’t work then I’ll try to contact EA.
        By the way, this is an amazing site and for all the assistance you’re giving – both on gameplay and technical issues – EA should be extremely thankful. After all, with all the problems during the last weeks you guys have become some sort of voluntary customer service… 😉

      • Thanks, but unfortunately I didn’t have any luck so far… I can’t call EA (got no landline number currently and I’m not sure about mobile costs, also I hesitate giving out my number), so I tried contacting them via live chat.
        I’ve tried both the US and German chat (since I’m from Germany), but despite an estimated 5 to 30 minute wait, nobody ever responded.
        No kidding, I’ve spent at least 12 hours during the last two days with the “Please wait while we connect you to an EA game advisor” message on my screen without ANYTHING happening. This is getting a little frustrating, so I’d rather contact EA by mail, but I can’t find an address anywhere…
        Do you guys have one which I could use to explain my problem to them?

  30. A quick shout-out to Bunny, Alissa, and Wookiee – You were always pretty great about pushing things through moderation relatively quickly before, but it seems like you’ve gotten even faster about it in the last few days, which is wonderful, because it makes for even more lively “conversation” around here. So a big THANK YOU and some multi-colored hearts to show my (our?) gratitude!! 💛💙💜💚❤️

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