In Game Update: Islands, Princesses & Gil?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well looks like we’ve got ourselves a little TSTO update on our hands.

2015-01-15 14.12.40

First EA’s giving us a little gift…and Gil is back!

I know this probably isn’t what many of you were hoping/looking for but it’s a little something to hold us over until the “next big thing”.  Let’s take a look at what’s involved…


First up…EA is giving EVERYONE 1 each of the Small Islands for FREE.  (just check your inventory)


That’s right you’ll find 1 each of the Small Islands in your inventory (worth 120 donuts + $10,000)…

smallisland03_transimage smallisland02_transimage smallisland01_transimage


Next thing you’ll notice is Gil’s back!


No it’s not a donut deal (which I was hoping for to make up for the issues many of us faced after Christmas) this time he’s appealing to your Princess side and offering you a Princess Castle and Queen Helvetica costume for Lisa…

TSTO Gil Princess Helvetica

After all we’ve got a Two-nicorn that pukes rainbows we should complete the princess image in our towns…

Two-nicorn Rainbow 1

Note: NO the Two-nicorn is NOT for sale with this update….JUST KIDDING!  Of course they’re offering the Two-nicorn with this deal!  What’s Queen Helvetica with out this guy?! The two-nicorn is available for 70 donuts (Should I buy on Two-nicorn is here)

For 175 donuts this combo could be yours! (don’t worry we’ll have a Should I Buy on it up shortly)

unlock_lisa_queenhelvetica castleequaliaflipped_transimage

FYI the castle is 8×9 in size and it does come with a questline for Lisa.

And of course no Gil deal is complete with out some begging from Gil…

Gil: Hey there, Lisa.  Why, you remind me of my daughter.  Prettiest girl in the Quad-Springfield Tri-area.
Lisa: You’re trying to sell me something, Gil.  What is it?
Gil: Nothing.  I was just saying you’re the spitting image of my little girl.  Oh, how she loved buying my products!
Lisa: Really.  You sold steak knives and life insurance to your own daughter?
Gil: And she drove a hard bargain, let me tell ya!  She’s a smart one.  Like you.  And pretty.  Again, like you.  Please buy something.
Lisa: I bet you don’t even have a daughter.  What’s her name?
Gil: Uh…Stanley. Stanley Grace.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I shoulda known I could never get you to buy a life-sized magical princess castle from me.  Even if it DOES come with a matching pink gown.  And a tiara.  And sash that says “HER MAJESTY”.
Lisa: Gimme!

And if you don’t take the Deal…

Gil: Gee, Homer, I hate to see your daughter so sad.
Homer: My “daughter”, as you call her, can’t feel actual sadness.  As “she” is a sequence of 1s and 0s programmed by a nerd at EA.  Same goes for “me”, “you”, and “whatever you’re trying to guild me into buying”.  It’s all just 1s and 0s!
Gil: C’mon.  it’s a beautiful princess castle!  Only 175 donuts!
Homer: I hate you.  Or rater, “I” “hate” “you”.

And if you take the deal…

Gil: Congratulations on your new Castle!  But of course, no castle is complete without steak knives.  And do I have some beauties right here.  Only 19.95 donuts!

Now if you reject the deal initially and want to go back to it in the future you can via your store.  Then you’ll see the offer popup with Gil’s lovely face…


I think Gil looks pretty good as a jester…what do you think?

And those are the details on this in game update!

What do you think of the update?  Thoughts on the free islands?  How about the Gil deal?  Will you be making the purchase?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

194 responses to “In Game Update: Islands, Princesses & Gil?!

  1. Right after the update I was able to purchase and build an additional office of unemployment and post office I now have 2 of each in my town. Is this a known glitch?

  2. Since the update…I have not been able to log in. I have constantly received the dreaded ‘cannot connect to server’ screen. I am just windering if this is a me issue or if there is a known glitch before I pester EA about it.thank you for your time

  3. Happy Birthday, jubiedog. Forgot to add that. I hope you have many more. Mary Jo

    • I am sorry jubiedog, I did not mean to be so vocal about my opinion, as far as, the free stuff. I was looking down the page and see where u did contact EA. Sometimes I should just read and not comment. Everyone has a right to how they feel about this issue. I feel bad for the ones who feel cheated by EA when they said the islands were limited (I fell for that too) and then they give them away for free. For me, I am happy for the ones who didn’t have to spend money for them and I am grateful to have them because there is plenty of water to place them. I really hope u had an awesome birthday and an overall good day. Mary Jo

  4. Did I miss it earlier or has there just been a change to the land to the “east” of Springfield. Previously it was a plain green, now it is textured like the land to the south. Does this herald a land expansion eastwards?

  5. Up until this last “Gil event” I was playing three of my own games along with helping two other family members with donuts.
    I KNOW this helped ebb my addictedness because I have lost the “wow” of playing and my husband won’t need to comment that I am on “that game” as much.
    There has been more than a few people who have scolded us that are not happy with the free items after spending real money on them within the last few days. And Mary Jo Scalding, you are one of those I am talking about. Good for you that you have the finances to blow off the double purchase of something that I thought was going to be special. I don’t. and maybe others too.
    I am only one person and the fact that two of my games are now going into mothballs probably won’t be a ripple in ea’s finances is okay with me. My day job is all about the customer service that ea doesn’t seem to understand. I will be sixty tomorrow (1/17) and frankly I’m tired of paying for other people to get things free.
    I’m off my soapbox now. thank you addicts site for all your wonderful work.

    • No one is holding a gun to your head and telling you to pay real money for animated characters, buildings and decorations. I mean really. But if you decide that your hard earned money is worth all of this, then please- go ahead and build the most perfect Springfield that you desire. However- I would like to say that you should not scold anyone who plays the game differently than you (with the exception of cheaters), nor should anyone judge you for how you play the game. I’m tired of premium players blaming freemium players, and vice versa. Can’t we all just get along?

    • So jubiedog, u r saying, because EA gave, for free, the three islands that u could not afford, now u have two games u can’t play? And I am to blame, how? Looks like EA is very good at helping when someone has a complaint. You may want to listen to L M and squeak. I was raised to never look a gift horse in the mouth. Just be grateful. Each to his own. By the way, my name is Mary Jo Scadding, not Scalding. Lol. 😉 Hope u get all u r looking for. Mary Jo

  6. I bought all three islands (20+ of the In house money ones). I really wanted two with the airplane tail so I’m cool with the freebie. I don’t feel ripped off at all. No one held a gun to my head and forced me to drop 90 doughnuts. So thanks for the bonus!

  7. Yes it’s churlish to complain about free stuff of course. Us premium players tend to suffer from all kinds of inner conflict you see. But surely there’s no denying that it’s a little nefarious of EA to encourage in app purchases for items they intend to give away? It’s a wonderful reward for freemium players and indeed they can feel quite chuffed in the face of the foolishness of premium players who fell for EA’s money making schemes. It’s still a bitter pill to swallow when all you’ve really done is play the game as EA ideally want you to. The islands are ace and a wonderful gift, I just didn’t need or want two sets of them and greedy EA has taken advantage of my belief these were limited time items only available to purchase. Not a complaint about getting stuff for free, a complaint about how EA conducts its premium agenda.

    • Frustrating I know. And you have every right to voice your opinion. But I would just ask you to keep in mind they have a track record of doing this. Various holidays (Christmas last year, Valentine’s last year etc) they give you a premium item for free, without telling you in advance. While the same item is available in the store for donuts and marked Limited-Time.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. In all honesty, I’m a freemium player all the way. But I can see why premium players like yourself could have a gripe with EA. If I were you, I would contact EA and ask for a doughnut refund. Don’t laugh. I’ve received dozens of free doughnuts from EA for complaints about the game. For instance: During the Christmas event I contacted EA to complain about the server down times (I got 15 doughnuts for that). I complained about Sideshow You not working (I got 15 doughnuts for that). I received 2 doughnuts on my Elf cave that both disappeared. I contacted EA and they gave me 5 doughnuts. So That’s 35 doughnuts free! Nothing to sneeze at. I’ve also received free doughnuts in the past for turning in cheaters. I’ve turned in three cheaters, and received 15 doughnuts each time. Please don’t judge me for turning in cheaters. I just have a serious honesty defect. So that’s 80 doughnuts that I’ve received from EA for being the squeaky wheel (as it were).

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