Should I Spend Donuts On…Gil’s Princess Deal

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Christmas is over, Elves are gone, snow is gone and we’re all just sitting around waiting for the next big thing to hit our games.  And what better time to keep us entertained during a little lull period than Gil?  I don’t know about you but even if I don’t take his deals I just love having Gil in my town.  He always cracks me up….

gil_surprised     gil_annoyed      gil_sad      gil_selling

So Old Gil has returned to Springfield…this time with a Princess of a deal!   For 175 Donuts Gil is offering a Princess Combo for Lisa.  The Castle Equalia and Queen Helvetica Outfit for Lisa.  gil deal


And I know many of your are wondering if this deal is worth your donuts…especially with that clock ticking down (remember it ends at 0800GMT (3am EST) on 1/20/15).  But before you hit that confirm spend button let’s break down all the pros and cons of adding this royal combo to your Springfield….

castleequaliaflipped_transimage unlock_lisa_queenhelvetica


Offer Combo: Castle Equalia and Queen Helvetica (skin for Lisa)
175 Donuts
$175, 18xp /6hrs 
Conform-O-Meter Impact:

– Premium skin for Lisa, so her tasks earn at a premium rate (when she’s Queen Helvetica)
-Comes with a questline
-Cool looking castle, looks much better than the ones that came with CoC
-Lisa will use the castle

-Expensive especially since it doesn’t come with a new character, only a new skin for Lisa.
-No Conform-O-Meter Impact.  No improvement, no bonus.
-Only 2 tasks are outdoors

Final Thoughts
I’m going to try something new with my final thoughts.  I’m going to give you two POV on these, a freemium take & a premium take.  Let me know your thoughts about it and if it’s something I should do in future Should I Buys…

Premium Take
While this offers no real bonus to my Springfield it’s still something I purchased.  I like the way the castle looks & I thought it would go well in town, since I already have the Two-nicorn.  However, with no real incentives to purchase this one (no conform bonus or impact) it’s going to come down to how many donuts you have on hand & whether or not you want it.  This is purely a “I have to have it” purchase.  

Freemium Take
Freemium players…stay away from this one.  It’s over priced & not worth those free donuts you’ve earned.  Aside from Lisa earning at a premium rate, if offers no added benefit for your Springfield.  Especially since you’ll have to use Lisa in order to use the costume.  So my advice is enjoy Gil in your town..but don’t take him up on this deal.

Of course in the end we can’t tell you what to do…we can only let you know what we did/didn’t do.  In this case I purchased it…but I am a premium player and have a TON of donuts in my town from when Gil had the donut offer going.  So, for me, I didn’t mind spending the donuts on it.

Queen Helvetcia’s Tasks

queenwritestories5                 lisa_queenhelvetica_listen_to_mypod_active_image_4                       queenhelvetica_victory


Task Length Earns Location
Write Stories of Equalia 1hr $105,26xp Castle/Outside
Do an Inverview 4hrs $260,70xp Channel 6
Go to School 6hrs $225,55xp Springfield Elementary
Redecorate the Castle 8hrs $420, 105xp Castle
Listen to the Royal MyPod 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside
Hide from Paparazzi 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Brown House

And those are the Royal details behind this Princess Combo…

What do you think of Gil’s Deal?  Will you take it?  Did you already take it?  Where have you placed the castle in your town?  Thoughts on the questline/quests?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

128 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On…Gil’s Princess Deal

  1. Do You Guys Think That They Will bring back Queen Helvetica in a yard sale or something?

    • Lenroy Jenkins

      Cool gurl, one and a half years later, the package is back as part of the mystery box for Time Traveling Toaster Act 2. This makes me realize that some of the apparently overpriced items like the Pharaoh Throne and skin for Skinner at 150 donuts are following the same pricing as previously. I’ll wait for that on rebate too in the future.

  2. Need so bad this castle and the Ice Castle in Krustyland, it makes more sense

  3. I vote a big thumbs up 👍 on the freemium/premium comparison. I was really undecided on this one (with 15 minutes to go), and having the two viewpoints helped get me off the fence. Thanks – as always.😻

  4. Liked the freemium premium breakdown, and as always my first move on seeing the deal was to check out your thoughts. These posts are so helpful, thanks.

  5. Thank you for the premium and freemium take on this post it was very helpful as a primarily freemium player 🙂

  6. I really like having the two view points. I am a small-time premium player, but I have freemium sensibilities. (In fact, once I have donuts, it is hard for me to part with them… I like seeing them pile up into luscious mounds of pink frosting and sprinkles.)

    I think this one might be a pass for me. I’m still eyeing some of the other unlimited time building/character combinations…

  7. I pulled the trigger and got the castle today. I figured I was going to do it. After all, Lisa is one of my favorite characters and this gives her some premium tasks now and a cute quest line. Though she now has two castles, the Recycle Castle and now the Castle Equalia.

  8. I don’t know why I bought this, but I did. Also did anyone lose all but one premium task on Ice Princess Martin after the update. :/

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love the two perspectives! SO HELPFUL!! ^_^ Please continue that!!

  10. Having ample doughnuts on hand I jumped at the opportunity to purchase the castle. After all, Lisa needs a place of her own to escape from the daily pressures of Springfield. Also, it’s a really pretty looking castle that looks nifty hidden in my forest…

  11. Love hearing the premium/freemium perspectives!

  12. I do enjoy the two part freemium/premium view. Please continue with it. It adds extra insight and value.

  13. I LOVE the new Premium/Freemium take on things – I’m only a premium player in rare circumstances, so having a freemium perspective is incredibly helpful. Thanks for all that you do for the tappers out there!!

  14. I won 100 Donuts on the scratchcard and treated myself to it. 🙂 Image below, if that’s okay to post:

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