Episode Reminder: The Musk Who Fell to Earth

Oh my goodness… it’s been a while two weeks since a new episode of The Simpsons aired but have no fear… Wookiee’s here.  Of course I have nothing to do with it but I figured I should remind all my favorite addicts about the new episode this Sunday, 25 January 2015, on FOX.  This one is entitled “The Musk Who Fell to Earth”. Of course, the current episode tie-in probably also clued you in but here’s the official synopsis from TV Guide:

“When inventor Elon Musk (voiced by himself) arrives in Springfield and befriends Homer, the two revolutionize the nuclear plant. But the ambitious Musk soon has Mr. Burns seething and Burns tries to have him removed, forcing Homer to make a tough decision.”


This episode definitely has a strange premise but I guess when you’re the creator of PayPal and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, you get enough prestige to have an entire Simpsons episode revolve around you. Here’s a couple clips from FOX’s Animation Domination Channel on MyTube.

Looks like Elon isn’t afraid to make fun of himself so that’s a plus. Also a little glimpse of him and sexy Nosferatu Burns.

The first mention I heard of this episode back in 2014 mentioned Elon stealing Burns’ money… that could be interesting. While I will certainly be watching this Sunday, I don’t know how I feel about this one.  My best friend works at SpaceX so I have been anticipating it but I basically have no clue how it’s all gonna shake out. I do know how my buddy describes his boss so this one should be different. Alas, requests for an interview with Mr. Musk were denied but I know I’m just a lowly Wookiee. Here’s an article I found about the episode which makes things a little clearer and actually got me more excited.



No matter what, the new electric cars and Slave Willie should make a bit more sense after watching this episode, right? What do YOU think is going to happen in the episode? Excited to see Mr. Burns face a new nemesis?  Ever even heard of Tesla and SpaceX before? Think Homer will make a good friend for Elon the genius? Sound off below.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

14 responses to “Episode Reminder: The Musk Who Fell to Earth

  1. Forgot to ask… The opening for this episode was super short… No blackboard or couch gags… Has that ever happened before? Do you figure they were that desperate for the extra seconds for this episode?

  2. This Tapper enjoyed the Episode for its sly in-jokes (and Elon Musk does have a great sense of humor). One could say this is a neat publicity stunt to encourage more green technology and I applaud this 🙂

  3. Pretty funny episode, this has definitely been a great season so far. Different from the “classic” Simpsons, but it’s definitely not gone downhill the way a lot of people who don’t actually watch the show want you to believe.

  4. OK, give me the white electric car for game cash, and a voiced Elon Musk character (with spacecraft) who says, “I don’t care about the money.” — now that would be awesome!

    1hr Talk Mr. Burns into trying to drive oil companies out of business (requires Mr. Burns)
    2hr Make adjustments to spacecraft
    3hr Attend Mensa meeting
    4hr Speak at Springfield High School
    8hr Work plant shift with Homer (requires Homer)
    12hr Brainstorm with Lisa (requires Lisa)
    24hr Design better batteries for electric cars

    I might also add this one:
    10min Summon PayPal programmers to EA to help set up TSTO servers that won’t crash!

    Anybody else want to suggest tasks for Mr. Musk?

  5. William Bergheimer

    The whole thing just felt wrong. Like some other show’s writers did it…

  6. Anyone know why my home town (Cincinnati) had a shout out at the end?

  7. Tapped out is in the episode at the end!!!

  8. i’ll have to watch this one!

  9. It has been obvious for a long time that they’ve run out of ideas but this is a step too far!

    • They have ideas, they just aren’t the same as the old ones. People would complain if the writing was similar to how it used to be, people complain that the show changed with the times.

      I’d like to see you and your team of writers write 25 years worth of shows about a 10 year old boy and his family and keep it as chuckle-worthy as The Simpsons has consistently been.


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