Last Chance: Stonecutter Wave 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little reminder that at 0800 GMT (3am EST) the wave 1 items for Stonecutters will disappear from our stores!  So if you’re thinking about making a purchase do so before time runs out!

Just what will leave our games?  Here’s what was included for Wave 1:

67-arnie pye#12 Lenny#14 CarlStone of TriumphAbandoned Store 1

Number 67, Number 12 & Number 14
The Stone of Triumph
The Abandoned Store

We’ve got a full breakdown of each item in our Should I Buy Wave 1 items post here.  So make your final decisions before time runs out!

Also…don’t forget to claim your FREE #36, Stonecutter Krusty

#36 Krusty


He leaves tomorrow too…and you’ll really be kicking yourself if you miss out on the free one!

Note: the items not listed on this post will remain until the event ends.  Just these 5 items will disappear tomorrow. 

Have you purchased any of the items?  Which ones?  What do you think will come with Wave 2?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

13 responses to “Last Chance: Stonecutter Wave 1

  1. Damn! Why the hell does it seem I always travel whenever there are some cool limited time offers? Must be a conspiracy! (*singing* We do! We do!)
    I missed the Krusty skin – and almost missed my flight due to crappy public transport. I’m sure, the Stonecutters also control the cab lobby! 😉

  2. I grabbed walls, too, and a skin for Hibbert. I was disappointed when I first saw the sale, but now I’m thrilled that all those skins I got for free now make my characters pay out premium!
    On a different note, I noticed yesterday that my Kwik-E-Mart is broken again. Is this just me, or a glitch!

  3. i won 30 donuts from a mystery box recently, so i had no qualms about adding the abandoned building that i had to pass on back when the event was going on. but considering the stonecutters relocated here after leaving their hq in the episode, you’d think at least one character with a sc skin would have a task there. or better yet, a baskin-robbins skin for it, since that is what it used to be before it became an abandoned store. i’d be more than content with no tasks if it had that.

  4. I bought the daycare centre and the scroll have the costume changes even a couple in my inventory for characters that I don’t have.

  5. I bought a bunch of walls, because they’re among the best looking low walls available, but that’s all I really needed or wanted.

  6. Only things I have purchased so far are 60 walls and the daycare. Hoping the tube slide returns.

    • It does. Just bought the tube slide 🙂

    • The tube slide is available for $2,500. I didn’t see it yesterday, but I just saw it this morning in the stonecutters build menu. The timer has about a day and some hours left. Pick it up fast if you want it!
      I bought another one for my Springfield park.

      • Yeah, it popped in when the wave-1 items left. If you have the spare cash, buy a bunch of them and store them — you never know when you might need an extra and it’s not something you can just go out and buy any time you need one.

  7. I wish I had been playing this game at the time of this event previously. This event sounded really fun from what I read about it.

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