Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Black Market Wave 1 Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got a little Stonecutter Black Market sale going on in Springfield right now.  Items from the original Stonecutters Event are back in Springfield for a limited-time.  While a lot of players will already have the items, I know many TSTO noooobs are wondering if any of the items are worth adding to their Springfield.  So we’re here to break it all down for you!

Wondering if you should add any of the Wave 1 items to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these secret society items to your Springfield!

67-arnie pye #12 Lenny #14 Carl Stone of Triumph Abandoned Store 1

Remember: These items WILL leave our games (for purchase) on 2/7/15 at 0800 GMT (3am EST)

We’re going to do these similar to how we’ve done Premium rewind items in the past…we’ll break each one down briefly & link back to the older posts about each one.  Let’s start with the Stonecutter Skins…

#12 Lenny#14 Carl67-arnie pye

Skins: Number 12, 14, 67
Donut Price: 40 Donuts Each (Number 12, 14) 50 Donuts Each (Number 67)

-Limited-Time Stonecutter Skins
– Each one earns at a premium rate, 50% more on all cash and XP
-Completes Stonecutter Sets

-Lackluster tasks, all of them are indoors
-Must have/buy the Stonecutter Lodge in order to purchase these
-They were all free during the event, and now their pricey for just skins.

Final Thought
Premium OR Freemium…
Unless you just missed 1 of these and the uncompleted character set is driving you nuts…DO NOT PURCHASE THESE.  Save your donuts.  While yes, they earn at a Premium Rate (although Arnie always earns at a premium rate) they’re just not worth the donuts.  Save those sprinkles for something better 🙂

More details, including tasks


Abandoned Store 1


Building: Abandoned Store
Donut Price:  30 Donuts
Dimensions: 5×10
$500,45xp Every 24hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10

-Reasonably priced for a premium building.
-Nice fit with the rest of the Stonecutter Items

-No characters have tasks with the building
-No questline associated with it
-No animation associated with it after the Stonecutter Event ends

Final Thought
Not a bad investment for the price…BUT I’d rather save my donuts for something that actually has a character task.

Don’t waste your donuts.  There are no character tasks associated with the building.  So it will just sit…abandoned.

More details:
Should I Buy
Where Did That Come From


Stone of Triumph


Item: Stone of Triumph 
Donut Price:
75 Donuts
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +100
Bonus %: None

Honestly I don’t need to do a Pros and Cons on this one.  It’s a big rock that will sit in your Springfield.  It doesn’t earn money & offers no bonus %.  It also only impacts Vanity, which is the easiest to max out in your town.  IF you buy this it’s for one reason and one reason only.  How badly do you want to see this task…

Homer pulling stone


This does require you to have #908, so you’ll have to have/buy the Lodge first.  

IF you really want this task, grab the stone.  If it’s something you think you can live with out…save your donuts for something better.  Personally, I don’t think I’ve used #908 since Stonecutters so I haven’t seen this task since then.

More details:
Stone Breakdown

Of course that’s just my two-cents!  I can’t tell you what you should or should buy.  I can only tell you what I would do & honestly I’d pass on all of these right now.  Although I do own the Abandoned Warehouse & paid donuts for it last time around.  It’s up to you to make that final decision.  Just remember…whatever you decide these items WILL leave our games (for purchase) on 2/7/15 at 0800 GMT (3am EST) so make your final decisions quickly!

What do you think of the Black Market Event?  Did you pick up any Stonecutter items?  Thoughts on the items making a coming back?  Anything you already had? Something you hope returns?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

31 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Black Market Wave 1 Items?

  1. You got it mixed up. In my B game, numbers 12 and 14 were 50 and number 67 was 40

  2. I had stopped using stonecutter skins completely. I swear I looked at the payout and it was previously at the regular rate. ($600 per 24 hour task.) Was that some bug? Because they’re all premium skins/tasks now. So weird. Bought the Abandoned Store. It’s just too amusing to pass up!

  3. In the original stonecutter download I got all of the characters and skins.spent a lot of donuts but this is one of my favorite episodes. I even have the number 1 and stonecutter Homer “action figures” in my vast collection of Simpson memorabilia.

  4. Oddly, I just kicked into “Secret of the cut stone” by Lisa, which is an 8 day Quest from the Origional Stone Cutters and is supposed to yield 20 donuts, per an old Addicts post. It starts with a 24 hour task, being Friday, I am going for it.

    Anyone else getting this?

  5. If EA would like a few of my donuts, they can bring back the LIMOUSINE-THE REAL LIMOUSINE w/o the DMV sign on it!! I had no idea that thing would stay gone for so long. I’m ready to buy it whenever you are ready to release it again, EA!

  6. Thanks 🙂

  7. I love that they are doing for the tappers who came up short but i t kinda sucks re donuts! In my case, i want the (ATT: EA) LARGE TOILET AND THAT GRASSHOPPER! Saying that, i will end this with this is a great time to continue my redesigning! 😉

  8. I have No. 12 and 14 already, and I have the No. 67 skin in my inventory, but don’t have Arnie so it’s just sitting there for now. I kinda want the abandoned store, but don’t have enough donuts for it, and won’t buy them for that building, so it’s probably a no-go. (I do want No. 51, and that might get me to buy donuts, and then there would be enough left for the store, but I’d have to do that today and I really need to wait for payday to do that — arggg!)

  9. As far as the skins go I am so glad to have won them last year, now that they pay out premium its really really nice to send all these characters on 1 hour tasks to the same location. Being able to do this has allowed me to display the longer funner tasks of some of my other premium characters rather rhen send them exclusively 1 hour task for the money. That being said I definitely purchase a cheaper premium character (SVT, French Waiter, Kearney) before I bought these skins.

  10. The Stonecutters episode is probably in my top 5, and seeing I missed the event (started just a little before CoC), I couldn’t help myself. Got Arnie, The skins, the table, and the lodge. And I’ll probably get the other skins once available.

    However, even though they’d fit my new Stonecutters area, I have to pass on the rest of the premium stuff. Maybe if the Abandoned Store had tasks, I’d get it. And the stone is tempting, but it’s 75 donuts. At least the store earns money.

  11. Spent donuts to purchase the Lodge (feeling good because the Daily Mystery Box had given me 30 and the Scratcher had given me $10,000).
    Am debating on spending $250k on a Day Care -doesn’t seem worth it.

  12. Hi,

    Nothing here about the gluttony table – well it was briefly mentioned in another post – is there still an Easter egg associated with it? 🙂

    • Yes. There is.

      This post is for items expiring in 1 day. The table will be around until the event ends on the 12th. This post is just items that will leave the game in the morning. The table will be covered in another post for a should I Buy.

  13. I really wanted that floating eye pyramid during the original Stonecutter Quest and was really annoyed that I missed out on it. I am a freemium player however so I don’t have enough donuts to get it now.

    So I am doubly frustrated!

  14. I wish they had Stonecutter skins for Herman and Barney. They are Stonecutters, also.

  15. Having already got all of these, I have to say I love putting Homer on his Stone of Triumph task, the Abandoned Store works great for my “rundown” section of town and the Stonecutters skins make it convenient to send a bunch of characters to the same place for a 12 hour task – but if I only had the option to get them now by paying donuts, I think I would have to pass as well.

  16. Well, I hope the abandoned store will remain abandoned because that is why it is called The Abandoned Store. 😉 Seriously I missed this event so I am going to get these. Yeah a bit pricey but what can you do. It is what it is.

  17. Thank you for the freemium and premium analysis. I have a question for you……Why do you think EA is offering all of this Stone Cutter stuff now? Doesn’t it seem odd? I don’t get it. Do you think they will be having another Stone Cutter event this year? My personal take on all of this is that they’re giving people a chance to have some stuff that they might have missed out on the first time around. In other words….EA is trying to make a few bucks off of people who want more for their Springfield. What do you think?

    • We see on our end ALL THE TIME newer players begging for older items. (I still want them to bring me back the Mapple Store). So, they are listening to players requests and offering them in a way that shouldn’t upset players that tried for them already at that time, but allow newer ones to still have access.

      Second chance. LOTS of games do this.

      • I guess it was more the timing of it that baffles me more than anything else. The Stone Cutter event was last June. Why offer these items up now? It’s probably not an answerable question. I was just musing.

  18. So when there’s nothing else going on, my Homer rotates between Suffering Ironic Punishment in the doughnut chair (hilarious) or wearing the Stone of Triumph. So dang funny. Granted, we almost always have something going on, but these two tasks get the most regular play from me. If you are very, very cautious about your doughnut spend I can see not getting this, but otherwise, totally worth it. In my humble opinion 🙂

    • homer has tons of tasks, but those are also up there among my favorites for him. especially like how they are tasks involving items you can put away into inventory if you need to suddenly free up homer for something else. my other favorite homer tasks are the barbarian chasing homer with an axe, kang probing homer, marge going on a romantic stroll with homer, and clearing snow with his mr plow skin… due to the lack of vehicles utilizing roads in this game, i’m a sucker for any tasks that involve the character riding some mode of transportation (snow plows, snow mobiles, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, megaglobes, etc).

      the task i’ve been sending homer on most recently though is his 6 hour lounge in the pool. i placed the duff beer can xmas tree right behind the tube pool, so now it doesn’t look like he’s nursing the same brew for 6 hours!

  19. For newbies like me,the free krusty was a don,t miss and the stonemason daycare was a good value and just in game dollars. It’s that sort of throw the freemium players a bone thinking that helps makes this game so popular. If I purchased donuts the stonecutters lodge would be a goodthemepurchase. That theme keeps returning, so if youlikeit, you,ll have a chance to add to the collection later.

  20. As someone who got everything Stonecutters the first time around, I have been putting all the skins on. Sweet premium currency. Thank you weird, unexpected, slightly lackluster update.

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