Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Valentine’s Day mini event hit our devices last week…what are your thoughts on it?  Have you picked up any of the items?  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?  Will you be watching?  The NBA All-star game is on tonight, will you be watching?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, the NBA or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


189 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Hi everyone. Not sure how your news is covering events here, but thought I’d update anyone interested.

    Currently there are over 60,000 homes still without power. Over 500 homes have been completely destroyed. There are crops decimated. Now the aftermath is flooding….severe flooding. Some areas are inundated to the extent not seen before in memory or even since records began over 100 years ago. The mayor of one town aptly said…in this day of modern technology, I cannot understand why so many people are without phones or Internet or power! I completely agree with him…the prices we pay for these services but they are so fragile and are the first things to go in even a small amount of storm damage.

    To the best of my knowledge even tho Australia was actually hit by two cyclones within hours of each other…there’s been no reports of loss of life. Quite a few rescues from flooded rivers/creeks, but no deaths which is pretty awesome!

    I would like to advise anyone who is neighbours with Jebus or anyone else you know lives in southern Queensland, that it could be a week or so before your neighbours are able to tap again. There is a lot of work to be done. If you google ‘cyclone Marcia’ you should be able to see for yourselves all the damage done down there.

    We were very fortunate and apart from a brief 20min deluge the night before the cyclone hit, we’ve had nothing…no rain. No wind. As a matter of fact, our area is now in the grip of a severe heat wave expected to last for another few days! Talk about a country of extremes! So ridiculous. Anyway guys…just thought I’d catch you up to speed on our dramas here in the wonderful land of Aus!

    Cheers all. Julie.

    • Wow- that’s really serious! I’m glad to hear your escaped the worst of it though.

    • Hey Julie, glad to hear that everything is ok with you and your family. We were pretty lucky, Marcia ended up going in a circle around us, the closest it got was about 200Km’s so we just copped short bursts of moderate wind and rain as the arms of the cyclone passed over us. The only problem we are currently experiening is the lack of essential foods in the shops (see photo) as when it floods we get completely cut off, only way in is by plane/helicopter. Luckily we have enough supplies to last the four of us about 2 weeks, but I could never see us being cut off that long. As for TSTO, we have both Telstra and Optus moblie Internet and 5 x solar battery chargers so I am pretty much always connected:)

      Also I know what you mean about the heat, I just went out to mow the lawn but it was too sunny and hot. Crazy weather, great excuse to stay inside and catch up on some TSTO 😉

      • I am so glad to hear you’re okay, Jebs..there is so much damage down south. I have been watching and thought Hervey Bay escaped a lot…but didn’t realise about the cutting off due to flooding. I am on my way to Mackay tomorrow for specialist appt and was doing some bulk shopping down there…now I am wondering just how much of a shop I will get done as the roads North of Brissy are cut in a few places. Never mind! Glad you have enough stock to last you a few days at least AND that you are able to connect to tap! So important! Lol,
        We have monster storm heading our way at present and even with the air con going, I can feel the heat and humidity hitting the house! Crazy weather. If you go to the site, they now have a heat wave forecasting area…so that’s how I found out about the heat wave we’re experiencing at present. This old world gets stranger and stranger by the minute doesn’t it!?
        Glad to hear you and yours are ok. Have fun with that mowing! Tried to get Jamie to do ours before…he walked to the door, opened it, and said….Nah! No way!…and we have a ride on mower!!! Lol guess I know who will be busy after school one day this week….and it won’t be me! Lol
        Cheers, Julie

  2. Add me Gnomedodds

  3. Guess who??..LOL
    We have a category 4 cyclone/hurricane barrelling toward us! By landfall they expect it to deepen to a cat 5 storm. It was supposed to go south but it seems to want to come play…so if I disappear for days on end…you will know we lost power and probably a few trees, and the odd roof or twenty! It is expected to hit land about 5am our time which is about 91/2 hours from the posting of this.
    If anyone is interested in looking at the satellite images….go to and click for home page, then up top go to tropical cyclones. There are currently two up top…Lam is heading towards the Northern Territory and Marcia is heading towards me!…and the rest of the local population. I did say we needed some rain! Hopefully Marcia will change direction and head back out to sea for us….but not likely.
    So if Ya don’t hear from me, please keep me in mind as I go off my brain without Internet! Got a genny for elect…but nothing for the Internet!! Lol.
    Okay everyone…take care wherever you are in this crazy or world.
    Cheers, Julie.

    • I wish only the best for you and yours lady.

      • Thanks sweetie…it’s just a sit and watch game now. Latest update has it still to the south of us and hitting land at 9am now….not nice when they hit at night…makes it feel so much worse when you can’t see what is happening around you. Guess a lot of kids will be happy to have the day off school.😉
        Cheers, Julie.

    • Where abouts are you Julie? I’m in Hervey Bay, apparently Marcia is headed for me too 🙂 Everyone here has gone crazy, all the shops are sold out of milk (inc long life and powder) and bread and eggs, it’s like it’s the end of the world. People around here always freak out for no reason, I would hate to see them in a real emergency.

      • Hey Jebus..I am an hour inland from Bowen….Collinsville. Just checked the site and see that Marcia has swung away from us and straight towards you! And severe! Will still be a cat 2 when it hits inland from Rocky. Seems to be heading in direct line for Yeppoon again and then down in front of Rocky…still Cat 5 then. Should be crossing in about hour and half. It is very calm up here and the birds are all out and about…I’m wondering how many have migrated up here out of the storms path…bet it’s wild and woolly there in Hervey Bay! Stay safe!
        Cheers, Julie.

      • Oh and it’s the same up here in an emergency situation! So stupid considering we’re told every year to be ready from October onwards. I try to keep emergency supplies and foods for at least two weeks just in case. Hope you thought to get cash money out! If ATMs go down you will need to pay for stuff with cash… I always try to keep small amount to pay for fuel, milk, bread etc just in case. Thankfully my kids all grew up learning some things from me and are always prepared for these emergencies…my daughter spent the day and night recharging batteries on everything but it’s going to miss them in Mackay and just come straight down to visit with you. As I said…please stay safe…will watch for your posting to let us know how you went, and will be keeping my eye on TV news as well.
        Cheers, Julie.

    • And I was thinking of moving to the direct path of our friendly cyclone! Julie, I’ve seen the BOM and the warnings / evac notices, stay safe hon’, best wishes, and tthankful I’m still in miserably fantastic Melbourne… the most we get is wind / floods… being on the peninsula I’ve only lost a section of roof once 🙂 Go our SES, bah insurance companies!

      • It’s okay Cubes…I don’t often send cyclones down to Hervey Bay…I usually try to kick em back out to sea! So you can still move north if you want to. Lol.
        This one is a baddy. It moved fast overnight which is not great, but guess the faster it is moving the less time it has to wreck havoc as it passes by and it’s still gonna be havoc by looks of things at cat 5. Will still be cat 1 when it gets near Brissy tomorrow so they are all in for a pounding and flooding. I have son and grandbaby in its path down there in Brissy. My son is cyclone and flood savvy but his partner isn’t so I will just have to hope Phillip manages to get things organised there as well as work.
        Take care friend…Julie.

    • OMG, Julie – tell me you have done kind of secure shelter for this! Do you have a basement or root cellar or something? Please try and send us a message when it’s all over (as soon as you’re able, obviously) so we’ll know that you’re okay!

      • Hi Sandra…good news for me is that cyclone has swung South,,,very bad news for the southerners but!
        No we don’t have cellars in this part of the world as a norm. They would possibly be flooded at times of storms like this so too dangerous to consider…especially in coastal areas that would be prone to tidal inundation with the cyclone…sometimes the tide can come in at more than twenty feet higher than normal, so those areas are just evacuated completely and any cellars would just be filled with yuck water and mud etc.
        One way to prepare is…open a window on opposite side of house so as to stabilise the pressure from the winds…put mattresses up against the walls to help stop any missiles going thru house…tape up windows so if/when they break, there’s not glass flying around the place…fill as many containers as possible with water…charge up every available battery powered item…hopefully already have emergency supply of stores otherwise try to get to shop before everyone else buys it all in a mad panic thinking it’s the end of the world….fuel up the car and get some cash money out of bank….pack small bag of clothes, food etc just in case of evacuations….and hope to Heaven everyone around you has cleaned up their yards of possible missiles and secured their roof so it doesn’t end up in your place!
        The other way of doing it is to open up all your windows and doors and then race around like mad scratching all identifying marks off your stuff so that after it has all blown away, no one can return it to you and you get to have a nice tidy house till you build up the next lot of junk! 😜…I prefer the second way! Lol
        Our cyclones aren’t like your tornadoes that take everything…and unlike New Orleans, we aren’t below sea level and while there is tide inundation, it isn’t like what happened there. I’ve been thru a couple of cyclones and it can be a bit scary, but our houses are built to conform to certain standards so we’re reasonably okay…the danger comes from those who don’t keep maintenance up on their properties, or who have a lot of stuff lying around the place that can become wind borne and turn into missiles. One thing most people completely ignore as potential missiles are hanging pot plants and garden ornaments…they are like old cannon balls!
        Listen to me giving you a lecture on lifestyle! Lol
        Jebus is worrying me now, cos they are right in its path! will still be extremely destructive when it gets to them…it will still be a bad storm when it gets to my sons in Brisbane but a whole heap weaker than when Jebus cops it.
        Will keep my eye on telly today!
        Cheers dear…Julie.

      • Oh, I don’t mind your “lecture” at all – it was quite interesting! Glad to hear you didn’t get hit with any missiles, too! 😀

    • Take care of yourself, I knew it was coming. My cousin and his family live in Brisbane and his wife has been posting about it. So hoping that they and you are not too affected by it so far. As far as I’ve seen, my cousins are ok at present. I hope that also includes you.

  4. I just got the update a couple of hours ago (Kindle user here). I haven’t gotten to the last half of my neighbors yet. I will get to you later tonight. I hope this is where we are supposed to post that we are away from game. I will also get to friend requests. Thanks 🙂

  5. Sooooo… loking through the character lists again, seen that More Oddballs has the scroll bar, but nothing to scroll to…
    Rumor mill! So we know that vigilantes will be a new angle (or why else create the category?), but they need “villains”, more oddballs perhaps?

  6. Is the Homer Buddha still available somewhere? I was trying to find that and the mystery box for purchase earlier and just realized I haven’t seen them for quite a while and I can’t find them anywhere.

  7. Hi guys, I wonder if you know the answer to his…

    Since Brandine doesn’t have a building associated to her, does she get stored if I nuke my town, or will she stay wandering around?
    She’s pregnant again, and I wonder if she’ll miscarry if I get the nuke out.

  8. Just now my sequel shop started it’s axe, mallet and bomb animation. What does this mean?

    • It’s been randomly animating for some players…consider yourself lucky that you get to see it again 😉

    • With the new update the buildings animate if they are clicked. I’ve been really enjoying some of the old, seasonal buildings that no longer have tasks. Someone clicked my Bad Dream House and I’ve just left it because it’s so pretty.

      I’ve been clicking my friends’ older buildings as well so they get to see their buildings in action, too :0)

  9. @tape – bumping this conversation up…

    Re the donut farming….keep in mind that that article was written a year ago, when the XP needed to fill the meter at max level was considerably lower. And, once you manage to do that, the best you can do would be to get three donuts. I got three donuts last night, just from visiting my neighbors! I would say that, on average, I probably get about 7 or 8 donuts a week from that, I think (I haven’t tracked it, but, most nights it’s one or two and usually there’s a night or two with none and maybe one night with 3. I’ve gotten more than three, but it’s not too often…I don’t remember what my highest yield was, but I know several people here have reported getting six.). At any rate, I considered the donut farming at one point but then, when I did the math, decided it wasn’t worth the time, effort, and in-depth game cash to do it. Since I already have more in-game cash than I really need (none of the Aspirational buildings really appeal to me, other than maybe the Sit-and-Rotate, which I might get sometime in the far future, if I find the right spot for it….all the others are too big and “unrealistic”-looking for my town), I’m not really all that fixated on maximizing my cash income, at this point.

    But, as you say, to each his/ her own… It’s just a game, so, whatever makes it the most fun for you is what you should do – there’s really no right and wong here! 🙂

    • FYI – Got another three donuts from visiting neighbours tonight…sweet! 🙂

    • haha nice, rub it in why don’t you… kidding 😉 it’s awesome that you are able to acquire that many donuts per week. as i mentioned, i have considered adding more neighbors for the sake of donuts, and when i hear reports of 7 to 8 donuts per week from you and others on this site, it definitely makes me more inclined to do so sooner rather than later (i only recently unlocked all friendship prizes). but like mary jo has said, nobody wants to have sex and put in all the work or go to a ball with their dance partner mia… and i certainly don’t wanna be THAT guy, haha. i can probably commit to tapping 40-50 neighbors per day, but i’m not sure about more than that… like you, i would definitely have to do it in more than one sitting. if you’d like to help me add to that count, you’re more than welcome!

      make no mistake though, i am and always will be a freemo player in a game where the best items are at premium cost. with that mindset, how can i not do whatever it takes to earn as many free donuts as i can? within reason of course… i’m not talking about having a house farm that takes up half your map or asking everyone you know to gift you google play store gift cards for xmas. hehe i won’t lie though, i did hint to one relative who always gives me starbucks gcs for xmas that i play tapped out with my son, and that we’d benefit much more from some play store credit. i’m glad he got the hint too, because we used that play store credit to cash in on gil’s holiday donut sale. also… i prefer peet’s coffee. 🙂

      • If you can commit to visiting each neighbor every other day (50 per day), that’s not unreasonable (at least during non-event times…when there’s an even that involves neighbors helping each other, it’s better to have neighbors who can make a more daily commitment). Just make sure that you don’t always do the same 50 neighbors each day….start at the beginning of the alphabet one day and the end of the alphabet the next. But remember, you don’t have to visit all 50 or 100 at once – you can do them in waves at various times of day that you typically have more time.

      • Freemium here too… agree regarding the “house farms”, I’ve minimised these to some brown houses for my neighbours to tap 😉
        I blew my whole donut load on Santa Homer in the last bah-humbugness but have managed to save to 25 sprinkly goodnessment so far. Had 5 in one run of ~90 neighbourinos recently, I try at least in the off season of events to try and tap everyone daily (chuckle… couldn’t help it 😉 work permitting of course.
        I must admit, it’s coming up to the sorta year and a half mark of carpal tunnel, tappers elbow, numb thumb and tapthritis, and I do hit those “why on earth do I spend AT LEAST an hour a day on this game” moments, but I guess it’s like every addiction, you sacrifice that time to be a part of a social whole, especially with these types of games which generate such loyal followers (Hey A / B / W! Again, thanks for your blogsite! ;).

      • No problems Bunny! I know it sounds sucky and all that rot but you guys really do a great job for a tireless purpose. I wanted to also thank you guys for allowing us all to connect a bit more, together, in all different places, and allowing as many tongue-in-cheek jokes I can come up with 😉

  10. why does anything really cool cost doughnuts? and the stuff is outragiously priced. im like level 43 and struggle with money…. i have to build up 70G to get a building then start at like 3G to get back to 70G to get another building or items or whatever… nothing really outside the story line is game money. im not payiung real cash for doughnuts. no way. but that just sucks. i dont wanna quit but it seems im going to.

    • Do you have 100 neighbors and visit them regularly? Once you max out on FPs, it’s really the best and easiest way to earn in-game money AND donuts!

      I got to level 43 without ever buying donuts and had built a pretty nice town by then – you get a fair number of buildings and characters just playing through each level’s questline. Also, a big event (which I think we’re coming due for) can sometimes yield some pretty decent freemium stuff.

      The money earning really does get MUCH easier the higher you go…almost exponentially so. If you stick with it just a little longer (and do the neighbor thing), you’ll probably find yourself with plenty of in-game money – more than enough to immediate buy whatever new freemium building(s) come with the new level. But, if you get to the maximum level and you’re still this frustrated, then maybe that would be the time to quit. I mean, after all, why play a game that isn’t any fun for you?

    • Jenn, some people don’t like them, but if you are really struggling to build up cash, just stop and build an array of blue houses. About 100 to 150 should do the trick. Put them on an edge of your town or someplace else that is out of the way — each time you clear 100 blue houses, you will pick up at least $15,000 plus whatever your bonus percentage is. I did this and it was a lot easier to build up cash reserves than it would have been without the houses.

  11. Back again!! Lol
    Okay…after much soul searching and discussion….as in….I’m sick of this…why do you have four towns…why can’t you delete some….you know how it goes with fifteen year old males!!…well I decided to come to his rescue and have closed my second town. I have sent out invites to current neighbours in that town alone to my main town and hope you join me there. I am still NOT playing apart from Jamie clearing shakes for present, but didn’t want anyone to think I’d stepped off the side of the planet.
    Hopefully Jamie can manage three towns…if not I may decide to close his and just keep Mike’s and my towns until I get going again.

    IDOJI ……I sent you an invite but understand if you’d rather wait till I was back in motion before you accept.
    Cheers all, Julie.

    • I accepted your invite (I feel honored to have been “promoted” to your main town! Lol)…should I delete the other town now, or should I keep it for a while to see if you revive it?

      • Hey Sandra…no ….delete the other town…if I do come back to it, it won’t be for a long while the way my hand/wrist/forearm is going. Guess I have done it to myself trying to be ‘normal’, but everything seems to be giving me gip at present with it. Tried to drive yesday and have paid for it ever since even tho I only ‘rest’ my left arm on the wheel to give me the felling of being in control of it.
        How’s your poor ceiling going with the ice dam? I remember in 1977 it was a really cold winter for us. My Mum was working nights and raced home at daylight to take me down to see the icicles hanging off the railing on the bridge…they were close to a foot long. Never saw it before or since. That was also the same day I opened the fridge and thought the power was off cos the air in there seemed so warm! Lol. I had gone to college in same town years earlier and remember we used to have to turn the water on at night to a slow dribble to try to stop the water pipes freezing up. But apart from that, I have never experienced it so cold so as to have snow or ice form inside my house. That’s amazing. Jeesh…out here we think it’s incredible if we see frost! 😳
        Cheers dear…Julie.

      • Actually, there’s no ice in the house (before we got new windows upstairs, we had one that used to have a layer if I I’ve build up on the inside). What happens with an ice dam is that ice forms along the edge of the roof and, when the warmth from the inside of the house melts some of the snow in the roof, the water can’t flow off the roof because of the ice “dam” at the edge, so the water backs up under the roof shingle and starts to leak through the roof. The fact that my bedroom ceiling is leaking means that the water has leaked through the roof and through the insulation in the attic and through the ceiling. I’m just afraid that the dripping is going to drive me nuts tonight when I’m trying to fall asleep. I climbed out the window onto the roof of the porch to throw a stocking full of ice melt onto the roof at a perpendicular angle to the edge, because that’s supposed to melt a “channel” in the snow on the roof, which the water can then flow through off the roof. I have no idea if it will work, but I figured it was worth a try! There’s not much you can do about ice dams it seems – the guy who put on our new roof a couple of years ago (less?) said he would clear the snow off the roof for…wait for it…$1,100! That’s about $1,400 AUD, according to Google. (Keep in mind, I have a tiny 2-bedroom house, although it is two short stories high.) So, I think we’re going to pass on that, especially since there’s no way to know how much more snow is gonna fall this winter. Oh, and I was knocking down icicles that were easily 2-foot long!

        I really hate this winter!!!!

      • Hah! Cheap at half the price!! There has always got to be someone out to make money out of another person’s hardship, hasnt there? I know it’s work for them in cold weather and then there’s insurances to think of etc etc….BUT…that’s an awful lot of money to pay out if he has to come back every other week to do it all over again. I’d be saving my money to get me a tilt roof….like you see on trucks….roof fills up….lift the lever….roof tilts….snow falls off!! Yeah….too many cartoons! Lol
        You be careful climbing out of windows! I don’t know you people who go thru your second childhoods! I haven’t!! Not too sure I’ve left my 1st childhood yet! 😉
        Thank you for explaining the ice dam to me…it is so alien to me! Too many Palm trees in this neck of the woods. Lol
        Jamie started return visits today…don’t think he got all three towns done…but nice to see he tried it for me.

      • It’s funny, even though the porch roof isn’t that high up and it’s not that slanted, I’ve always been too scared to go out on it, for fear of slipping off. But there’s so much snow on it right now, that walking on it wasn’t really that scary…it felt like the snow was holding me pretty firmly around the lower legs, and the slight slant of the roof wasn’t really noticeable. (I did have my husband holding on to my shirt through the window as I was tossing the heavy snow-melt-stuff-filled stocking up onto the upper roof, because I was afraid that, when it didn’t land (which happened the first several times), it might swing out and the weight of it might pull me off the roof.)

        I like your roof-tilting idea, though! 🙂

      • Hey Julie! Doing exactly what I would do as a stubborn male and ignore doctor’s orders, but good to hear updates, I guess it’s kinda hard to play deaf to all those that miss you 😉
        Hope things are well-ishly ok, and if not that the progress to this is swift and painless. Life in my neck of the woods has been… challenging, let’s just say I’ve been in midlife crisis mode (I did tell you which car I purchased! 🙂 for a bit and just sorting out the aftermath.

      • Cubes…I ALWAYS behave myself….just not saying whether it is good or bad behaviour….but it’s behaving! Lol.
        Mid life crisis?? Laudy I am still waiting for my childhood angst to end and now you tell me there’s more in store for me? Lol please don’t say you are having trouble with your baby blue Audi..I’d hate to have watch my grandson get upset!😝 hope it is sorting out for you. This middle age business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it? And then we have old age to look forward too.
        Did you see where we have a cyclone barrelling toward us? It should go to the south of us….where I am supposed to go on Monday!!….but it could swing back up. It was a category 2 last time I looked so still fairly destructive. My daughter lives in its current projectory direction but she’s sensible and has a cyclone proof built home so I’m not overly concerned…but as parents we still do!!
        Well my friend…take care and we will chat again anon. Cheers, Julie.

      • Beansidhe is ok, just me I am trying to sort out… Had a mild crisis 10 years ago (realised I had no education, career prospects or financial security, changed ALL of this but the sacrifice was ~7 days a week work, abandoning social life, etc…). Now am secure, but am a little lost in direction, have my dreams, a bit unsure what to dream next ;p

      • Matt – Perhaps the next dream is “balance”?

      • You’re probably right Sandra 😉

    • miss you and take care!

      • Thank you Atlantis…I miss ME! Lol I am going stir crazy! I can’t cook. I can’t sew. I can’t knit. I can’t garden. I can’t tap. I’m not supposed to type…but seem to manage ok with the old one hand method…gets tricky when I have to go to other side of key board tho. I’m a touch typist, so having to look up and down at the keyboard manages to get me kafuddled easily. …but then I think that is more normal than just from having one hand! Lol
        Actually I was feeling really depressed about it all but on the news the other day, it showed a young man in his early twenties…he’d been surfing in Western Australia and got attacked by two sharks….one took his whole arm while the other got his other hand. Here I am whinging about pain in my arm and hands and being weak…but I still have my arms and hands…this young man doesn’t. Brings it home to me about being a complaining old biddy! The first thing I thought when they wanted to operate on both my hands together,,was….NO ONE is wiping my butt!! …now I see this young man….he has to have that done for him…all toiletries…he can’t even feed himself, dress himself…things we all take for granted. So I’ve been trying to not whinge and gripe as much as I want to..and think of this young man and all the things he now has to rely on others for on his long long road to rehabilitate.
        Sorry to go maudlin…but that kid really made me sit up and think about just how much DO have! …so yeah…I miss me as well and can’t wait to get back in earnest, but I also think I need to start behaving a little bit more before Etamni actually tells my doc where I hide my tappable devices! Lol
        I am determined to be back!!
        Cheers, Julie.

  12. Etamni!! My doctor called you!??!! You told him I am an addict!??!?
    Gosh..thank you so much!💓Lol..let him try to confiscate my tappable devices…..I have them all well hidden in plain sight!!… place to hide anything from men!! If it’s out in the open, men will turn the house upside down and still not find it!! Lol

    4kids…I am trying to convince my grandson that he NEEDS to tap for me but he seems to think I am not being entirely honest with him! Lol

    We put out more stuff over the past few days for anyone to tap but he only goes in once or twice a day to hit sideshow you and clears handshakes for me…guess I should be thankful he is doing that much.

    I am also a crafty old woman and it is driving me crazy not being able to knit or crochet or embroider at present…I have all these new grandbabies screaming for Nonna-made winter woollies and I can’t do it!!…so now I have to get on the phone and sing nursery rhymes to them instead!! all the adults cringe and block their ears, but my grandbabies think Nonny is the bestest singer EVER! Lol

    Craig….I saw your answer to MARY Jo….bad boy!! Lol

  13. Regarding the tickets for cash exchange in Krustyland, is it more beneficial to send characters on Krustyland tasks and trading in the tickets for cash or if I just keep all my characters doing tasks in Springfield?

  14. craig (ibuylow2014)

    So, I have been playing for a little less than one year (middle of Stonecutters). I went about five months before I started adding friends because I did not know better. Since, then I have added until I am full. Here is my problem. I have never seen a Friend Request. I am not sure why. Is there something in my player setup that I need to do? I play on an iPad 1 and log into an Origin account only. Any ideas?

    Also, even though I am now full, I see a 49 on my page in the Friends box. What does that mean. I guess I should know these things by now, but I don’t.

  15. Hi! I have two things to ask. One, what is so bad about vandalizing people’s buildings? And two, what does more call marge midge?

  16. No Presidents Day stuff (Lincoln and Washington havent reappeared)

    Minimal Valentines event with no new characters

    Nothing for Superbowl, MLK, or Groundhog Day.

    2015 is turning out to be a big disappointment in Springfield.

    Lets hope they come up with something good soon.

  17. I know this is kind of random….but I would really love Ice cream man Homer and his pimped out ice cream truck. Also, sorry to my neighbors for not visiting as regularly lately. I basically have two jobs and unfortunately work comes first since the game doesn’t pay my bills. I hope my neighbors understand. I try to clear out so my neighbors who visit can get a chance to earn a donut. And thank you for the loyal visits!

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