Turbo Tappin’ Superheros: Issue 1

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the first Issue of the Superhero Event, you’ll see action (SPOILER Radioactive Man dies..), crime & pie!  Lots and lots of pie!

So now that we’ve got ourselves a new event going on, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin’!  Here’s your guide for who to keep free, and for how long, as the game guides you through what to do during Issue 1 of the Superhero Event!


The Death of a Hero Pt. 1

Make Homer Fling Pies Indoors- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp 

The Death of a Hero Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Pie Man Fling Indiscriminate Pies at Springfielders- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Death of a Hero Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Build the Superior Squad HQ- $500, 4hr Build

The Death of a Hero Pt. 4
Fallout Boy starts

Make Fallout Boy Destroy the Mind Control Ray- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp
Make Sure NOTHING Bad Happens! This isn’t really a task…it’ll auto complete once you finish the first part. 

A New Hero Rises Pt. 1
Fallout Boy starts

Tap on Criminals to Arrest Them- x20.  Tap 20 Criminals, to earn Carbon Rods and progress in the story-line. 

A New Hero Rises Pt. 2
Fallout Boy starts

Arrest Criminals in a Friend’s Town- x3.  Tap 3 Criminals in a neighbor’s town.
Report Crimes in a Friend’s Town- x3.  Tap 3 Red Phones in a neighbor’s town.

A New Hero Rises Pt. 3
Fallout Boy starts

Make Fallout Boy Devise New Exclamations- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Fallout Boy Practice His Moves- 4hrs, Earns 10 Carbon Rods, 45xp

Unlock Arbitrarium
Auto start

Unlock Arbitrarium- Collect 400 Carbon Rods to Unlock the Arbitrarium. 

Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 1
Auto start after unlocking Arbitrarium

Upgrade Your Superior Squad HQ- x1.  Collect 4 Arbitrarium to upgrade your HQ from level 0 to level 1.  

Once upgraded above level 0 your HQ will start to earn Carbon Rods/4hrs.  Each level you increase (that we’ve found so far) your Carbon Rod amount earned will increase by 10.  So that’s 10 more Carbon Rods that will pay out from the HQ every 4 hrs with each upgrade.  

Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 2
Auto start

Upgrade your Superior Squad HQ to Level 5 

Unlock Burns State Prison
Auto start

Collect 7,000 Carbon Rods to Unlock Burns State Prison

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 1
Auto start once you unlock the State Prison 

Place the Burns State Prison- 4s Build

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 2
Fallout Boy starts

Send a Super Hero to Attack a Felon- You can send characters to attack the Felon.  You can send Spider Pig, Fallout Boy, Pie Man and Fruit Batman to attack.  This takes 4hrs per attack and you can only send 1 character at a time to attack. (Note: Spider Pig will take 3hrs to complete it…perk of buying a premium character).
It’ll take approx 3 hits (at least for the first one) to defeat the felon.  So you’ll have to send a character to attack for 4hrs each time.  Again, you can only send 1 character at a time.  This will pay out Carbon Rods as the reward.  We will have a full detailed post about this up soon.  

Note the Prision will Spawn more Felons at a rate of 1 Felon every 8hrs

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 3
Auto start

Defeat Felons- x3.  Remember Felons will Spawn from the Prison every 8hrs.  You’ll see 1 appear every 8hrs. 

Unlock Clownface
Auto start

Unlock Clownface- Earn 18,500 Carbon Rods to unlock Clownface

Origin Story Pt. 1
Auto start once you’ve unlocked Krusty

Reach Level 7 and Build the Krusty Burger
Make Krusty Wear the Clownface Outfit- You’ll find it in your inventory

Origin Story Pt. 2
Clownface starts

Make Clownface Swap Real Diamond With a Fake- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

Super Bonus
Auto start once you’ve unlocked all of the Carbon Prizes

Collect Carbon Rods- 3,000 Rods required.  For every 3,000 Rods collected you’ll have a shot to earn more DONUTS!  Just like the bonus level ups! (and other bonus games) for every 3,000 Carbon Rods you’ll have a shot for 1, 2 or 3 donuts in the prize boxes.  

Whew and that concludes all of the available details for Issue 1 of the Superhero Event!

As you can see this first stage is basically giving you the basics.  What you need to do, how you earn more Carbon Rods & various ways to use the prizes you’ve won!  More details will be available when Issue 2 hits on February 24th!

What do you think of the Superhero Event?  Any prizes with issue one that you’re excited about?  How are you doing with earning Carbon Rods?  What do you think will happen as the story progresses?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

180 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Superheros: Issue 1

  1. Not sure where to post. How far can you update your HQ. Can you say as of today what level a person should be on their HQ. What would be a good standard to go by. I am currently at level 20, but just curious if that’s a good level for this point in the game

  2. What is the deal with pies? I don’t have any yet, does that start with episode 2? How did everyone get so far ahead of me? Lol

  3. I collected 3000 carbon rods and didn’t get any donuts. What gives?

    • 3000 PAST the required 18500 when the Super Bonus triggered? Also, we are in Issue 2 now… so once you hit 18500, you should be kicked to earning Pie Bombs.

  4. I have looked everywhere, but is there any discussion of Milhouse being able to fight felons? We unlocked his superhero skin for Valentine’s Day and now it seems useless?

  5. What is the point of upgrading the squad HQ?

  6. I’m having an issue with fighting the felons. I’ll start a fight, check in a few hours later, and the fight starts over. Still at 3 hearts, it just starts again. Seems to happen more with fruit bat man, but happened with fallout boy as well. Anyone else seeing this?

  7. Is it possible to lose a fight with a felon? I defeated one, bht no rods appeared as a prize. Was kind of bummed about that.

    • Hmm no it’s not. That’s definitely an odd one…did your counter go up at all? If it continues to happen I suggest contacting EA and letting them know what’s going on…first I’m seeing of this one.

  8. I never saw fruit batman. How do I get him?

  9. Is my Krusty Clownface supposed to be able to fight felons now? He’s not coming up as an option.

    He does not have tasks that award carbon rods either.

    Am I missing something or is it not available through the game yet?

  10. If we don’t have a hero free to fight a felon, can they do any damage roaming around town? Is it better to leave them ‘waiting’ at the prison?

    Currently only have Fall Out Boy, Pie Man, and Plopper, and the latter two are engaged in the ‘Make Plopper enjoy a belly rub’ task. So I only have FOB for the next 12 hours to fight any felons I release.

  11. How do I get fruit bat man?

  12. The event started after the update but after doing the task of making homer fling pies indoors nothing else has happened, no pie-man… nothing!

    • Keep going. Make sure you have the appropriate Characters needed for the dialog free (like Lisa) or no further tasks will trigger.

      • After posting my problem I went back into the game and went to Krustyland, when I went back into my Springfield the story line continued with the Lisa part… to think I could have long advanced through this story line… oh well!

  13. Are we gonna get any female superheroes at all??? Maybe in issue 4? Girls like comic books too, hello!

  14. Are they limiting the number of robbers you can tap in friends towns? I get to a point where I no longer get rods, just money. :-/

  15. It would be nice if, instead of my Homer Barbarian chasing Nelson around with an axe, I could have him go after one of the felons with that axe! 😉

  16. Felon issues: I have a felon who has been in 4 fights already and I had to put him in a 5th fight this am trying to get rid of the last heart. Does anyone else have this issue?

    • Should only be 3 fights to defeat him…who are you sending to attack him?

    • Ate you sure it’s the same felon? They all look alike, so maybe you’re seeing different ones and thinking they’re the same one. Try tapping directly on each felon and see how many hearts each has left.

  17. Has the Fruit Bat Man skin been made available during this event? He is not in my store. Thanks.

  18. I wasn’t playing when Fruit Batman was introduced. Any chance that it will become available?

  19. Is it possible to cash in krustyland tickets during this event? I just finished the Krustyland quests as the Superheros event started and I can’t make it work. I’m not sure if it is glitch on my device or.if it will clear up when the event is over

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