Up and Atom: Superheros Have Arrived in Springfield!

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

The week long speculated Superhero Event is Here! Currently it’s live on Google Play, iOS and Kindle!


Remember this is an App Store update, so you’ll have to check your stores for the latest version.  If you don’t see it in your app store, and it’s out, hard close your store app and reopen it.  If you still don’t see it restart your device.  Should bring it up.

As always more details on the way as soon as we go through them…remember we’ll be updating as we go, so keep refreshing this post for the latest info.

Also note, Homer needs to be free for the first part.

More details below the fold…
WARNING: Mild Spoilers Ahead

First thing you’ll notice is Springfield has a new look & everything (dialogue included) is in Comic Book format!  Pretty sweet looking touch!

As mentioned above you’ll need Homer free for the first part.  He’ll have a 30 minute task and then you’ll unlock….PIE MAN!

unlock_homer_pieman (Free)

Pie Man will then have a hilarious 4hr task, to throw pies at Springfielders.  Lisa will then need to be free to start Part 3.  You’ll then be tasked to build the Superior Squad HQ.  This will cost you $500 and comes with Fall Out Boy! This is also a 4hr Build.

Once you’ve gotten Fall Out Boy you’ll see this video play…

At that point you’ll then see the Event stuff unlock!  You’ll also be tasked with tapping Criminals to earn the game currency, Carbon Rods. 

event details

Details for all will below…


Now let’s get to the new stuff….

superiorsquadhq_menuSuperior Squad HQ- $500, 4hr Build.  5×6 in size.  Comes with Fall Out Boy.  This is upgradeable..

generichouse01_destroyed_menuWrecked Brown House- $50,000 (You can buy as many as you want. Currently NOT functioning as a building. No payout. Not tappable.)

FruitbatsignalFruit Bat Signal- $5,000 (You can buy as many as you want)


tarpits_menuTar Pits- 175 Donuts. Earns $150, 13xp/8hrs.  11×9  Comes with Petroleus Rex

crapsilo_menuCrap Silo- 100 Donuts.  Earns $150, 13xp/8hrs.  4×4.  Comes with Spiderpig!

superiorsquadSuperior Squad Member- 90 Donuts.  Just like the hunting license from Halloween.  This will double the rewards for capturing criminals in friends towns

New Characters

unlock_falloutboy Fall Out Boy- Comes with the Superior Squad HQ

unlock_petroleusrex Petroleus Rex- Comes with the Tar Pits

unlock_plopperpigSpider Pig (Plopper)- Comes with the Crap Silo

New Currency 

The currency for this Event, at least right now, are Carbon Rods.


Collecting Carbon Rods will help you earn the prizes for Issue 1.

Issue 1 Prizes

Like other events, this one will be released in Phases.  Here are the prizes you can win for Issue 1:

ArbitrariumArbitrarium- 400 carbonrod.
Once unlocked you can earn more by tapping on the Criminals.  Arbitrarium will help you upgrade the HQ.  Each upgrade does various things, like gives you more currency etc. 

montgomeryburnsstateprison_menuBurns State Prison- 7,000 carbonrod

unlock_krusty_clownfaceClownface-  18,500carbonrod

Other Issues

Again, this will be released in phases…4 total phases, 3 prizes per phase.  So there will be a total of 12 prizes all together.  Here are the release days for each phase (so far)

Issue 2- 2/24/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

Issue 3- 3/10/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

Issue 4- 3/24/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

The understanding is that all of the other stuff will lock out on the 24th when Phase 4 launches, and the actual event itself will end on the 31st of March.  BUT you’ll have to get everything else in game before the 24th.

You can also get a sneak peak of what prizes are for each phase by tapping on it in the game.  However, here’s a quick rundown for Issues 2 and 3 (again Issue 4 is still a mystery at this point)

Issue 2
Will require the collection of Pie Bombs
nationalbankofspringfield_menuNational Bank of Springfield

unlock_comicbookguy_thecollectorThe Collector

unlock_drcolossusDr. Colossus 

Issue 3
Will require the collection of Freeze Rays

superjeb_menuSuper Jeb

deathmountain_menuDeath Mountain

unlock_thecolliderThe Collider


Right now there’s only 1 type of Criminal in our games and they look like this:



Tapping on the Criminals will give you Carbon Rods (15 per Criminal to start) and occasionally Arbitrarium (see info on it above).  Remember Carbon Rods will earn you prizes for Issue 1 and Arbitrarium will help you upgrade your HQ.

The spawn rate on the Criminals is at least 1/ 5 mins and you can have a Max in your town of 30 at one time.

HQ Upgrades 

As with events past, you can upgrade your Superior Squad HQ for even more power & currency when tapping Criminals!

HQ Details


Once you’ve unlocked the Arbitrarium prize, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your Superior Squad HQ.

Arbitrarium looks like this Arbitrarium and will occasionally pop out of Criminals (in addition to Carbon Rods) when tapped.  Think Cog Wheels with Christmas.

Friend Visits 

AFTER you’ve tapped your first 20 Criminals you’ll unlock the ability to go to friends towns and arrest/report criminals (to earn more Carbon Rods).

Here’s what you can do.  You can either Arrest Criminals in their towns (Tapping on them) OR Report on them (tapping on the phones over Buildings).

Phones look like this redphone

For each arrest you make (tapping on Criminals) you’ll earn 3 Carbon Rods.

For every report you make (tapping on the Red Phones) you’ll earn 1 Carbon Rod.

You can tap 3 Criminals/town AND 3 Phones per town, for a total of 12 Carbon Rods/neighbor.

Neighbors Town

We’re checking into a couple of things at the moment…like number of actions/day you’re limited too & if the counts go down at all.  Once we have numbers/details we’ll update this post with it.

Now…when you return to your Springfield if you see a red phone Radioactive Man’s Glowing Signal, if you tap on it right away you’ll get 4 Carbon Rods.  (a gift from your neighbors) Radiactive Man's Signal

We’re also checking to see if this declines & by how much with time.

Note: As long as you’ve reached the part in the questline, AFTER you’ve cleared the first 20 Criminals…you’ll be able to earn rewards from both tapping phones and Criminals from visiting neighbors.  Even if they haven’t started the event.  Both will appear in their towns for you to tap.  However, if you don’t clear the first 20 Criminals and reach the part of the questline telling you to go into neighbors towns and Arrest Criminals/Report on them…you won’t earn Carbon Rods from tapping Criminals, only from reporting on them.  So make sure you clear the questline first BEFORE visiting neighbors.

Remember: If you buy the Membership Card superiorsquad you’ll earn double Carbon Rods in Neighbor’s Towns.

There you have it…the basic information of the Superhero Event!  As always we’ll break everything down more in-depth in the coming days!  For now enjoy the fun!

What do you think of the Superhero Event?  Thoughts on the characters?  How about the prizes released?  Anyone you’re bummed not to see yet?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

477 responses to “Up and Atom: Superheros Have Arrived in Springfield!

  1. Hi I don’t somebody have had a similar issue, hubby just blow up his Springfield during the week and rearranging the new Springfield found out.that his “wrecked Brown House” dissapear and now he has two “brown house” . Any help? 🙂 thank you

  2. I did the superheroes event thing but all late, so i didn’t get much out of it but why is radioavtive man just laying there dead in my springfield. I can’t get him out

  3. Is anyone else getting the handcuffs capes telephones ect? I have been playing since the update and i may have five of each. I’m visiting and capturing criminals… Anyone elsehhaving this problem?

  4. Pardon me if this has been covered already, but i bought the crap silo and of course it comes witth the pig, but isn’t he supposed to be a super hero? He has no superhero costume? Cant shoot webs out of his hoofs? (He says he can) or do i just have to wait until hes completed a few tasks?

  5. I’m assuming Bart super-hero costume don’t come with this update (I’m new), how do I get him? If it’s still possible…

  6. A tip for the lack of uses for the wrecked brown house: those around during Clash of Clones and have the castle(s) can make a small area with houses that were “attacked” by the nerds. It can even be integrated into a neighborhood area with the castle at the back with the attacked houses.

    Just a small design idea for a decoration that doesn’t fit everywhere.

  7. I have a couple of questions, maybe you can help. When it comes to the siren, it seems to act a lot like a push notification on my tablet. I can’t seem to turn it off. Push notifications are already turned off. And oh my, is it LOUD and very disruptive, it catches me in a fright sometimes. Any way to stop these siren alerts ?

    And two, if I am very thorough at arresting my criminals, am I leaving my neighbors with no criminals to “catch” when they come through to make the phone call and make the arrest. I like nabbing them all, but then i worry if i am preventing them from playing my town if i’ve nabbed them all. I’ve had that concern about other “in-games” we’ve played. Any confirmed answers, that aren’t just speculation like mine, I’d be grateful to learn for sure if that’s the case. I really feel guilty if i take away all their chances to do anything in my Springfield. Thanks in advance for any help, if possible!

    • 1: Some devices you just have to go completely silent on your volume.

      What you see and what your neighbors see are separate. They will never be linked. So clear all yours. They will get their own.

      • Thank you for the help. So apparently it’s my device that lacks control over the notification “Siren” – i’ll look into it. You sure do work very hard helping a lot of ppl… Thanks a bunch, Bunny *)

    • my siren wont stop either – super annoying!! everything is turned off for notifications and media/game sound. I can’t turn off the sound on my phone because i need to be able to answer it and respond to messages. i hope they fix it soon!

  8. Will delaying the radioactive signal decrease the amount of carbon rods I receive from it. Usually when I tap on the homes with the signal I only get three instead of four. So it may be decreasing? I’m still not sure

  9. Do you know if the forced update has hit yet? I’ve had a couple of neighbours who hadn’t updated now apparently have but one or two are still giving me handshakes instead of nuclear signals – I was just wondering if they might still be building their HQ or haven’t been forced to update yet.


    • There really isn’t a FORCE to start an Event. Just to kick you out of one. So it will depend on how active they are or if they are even playing anymore. If anything… they may still be just starting into it and a day away from being to point they can tap phones too.

  10. Matthew Petersen

    Any chance we will get Radioactive Man and Bi-Clops? Those two and Bartman would be the ones I’m missing from this event.
    Mo am really excited for this event as I’m a huge comic book fan!

  11. I seem to get a maximum of 60 criminals at the same time in my Springfield. At a rate of 1 per 5 mn, it means I can collect 900 bars every 5 hours. Not bad.

  12. Are there any more premium things coming to the store? I got Plopper and the Membership Card and I want Petroleus Rex, but I don’t want to splurge on Issue 1 if more is coming, you know?

  13. I hope that we Bartman and Fruit-bat man, later down the event.

    and maybe Every Man if they want to give Homer 2 new skins (maybe make Every-man premium)

  14. Thanks for all the great updates!! Anything coming out on Petroleus Rex and pros and cons of buying? I’m a premium player but still stingy with my donuts LOL!

    • Yes, new character and he has a task that rewards carbon rods, if that’s important to you. His 8 hour task he walks around town shooting petroleum everywhere, funny animation, worth it for any collectors in my opinion.

    • If you want cons, only thing I can think of is P.rex has 2, 24 hour tasks to do in his storyline. Aside from that not many cons a new character can have, either you like the character and buy him (or her) or you don’t like and not buy lol

  15. ok, ok, so maybe not the most serious question… but,
    Fallout Boy is saying…
    Dueling backpacks?
    Dewey backpacks?
    this is bugging me. 🙂

    • Sounds like “Billowy Backpacks” to me.

    • Fallout Boy: Billowing backpacks Radioactive Man, it’s the worst villian of them all, the Scoutmaster!
      Radioactive Man: I see him, Fallout Boy.

      Dialogue from the fall out boy audition episode. Though I like what Sandra Shill said.

      • Lol. Yup. Billowy and Billowing are only two I have really heard.

      • Sorry, I just realized that, because of the way the comments lay out, mine could be misconstrued. When I said “I’m pretty sure that’s right” I was referring to Bunny’s reply of “billowing backpacks,” because it was the only alliterative guess there (and what I heard, too). But glad to get the official confirmation, zafobi! 🙂

  16. Can we get the Burns skin (fruitbat) in this update?

    • As of right now I don’t see anything indicating he’s coming back, but there’s still a lot of update left to play so we’ll have to wait and see if EA brings it back.

      • I am hoping so! Fruit-bat-man can fight villans which will be a great benefit; maybe EA will only allow those who bought him in 2013 have this benefit, hoping not! 🙂

  17. What about Bartman? Why no appearance?

    • Still lots of update left to play….loads more things coming 😉

    • My apologies to moderator if I can’t post image url’s :

      Bartman / fruit-bat-man (SPOILERS)

      • That is from his ORIGINAL release back in early 2013. There is NOTHING 100% concrete of when/if/how he will be for this event. Until we get that info guaranteed, we will not post it. For now…its all just speculation.

      • But if this is the first bartman appearance than wouldn’t it be legit? Regardless I’m only here to help and you’re doing your job, thanks for the always fast replies 😉

        • No worries… it is how we work here.

          Not always true. Through experience at this game since its launch in 2012… we KNOW of many times what is in the files does not make it to the games or when it does finally hit.. its completely changed to something else. So, until confirmation… only speculation and “maybe” is there. We prefer cold hard facts here. 😉

          Just ask any seasoned Player about the Giant Toilet or why Mayan Marge didn’t release with Mayan stuff in 2012 and instead with a yard sale in 2014. Lol. Just a tip of examples of pre-game vs actual release. 😉

      • I would delete my other post if I could lol

  18. What’s the alert for when theirs too many criminals in your Springfield?

  19. I thought that the only things that upgrading your HQ does is to increase the number of rods you get when collecting from that building and extending the range of your tapping power when you’re tapping on criminals (like the board with the nail did when catching aliens). Are you sure it’s supposed to increase the rods from catching criminals?

  20. I’m getting a lot of loading screen freezes that result in a game reboot when going from neighbor to neighborino. My guess is there village is full of radioactive signals which freezes while loading. Has anyone else notice this happening more than usual? I’m not complaining, curious if my phone is slowly turning senile or if it’s the abundance of moving / flashy things in the villages. I’ve froze 3 times on the same persons village (not mentioning names) and when I went to delete to add in a new neighborino it said I was unable to; which I think is just from the servers being worked so hard this event.

    • Memory overload. Try to keep your Memory open on your end too. Will help you get through it easier as well. If you find you can’t even enter a neighbors game due to the drain, you may have to put them aside for the event.

      • Thanks. Sadly I had to get rid of a few neighbors who are daily players for this reason, along with some daily players who have yet to update.

  21. How cool would it be to get Cloberella, Captain yesterday, and Super King “The Best One Of The Three!”?

  22. Add me I play frequently!

  23. I don’t know why, but my Superior Squad HQ has been upgraded 5 times and the amount of carbon rods I have been getting from tapping each criminal hasn’t changed. (15 rods) Is this normal? I don’t really understand what it’s changing.

    • I checked and it still goes up by 15 rods. I guess I’ll keep on checking because it is a new update and will probably be fixed soon.

      • It was my mistake..that’s what happens when you don’t drink coffee and start reading comments. Didn’t realize you said tapping Criminals. The increase applies to how much Carbon you get at the HQ building every 4hrs

    • Your super HQ goes up on carbon rod per 4hour. At level 4 hq it was 65 carbon rod per 4 hours (when you can collect) at level 5 it’s 75 carbon rods per 4 hour. Not sure if it goes up by 10 every level.

    • Yeah, same here. I’m upgraded to lvl 4, but it’s still 15

      • It’s your Superior Squad HQ that upgrades in counts, not the Rods from Criminals.

      • Level 6 Superior Squad HQ Is 85 Carbon rods per 4 hours. I believe it keeps going up 10 extra rods per level up.

        I am loving this event so much more than the Halloween event. Oink!

  24. Still unable to get a password reminder so playing anonymously, have been playing for over a year and have missed out without friend’s to tap on, great game and like the superhero theme, help with log in would be great

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