Should I Spend Donuts on the Superior Squad Membership?

Hey Howdy Hey Crime Stopping Tappers!

It’s Superhero time in Springfield!  And nothing says Superhero like a membership to the Superior Squad, right?  Now I know many of you are trying to decide if this membership is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to help you decide what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if the Superior Squad Membership is right for you?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of becoming a card carrier member of the Superior Squad in YOUR Springfield!


Item: Superior Squad Membership
Donut Price: 90 Donuts
What Does it Do?: So, basically this membership card helps you earn MORE game currency when tapping Criminals in your neighbors towns.  With out the membership you’ll earn 3 Carbon Rods (Or Pie Bombs or Freeze Rays..when they hit) per Captured Criminal, or 9 per town.  With the license you’ll earn 6 Carbon Rods (Or Pie Bombs or Freeze Rays..when they hit) per Captured Criminal.

So basically this will double the amount of game currency you get from visiting friends.  Currently it caps at 90 actions, so with out the Membership that’s 270 Carbon Rods (or the other currencies when they hit).  But WITH the membership it’s 540 Carbon Rods (or the other currencies…).  Remember this is ONLY with Criminal Taps in neighbors towns.  You’ll still only get 1 Carbon Rod per Phone tapped in a neighbor’s town.
This does NOT impact the amount you earn when tapping in your own town.

-Earns double game currency when tapping Criminals in your neighbors towns.

-Not an actual item so once the event is over, it’s gone.

Final Thought:
This is one I picked up almost immediately.  As someone who can’t tap as often as I’d like to this will give me a much needed boost for those times I can’t get into the game.
Before you purchase it I would say take a look at how often you can get into TSTO to tap during this event.  If you’re a diligent tapper this is something that really isn’t necessary since it’s pretty easy to earn currency throughout the event.  However,  if you’re someone who won’t be able to get into your town frequently during the event this might be something you want to consider getting. This can really give you a boost.
Of course, don’t buy it if neighbor visits are difficult for you to make on a daily basis, since that’s the only place it will help you.

Honestly, this is one you may want to pass on.  90 d0nuts is pricey for something that won’t be tangible in your Springfield once the event ends.  Plus you can earn currency fairly quickly if you tap frequently.  So if you’re a diligent tapper, save your donuts (or spend them on Plopper) and pass on this one.

However, if you’re someone who won’t be able to get into your town frequently during the event this might be something you want to consider getting.  Especially if you’re only tapping once a day.  This can really give you a boost.
Of course, don’t buy it if neighbor visits are difficult for you to make on a daily basis, since that’s the only place it will help you.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do, and this is something I purchased right away.  Whatever you decide, just remember this is one item for the event that’s better the earlier you purchase it.  So if you’re on the fence, I’d say try to make your final decision by this weekend…this way you can get the most benefit over the rest of the event!

And that’s it my friends…the full rundown and pros and cons of the Superior Squad Membership!

What do YOU think of the Superior Squad Membership?  Are you still thinking about purchasing it or wanting to see how the event pans out the next couple of days before you make a decision?  Thoughts on capturing Criminals?  How’s your Carbon Rod count doing?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

48 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Superior Squad Membership?

  1. I purchased the squad card and plopper. I am a frequent player so I kind of regret spending 90 donuts on the card. On the plus side however, I collect the prizes days ahead of time and earn free donuts with every 4000 event currency collected. Having all 100 active playing neighbors also helps a great deal.

  2. I was out the country when the update dropped (grr!) so I grabbed this yesterday. Hope it will help me catch up! I don’t even have 7k yet and issue two started today! May have to spend more donuts to ‘skip’ a prize level, but that’s an expensive proposition… Thx as always for the info!

  3. I chose to pass on this item, because I feel increasing the level of your Superior Headquarters Building does enough to earn you extra carbon rods! 😉

  4. Is there any way to tell if my Superior squad membership is “active?”
    In the post above it says I should be earning 3 carbon rods per captured criminal in neighbouring towns. However, when I tap on criminals in my friends’ towns I it just says that I am earning 1 friendpoint, 2 Xp, and $30…. What gives?

  5. Who else Thinks that radioactive man will return From the dead?

    1-Keep status quo
    2-he flying is so cool

    • Oh come on, all big superheroes return from the dead! 😉

      It’d have to be a only-in-Springfield thing if he didn’t.

  6. I decided to pass too, but I’m in a bit of a conundrum — 25 of my neighbors don’t seem to be playing the game. That’s a LOT of carbon rods! I don’t want to spend the donuts on the cards, so my only choice is to delete them… Is it mean to drop neighbors to earn more carbon rods? There are some good neighbors whom I wouldn’t drop, but most of the names I don’t recognize.

    What would you do?

    • Take down their names… in case you drop them and want them back you can request them again later. Also, it JUST Launched. Give them til the weekend at least when most people play.

    • I also long.its been since they have logged in inthe friend menu (i believe you clic on their name). I usually give a 2 week buffer incase they’re on vacation but anything that’s above i delete right away. Sometimes time zones don’t help.either. So it seems the person isnt playing but you’re just playing at different times of day so at least you can see they’ve logged in the last day or.two (this woukd be more in the case they havent cleared their board)

    • You may have discovered this already, but I have found that even my neighbors who AREN’T playing, still give me carbon rods when I visit. I have a lot of neighbors who don’t appear to be playing, but I still see phones and criminals in their towns.

    • This happens A LOT!
      I always hide them, not delete them. This way, if they do return, they can still visit me, and I can check into re adding them at a later date if they come back.
      Put your name in the add a friend thread, its a good way to get new friends!

  7. I got the one during Halloween, but it felt like it was needed more than this event…at least for me. My total at the moment is just over 10,000, and most of that is from my own town.

  8. do those radioactive signs go away automatically if not tapped?

  9. I picked up the license for my A-game, but my feeling about it is it may not really confer much benefit unless you’re an infrequent player (i.e., checking in no more than 2 times a day). I already have the prison in all three of my games, and the B and C games (freemium) don’t have it.

    Personally, I think if someone’s looking to spend about that much in sprinklies, go for Plopper instead.

  10. definitely not worth the donuts.

  11. Why Not Zoidberg?

    When you discuss any premium item, I’m not really following what you mean by “freemium”. The Superior Squad Membership is a premium item (which I bought per the reasons you stated above), so I guess I just don’t know why there is a “freemium” section, but that’s due to myself not knowing what “freemium” means. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all these updates, they are very helpful!

  12. One thing to keep in mind is that for 90 donuts, you can rush the rods/whatever in the Superior Squad HQ up to 45 times (2 donuts each time). With an high-level HQ, I think that will be more bang for your buck than the membership card.

    • It depends. Let’s say you’re at 85 Carbon Rods per payout on the HQ…for 90 donuts you’ll get 3,825 Carbon Rods. That’s 1 shot, that’s it. 90 donuts spent and gone. If you buy the license today, figure 30 days of tapping left at 270 extra currency for each neighbor visit that’s 8,100 event currency for the life of the event. And it’s broken up over each Issue. So you’ll get Pie Bombs & Freeze Guns with that as well. So if you’re spending the donuts….honestly the Membership is the better bet.

  13. I got it, as I (on purpose) only have a very few neighbours. Will take any extra I can get, lol.

    A weird thing I’ve noticed is, in my A game, the arbitrarium seems to drop every 3rd criminal and in my B game, I’ve counted 15 before any drops. So A is sitting at 28 and B is at 8 (HQ levels are the same in both) And for some reason my B game has a tonne more carbon rods than A; more than one or two visits from neighbours can account for. Not a complaint, I just find the differences interesting. Anyone else notice stuff like this?

    • I think I remember seeing the drop rate on it was around 20%. But as a TQFS player too, you know all too well how those drop rates can go! 😉

      • That I do, lol, that I do 😀

      • I’ve been watching this pretty closely, but it really does seem to be quite arbitrary (no surprise there).
        I’ve been measuring in 4 hour batches (between HQ payouts), my readings so far have been 8, 3, 12, 7, 20, 20, 13, 2 and 6. That’s from the 4 hr spells when I’ve caught every criminal, so not counting overnight when my town was probably too full.
        That’s 91 arbitraria (?) from 9 measurement periods, i.e. 36 hours, i.e. 432 criminals (if they spawn every 5 mins). 91 from 432 is roughly 1 in 5, i.e. 20% ish. But sometimes it can seem like it’s way more, other times way less.
        One thing I have noticed is the last arbitrarium needed before I can upgrade my HQ seems to take a long time coming. But that might just be coincidence.

  14. As a freemium player I will be passing. However I always felt these passes were for those who can not tap enough to get all the prizes or love to be far ahead of everyone else. Personally if I were a premium player I would still pass since it has no value to me once this event is done.

  15. I’m mostly a freemium player. I have the prison & over 10k rods so I’m passing. I play multiple times a day. Saving my donuts 🙂

  16. Thank you for confirming my instinct not to buy this. I’m WAY too addicted a tapped to need it lol! Also, I don’t think it’d ever pay that many donuts for an item that’s so temporary.

    Particularly pleased with my porcine Plopper purchase though! 🙂

  17. I waited on it and I’m glad I did. I don’t think it is really needed. I’m on track. I am however lucky with max neighbors and everybody is visiting. With the donuts I saved not buying it I was able to pick up Springfield Tar Pits and Rex! Alissa is definitely right on with her advice thou. It all depends how often you can get in the game, so some might need it some won’t. Thanks for the post Alissa!
    Happy Super Tapping everyone!

  18. honestly the pay out at neighbours is very low, in relation to what you earn in your own town and the amount needed to unlock prizes

    The membership card gives you 180 rods more a day, which is about catch 12 criminals in your own town or less than 1% to unlock clown face (18500).

    I’d rather get the spider pig 😀 and let it fight a felon 2-3 times a day to get more rewards (75 rods each time)

  19. I got it😊 Hopefully i can get clownface today. Keeping fingers crossed. So addicted.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I love this site. Helps me move smoothly through my gameplay!

  20. I bought the license, then my game crashed immediately after. Finally logged back in to find that I have no benefit from the purchase, but the option to buy and my doughnuts are gone.

    Tldr: yay crappy server issues.

    • Are you sure you’re not getting double? You should see 2 rods popup, for a total of 6, when you tap Criminals in your friend’s town (as long as you’re not over the 90 daily actions). But it’s only Criminals, does not count on phones. If you’re not getting that I would definitely contact EA and let them know what’s going on in your game, they’ll be able to restore it for you.

  21. How do you define frequently?

  22. I think it’s a lot of donuts for something I shouldn’t need.
    What I am doing though is to make sure I have 100 active neighbours. You can get 12 rods per day from each neighbour that visits. If your neighbours aren’t visiting you, they’re not helping you! (Doesn’t normally matter whether they visit you or not, but in events it’s a much needed boost)

    • I guess it helps too if the neighbours are in your time-zone, so you’re not sleeping when they visit. That’ll be something I’ll think of when it comes to filling my neighbours up – once I’ve worked out who my inactive neighbours are!

      • Thankfully in my first 24 hrs of seeing who’s visited, 69 of my wonderful neighbours have and there are a few more who I’m sure will. I reckon I’ll probably only need to replace about 10 of my neighbours, which is a pretty good retention rate imo.

    • I agree…it’s a lot of donuts for something I shouldn’t need. Thanks always, Alissa & Addicts, for all your insights! You help us get the most fun from our games & the best value for our donuts. 🙂


  24. These licences/cards seem to be available for most events. In truth they are fairly expensive but in past events have been the difference between me getting prizes and not. I often make these my first donut purchase during events now because obviously the earlier you buy one the more beneficial they are.

  25. I passed on it because for me I have more time than donuts. wWith 11340 rods so far I’d say I’m doing okay without it too.

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