How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition

Hey there Hoppereenos.

Superheroes have hit our silly lil game. There is LOTS going on. So you are wondering just how exactly it all breaks down when it comes to you visiting your Neighbors/Friends and what happens when they visit you. No worries, we are here to help as usual.

First off, the basics. Both YOU and YOUR neighbor need to be in full swing of the Superheroes Event for this to go correctly. That means the Headquarters built….

…and you can see when you go to the main Neighbor screen that their Carbon Rod amount is MORE than zero.Neighbor Main Screen Carbon Rod Count

You also want to make sure you have initiated the questline to the point it tells you to go visit Neighbors. This should start the Actions for you. This is in New Hero Rises Part 2.

That means they are in the Superheroes Event and most likely to have buildings to Report Criminals and Criminals to Capture. If they are NOT in the Event fully, it will limit what YOU can tap on and also cause issues of Vandalism (more info below).

So I suggest taking a look at your MAIN Neighbor screen first to make sure both of you are on the same page when visiting until they all finish updating. Until then, you could be wasting your visits.


Now on to the basics of visiting your neighbors…

The breakdown for this event is as follows…

Criminal90 Actions to Capture Criminals (about 30 Visits): 3 Criminals per town with a payout of 3 Carbon Rods per Criminal.

reportcrimeUnlimited Actions to Report Crimes: 3 Buildings per town with a payout of 1 Carbon Rod per Building. (I was able to keep going through all 100 of my neighbors. Add more to your town HERE).

Criminals will show up all over the town, including the Boardwalk if there are not many roads. Criminals on Boardwalk

Buildings and locations that are not already tapped but can be tapped will show the Red Telephone.

Neighbors Town



HOW CAN I GET MORE RODS?superiorsquad

If you purchase the Superior Squad Membership for 90 donuts, you will get double the payout on CRIMINALS ONLY. So 90 actions at 3 per Criminal turn into 6 per Criminal.



Money Stack Icon

If you are only seeing a payout of $$$ & XP or nothing at all when you tap a Criminal, it means you have already used up your 90 actions for the day and have to wait until your 24hrs resets. Or have not updated to New Hero Rises Part 2. Once it resets, you will be able to go back in and start over. Same for questline.

Best thing to do while hopping in n out of Neighbors, is just pay attention how many Captures and Reports you have left as you Visit. If it is ZERO, then you are done with your Actions for the day. Capture and Report CountsSo watch for both issues. Ran out of 90 Actions and NOT updated towns.



While you are visiting your Neighbors, you will see the Red Telephones on many buildings. Once tapped, the Radioactive Signal will show…Radiactive Man's Signal 1


Radiactive Man's Signal

…and your Neighbor will be alerted that you have just Reported a Crime. (Alerted also with a LOUD siren if the Notifications and Volume is on. See more on this below. Lol.)Reported Crime

To add even MORE fun to the game, any animation the Building has that you tapped will come alive. This is a GREAT chance to get to see all those dormant ones in action again. So have fun tapping away and look for ones you may have not been able to see animation on in a while and bring them alive. Like the Guinea Pig Rescue or my fav… Bad Dream House.Bad Dream House Animated



This is where it is CRITICAL you make sure you Neighbor is updated.

If they are fully into the Event and collecting Carbon Rods, then you can tap on ANY building that has a Red Telephone on it and it will act just as a normal building tap. They will see the Spotlight on the Building in their town and can clear it for Carbon Rods. Vandalism will not happen.Non Vandalised Springfield Elementary


If your Neighbor is NOT fully updated and NOT collection Carbon Rods, the tap on the Red Telephone on the Vandalism Buildings will result in them actually being Vandalized and seeing the Broom and graffiti on their end.Clean Graffiti Tagged Spray Paint

So if you both are updated, Vandalism will NOT be an issue this Event. 🙂



Like mentioned above, YOU will be alerted that your Neighbor has Reported Crime in your town.Reported Crime

If your notifications are on, you will here a VERY VERY VERY LOUD SIREN go off. So I suggest to disable SFX Volume in your game as well as on YOUR device to avoid this sound. Lol.Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume

For myself, I will show where in my Galaxy S4 it shows the options for Sound manipulation. Your device will vary.

First in My Device Sound there is a spot to change each kind of sound individually. Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-25

There is also a short link direct from just selecting the Volume option here. Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-54


Then I also have the pop up that comes up on any screen as I use the side button to manually turn my Volume up or down and see the Cog Wheel for settings. I shut it ALL down.


If you do not wish to receive the Notifications at all in your game alerting you via pop up, those can be turned off too as shown above in “Push Notifications” as well as in the App Settings on your device.

Notifications 4

All of these should help to eliminate that Siren too if you do not want it screaming out at you.



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

Now the tricky part, the faster you respond to the Reported Crime the more payout you get from it. Here is what we found in our testing.


Start Payout: 4 Carbon Rods
-4hrs: 3 Carbon Rods
-4hrs: 2 Carbon Rods
-4hrs: 1 Carbon Rod

So as you can see, you will get MORE Carbon Rods the quicker you clear those Radioactive Signals off your Buildings. Every 4hrs you wait to clear it, the amount you get will drop.



No. The two are completely separate. Collect away. During this event you can continue to collect money from any building in your town. Your Neighbor will be able to tap regardless if there is $$ or not. The ONLY thing that will not allow them to tap is the Radioactive Signal on a Building. So clear those as fast as you can to leave places for them to tap.Radiactive Man's Signal 1


There you have the basics of Visiting Neighbors and clearing their taps in your town.

What do you think of this Event Neighbor Visits? Are you getting a lot of Carbon Rods? Have you heard the Sirens go off or have them go off at a bad time? Lol. Let us know.


187 responses to “How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition

  1. I visit my friend’s towns, tap the red phones and still have a zero count?! Have deleted and reinstalled game. No luck. Anybody else having this problem and what do I do now?

  2. Hi, I only seem to be able to visit 10 of my neighbours and tap criminals to get currency. Is that right? I thought we got 90 actions not 30?

    • Did you check how many taps you had left before you started? If you were close to your 24 hrs reset, you may have tapped 60 of them while going through earlier. It resets every 24hrs depending on when YOU start that 24 hr time frame.

  3. I’m hardly getting any of the phones I need to, to craft anything. I’m getting plenty of the capes, handcuffs and tool things. What am I doing wrong? I play the game all day every day 🙁


    • How many neighbors do you have? 100? Are you tapping every single one the 3 building taps everyday?

      • I only have 1 friend, but I still thought I’d have more than 3 phones by now. I will have to start racking more friends up. I do tap every single one of the 3 building taps everyday. Thanks so much for the reply, I love this site and appreciate all the help you give everyone! 🙂

        • I would suggest using our Add Friends page here and load up. As you see in this post, neighbors can be really helpful. Especially in Events. 😉

          Those phones are random, so the more friends you have the quicker you will earn them.

  4. I’m glad a searched around and didn’t just post my question concerning the breakdown for the payment for the sped of your response to “someone has reported a crime in you town.”


  5. I think I saw a post that advised carefully tapping just the criminals in neighbors’ Springfields until the 90 count is depleted and then circling back through to report crimes by tapping the phones. The reason given was that tapping the buildings reduced the 90 count but paid out just 1 event currency instead of 3. Is this the case?

  6. I’m not sure why, but my timer for my 90 max actions seems to be resetting every 12 hours, instead of 24. I have no idea why. I have the Superior Squad Membership Card, maybe that has something to do with it? And ideas?

  7. Long time reader/player, first time poster. Wanted to thank you so much for this article! I’ve been wondering if I had to leave money on my buildings in order for my compadres to tap. & yes, the siren has indeed gone off at a most inopportune moment (3 a.m.) Then it went off again like 30 minutes later. Fiance was p.o. (he doesn’t play) & said, “Enough is enough. First it was “better them than meeee” waking me up at 2 in the morning & now it’s a siren at 3 a.m.? It’s either me or the game…” You know I picked the game! I’m like sorry babes I gotta lotta money invested in this game… You gotta go! LOL (kidding) 😉 Thanks again!

  8. Thanks. I’ll clear it all out and add couple more

  9. What’s the total of friends I can have? Thought it was 100. I cleared out a few in actives to replace with some new friends, but now when I go to add it says I’m maxed out but think I counted 94 friends

  10. oops it’s right now

  11. When I went to visit my friends towns this morning I noticed that every criminal I tapped I got 1 rod I thought we were suppose to get 3

  12. Thought it would be nice to say it, Make-a-Thing has an animation. The open curtain on the side has a conveyor belt that toys ride. It’s the only animation before this event we never got a chance to see, but is still kinda cool.

    • Also, in a neighbor’s town, I noticed that the Burns State Prison is also animated. The gates open, the search lights turn on, and the red light on top of the towers blinks.

      Thought it would be nice to say these 🙂

  13. Thank You Addicts! I was wondering about the money left on buildings with the radioactive signal activated. I’m really enjoying this event, Pieman is currently chasing my first felon! Its hilarious!!

  14. Am I the only one that doesn’t want to clear their bad dream house just so I can watch the prettiness?

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