Hollywood + Springfield + Construction = Excited Wookiee

Hey there Superfriends!

So a little while ago (January) I shared an article with y’all about the construction of Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood.  I also promised I’d be going in February to take pics and let you know how everything was going.  Well, move over Superheroes, it’s time for this fuzzball to fulfill his promise.  One things for certain… I am SUPER excited by all this.

Simpsons Ride

So along with some of my dear loved ones, I set off to activate my annual pass and find out what I could find out about the construction of my favorite cartoon home town being completed near where I live.  I’ve been monitoring this ever since I first heard about it but was super stoked to see it for myself.

Wookiee Simpsons Love

Before we even entered the theme park gates, you could see all the additional merchandise theyve added.  So cool.  Let’s just say seeing all this excited me even more than I expected.  I already like going to USH but fear my social life may be ruined in the near future by frequent visits to Universal City.  Once through the gates, I was literally tingling with anticipation.  Right after passing the central area of the upper lot, I saw my first glimpse of Springfield in Hollywood.

Springfield Universal Hollywood

Not only Channel 6 Studios but the Android’s Dungeon.  This is gonna be good.  I immediately departed from my company, camera in hand, to get a bunch of images.  First off, just geeking over the construction walls.

Springfield 2015

The article I’d shared had taken images from a much different angle due to how traffic was being routed.  This time I was able to walk right down the throughfare which will be a complete immersive world when it’s done.

Springfield Walkway

You’ll walk right past some of your favorite buildings as you head towards The Simpsons Ride.  Want to see the buildings on the right… wait just one tick.  To the left of the above image is the construction still underway for Luigi’s, Duff Gardens and Bumblebee Man Tacos from what I was told.  Now to the buildings on the right.

Springfield Universal Hollywood 2

Another view of Channel 6 and the Dungeon.  Springfield General Hospital, Springfield Elementary, Krusty Burger, Moe’s, the Power Plant and of course the requisite Springfield Sign!  Wahoo… I was thrilled.  Had to go click more pics while my family lingered behind laughing at my excitement.

Springfield Universal Hollywood 3

King Toot’s, the Penitentiary, Cletus’ Chicken Shack, Aztec Theater and Police Station!  They literally took Matt Groening’s concept drawing and made it real life.


Lard Lad and the Bowlarama weren’t to be seen but it must be said you could see armatures on a lot of the buildings for signs, etc. to be added.  I identified all the buildings just from memory and comparing it to the image I had on hand.  But wait dear reader, there’s even more.

Springfield Universal Hollywood 4

The DMV made it in too right next to the Kwik-E-Mart.  I’m told it’s for all the storage they needed for all the additions.  Universal built a nice new bathroom too for the expected crowds.  As I expected, all four walls of the KEM are painted uniform now.  The front entrance is where you can take the obligatory pictures with your favorite characters.  I of course had to hug Homer I was so stoked.

Homer & Bart KEM

You can catch Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Krusty and Sideshow Bob at different times.

Universal Krusty & Sideshow Bob

It took all of my willpower to drag myself away from all this goodness and enjoy the theme park with my family.  I seriously could have just lingered here enjoying the partial completion but sacrifices had to be made.  I did come back later to get night shots.  Only one really turned out ok but you can get an idea of the scale of it all.  This view is what folks coming back to the upper lot from the skyway will see.

Springfield Universal Hollywood Night

Those construction walls in front of it are the befire mentioned Luigis, Duff Gardens and taco stand.  You can see a bit of Bumblebee Man’s Tacos… it’s that yellow bit sticking up over the wall.  The Simpsons Ride also looked super sweet at night.

Krustyland at Night

And you can’t beat your little ewok winning big at Sideshow You to add items to your Simpsons collection.

Wookiee Ewok Swag

All in all, Universal Studios Hollywood has amazingness coming.  Springfield this March, additions to the Studios Tour for summer and of course, Harry Potter stuff in 2016.  The castle and buildings have started to be framed.

Hogwarts Universal Hollywood

Wowza wowza wowza… is it March yet?  Hopefully you liked seeing all the new images and are as excited as me.  For sure, we’ll have to do some sort of Addicts event in the future even if it’s a come have a Duff with the Wookiee kind of deal. Peace out and much love and all that goodness.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

39 responses to “Hollywood + Springfield + Construction = Excited Wookiee

  1. How awesome does THAT look?

  2. Thanks so much for this article & pics! I’m in NE CA & may just have to head south when it’s all done.😃

  3. Wing666, if the Wookiee can’t answer your questions then the WookieeMama probably can. I have an annual pass to DL and one to Universal too. You can do Universal in a day but DL takes at least 2 so I would stay closer to DL. Plus in my opinion the areas around DL are nicer than by Universal. Springfield is going to be great and will require regular trips to Universal.

    • MAMA!!! I love seeing you comment. Makes me smile. 😉

      And she is right. I actually stay by Disney or even by Knottsberry. Depending on the traffic of people at the park, it takes a day just to hit Disney… so if you plan California Adventure too… another day at least.

      Universal in Florida I didn’t catch everything and was only there a day, so I can’t add on California one… yet. 😉

  4. If it’s half as good as Orland Universal Studios Springfield then it will be awesome. I’ve been to the Orlando Universal twice now, third time this August, and as a lifelong Simpson fan it is everything I ever dreamt of.
    I’ve had a Duff beer in Moe’s Tavern, my wife had a flaming Moe, tried the famous ‘Love Tester’ machine and had my picture taken next to my Hero Barney. The merchandise will hoover up all your dollars, so many T shirts to choose from.

  5. Great that you can go and give us the write up on it. I’m right over in the other side of the world and I can’t make a trip to see it, so you’ll have to go an extra time on behalf of us addicts who have to do this vicariously. : ) Looks wonderful already!

  6. That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You do realize can experience these windfall things at universal Hollywood without the wait….just a heads up

    • Sorry…universal Orlando…Hollywood on the brain…excited for those that haven’t experienced it yet to finally get to …hopefully the Hollywood versions are every bit add fun as the Orlando ones! Crossing my fingers for you!

    • Yes but the two will have differences. As I live in Cali, Hollywood is a bit more convenient. I did make it to Florida and wrote about it here.

  8. I’m so jealous!

  9. This means I might have to renew my pass this year. I always waffle between getting a new one or passing but with Springfield coming I don’t want to miss it!

  10. WOW! Thanks so much for the pictures. Ive lived here most of my life and have NEVER made it there. Im definately going soon. Thanks again Im so excited.

  11. Love the Homer hug!

    Oh, and did you buy one of everything? 😉

    • Don’t I wish. The height of my purchases was the Sideshow You wins by the ewok and a sipper shaped like Bart. ALready had the Homer one.

      • “Sipper”? Is that like a sippy cup for grownups?

        Do they make Lisa and/or Crazy Cat Lady pins? I think that’s what I’d want (if they weren’t insanely expensive).

  12. Awesome I definetly would like to go someday. Nice pictures sounds like you had a great time, if you go again when it’s fully open be sure to take lots of pic for us

  13. That is so awesome!!! I am definitely planning to travel to USA one day. I am in Asia…

  14. Great photos, thanks for sharing. One day I hope to travel to California. A-KATgal

  15. Thanks for the update and congrats on the Dland job! We’re pass holders for both parks and between the Simpsons construction and DL 60th upgrades, it’s NUTS!!! Very ready for all to be done so we can enjoy it! It’s all too awesome for words!!!

  16. Wow, looks so cool. Makes me really want to take a trip out to California to see it. But I fear my impending career change and training course will make that impossible to afford for at the least the next 2 years.
    I have been Universal Studies in Florida but that was way back in 2001 so a lot has changed in that time. I’ve also been to the one in Spain but again that was in 2002.

    • I’m sure it will be there for when you can go. Unfortunately life comes first.

      • Yeah it will still be there. If I successfully claim compensation for my car accident then I might be able to save for a holiday much sooner and go in summer 2016 after I finish my teacher training. Either way, I have a list of things to do once I’ve successfully qualified and visiting the west coast of America is on it.

  17. Ahhhhh, Simpsons overload, so fracking cool. Maybe we’ll head to the opposite coast next year, never been to DL either, we always goto Disney World.

    Keep us updated Wookiee, as I’ll have to live through your eyes for now.

    • I will. As a bonus, I just got a job at DL so you could visit me lol.

      • Ok twist my arm, June 16-19, how’s the Hilton Universal City in relation to everything?
        Wookiee, can you email me, got some questions for you about your neck of the woods. Maybe you could be our travel advisor.

        • You’re welcome to put the questions here or send them in to the Addicts e-mail box. The Hilton would be close but probably on the pricier side.

      • We don’t want to rent a car, so looking for somewhere close, with easy transport to universal, and Disney

        • Hmmmm… the Hilton would put you close to Universal but Disney is 40-60 minuts down the highway depending on traffic. I live about 10 min by highway from Diznee and it’s a 30-40 min drive up to Universal. If you ubered from one location to the other, it’d cost about 40 bucks each way so a car might be cheaper depending on which park you wanted to stay closer to. Lots of hotels near D… less near Universal.

      • Maybe we’ll stay in Norwalk, but your twenty lane highways are scary 🙂
        We’re checking into this now, will post again soon, thanx

  18. Holy crap this is gonna be awesome. I used to go to Disneyland multiple times a year, but somehow never made it to Universal Studios. I finally found my reason to make that 7 hour drive….


    thank you for sharing your wookie luv. ♡

  20. They are putting so much more into Hollywood than they did Orlando. Either way…. SUPER EXCITING!!!

  21. Omg so freaking cool! I knew they had this in Florida but not California! We visit my hubbys family out there at least twice a year & will be heading out in August! Hopefully we can see this!

  22. great stuff, looks fun

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