The End is Near: Superheros End Tomorrow

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Well we’re finally here..the end of the Superheros Event!  Tomorrow morning at 0800 GMT (4am EDT) the Superhero action will end.  So make sure you’ve finished up Issue 4 before then or you’ll miss out on Radioactive Man!

So what else ends tomorrow morning?  ALL remaining Superhero content will be pulled from the game…so now’s your chance to buy any of those items/characters you’ve been contemplating.

If you’ve been thinking about buying…


plopper attackPlopper and the Crap Silo 

Fruit Batman Punch Criminal 3Fruit Bat-Man

sidekickmilhousemenuSidekick Milhouse

generichouse01_destroyed_menuWrecked Brown House

So make your final purchases and finish up those Statue Battles before time runs out!  (Remember event ends at 0800GMT, 0400 AM EDT, tomorrow (3/31) morning)

What are your thoughts on the Superhero Event Overall?  Which prizes did you win?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Thoughts on what we might see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

110 responses to “The End is Near: Superheros End Tomorrow

  1. I just wish that we could put all these superhero stuff in Krustyland, sort of a universal studios back lot kind of thing.

  2. So when does the event actually end now? I thought it would be all over yesterday, but it appears to have been extended for another week?

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the event, although I found the Issue 4 quest line a bit too straight forward compared with what had come before with the capturing of criminals, fighting felons, reporting crimes and crafting a whole city! Plus free donuts!

    However now I’m stuck in limbo. I got Radioactive Man and had completed his quests by Friday last week and now I wondering if anything more is coming, or if I should just get stuck in with the Level 49 and 50 quests. I’m a bit reluctant to do this as having lots of on-going level quests got in the way of Halloween and Christmas events.

    Also can someone recommend the best value Premium building to increase my Gluttony rating? Thanks!

  3. Event was perfect
    I don’t like superheroes
    Haven’t watched simpsons in years
    Don’t read comics
    Didn’t like the prizes (mostly)
    Work part time and kids spring break so had peaks and valley of playing time but still able to win all prizes
    Love donuts when edition finished (promptly spent)
    Love ability to get final prize even if far behind (I wasn’t my kids were)
    Loved tasks,neighbor visits still worth it for inactive neighbors graphics,music,criminals,dialogue (do you call that game play or game mechanics?)
    For me with failing eyesight also tap targets easy to see
    Lighthearted funny overall ambience

    Only issue was visiting neighbors did take a long time!

  4. Superhero Event was a welcome change for 2015. I have won everything in this Event, so I have no need to purchase Premium skins for Characters, Buildings, or Decorations (especially if they’re going to come with a quest line that barely lasts one day).

    Time for EA to bring on Easter 2015 l, or let Tappers know that a continuation of the Heroes vs Villains Event will occur a few months from now (and since I’ve already cycle through level 50 three times, bring on level 51). )

  5. Thanks for the like/reply Sandra Shill! Happy Tappereeno Here! – “TrueN2Dpoint”

  6. Best. Event. Ever. Enjoyed the comic book look and the content. Liked how the prizes could be achieved if you put in the tapping time. Loved how you collect from buildings without hurting visiting friends, and collect something from friends even if they hadn’t played in awhile. Also loved having old buildings animated again. Left my Bad Dream House on crime alert status throughout the event because I love that animation and it fed my nostalgia for when I first started playing the game. I was also happy with the chill issue 4, which allowed this addict to detox a bit instead of going cold turkey as I have at the end of events in the past.

    • Yes, this ^ The look, the music, the content, the everything about this event was pretty epic, and was worth the wait through slightly disappointing events preceding it. Also liked the foreshadow of a future return of the event in the end. Looking forward to it already.

      I sure do wish they’d come out with a permanent way to always be able to collect from friends regardless of their activity, and be able to collect all of our own towns’ money without affecting visiting friends. It can be a bother to search the entirety of a lvl 45+ springfield and come up empty handed.

      Criminals should be permanent at neighbors, though not necessarily as abundantly of course. Then one of the prisons in your own town could spawn an icon to tap to receive the friend points/money earned from the criminals captured by visiting friends.

  7. Anybody else not getting donuts from neighbours since issue 4?

    • A few have reported it, but I know they’re still dropping. Could be your game or could just be the randomnesss of it.

      • yeah I was never sure it was ever a guarantee, but i haven’t got any on my android phone since issue 4…
        I’m hoping it’ll be fixed when superheroes ends…

  8. I didn’t noticed any updates for the game, just the Beach House, and the premium items resetted to 6d time.
    It’s 11:44 for me at GMT+1:00 time zone and daylight saving time.

  9. So…nine o clock has struck here in GMT land and it seems the superheroes event lasts a little longer. On the plus side, the much talked about beach house is available (albeit at a rather saucy price tag of 120 doughnuts), the sky fortress and Bartman cave (220 & 55 respectively) and the crappy brown house, all for the next six days or so. On the minus side, no Easter shenanigans????

  10. Beach house is available costs 120 donuts and then radioactive man has a 16hr task. Also if missed previously the floating headquarters is available too …

  11. I didn’t even get pass issue 3 second part lol

  12. The event got extended 7 days -_-

  13. The Beach house is in store I repeat, the beach house is now available in the store. 120 donuts if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t really look I just bought it lol

  14. Beach house!!!!!!

  15. Just got the beach house!

  16. Yeaaah! Beach house! (Road house)

  17. I got the Beach House a minute or less when the change came!! 120 donuts!!! yess!!!

  18. So the beach house people have been talking about us finally out.

    How do people get to know this stuff ?

  19. So that was odd – I watched the timer count down to zero and then with a flash FruitBatman and the Wrecked Brown house were listed as Limited Time but with no clock and the Beach House and Radstation appeared.
    Seems funny to have a countdown on an item that then stays after the countdown finishes…

  20. Well with 30 mins to go, I had 92 donuts saved to buy Spider Pig. I still have 10 days till pay day and am particularly skint this month. So I thought I’d take a chance on the golden scratcher because I could justify spending 79p. Got 12 donuts from it and have just bought Spider Pig in the nick of time.

  21. Some nice new stuff but to be honest, it’s a copy of the great Family Guy Event! New ideas like the barbarian event are rare. And the stuff is difficult to get. You have to click a few thousand times. Playing is getting dull. Now my hopes are for a great Easter event. Please do not disappoint me, gamemakers!

    Chippyfan, Lvl 50

  22. I haven’t been getting any of the random tasks at all since the last in game update. I even make sure my characters all walk around not doing anything for a few minutes just to see if anything pops up. I mean, it’s not a huge deal. I’ve done the normal trouble shooting, I doubt I’ll contact EA. Just wondering if anyone else has a big, fat zero on the task book.

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