In Game Update: The Return of Episode Tie-Ins…The Kids Are All Fight

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just got hit with a little in game update…this one will focus around Bart.

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So head over to your tapping device and check it out ūüôā

Back with more details in a bit…(as EA seems to like to release updates when I’m at lunch…)

Details below the fold…

Ok so…as with most episode tie-ins there isn’t too much too this one. ¬†Just a couple of items and a questline.

This will kick off (should auto-start if Bart is busy) with a conversation between Bart and Homer..

Regression Aggression Pt. 1
Auto starts

Homer: Bart, you got paint on the driveway!  It ruined my favorite oil stain.
Bart: Lisa was there too! ¬†Looks, she’s got paint all over her hands – you just can’t see it because it’s yellow.
Homer: Now you’re in trouble for tattling too!
Bart: Ugh, I only get blamed because I’m the oldest! ¬†I wanted to be born second, Mom and Dad just didn’t listen to me. ¬†If I was the baby, I’d never get in trouble. ¬†They have the system wired – they don’t even have to wipe themselves.
Make Bart Act Like an Infant- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

We’ll breakdown the full Turbo Tappin’ version of this walkthrough at the end of this post…


So now let’s take a look at the new items..

bartsbigwheel_menu¬†Bart’s Three-Wheeler- $7,500. ¬†Impacts Vanity. Leaves stores early morning on Tuesday 4/28.

nightmarepile_menuNightmare Pile- 100 Donuts.. Adds 3% bonus on all cash and xp. details below.

After you’ve started Part 2 of Regression Aggression you’ll see this popup



The Nightmare Pile is a premium item for your Springfield that will be sorta like the moonbounce, in that it adds tasks for characters.

Once placed in your Springfield you’ll get a short questline that’ll popup, triggered by Bart, Night-Night-Nightmare. ¬†You’ll have to send both Bart and Lisa on a 2hr task to dig for a costume….3x each.


You must complete those tasks before you can actively “use” the Nightmare Pile.

Once done you’ll unlock 4hr tasks for kids to wear costumes. ¬†Similar to their Halloween Trick-or-Treat task.




Initially I could only get Bart and Lisa to wear costumes. ¬†However, then you’ll get a task for Martin to dig 3 times, called Night-Night-Nightmare (Martin). ¬†Once completed Martin will have a task.

This will continue until all of the kids have their costume tasks at the Pile. ¬†However, the ! won’t popup for each child. ¬†You’ll have to watch the task bar for the Nightmare Pile Icon (clown face)

When in use, only 1 child can wear a costume at a time. ¬†Here’s the list of all the children…



Regression Aggression Pt. 1
Auto starts

Make Bart Act Like an Infant- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Regression Aggression Pt. 2
Bart starts

Make Bart Block the Basement Door- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp


Regression Aggression Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Ride Old School- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Bart Pout- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Once you’ve completed the entire Regression Aggression questline you’ll unlock….Lisa’s Kiddie Car!¬†



The Kiddie Car is just a decoration for your Springfield…


For this questline you’ll first need Bart and Lisa to Dig for 2hrs each 3 times for a costume. ¬†And then more kids will join. ¬†Here’s the order in which the children join:

Remember for each child they’ll have to repeat the dig task 3 times in order to unlock their costume…

Sherri and Terri
Squeaky Voice Teen

Now a few changes happened to our games with this update, here’s a look at those..

Mr. Teeny has tasks again!

Yup, Mr. Teeny is back to having tasks and this time they added a 1hr task.

Ignore the first task listed there, that’s part of Cecil’s Daily tasks, as Mr. Teeny is considered a Celebrity.¬†

The locked 3hr task is associated with the Terwilliger Event only and will unlock at some point during Act 2.

Akira Can No Longer Earn Bonsai 

It appears as though some of Akira’s Bonsai tasks need in order for him to get free bonsai, have disappeared. ¬†Not sure if this is a temporary issue or intentional. ¬†Digging more into this one.

This is now working again in my game. ¬†Not sure if it was a glitch on my end, or another update hit. ¬†However,¬†I’ve always had issues with Akira and bonsai, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was just my game.

So be relieved Akira will still earn you Bonsai…

Monsarno Upgrade Icon is gone

That pesky upgrade icon over Monsarno after you’ve upgraded to Level 7 is now gone! ¬†ūüôā


And that my friends completes the details for this little Episode tie-in!

What do you think about the episode tie-in?  Thoughts on the items added?  How about the Nightmare Pile tasks?  Those on Mr. Teeny coming back?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


222 responses to “In Game Update: The Return of Episode Tie-Ins…The Kids Are All Fight

  1. The game is starting over and took all my money. Over 800,000 but left my doughnuts over 2700. I’m level 51. Which is correct when signing on. But once it gets past the video of blowing up Springfield it’s acting like a tutorial? ? Help!!!!

  2. Akira appears to be broken again…any one else unable to plant bonsai plants?

  3. My Nightmare pile isn’t giving me dig quests for any more kids. I’ve unlocked 5 but the icon has vanished from my task bar so I can’t unlock any more. I’m gutted as the ones I’ve unlocked aren’t my favourites. Anyone else had this problem?

  4. Okay. I think I purchased it yesterday and Bart already dug for his costume three times and now I have Lisa doing it.

  5. How long do we have to complete the quests for the nightmare pile?

    • As long as you need. As long as you purchase it before the tie-in ends, you’ll have as much time as you need to unlock the costumes.

  6. With Akira, I notice that unless after I clear his bonsai task, I also wait for the money collected to leave the screen, I can NOT assign another bonsai task. As soon as the money leaves the screen, I have the tasks back again. Some days if tapping fast it seems like the task is gone, until I remember I have to wait for it to clear before I can assign the next one.

  7. I was very happy to see that Lisa ended up with a permanent task to ride the little car. That’s the funniest thing watching her ride around. ūüôā
    I’m happy about Mr Teeny as well. So glad to pull him out of storage from the rest of the NPCs.

  8. The J (thejsworld)

    Is Bart’s Three Wheeler a unique item, only available to purchase once? I ask because it disappeared from my menu once I purchased it. Thanks

  9. My order is different, after Bart and Lisa it was Rod I’m currently next doing Squeeky Voiced Teen.

    • Hm guess it’s different in various towns. I just went with what showed up in my town

      • Yeah my daily quest timeline is different every day too. Not a big deal. I’m the type who woke up for a potty break at 5:30 and every fiber of my body screamed for more sleep and I said forget you, I need to make sure my daily tasks are taken care of and reset my characters who have completed their corn/fertilizer tasks. As I drifted back to sleep I laid there wondering if I should set an alarm in two hours. I have an addictive personality.

  10. hey guys i want to complete the Regression Aggression Pt.1 and it says that i have to reach level 12,which I already have and built Bart’s treehouse. The point is that when I try to build the house it says that it is locked and that i have to complete the Bart Crusoe Pt.2! Any ideas?

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