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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week the Terwilliger’s Event wrapped up in our Springfields and we ask you what you thought of the event.  How did you do?  What did you earn?  Did you craft everything you wanted?  And as usual you guys did not let us down!  We had nearly 15,000 of you respond in our Terwilliger Event Poll…which just means you guys are awesome!

And now let’s get to the one thing many of you have been asking me for since I posted the poll….the results!  Here’s a look at what you guys thought of the event and how you did…..


Did You Earn All of the 3 Main Act 1 Prizes?
Yes 82.00%
No, I didn’t get any Act 1 Prizes 1.00%
No, I Missed the Farm House and the Pet Mutant Plant 2.00%
No, I Missed the Pet Mutant Plant 13.00%
No, But I Did Craft What I Wanted After Act 1 Ended 1%
No, I didn’t start playing TSTO Until After Act 1 1%
Did You Earn All of the 3 Main Act 2 Prizes?
Yes 90%
No, I didn’t get any Act 2 Prizes <1%
No, I Missed the Prison and Dr. Robert <1%
No, I missed Dr. Robert 8%
No, But I Did Craft What I Wanted After Act 2 Ended <1%
No, I Didn’t start playing TSTO until after Act 2 <1%
Did You Earn All of the 3 Main Act 3 Prizes?
Yes 95%
No, I didn’t get any Act 3 Prizes <1%
No, I Missed Opera Krusty and Judith <1%
No, I missed Judith 4%
What Items Did You Craft?
Farmer’s Market 83%
Gas ‘N’ Grub 75%
House Boat 66%
Sani John Smokehouse 64%
Sideshow Bob Billboard 24%
Homer Decoy 38%
Cane Field 73%
Monsarno Flower Wall 43%
Cactus Patch 56%
Extra Monsarno Buildings 18%
Opera Items 32%
I Did Not Craft Anything During this Entire Event 5%
Did You Craft Multiple of Any Items?
Farmer’s Market 4%
Gas ‘N’ Grub 3%
Sani John Smokehouse 3%
Sideshow Bob Billboard 1%
Homer Decoy 1%
Cane Field 48%
Monsarno Flower Wall 21%
Cactus Patch 28%
Extra Monsarno Buildings 9%
Opera Items 20%
I Did Not Craft Multiples of Any Items 36%
Did You Craft Everything You Wanted?
Yes 33%
No 67%
Did You Purchase Premium Characters?
Yes, Gino 22%
Yes, Francesca 23%
Yes, Captain Bob 12%
No premium characters for me 74%
Did You Unlock Sideshow Bob?
Yes, no problem 91%
Yes, but took me some time to realize I had to finish the Act 2 Questline to do it 5%
Yes, Even Though I was a low level I was able to play enough to unlock him before the event ended 1%
No I didn’t know I could 1%
No, I’m too low of a level so I didn’t have the right characters for the questline 2%
What Level Did You Upgrade Monsarno?
Not sure <1%
100+ <1%
50+ <1%
31+ <1%
30 <1%
29 <1%
28 1%
27 1%
26 1%
25 4%
24 2%
23 3%
22 5%
21 6%
20 21%
19 17%
18 4%
17 8%
16 7%
15 6%
14 4%
13 1%
12 2%
11 1%
10 1%
Below 10 4%
What Level Did You Upgrade the Herbicide Sprayer
Not Sure 1%
100+ <1%
50+ <1%
25+ 1%
21+ 2%
20 2%
19 2%
18 2%
17 4%
16 5%
15 23%
14 3%
13 4%
12 3%
11 5%
10 5%
9 7%
8 6%
7 4%
6 4%
5 6%
4 2%
3 6%
2 or Less 2%
What Level did You Upgrade the Opera House?
Not Sure 2%
100+ <1%
50+ <1%
21+ <1%
20 1%
19 1%
18 <1%
17 <1%
16 <1%
15 3%
14 1%
13 1%
12 3%
11 4%
10 20%
9 24%
8 9%
7 12%
6 4%
5 6%
4 2%
3 2%
2 or less 4%
Overall Rate the Terwilligers Event
1 (Hated It) 3%
2 10%
3 30%
4 43%
5 (Loved It) 14%

What are your thoughts on the results?  Any answers you’re surprised about?  Anything you expected to see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

119 responses to “Terwilliger Results

  1. The survey questions were pretty complete esp. for the first time, but one that could be added was how many neighbours one has lost. EA probably pays the most attention to that statistic because lost players means lost potential income. 11 of my neighbours stopped playing either during the event or immediately after it, i.e. they are visiting neither their own or other Springfields. Another 25 have stopped visiting neighbours although they still update their own city. No idea if this is normal burn-out or abnormally high. One page that would be nice would be a vacation page where players could tell their neighbours they will not be playing for a week while their device is at the shop or the like (just not vacation (if they are using their facebook name) in order to avoid home security issues). Then I would know who has just faded away and who is taking a two week breather.

  2. May I make one small suggestion. I hope the polling was not too labour intensive; it was nice to see what everyone thought. One possible reason people gave it such high marks could have been relief that it was finally over. So I would suggest a mini-survey say 2/3 of the way through. Something like: Are you enjoying the event? Do you like the rewards? and How much difficulty are you having winning them? It would then be interesting to compare those results with the final results. Thanks for all the help the event. While someone could have figured out on their own how to allocate time to earn the maximum number of prizes, how far to upgrade the facilities is only knowable in hindsight, making that information priceless.

  3. I missed out on the bob sign by maybe 1000 dna. But got ecerything else. I probably woukd have gotten it if i hadn’t waited to upgrade monsaro. I think there was too much going on in this update. If they’re going with upgrading buikdings I think the falloutboy update was done better.

  4. Ciarathomp988

    I really did not like this event…I hated that they made us choose for the craftables like that. I worked my tooshie off, stayed up til midnight every day, checked in at least once an hour (I have a desk job so it’s easy to sneak in a tap or two), sent EVERYONE on event currency tasks (racked up about 20 tasks in the sidebar which I’m still catching up on), and all I crafted was the market, houseboat, 3 cane fields, 2 extra ticket booths and 1 extra library (which I didn’t even want but felt rushed due to the fake out timer). Writing it all out it actually sounds like a lot but compared to some people that crafted multiples of EVERYTHING, I was quite underwhelmed.
    Granted I had a death in my family so that took me away for about a week but I still should’ve been able to craft the gas n grub. I was about a week ahead in each act as far as the actual act prizes went (pet plant, dame judith, etc).
    And I’m a HUUUUGE simpsons nerd but I don’t even really like SSB… he’s tried to kill Bart too many times! Lol.
    But ya overall not impressed with the crafting and being glued to the game. Bring back the community prizes!!!
    On a side note I’m freemium and still picked up the lil jelly blob hehe.

  5. BerkeleyMarina

    On your next poll (in these categories):
    What Level Did You Upgrade ____ ?
    Perhaps one additional questions could be:
    Did you use our recommendation of Level __?
    I often go with what you guys recommend — such sage advice!
    Thank you for your great work. Love you guys. <3

  6. Well.. After a tornado ripped through my town.. I had no power until yesterday …. So I missed out on a lot.. But in reality of things .. That’s not so bad.. Really wanted that houseboat though.

  7. great job. Really great !!!!

  8. With 15,000 votes this will seem insignificant: I initially said I did not get all the crafted items I wanted. But a day after I took the poll, I got all I wanted. Yay! I also bought premium Bradine who was not listed in the poll. I assume, though, that this was because she was a deal from the past and not part of the event storyline. A nice event tho, I enjoyed it.

  9. I’m surprised that so little people bought the premium characters (not Captain Bob – he was kind of lame) but Gino and Francesca. I would have thought it would be slightly higher.

    • Putting aside the issue of expense, Francesca’s villa was too out of scale and Gino was too creepy for me to consider getting either of them.

  10. The results are more positive than I expected. I liked the event, but I saw so many people complain while it was going on.

    • It happens with almost every event, which is why we like doing these event polls and then our big poll each year (which asks what your favorite event was and what your least favorite event was…among other things). Those that don’t like it tend to be the loudest. Those who love it are content to sit back and play.

  11. 4kidsandacatdog

    I think many people were aggravated by the huge imbalance in collecting crafting materials. Given that people were also hugely irritated with this same issue during THOH last year I would have thought EA would make some adjustments. Amassing gigantic amounts of corn that I couldn’t use really set my OCD off. I hate waste!

    And it’s not like you could stop it from coming in…even though I stopped sending characters on corn tasks the mutants were still dropping it like a bad habit!

  12. First off, kudos for the idea of creating a poll like this! I think it’s really cool to have these results because you can make quite a few interesting observations… And, once again, I just have to say that it’s a real shame that the people at EA have not reached out to you to support you guys – I mean, you’re already assuming customer service duties (and you’re so much better than the official one!), now you’re also doing market research for them… 😉

    Long story short, these are some thoughts I had and observations I made when looking at the results:
    – First of all, 15,000 participants sounds really great, I don’t think a professional market research survey could have produced a higher turnout. So this is quite an impressive sample and the results should be statistically significant. What I’m saying is: this poll is not just a fun idea, but should be taken very seriously! 😉
    – According to your numbers, the average grade for the Terwilliger Event is 3.55 – so in the end I’d say most people liked it without being overly enthusiastic about it.
    – Apparently, people mostly had problems to get all prizes from Act 1 and fared better in Act 2 and Act 3. My suspicion is that quite a lot of players didn’t notice the update for the event until a few days in and were late for Act 1. Maybe a solution could be something like an in-game notification when a new update is available in the app store, so that people don’t miss out.
    – Still, I think the number of people missing out on prizes other than the last one is really low, so overall the calculations for how much spades/masks/music notes we needed to collect for the prize track were apparently okay and quite fair.
    – Crafting prizes from previous acts seems to be a nice possibility, but only very few players were able to use it. Most players were able to unlock the prizes right away, but even if they missed out on the first two acts final prizes, very few players crafted them (Pet Mutant Plant: missed 13%, missed but crafted 1%, Dr. Robert: missed 8%, missed but crafted <1%). I suppose this was due to the enormous costs of crafting these prizes. Conclusion for the devs: If you actually want to give players the ability to craft missed prizes, make it more achievable. If you want people who missed out to spend donuts to get the prizes, better offer them for purchase with donuts in the store right away.
    – Crafting: Seems to have been the major problem of this event… 2 out of 3 players were not able to craft what they want – that’s not only a majority, that’s actually quite an impressive one! When looking at the numbers indicating how many players were able to craft each item it becomes clear that we all really had to make a choice what we wanted – it was nigh-impossible to get everything. The poll lists 11 items or item categories, out of these only 1 was crafted by over 80% of the players (Farmer’s Market) and only 6 were crafted by a majority of the players. This means that an entirety of 5 items was crafted by less than 50% of the players! If the devs didn’t want us to get everything, they definitely succeeded. However, if it really was their plan to make us choose they should take note that most players did not like this and thought that they weren’t able to get enough crafting done.
    – Oh, and one last point to make the Addicts feel good about themselves: I think the numbers on upgrading clearly show that many players followed your advice and the discussion on this site, since the largest percentages can ALWAYS be found for the levels that have been suggested here! 😉

    Okay, this was a massive post, I hope it’s of some use… I had a few more ideas about the results, but this is already way too long… 😉 What do you guys make of the results?

  13. Intresting little thingy, maybe worth a post about it:
    I failed to get Bob at the event. I was way to low level (I started playing at end of the Act 1). After the event, Bob showed up at my Springfield, and some of my friends Springfields too. I tapped at him, arrested him.
    Soon, I got a quest:
    Arrest Bob 1 time (forget the quests name, sadly). Then I got another quest, arrest him 3 times. Then, a last one, arrest him 5 times.
    Then… it unlocked as a permanent character.

    Each quest had a funny dialoge (first time they tried to put Bob into a Glass Cube (like Magnetho from the film?) prison, but it was too expensive. Then a medium security prison, then they just released him to the public)
    I have a permament Bob, so yaaay.

    • Thanks, we were in the testing process of getting him (had to get our test games to the trigger points) when you posted this. So we wanted to ensure all the info was completely tested and verified before releasing it live. It is pretty cool that they listened to concerns that players still needed a way to get him. 😉

    • That’s great! I was feeling so bad for the lower-level players about that during the event. Glad to hear they worked it into the progression so nicely and made it possible to eventually get him! 🙂

  14. Wow! Alot of addicts use this site! Awesome work done here without which I would not have survived the event so a massive thank you all xx

    I voted the event a four overalll and it would have got a five if it wasn’t for the crafting amounts being ridiculous! I thoroughly

  15. Wow-15,000! That’s an amazing response! You guys rock! Thanks for all the great advice-I did quite well because of it! Now try and get a little rest lol!

  16. First, thanks for the poll. It was very interesting to see how the tapped out community did and felt about the event 🙂 I was extremely surprised to see that while not many, at least someone was able to upgrade monsarno to 100+, thats just insane.

    • I think what we are seeing is hacked donuts in these cases, I think that is why EA is listing such ridiculous donut prices for rushing tasks. Instead of banning players who hack the game, they are simply setting ridiculous prices. Now if anyone who paid them became the subject of an immediate investigation…

  17. I liked the event. It was by far the pinnacle of success like past events but still enjoyable. I hope EA restructures their next event. Crafting and waiting is old now. I’d like to see community prizes (ala Xmas 2013) and play at your own pace type deal (ala whacking day).

    Great poll. You should send this to EA and see their response. 😉

  18. The length can be a tad tiring, but I guess that’s the price when you’re able to play often and move swiftly through the story. However, I do enjoy being able to collect the extra doughnuts, so I can’t complain a great deal.

  19. Can’t believe how many people responded and would imagine that is just a small %. There is so many people out there that use the addicts help and this just shows. You can tell how many listened to your advice by the level everyone upgraded there buildings too.

    Do you know how many comments are posted on a daily basis during the events? Would be interesting to know. I would imagine alot, may help people understand the amount of work you put in all for free especially when people demand so much from you guys (thinking about that mini stressfull time alissa had just before her big announcement).

    You three are fantastic and playing the simpsons is defo alot better with you guys around. Just wish there was a good way to show how much we all appreciate this site.

    • We do know. WordPress has upgraded a lot of their features so we can look at individual days and see what comments we got etc. I’d have to go back and look to see and average it out. If you really wanna know shoot me an email at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com and I’ll look into it. 🙂

      Best way to show it for us is just keep coming back and commenting. We love this community and really love hearing what you guys have to say…honestly it makes the way we play the game more fun too 🙂

      • Don’t want to give you more work than you already have to do 🙂 Going by the info you gave someone else regarding page hits, I believe the number would be terribly frightening.

        I thought I was good at time management but obviously no where near as good as you 3 🙂

    • Suziekelly83, its Dufflite22
      and Glayvin201920 and I would like to thank you for visiting my towns and helping me out when you could, you helped me to craft a bit of items. I hope I was able to help you as well. So again, thanks for being a great neighbor-eeno!
      I will say that I am unhappy with the way the update happened on the last day that we could craft items. Firstly, I had ankle surgery that day and could not check in during the morning. When I could finally stop drooling and check everything out, I lost connectivity multiple times trying to log in to use my craftables as I felt the end was nearing. Then the game unexpectedly stopped multiple times while trying to connect, the Simpson’s server kept kicking me off mid-update and it was just a major pain in the butt all around on that last day. By the time I was able to get in to my game, I had noticed the event was over. I lost the Farmer’s Market, Dr. Robert, and multiple other items I had more than enough resources with which to craft. Boo. Audible Grumbling was heard throughout the day.
      In all, this was a fun event once it got going and I could understand what was needed to move along. I am truly bummed that my other Springfield is lacking because I was waiting for a level up to start the Sideshow Bob questline. I missed out in one town. I am glad to have played and thank you TSTO Addicts for all of your help, yet again, y’all are amazing!

      • Thanks Rian.
        Good having you as a neighbour. Really sorry to hear about your troubles on the last day. I used up my crafting mats before the deadline and then it was extended so lost out on the chance if getting the boat and the smokehouse. Was so disappointing. Which isn’t nearly as disappointing as what happened to you.

        Hope your ankle surgery went well, and you can enjoy the game again 🙂

  20. Congrats to you guys for such a huge response to the poll!
    I think the overall event score was so high was because the story line was better than some other recent events and the main prize track was achievable – also we got Sideshow Bob!
    There may have been an imbalance with premium items and the large amount of crafting/upgrading but it’s possible to ignore that element and there was still a lot to get.

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