Last Chance: Pride Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a reminder that the Pride Event is set to end tomorrow (Wednesday 6/10) at 0700 GMT (0300 am EDT).  So if you’re thinking about making any purchases make sure you do so before time runs out….

Here’s a look at what’s leaving tomorrow morning…

Gil Deal Steel Mill

Rainbow TreeRainbow Tree- $100 (can go in Krustyland)

Rainbow Flag Pole 2Rainbow Flag- $250 (can go in Krustyland)

Pride BillboardPride Billboard- 5 Donuts (can go in Krustyland) adds 0.25% bonus on all cash and XP

Two-nicorn RainbowTwo-nicorn- 70 Donuts.  Making a return appearance…see previous should I buy on it here.

Roscoe Work HardAjax Steel Mill Roscoe and the Ajax Steel Mill- 150 Donuts.  See the should I buy on it here.

So be sure to make your final purchases before time runs out!

What were your thoughts on the event?  Which items did you purchase?  Do you think we’ll see something new tomorrow?  What, if anything, do you think we’ll see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. For those of you curious and asking…as of right now I still have not purchased the Steel Mill.  I’m heavily leaning against it…still.  However, I have a feeling at the last minute my desire to have every premium character/building combo will take over and I’ll end up making the purchase…..

Update: I ended up falling asleep early last night and forgot to buy it.  So  no steel mill in my town…which is just as well.  I really don’t have a spot for it…

39 responses to “Last Chance: Pride Event

  1. aww… nuts. I assumed Pride Month was going to last all month, and I’ve almost entirely neglected my game since the Terwilliger event ended [dashing from major event to major event has left me with serious burnout]. I had been planning to get more rainbow trees, but it’s too late now.

  2. Got the steel mill, forgot about the sign and I really wanted it, oh well. Also, did I miss the post or you guys didn’t cover wave 2 of the Lego Simpsons?

  3. Just had a task to send Lisa to research pride month. Was that part of the original tasks or has something else started up? Didn’t finish the first part because all I purchased was the steel mill.

  4. I liked this gay pride event because it gave me a week off from playing my game. Unfortunately, when I loaded my game today, Lisa started part 2 of the event. I thought it was supposed to be over by now. The trees and other crap are gone from the store but there’s still the task in the task bar. Any idea how to get rid of it?

    • Won’t disappear until the kill date. The questline usually remains for at least a month after the event ends. But the items in the store disappear. So you’re stuck with the task there until you either A. Complete the questline or B. the month is up. But even once the month is up you’ll have to complete the part on your task bar in order to get it to clear…the next part just won’t trigger.

  5. Yeah no update yet… Hmm, I sense they might be planning an event soon. Next Holiday (if you call it that) is flag day – maybe a Military event? But after that is Father’s Day – Maybe Burn’s son, Snakes’s son, Kearny’s son, MAGGIE, and Judge Constance Harm to make sure they all spend quality time together. OH, can’t forget the Late Rabbi Krustofski. (Just some ideas). There is nothing I like more than getting my hopes up :p

  6. I did enjoy bringing some “Pride” to my Krustyland (because we haven’t had anything new for that Zone in a loooooong time). as much as the Steel Mill and Roscoe looks like fun, I am running out of space (did you hear that EA?) 😉

  7. Now that this short event is over, do you see anything else in your “crystal ball” coming up in the near future? You don’t have to be specific, but maybe a hint like “you can put your people on long tasks” or “hmmm, make your characters walk around doing nothing right now”?

    • I think we’ll see something…event wise…this month. The past 2 June’s they’ve had a June something…last year it was Stonecutters, the year before it was Squidport.

      But only EA knows for sure…

  8. I had to get the mill. only drawback is that I am officially out of land (space) to be able to creatively situate any buildings/items that may come in the future.
    I’m guessing the trick is to place your ‘least desirable’ items into inventory and build new and just hope for future land expansions?
    Is that how this more or less works?
    Thanks Alissa, congratulations again and hope you are doing great.

    : )

    • It’s a give and take…i’ve got a bunch of stuff in inventory (like the Monsarno extra buildings), but for the most part most of my items are out. It’s all about how you place things. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle at times.

      And thank you 🙂 Doing well…starting to sport the lovely Baby Bump that actually looks like a baby bump. And not like I had too many burritos the night before! 😉

  9. Stephanie (sjcg425)

    I got the Steel Mill, and I’m very pleased with it. The music that plays when you click on it cracks me up, and I really like seeing Roscoe, Smithers, and Duff Man dancing outside it. I say go for it!

  10. Really confused. While the timers said today, the event was titled pride MONTH. Yet, no ingame update, it all just disappeared. Kinda disappointing.

    • That’s usually what happens with stuff like this. It’s preprogrammed to be removed once the timer is up. If we see an update today it’ll be later today…

  11. Mandy (amandajane797)

    Only acquired a few trees as they look nice in Krustyland. Actually a bit bored now – only the money mountain in my quest line. Contemplating nuking my town but a bit nervous I might get caught out by a new event. Any thoughts? (Btw thanks to everyone who advised spending donuts on Brandine – she is currently expecting a happy event! And I’m already up to 140 donuts again thanks to a couple of mystery boxes 😃.)

    • wildthornberry88

      Don’t forget if you nuke your town, Brandine will also go into inventory, meaning you have to start her pregnancy timer again.

      • Mandy (amandajane797)

        Thank you so much for pointing that out. Nuke on hold it is then … (Feeling slightly stupid now!)

      • I had that happen…she had about 10 days to go on the second kid, too. Wanted to rearrange my town, didn’t think about her until I was taking everyone out of storage. EA is supposedly looking into restoring her to the 10 days…in the meantime, they gave me 14 donuts. My mistake, but would have nice to have a warning for characters on long tasks…

  12. I made it to level 20 where I was asked to “build” Krustyland. I went ahead with getting it mostly so I could see where my rainbow trees would go. I’m pretty happy with it, but I don’t have a sea of trees in reserve like some do. Oh well.

  13. I am new to the game and was wondering if roscoe would have a chance to return in future events or sales? (no real life cash right now so can’t get him) I also have the urge to collect stuff and I realize I might be a few years late ^^. Also, Do previous event chars for major holidays like christmas return the nest year or is it a one time kinda deal?

  14. Come on Alissa and quit stallin’ lol You know you want Roscoe in all his glory! 😉

  15. My B account hasn’t bought any items, but the quest to do so is there. I’m curious to see if the quest correctly disappears. My C account bought 1 of the 2 freemium items, so the first quest is half completed. I’m doing this out of sheer petulant morbid curiosity…

  16. As a freemium player, I like the trees and flags. I’d love to have Roscoe and the Mill, but that might as well be the moon.

  17. I love that image of Gil (makes me laugh). I broke down, I and bought some Premium donuts and so I don’t know if I can keep calling myself a Freemium player anymore (hoping not to make a habit out of it) needed Roscoe, and thus far enjoying the conversation between him and Ned.
    I think I can still be called a freemium player, it doesn’t count it I did it as an experiment, right? Right?

  18. Love the Steel Mill – im onto day 5 of having almost every freemium character earning a permium rate on the 4hr dance party task!
    (As long as I continue to pause Roscoe from completing the quest). It also means the freemium/premium characters that were missing a 4hr task can also join in. The colourful animation coming out of every window looks cool too 🙂
    Understandably, the kids were excluded from the dance party, but they now have thier own 4hr premium payout (also as a stalled quest) at the gym! So now all but 3 or 4 of my 100+ characters are all on premium payouts!!

  19. Well, it was probably the hardest premium decision yet, but, in the end I decided to skip the mill. Just hoping I won’t regret it down the road!

  20. Crusty Krusty

    I probably won’t buy it either, not a good cool/space ratio. It will just sit unused taking up precious room.

  21. Cmon Alissa! Roscoe is awesome. He works hard AND he plays hard.

  22. Everrbody Workk It Now!!!!

  23. I have 202 donuts to spend and Roscoe is really tempting. With my luck an anticipated item will arrive tomorrow and I’ll have no donuts to spend. Still unsure, descions descions!!

  24. actually 7am GMT (8am BST) 🙂

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