Cecil Terwilliger and His Tasks

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Cecil Terwilliger arrived in our games via the Terwilliger’s Event, and once the event was removed he became a permanent character with a full set of tasks.  Ever since his tasks showed up in our games many of you have been commenting that something doesn’t seem quite right with a few of his tasks.  Cecil looks a bit…lost when performing certain tasks.

Well now that there’s a bit of a lull in our games, I can finally take the time to write up a post about his tasks and what happens (or doesn’t happen) with each one.  So let’s explore Cecil’s tasks, shall we?

Cecil Victory

Cecil has a few outdoor tasks assigned to him as well as a couple of indoor tasks.  In addition he’s got a few tasks that just don’t seem to go anywhere…so let’s start by breaking down each task and what it looks like…

Scheme, 1hr

Cecil’s first task.  One would think this task would go somewhere, but when you assign him it he just seems to hang out outside like nothing’s going on.  The timer on the task still runs, as it should, but Cecil just never does anything.  He walks around town like he usually would without a task assigned.

What’s supposed to happen?  Well according to the files…just that.  It looks like they forgot to assign a location to this task in the files, so by default Cecil looks like he’s not assigned a task at all.  So if you assign him on this one and see him just hanging out, don’t worry that’s how it’s supposed to play out in the game right now.

Practice Stand-Up, 4hrs


Cecil’s next task is a true visual task.  This one will require you to have the Opera House.  Once assigned Cecil will walk to the Opera House.  Once there he’ll change into the clown you see above and perform his little stand-up routine outside of the Opera House (not on stage, but just outside of it).

Perform at the Opera, 6hrs

cecilperformLike all of the Terwilligers Cecil too has an Opera task.  (this will require the Opera House)  Once assigned Cecil will walk to the Opera House.  Once there he’ll change into his performance costume and perform on stage.  (this one will take place on the Opera House Stage)

Survey the Town, 8hrs

Cecil Survey

This is a true outdoor task for Cecil.  Assign him on his 8hr task and he’ll walk around Springfield (as you see above) and Survey the town.  He’ll go everywhere in Springfield where there’s a road (or Boardwalk), stopping occasionally to have a look.

Count his Money, 12hrs

This is a true indoor task for Cecil.  Assign him on this task and he’ll head over to the nearest Brown House to count his money.

Run for Mayor, 24hrs

This seems to be the one giving people the most confusion.  Much like Cecil’s first task, he seems to be lost on his last task as well.  One would think this task would go somewhere, but when you assign him it he just seems to hang out outside like nothing’s going on.  The timer on the task still runs, as it should, but Cecil just never does anything.  He walks around town like he usually would without a task assigned.

What’s supposed to happen?  Well according to the files…just that.  It looks like they forgot to assign a location to this task in the files, so by default Cecil looks like he’s not assigned a task at all.  So if you assign him on this one and see him just hanging out, don’t worry that’s how it’s supposed to play out in the game right now.

So it looks like someone at EA dropped the ball on Cecil’s 1hr and 24hr tasks.  There’s just simply nothing coded for either of them.  So if you see Cecil just hanging out if you assign him on either of those tasks…that’s how it’s supposed to be.  Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with your game…just something missing in the coding of the game itself.

Oh and while we’re at it…let’s take a look at two other visuals for Cecil and what they mean…

If you see this version of Cecil…

Cecil Victory

That’s his victory pose.  He’ll do that at the completion of each task.

And this…

Cecil Make Amends

This is Cecil’s Make Amends task.  This was only active during the Terwilliger’s Event (it was the very first task for the event).  You should not see this in you game (or anyone else’s) right now.  So if you see this, something is amiss in the programming somewhere.

And finally so we have it all in one nice clean chart, here’s a full look at Cecil’s tasks, payouts and locations:

Task Length Earns Location
Scheme 1hr $70, 17xp n/a
Practice Stand-Up 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside Opera
Perform at the Opera 6hrs $225, 55xp Opera Stage
Survey the Town 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside
Count his Money 12hrs $420, 100xp Brown House
Run for Mayor 24hrs $600, 150xp n/a

And there you have it my friends, the details behind Cecil Terwilliger and his strange acting tasks.

What are your thoughts on Cecil’s tasks?  Any that make you scratch your head over?  Which of his visual tasks is your favorite?  Wondering what EA meant to put in for his 1hr and 24hr task?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “Cecil Terwilliger and His Tasks

  1. Cecil just appeared in my town. Exactly when my in-game cash hit $2M. I don’t think this was a coincidence but, instead, his trigger for appearing. I ‘m not going to waste millions on his dam building project but I am going to send him on tasks to add to my cash balance.

  2. I started playing in January this year and Cecil Terwilliger just appeared in my town. Had some task beginning with surveying (started that) and the Dam project (not buying into it!).

    Not that I’m complaining, but why did he appear now? Did I do something?

  3. I’m considering putting Cecil into storage. Got burned for another $10M. $20M to unlock the damn dam 😒. I don’t see any benefit of unlocking the rest of the items…

  4. Can you update us on those tasks that cost Cecil twillinger millions of dollars? I spent a million and all I could see for a reward was 27 experience points! Lol there are a few more that cost multi millions of dollars and I can’t find any information. Also THANK YOU for your hard work!

  5. What’s the “subsidize for the wealthy” task that costs 5.5M?

    • Milhouse in the brown house

      I just got burned for $10,000,000 having him “pour money into follies”.
      Nothing happened, except my money disappeared. Ugh!

  6. First time poster, love the site!

    I was hoping to figure out which Opera Cecil is singing. I have Bob pegged for Pintafore, and Dr. Robert performing Dr. Jekyll, but what is Cecil doing?

    The closest I can come is The Monk, but would love some expert opinion!

    Keep up the great work, neighboreeno!

  7. Hi Queen Alissa,
    When I read that nasty comment, I couldn’t believe what I was reading! In light of the horrible things going on in our country, my game & your blog is a place I go to escape & be happy!
    Obviously he was never taught if you don’t have anything nice to say KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.
    I actually think you were very contained in your comment back to him. I love your site & read it everyday, especially when it’s slow in our tows. I pick up cool tips & like hearing other people & what they are doing, the nice ones of course😊! Keep up the good work for those of us that love the site & all three of you!

    • Some people feel it is OK to abuse others while behind a keyboard. Not sure why, but they do. Instead of being grateful for all the time and effort we put into each one of our sites, people feel that it is OK to demand OUR site be THEIR way.

      We just ignore it, continue to do what we do, and continue to post information OUR READERS request… like this very post. We saw several request for it. If we see a lot of requests, we try and fullfill them. Apparently to some others, for us to give our Readers what they ask for is worthless to them. Go figure. I guess it is a good thing WE run this site. 😉

  8. Thanks I was so confused over the run for mayor task. I wasn’t overly concerned because I was getting the pay out for it but I kept thinking I forgot to assign him to a task. I hope if EA does assign a location they keep it outside. I think it would be cute to either have it as a joint task with Quimby and have it look like they are having a debate outside City Hall or have him going door to door to talk to the town people.

  9. Just curious… you usually refer to the game files in your posts. Are these publicly available somewhere? Thanks!

  10. You know those quests that result in a type of task where you can send everyone in Springfield to do that same task and you can get that awesome, super huge, multi-thumbs up from one building? Pride Event had one (Make Springfielders Join the Continuing Festivities), Rosco quest had one (Make Spring Fielders Get Down at the Anvil), and Sequal Stop had one (Make Springfielders Argue about Sequels) just to name a few. Well it seems like everyone in Springfield can do these tasks EXCEPT Cecil. All the other Terwilligers can do the tasks so it just seems odd that Cecil can’t.

  11. Omg. nothing is happening in tsto right now so nothing should be happening on your blog. Stop clogging up your page with old, recycled info like this. The dual character was good but this repeated into is not.

    • I’m answering questions that we’re STILL seeing multiples of daily in the comments. So how about you let me run my blog and handle what the readers here are asking for and you worry about yourself. If you don’t want to read it, don’t. But I don’t appreciate you coming here and telling me how to run my blog. If you don’t like the way it’s done, start your own site.

      • *hugs* for you and baby …I personally love reading through all the posts in your blog : )

        …best tsto site I’ve ever come across!

        • Thanks brooders 🙂

          One thing I’ve learned recently…don’t tick off a pregnant lady (especially when it’s hot outside). We don’t hold back in our responses lol

      • GodlessSquash

        Wow! Someone’s prescription wasn’t ready for pick-up at the pharmacy. Keep doing what you’re doing, Alissa. We 💚 you!

    • TechnoTrousers0

      On the contrary, I found this post really interesting, especially the bit about him making amends with the heart sign. I *just* saw him doing that in one of my neighbor-eeno towns and had no idea which of his tasks that was. Now I’m wondering if they’ve hacked their game? Tsk, tsk!

      Keep up the great work Alissa and everyone!

    • People who read the comments on this site do so because they WANT to. If you don’t appreciate the effort put in by the Addicts team, then stay away from the site.
      Personally, I read it every day and that is my choice and, I believe, the choice of quite a lot of people. If it was also my choice, I would block you from posting anymore of your vitriol comments.

    • Really Ba_brisk ??
      I cant believe that you post that.

      Alissa, please ignore this type of post.

      Keep the great work !!!
      Thanks from Brazil !!!

      • Ciarathomp988

        Oh wow, some people… I personally get disappointed when I DON’T see new posts, lol. I love reading them on my breaks at work, even if they don’t really apply to my game. I guess you can’t please everyone. But seriously how can you tell someone what to do on their OWN blog? Good lord. Keep doin you Alissa, Bunny and Wookie ☺️

  12. Ah thanks for this rundown post! They really should make that heart sign one, a permanent task:)

  13. Personally, I think the 1h task is good as it is. He is scheming something which takes some thinking. Some people walk while they think. And for many think-walking people, you don’t see a difference to ‘normal’ walking.

    For the 24h task, he does walk around with a community of peace message (a heart sign), but it is only displayed to people who visit your town, so definitively a bug.

    • Like i said…nothing’s assigned with either of them in the files. It’s just the task and the time and that’s it. Every other task has something assigned with it…so someone at EA dropped the ball for sure.

  14. I absolutely love when Cecil finishes his “practice stand-up’ task. He sli-i-i-i-i-i-ides away from the stage past the ticket booth and past the seats (as they are arranged in my town). Sometimes he slides quite the distance before changing back into his regular outfit. Always makes me smile 🙂

  15. It seems to me that for Cecil to do his Stand-up routine outdoors you have to have a couple rows of open space in front of the opera stage. When I had my opera seats too close to the stage Cecil disappeared to do the task. Now that I’ve moved the seats back further I can see Cecil do stand up.

    I had a similar problem with Sideshow Bob. If I didn’t have a free row of space in front of Monsaro Research, Bob’s task that is normally outdoor here would become indoor.

  16. would be sending Cecil Terwilliger on a task, but I am getting the ” Bart Simpson holding an electrical cord non network connection” screen of death as of Tuesday (June 16) evening! 🙁

  17. Yes some of Cecil’s tasks seem lame,go figure.
    What I’m really puzzled about is the pricing in the Brown House. I’ve got multiple towns and the price is different in each one from 4400 to 14000.

  18. Actually, I have seen Cecil carrying the heart sign in neighbor towns. I have also seen characters in my second town wearing costumes I don’t own. I notice that anyone assigned an indoor task will usually be doing a random outdoor task when I visit from outside.

    • Yea, he shouldn’t be. So my only guess is it’s a bug. That action is not assigned to any of his tasks

      • I agree with PurplGiraffe – same thing in neighbors towns. It doesn’t bother me, it is actually funny seeing those rare visuals in neighbors towns.

        Now I know when I see these in neighbors towns it isn’t because they were assigned. All characters become visual in neighbors towns and the assignments seem at random.

    • I have also seen Cecil with the heart sign in my neighbor’s towns. Something else I see sometimes are all the kids in another town wearing their Halloween costumes. I know it’s the ‘Nightmare’ clown thing, which I have, but mine only allows me to do one kid costume at a time – not multiples. Just curious! Rachel

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