Update From Alissa: Sorry guys I was out at a baby appointment this afternoon, which took a few hrs.  So I haven’t had a chance to go through this at all yet.  Going through it now and will take a look and have some images/details/answers for you soon!  🙂

Hey there Hoppereenos!

We had a feeling it was too quiet around here. Well EA didn’t want to disappoint, so they dumped an IN APP MARKET UPDATE into our silly lil games.

So far, it is in iOS App Market. Will keep an eye out for Android and Amazon. All Markets live now!

Looks like it is going to be some Soccer Fun!


Soccer Event Splash Screen

Back with more details and a rundown in just a bit!

Lisa automatically started to kick it off with the Dialog in my game.

A LOT MORE DETAILS COMING, Please bare with us as both of us are at appointments trying to get all the details compiled for you. 

Naked Homer


(Bunny’s Favorite Image, makes me Giggle!!)

For the Soccer Mini Event, you will be going through a pretty simple Questline. Meet My Trophy Life. There will be a few parts to this before the Main Items will kick off.

  1. Part 1 (Instant/Lisa): Lisa & Homer Watch Soccer, Simpsons House, 45 secs.
  2. Part 2 (Homer): Place the Grass Field and Stadium Entrance.
    1. stadiumfieldgrass_menuGrass Field: FREE, 12×12 base
    2. stadiumentrance_menuStadium Entrance: FREE, 3×5 base
  3. Part 3 (Homer): Homer Pander to Sponsors,Stadium Entrance, 3 mins
  4. Part 4 (Lisa): Homer Invent More Rules (x4), Stadium Entrance, 6 secs. At this point, you will Unlock the NEW Character Skin for Homer, Referee Homer & the NEW Character Skin for Lisa, Soccer Lisa. They will be part of the “Sporty Simpsons” Character Group.
  5. Homer again Triggered the next part, which immediately gave me ANOTHER Character Skin,
    1. unlock_apu_pinpalPin Pal Apu: FREE, put directly into Inventory.

The Soccer Event will now be in full swing. You will see a lot of New Icons and a lot of New items now added into the game.

The New Questline will now be triggered into your game as well, Balls of Glory.




Balance_BeamBalance Beam w/Gymnast Lisa Skin: 75 Donuts, an item back from the past (Whacking Day), 7×3 base



sportacus_menuSportacus: 85 Donuts, $260 & 26XP every 10hrs, 9×6 base, 6sec Build Time, Comes with mini questline. Task for Willie: Buy Sports Equipement, 8hrs, 8 Amateur Bucks & 105XP (one time use for questline).



boxingring_menuBoxing Ring: 30 Donuts (you can buy more than one). 0.50% Bonus, 6×6 base




unlock_nelson_footballFootball Neslon: (Unlocks after Balls of Glory 2) 85 Donuts, Skin for Nelson to play Tap Ball.



tenniscourt_menuTennis Court: 50 Donuts, 2.25% Bonus, 4×6 base

More Returning Items

oscarsobstaclestruck_menuOscar’s Obstacles Truck- 45 Donuts

blocko buildingBlocko Store- 30 Donuts



Styrofoam Game Finger: Here is where you will see a running total of the Items you collect from Fans to be able to earn and create Event items. Tapping on the ? next to it will take you to the Event Menu Trophy. The Personal Prizes will be listed here.

Mit w/Soccer Ball: You will notice this appear in the Lower Right of the game with an ! on it. Tapping on this will also take you to the Event Menu.



The Event Menu is where you will find a lot of details and game play basics for the Event. It is the Soccer Ball in Mit Icon that gets it to pop up.

Trophy: This is where all your Personal Prizes will be located.

stadiumjumbotron_menuPrize 1: Homertron,  1900 Foam Fingers
gauntlet02_menuPrize 2: Obstacle Tires, 5600 Foam Fingers
unlock_jasper_softballPrize 3: Baseball Jasper, 11300 Foam Fingers
gauntlet01_menuPrize 4: Obstacle Wall, 15100 Foam Fingers
unlock_mrburns_softballPrize 5: Softball Mr. Burns, 19500 Foam Fingers

(Yes Sandra, Calendar coming 😛 )

You will have less than 10 days to earn all of these items.


Flag: This will be the area you can PLAY TAPBALL. You will want to go into the Event Menu and tap on the “Flag” Tab. This will take you to “Flanders House” where you can pick your Teams to start playing. In the top Right corner you will see “PICK” across from Single Player, tap on it to begin picking your team. YOU WILL NEED FLANDERS HOUSE PLACED TO ACCESS THE PLAY MODE. More on this below


Soccer Ball, Mit, Ticket Stubs: This is the Amateur Shop aka the Craftables. You will see the usual breakdown of what amount of each Event Currency you will need for the items inside.

Act One Craftables
ico_june2015_revive_02Obesotade 4-pack: 400 Ticket Stubs/Amateur Bucks (you will be required to get one for Balls of Glory Part 2)
ico_june2015_revive_03Obesotade 6-pack: 600 Ticket Stubs/Amateur Bucks
ico_june2015_revive_04Obesotade 12-pack: 1200 Ticket Stubs/Amateur Bucks
stadiumfencese_menuStadium Fence: 325 Ticket Stubs/Amateur Bucks

stadiumbleachers01front_menuSingle Bleachers (when you win Daily Training Day#2 Challenge): 900 Amateur Bucks

footballuprightshome_menuUPDATE: Patch 6/24 Added Football Uprights: 750 Amateur Bucks


Scoreboard: This will be your Career Stats aka how many Wins, Losses, and Ties you have had while playing Tapball.


Stop Watch: These are your Daily Training Challenges. This will not Trigger until around Meet My Trophy Life Part 6. See the more detailed info on this below and more to come.


Clip Board: This is where you can LEVEL UP your Players Stars to get better results at Tap Ball.This will not trigger until Meet My Trophy Life Part 6. More info below and more to come.



Land & Roads

For those of you begging for more… we got MORE. Don’t just look along the bottom edge of town as usual, but also next to the side. Starting from the Mountains and going down. WOOHOO LAND!!!

Land Cost from Ocean to Land (Left to Right):

Point both meet

Land Cost from Mountain to Grass (Top to Bottom):



ico_june2015_foamfingers_01Foam Fingers: These will be your main Event Currency used throughout the Soccer Event to be able to unlock your Personal Prizes.

ico_june2015_amateurbucks_lgTicket Stubs/Amateur Bucks: These are used to get items in your Craftables Area as well as Leveling Up Characters

ico_june2015_tonicBrain & Nerve Tonic : These are used currently to give your Character a 2 Star Boost to help defeat your opponents in Tap Ball, so save them and use them wisely.

ico_june2015_obesitade_lgObesotade: This will help to revive your worn out Players immediately so they can Play Tap Ball right away instead of waiting




This will unlock during Balls of Glory Part 1. You will want to go into the Event Menu and tap on the “Flag” Tab. This will take you to “Flanders House” where you can pick your Teams to start playing. In the top Right corner you will see “PICK” across from Single Player, tap on it to begin picking your team. YOU WILL NEED FLANDERS HOUSE PLACED TO ACCESS THE PLAY MODE.

Mine started with Pin Pal Apu, Referee Homer, Soccer Lisa, and Workout Ned. Add as many as you want of the Four, then tap “PLAY” to begin. You will want to select the Characters with the HIGHEST Star Rating to Play as they will have a better chance of defeating your Opponents and winning more Awards. The Order you select them will be how they play out during the competition.

You will be then taken to the Grass Field where you will see your “Teams” Ready to Play Tap Ball. Tap on the Flag to start going and play to Win Items for Prizes.

After completing your first “Tap Ball Game”, Balls of Glory Part 2 will begin and you’ll be instructed about letting Players rest between games and using Obesotade to revie them instantly (Revive a Character takes 4hrs). The players will now be grayed out while they rest in the Play Menu.

In the Playing Field of Tap Ball you will see 3 Icons…

Directional Arrows: Tapping on this will swap out your Character in front with the one behind them. You can use this to put a more equal Character against an Opponent. The amount of times you can do this will be noted on the Icon. Winning will help you earn more “Swap” Chances.

Brain & Nerve Tonic: Tapping on this will instantly Level Up ONCE the current Character in Play at the Front. So use it wisely. The amount of times you can do this will be noted on the Icon. Winning will help you earn more along with other items around the game.

Flag: Tapping on this starts the game against the Two Characters in the Center Circle at the Front. Don’t tap on it until you are sure you don’t want to Level them Up or use some Tonic First.

You can Win, Lose, and Tie. There is also a Coin Toss too. It can go anyway.



These are the NPC’s that will wander your game during the Event to help you earn MORE items that will help you out with the Currency Items you will need. Attention will be drawn to the “Fans” in the game in Meet My Trophy Life Part 5. You will be able to locate 15 Fans and tap them.

sportsfan01_idle_image_1Guy in Jersey Fan: +10 Foam Fingers
sportsfan03_idle_image_1Guy in Cape w/blinking Hat Fan: +10 Foam Fingers
sportsfan02_idle_image_1Female w/Foam Finger Fan: +10 Foam Fingers
sportsfan04_idle_image_1Female w/Flag Fan: +10 Foam Fingers

Once in a while they will also drop other items, like +1 Brain & Nerve Tonic



At least ONE every 10 minutes

MAX of 30 in your town at a time

(Possible Bank of 30 MAX)



This will not unlock until Meet My Trophy Life Part 6. Meet My Trophy Life Part 7 will ask you to Complete it. These tasks will be similar to those in the past. You will have 24hrs to complete specific Challenges in order to get greater Prizes/Awards. You can finish them AFTER 24hrs are up, but you will lose the 24 Hour Timer Bonus (Like Foam Fingers). 

You will know when you Triggered the Daily Training Challenges when you see the Stop Watch Icon pop up in the Top Right Corner of your game. Tapping on it will bring you to the Event Menu where you will now see the Stop Watch as an added Icon and the Daily Challenge Task Requirements.

Task Day#1: Make Apu Sell Tap Ball Merchandise (X2), 2hrs.

Reward: Obesotade 4-Pack.ico_june2015_revive_02

24hr Time Bonus: 800 Foam Fingers.ico_june2015_foamfingers_01


We will have a LOT more detailed post on this one coming later.




This will not unlock until Meet My Trophy Life Part 6. You will have the ability to use your Amateur Bucks to Train your Characters for Tap Ball and Level Up their “Stars”. If you watched while you were playing an opponent, you would have noticed that your Opponent has a certain Star Level under each of their Players. The Higher Stars YOUR Character has competing against theirs, the better chance at a win.

Each Star Level will vary in Amateur Bucks costs. You can Level Up half Levels of Stars too. (If you are antsy, you can use Donuts to Level them up, but that is only if it is worth it to YOU.)

In Bunny’s Game, the Breakdown was as Follows (I used Nelson as an Example)
1/2 Star to 1 Star: 26 Amateur Bucks
1 Star to 1 1/2 Stars: 29 Amateur Bucks
1 1/2 Stars to 2 Stars: 32 Amateur Bucks
2 Stars to 2 1/2 Stars: 62 Amateur Bucks
2 1/2 Stars to 3 Stars: 98 Amateur Bucks
3 Stars to 3 1/2 Stars: 140 Amateur Bucks
3 1/2 Stars to 4 Stars: 188 Amateur Bucks
4 Stars to 4 1/2 Stars: 242 Amateur Bucks
4 1/2 Stars to 5 Stars: 302 Amateur Bucks

At this point, your Character will be at MAX LEVEL



The Neighbor Portion will not trigger in the Event until Balls of Glory Part 4. So you have some time to get to this point.

So just how will the “Neighbor” Games work? Well once you trigger Part 4, you will go into the Flag Icon in the Main Event Pop Up and now see MORE Options to Play a game.

Random Opponent: The Game will randomly select any of your Neighbors to battle against. You will have no idea who it is.

**Neighbor’s Name**: You will see a Neighbors Name listed next. It will show you the potential Star Level of Players you will be up against right under it. (From 1-5 Stars.) Though you will not know just how many of their Characters are at that Level. Could be one. Could be all of them.

So the choice is yours to PICK your Player (just don’t pick your nose, at least not with your tapping finger… ewwwwwww).

If your Players are Fatigued and resting, you will see a Pop Up telling you to “GET MORE” aka Revive them with Obesotade or just “CONTINUE” and go visit your Neighbor anyway. 

Once in your Neighbors, you will be taken to THEIR Grassy Field. You will see a Flag Icon on it. Tapping on the Flag will pull up your Team Roster. You can also Revive your Characters at this point too.

Select the Characters you want to battle, then “PLAY”.  You can do this THREE times, as it is basically your Neighbor Actions. But it will take ALL 3 Actions if you do that and you will not be able to tap any of their Fans. THIS IS ONLY UNTIL YOU UNLOCK THE FANS. Once Fans unlocked (see below), you can have unlimited competitions.


After a Neighbor comes and Plays Tap Ball against YOU, there will be a pop up in your town of the Wins, Ties, Losses totals and YOU will also get a Reward depending on those results.


More coming on this in a separate post.



This triggers right after completion of Balls of Glory Part 4. It will Spark Homer to trigger Fickle Fans. You will be prompted to visit your Neighbors now to Tap on THEIR Fans (like the NPC ones in your town) roaming around.

You will be able to Tap on 3 of them in your Neighbors town to earn Foam Finger, Cash, and XP.



You CAN still tap on houses and graffiti your neighbors. With there now being THREE options to choose from to use those Neighbor Taps, use them wisely.

House, Neighbor Fan, or Neighbor Tap Ball.

Still working on the Mechanics to see if there is a MAX Daily Actions like in the past of 90, will update when we confirm. 


Various characters have tasks that will earn you more Amateur Bucks.  Will will cover a complete list in another post, but also know that KBBL has a Amateur Buck Earning task as well, 16hrs.


There are the Basics of the game so far. There is a LOT more to it, but that will require our usually breakdown/more specific posts for you. So keep an eye out, we have about a month of all of this.

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? Have you bought any donut items yet? Let us know.


462 responses to “Soccer Event! GOOOOOOOOOOOAALLLL!!!

  1. Wat all characters and items can earn tickets other than apu Homer Lisa Flanders and the ones u buy with donuts?

  2. Quick question about fans. It seems like if fans spawn at a rate of six per hour (one per ten minutes) and you can have a max of 30 in your town PLUS a bank of 30 more, then after clearing them they will continue spawning without being “lost” for ten hours (five hours to fill town and five hours to fill bank). I know for some events the banks are a little bit odd in how they operate, but do I have that right?

    I’ve been clearing them every couple of hours, but with Act 1 ending tonight and the next donut bonus out of reach I was thinking of leaving a bunch of uptapped fans to get a head start on Act 2. With recent events they’ve opened later acts with quests involving tapping whatever it is that roams around our towns…

  3. Quick question, I see you’ve mentioned that foam fingers will be the currency throughout the game? I have completed and obtained all Act 1 prizes and have 2 daily tasks in hand still to start for the bonus 800 foam fingers, should I continue these tasks or should I save it till Act 2 update, as in previous events they changed the currency and saving them will help with Act 2? Rather than doing them now for the bonus donuts. Or if foam fingers is the only currency will I be advantaged when I start Act 2 having completed the daily tasks or will the foam finger reset to zero and the additional foam fingers I’ve achieved be worth nothing in Act 2? I’ve tried to look through the posts and comments relating to this but you guys are so amazing there is just too many to go through. Hope I’m making some sort of sense.

    • No Foam fingers aren’t for the whole game…just act 1. They’ll change when act 2 starts.

    • Even though the foam fingers will disappear at the end of Act 1, I’d still do whatever you can to collect them so you can get “bonuts” (bonus donuts). If you play pretty regularly, you probably won’t have any problem collecting enough Act 2 currency to get all of the Act 2 prizes, just as you didn’t have any difficulty collecting enough foam fingers to get all of the Act 1 prizes.

  4. Disappointing that they bought the Blocko store back again despite having it not long ago during the Easter update but this time round, it’s been reduced by 20 donuts to only 30. Seems a bit unfair to have reduced it so much in between a few months.

  5. I do enjoy this Event very much! After the Castle Event finally something new and exciting. And there was a lot of stuff which bored me before,,,,


  6. callum geraaghty

    What are the soccer balls in the prize track

  7. I can’t get soccer lisa.i only got homer,ned n apu,so ican start tap ball.i have already uninstall n reinstall the game,visited KL n a view other springfields but I still didn’t get soccer lisa.what do I do next???

  8. I’m glad EA finally expanded the land, including the waterfront. I’m a little disappointed they did not allow us to expand the boardwalk. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Well, here’s something interesting and kinda cool…

    Today’s daily task (at least for me) was to win two tap ball games. It turns out, that you don’t have to be the one to have initiated them for it to count!

    I had won one game this morning and then, in what turned out to be a poor choice of opponent (I got greedy for bonus points), my afternoon game ended in a tie, so I thought I would have to wait until my nighttime game to win my second match. But, when I got back into my game just now, I saw the pop-up that, in my absence, my team had lost one game and won one game that other folks had initiated. Then to my surprise, I got a message that I had won the stadium lights and then, when I checked the daily tasks area, it confirmed that I was done for the day! 🙂

  10. Hi I just completed the daily challenge and claimed the stadium lights but now it won’t let me continue with this the next prize is dredrick tatums skin but I don’t have him anyway, it’s saying I’ve completed all tasks when I clearly have not, add me Shanelurch and help

  11. S-e-bennett340

    Has anyone else found that ned has no costume
    Where as Lisa has a soccer outfit
    Apu has bowling
    Homer has referee
    I can set ned to do 2 different 4hr tap ball related task but he has no option to change outfits and is always in his normal clothes

    Any answers 🙂

  12. Tap Ball (erm New Event)
    More Land (finally for Top to Bottom)

    This Long Time Tapper says “don’t fret over what you don’t win, be proud of what you do win, have fun Leveling Up, buy land when you can” 🙂

    Can’t wait to read “more tips” regarding making the most of your time during this event …

  13. OMG,.I was designing my field, and the bleachers CAN BE ROTATED IN ALL 4 DIRECTIONS!

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