Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Act 1

Sorry this post is a little late today.  Was up late working on this and wanted to make sure I looked at it again with fresh eyes before posting.  This will breakdown a lot of the who, what, where, when & how for you guys, so be sure to read it all…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well like many of us predicted, EA was too quiet these last few weeks so we all thought something was going to hit!  And something sure did hit, a fun little summer sporting event…complete with Homer making up the rules!  (is there anything better than a game where Homer makes up the rules as he goes along?)

So for this first Act (kinda funny how they’re still going with Acts, something tells me they didn’t changes the coding from Terwilligers), as always, you’ll be greeted with a questline to walk you through the game basics and help you collect more currency to earn prizes!

Now, let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough for Act 1…tapballturbotap

Note: There are some additional questlines indicated in the files that have not popped up for me.  This is exactly how it played out in my game

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 1
Auto Start by Lisa

Make Lisa Watch Soccer- 45s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Watch Soccer- 45s, Earns $3, 1xp

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2
Homer starts

Build the Grass Field- FREE
Build the Stadium Entrance- FREE

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Homer Pander to Sponsors- 3m, $6, 2xp

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Homer Invent More Rules- x4.  6s, Earns $35, 1xp

After you complete this part you’ll be awarded the Referee Homer skin and Soccer Lisa skin for FREE

unlock_homer_referee unlock_lisa_soccer

After you trigger the next set of dialogue (from Homer) and run through the dialogue you’ll be awarded Pin Pal Apu for FREE


This will also trigger the event to hi your Springfield, where you’ll see the sport icon in the bottom right (next to friend icon)

At this point Balls of Glory will start, details below

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 5
Homer starts

Tap Fans- x15.  Find the fans roaming around Springfield and tap on them to clear them.

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6
Homer starts

Make Tap Ball Players Practice- x4.  4hrs, Earns 4 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 45xp 
Upgrade Lisa- Costs 26 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md to upgrade first time

Upgrade Homer- Costs 29 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md to upgrade first time

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7
Homer starts

Complete Daily Training

Balls of Glory Pt. 1
Homer starts

Play Tap Ball- At this point tap Do It, it’ll take you to the Play Tap Ball! Screen.  From here go to Single Player (at this point) and hit Pick.  You can choose your players and Play. (we’ll break this down in another post) 

Balls of Glory Pt. 2
Auto start

Buy Obesotade- 400 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md
Recharge Your Players and Play Tap Ball

After you complete this Football Nelson will become available in the store.  You can purchase for 85 Donuts.  


Balls of Glory Pt. 3
Auto start

Win Tap Ball Games- x1

Balls of Glory Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Play Tap Ball in Another Springfield- Random Opponent will be selected (like Clash of Clones) Town MUST have a flag over it to compete

At this point you’ll launch more friend actions…

Fickle Fans
Homer starts

Tap Fans in Another Springfield- x3

Balls of Glory Pt. 5
Flanders starts

Rematch Another Springfield- Random Opponent, or a neighbor.  MUST have a flag over it to compete

Balls of Glory Pt. 6
Auto start

Win Tap Ball Games in Another Springfield- x10.  Win 10 Tap Ball Games over your neighbors.  

When playing your neighbors a Flag must appear over their stadium in order to play.  It will look like this:

2015-06-24 01.45.41


If you don’t see the Flag over their field, you cannot play them.  So just move to a different town. 

Train Sporting Pt. 1

Upgrade Tap Ball Players- x10.  10 Upgrades

Train Sporting Pt. 2

Upgrade Tap Ball Players- Upgrade 15 total, previous 10 count from Pt. 1

Train Sporting Pt. 3

Upgrade Tap Ball Players- Upgrade 25 Total, previous 15 count towards total

Train Sporting Pt. 4

Upgrade Tap Ball Players- Upgrade 40 Total, previous 25 count towards total

NahasapeemaPinPal Pt. 1
Apu starts

Make Pin Pal Apu Practice- 4hrs, Earns 4 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 45xp

NashasapeemaPinPal Pt. 2
Apu starts

Make Pin Pal Apu Search His Squishy Lab- 12hrs, Earns 12 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 100xp

NashasapeemaPinPal Pt. 3
Apu starts

Make Pin Pal Apu Visit The Simpson House- 8hrs, Earns 8 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 70xp

NashasapeemaPinPal Pt. 4
Apu starts

Make Pin Pal Apu Stare Wistfully Out the Window- 24hrs, Earns 24 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md, 150xp

And that my friends concludes the walkthrough for Act 1 of the Tap Ball Event!  Lots of game play directions, some funny dialogue and a great way to get into the event!

What are your thoughts on the Tap Ball Event?  Have you gotten into it yet?  What’s your teams record?  Are you excited about any prizes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


292 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Tap Ball: Act 1

  1. Why are some people tap ball stadium different from other’s. How do I get the upgrade

  2. Anyone else find it weird Ned doesn’t get a costume, but he participates?

  3. I Did the part 1 quest to have homer and lisa but they never “appeared” i only have apu and flanders, what’s wrong with it…the game?

  4. Sorry just saw a similar post on different page….I don’t have character so that’s why he’s not there..thanks anyway

  5. On the daily training portion….I earned the guy-not sure his name- after the pin setting machine-8th prize in the line- but he is not on my tapball roster or in my inventory…..not sure what to do…..any suggestions?

  6. I’m trying to do the math on whether I should upgrade my players to five stars in the hope of winning against other five star players, or just continuing to lose to five star players and save the bucks I would have spent on upgrades.

    Have you all had a chance to break down the upgrade costs for each 1/2 star level? I looked around but couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Of course, if they change the payouts for winning in the next period (not act, period :)) then I’ll have to re-evaluate I guess…


  7. I am enjoying this event, but I feel ripped off by EA. I don’t have the Jasper and Drederick Tatum characters, so their outfit prizes were a bust. EA should have given an alternate prize for those who don’t have those characters. Disappointing 🙁

  8. Hi.
    I have done everything leading up to where I should have unlocked Pinpal Apu and yet nothing. 3 days later still nothing. Just keep sending Soccer Homer and Soccer Lisa on 1 hour quests, hoping that it somehow triggers but nothing. All the other characters, including Apu are roaming free.
    Am I doing something wrong? Am re-installing the game but don’t hold out much hope. Thanks!

    • When you look at your Task Menu, what are the names and Part #s of all the open tasks there?

      • Hi Bunny.
        Thank you. Sorry for the late reply, I was working a 12 hour shift… and you know, time difference. 😉
        So I am on Balls of Glory Part 1, to play tap ball… but I cannot as I only have Lisa and Homer, it won’t let me add any more players. I never had the Pinpal Apu stage, nor the roaming fans. I pandered to the sponsors, I have the entrance, it just seemed to skip a load of stuff.
        I have an Android tablet which I have not used for ages, went to the Google store and updated the game, thinking it may trick it… but no, logged into Origin and exactly the same as my Apple handset (I won’t call it my phone as there’s no SIM, heh…. I call it my iPad micro but I digress…) Sadly it doesn’t run on Windows or I would test it out on my actual phone too, just to hope that somewhere it triggers “oops there’s something missing here”.
        So I have set Apu to normal and all American, I do not have him as a pinpal. I have set all available characters to both normal and to anything remotely sporty. I have visited all of my neighbours. I have tried 24 hours without giving the characters jobs and sent them all on minimum 4 hour jobs – neither tactic has made the game think that anything is amiss and is still telling me to play tapball – which I cannot seem to do with 2 players (the Play button remains greyed out as there is only Soccer Homer and Lisa there on the team sheet) I have even tried to run the “make Homer invent more rules” job multiple times, as the last job I had to do – in the hope that THAT would trick the game… but no, I remain sadly stuck. 🙁
        Any advice at all (other than to give up, get a life and just wait for whatever the next round of special story mode comes next) would be appreciated.
        Thanks again!

      • Hi again Bunny (grrr, work computer won’t let me open this as it filters for Games…)

        So I deleted the only Kwik-E-Mart that I have in my Springfield (I had more then restarted it, so the others are in storage) It took Apu away. I brought it back, with Apu… and no, no triggers. I checked the inventory (I checked it twice to see if EA were naughty or nice) and no, tap ball is not coming to (my) town. In seriousness, no, nothing at all was different. So I shall contact EA. Thank you again for your help, it means a lot that you took the trouble. 😀

    • I had to reinstall the app when Tap Ball 1st hit the updates. From the comments I’ve seen this storyline seems to have caused a lot of tappers to crash. I’d re-install personally (I in fact did as I said before)

  9. Today’s Daily Training timed task was “Win Tap Ball Games”. I played one game each in my “A” premium game (on iPad) and in my “B” freemium game (on Android), and won both games. Both devices gave me the bonus bucks for having won my first game of the day. My progress under the Daily Training shows “1/2” games won on the “A” game, and “0/2” games won on the “B” game. I’m guessing that I might have pressed the “Do It” button on the “A” game’s Daily Training, but in the “B” game I started the match by going through the ballmitt icon in the lower right of the main screen. If this is correct, you might want to warn people that they only get credit for Daily Training games if they’re initiated through the Daily Training panel….

  10. Tap Ball Event amusea me enough to play along
    (I’m guessing EA is skipping on 4th of July this year?
    or Newbs will be offered a chance to spend Donuts
    on former Freemium Prizes)

    • richard casey

      Last year 4th of july was celebrated with new stuff and I’m pretty sure that happened during an event.

  11. I finished meet my trophy life but balls of glory didn’t start after instead homer prompted perfect pitch what didn’t i do right? Help!

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