Tap Ball Community Prize Changes

IMPORTANT: I don’t know how I missed this initially…but the price of the sports balls has been GREATLY reduced.  They’re now down to 40 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md so now there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be participating…at least a little bit…in the Community Prizes..

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just like long time Tappers thought (and I mentioned yesterday in the Community Prize Post)…EA has made some changes to the Community Prizes!

The first prize of 10 Donuts, which initially required 110,800,000, has been dropped to 3,266,000!

We’ve also got another prize that’s been added…1,000 Amateur Bucks.

I’ve got to do some digging to see what/if the rest of the prize amounts have been dropped, as soon as I have the info pulled I’ll update this post.

Update: The chance for the Sports Ball to drop one for you to actually get in your town has increased from 20% to 68%.  So now the odds of one of the balls in your town adding to your account to drop again are now up to 68%

Until then…for all those that doubted, keep in mind when we say these things have a way of working themselves out…it’s from experience that we know.

What do you think about the Community Prize changes?  How about the additional prize?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


298 responses to “Tap Ball Community Prize Changes

  1. At the time of posting ….. just two million more balls till the gridiron

    Now where’s all them doubting Thomas people who said it would be impossible ?
    I never doubted for a minute when all the sensible people said not to worry
    🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ 🚅 🚅 🚅 🌃 🆗

  2. it seems we will never unlock all the prices by the end of the event i am saving tickets to buy sports balls but with the counter going up sooo slowly i wonder if i am better of buying stuff for my stadium 🙂 any idea on what i should do with my tickets? i have over 2000 and my tap ball players are all fully upgraded atm untill i unlock ballet ralph and crazy cat lady

  3. Those community prizes??? Like the rest of us, that I can read here, are also troubled and have many questions. The drop to 3 mil is ok, the next one is 110 mil…this within some 8 days left to reach??? Naaah…..EA has a lot goin on…and I think they don’t gonna change those amounts. If you pay them you already have those ‘awards’. Simple as that! I contacted EA several times, if it was for connection failures or lost donuts. Even when you discuss politics (let me say the god given right of fair play amongst players and shareholders) I encountered many flaws within this game.
    My motto? Give your ‘free’ players an upgrade they deserve.
    Even within the game there are many unbalanced amounts.
    Thank you

  4. Guys , dunno about all out there but ive found every time a balls is dropped in my town my tablet tells me in banner form, who it came from , so i do return the favor . ave found strays but they pop and i cant return them anyway so alls good , throw em my way and i will return em…

  5. Hi just wondered how can I get the community prizes or spring field arms I hv 9,059.677 in need 110.880.000 how can I get this many only in eight days plz help

    • The counter theoretically counts balls that are put in place by tappers worldwide. The only way you can help is to do your part in throwing balls into neighbors towns. Hopefully EA fixes the goals so we get the prizes. Beyond that there is nothing we can do.

  6. I don’t know If someone already pointed this out but I’m getting notifications of who dropped a ball in my town now.

  7. Well i’m liking the game and all goings on in this game , plus found a few balls bouncing around which i’ve dropped in other towns.

  8. I don’t understand the point of this call dropping side quest…

    What is the point of buying balls and dropping
    them into friends towns if the friend never knows you sent it and they don’t actually get a ball to toss back if they tap it in their town?

    I’ve seen and tapped 3 balls in my town and have received nada for doing so…

    Also, this was never really explained clearly that I saw… Do we have to toss a ball at least once per prize in order to receive the community prize?? This whole side event is just leaving me scratching my head.

    • Oops, ball dropping, not call.

    • It’s just a reminder to do it

      And then this post explains the process itself


      • Thanks for that… I’m still a bit confused tho. I tapped one of the balls and saw it quickly said +5, but I didn’t receive any balls from it. I wish they’d have made this a little more transparent. Not knowing who sends you the balls and having random 68% chance of collecting a ball from clicking it just seems like rushed/poor planning.

        Also, this comment about receiving them from daily training… I’ve never received any that way either:
        -You can earn them from Daily Training Tasks (there are three in Daily Training (and each one should unlock several balls for you to throw), but won’t appear for a little while)
        -You can earn them by collecting balls your neighbors send you. (we’ll cover this more in depth below) If you see a ball bouncing around in your town tap on it. You have a 20% 68% chance that that ball you collected will earn you a ball to throw at your neighbors town.

  9. Man, bummed out, saved up for the pricey balls and dropped them into towns (only managed to get 2 or 3 whilst I was upgrading characters) then purchased about 12 or so more when the price dropped, distributed them through a quarter of my fellow tapped out towns, and still am yet to see one ball bounce into my city, whats up people, c’mon, really. A little disheartened but will still continue to buy them and see what happens.

    • Snap. Feeling like I’m the only one doing it whilst my neighbours CBA. I secound a comment I read at the top…to get the community prize you must’ve dropped 5 balls in another springfield per each prize.

  10. Okay so it’s great that EA chose to reduce the price of balls to 40 and the 10 donuts to 3 million and a bit but the next prize is still 110,000,000 anyway so again we aren’t going to get this. It seems like they didn’t learn from the mistake they just fixed.

    • Exactly right. We can be sure the next goal is something like 200 million, the next 300 million, the next 400 million and so on… we’re currently just under 5 million… we’re averaging under 1 million per day, so with 12 days to go it’s really quite pointless! As such I can’t be bothered buying balls and will instead focus on upgrading my stadium.

  11. can you only buy one ball ?? i cant see to find were to buy a ball to place in another springfield ??

  12. Chris Murphy Elliott

    I unlocked the first community prize of 10 doughnuts but I never actually got the 10 donuts

  13. So I went on the spAnser counter of total balls and if the calculations are correct then we will reach the final goal in a total of 385 DAYS! Does anybody else think that this is a bit too much? I hope EA does something about this.

    • 385 days? Well, that explains why I keep feeling these recent events keep taking longer and longer to complete…

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