More Community Prize Changes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Community Prize numbers have once again been adjusted!  So everyone can stop panicking now!  As many seasoned players suspected (and we’ve all tried to tell those that were panicking..) EA has made adjustments to the Community Prize goals, and now they are completely obtainable (and quickly too!)

2015-07-14 17.07.27

Springfield Arms now requires 12,917,280 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg so we should be unlocking it very soon!

ico_june2015_soccerball_lg still cost 40 Amateur Bucks…and you should be unlocking 5 as part of today’s Daily Training.  So keep sending those balls!

Update: It looks like the rest of the prizes have been adjusted as well…with the highest prize now costing just over 25,000,000 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg.  So keep sending and we’ll get them all soon!

70 responses to “More Community Prize Changes

  1. I don’t see the community prizes or little balls.

    • Me neither. I can’t figure out why. I keep “winning” sports balls but there is no silver trophy icon where the community prizes are.

  2. Thanks EA for getting a clue (lol) regarding Community Prizes 😉

  3. The Community Prize setup is totally rigged, since EA just changes the rules to ensure the outcome it wants, and nothing we do changes that outcome.

    But that’s OK, because in this event, we can choose to view that as a wry meta-commentary on sports in general. Few professional sports go for very long without a cheating scandal of some kind, so it would be a shame to play a sendup of sports that was 100% fair and honest.

  4. Is anyone else having this issue…..i can only collect 2 balls at a time..if I try to do more it tells me ball collected on my screen but never gets added to my ball count. I have to collect 2 go throw them, come back find the others and so on….just wondering if this is how the game is set up or can other ppl collect more than 2 at a time?

    • When you tap a ball left by a neighbor, there’s a random chance you’ll get to keep it to give to some other neighbor. But sometimes it’ll just go away when you tap it. That’s what I’m seeing. I’m guessing your game is behaving the same way, and you’re trying to find logic where there’s only randomness (as humans tend to do).

    • Ky_roadrun694

      This is happening to me also. Is this an issue to report to EA?

  5. I received my community prize when logging in just now and placed it. Went to visit my friends and when I came back to my town, it offered me another Springfield Arms! I test it again by going to neighbor screen and back to my Springfield, and sure enough, another Springfield Arms!

  6. Also was the percentage for getting a ball when tapping a ball in your town changed? I just tapped 15 balls in my town and all of them gave me a ball to add to my count. We may get the ABs prize tomorrow at this rate. The count was moving by 57/sec just now.

  7. Springfield Arms has arrived. By my calculation, #3 – 1,000 Amateur Bucks should arrive 9:30 am EDT, 6:30am PDT – sometime Wednesday Morning. And watch the fur fly, I mean, watch the balls fly!

  8. Does anyone know what will happen to community prizes for users unable to log in to their game before the event ends?

    I’m going away for a week and the chances are that I will have no internet access at all during that time, and the current event will be over before I’m back home. Will I be able to pick up the prizes awarded while I am off-line on my return or will they vanish when the event ends?

    • You’ve got to login before the event ends to get them all…

      • Thanks. That’s disappointing but understandable. I don’t get back home until the day after the event ends and my chances of getting on line while I am away are minimal at best. Hopefully the 1000AB community prize will unlock soon and then I’ll have about 3500 to spend on decorations before I leave.

        My plan is to do as much as I can in the next 12 hours then spend all my ABs on decorations for my town, drop any balls into my neighbours towns and hope that I can find some free WiFi somewhere on the 20th…

  9. I’ve just had a push notification telling me which of my friends left a ball in my town. It’s nice to finally know who sent me one so I can leave one for them.

    • Oh nice! I have been given a lot of balls. I will try and do something nice for the person who has done this then 🙂 Not sure what, because I wont know them in RL.

  10. i’m beginning to understand why they don’t do community prizes; they don’t really know how to make them work right. that is why they keep tweaking how to get them.

    of course, if they did community prizes more often, they’d eventually get the hang of it.

  11. DufftruckDufftruckDufftruckDufftruckDufftruck..

  12. They’ll likely have to down adjust them again to reach prize 4. At least 2/3 of the event is done and were not yet halfway to what prize 4 requires.

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