In-Game Update: Level 55!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…sorry for the late posting.  Gotta hate how late EA is getting with these updates.  What happened to 9-10am for Level updates EA?!  Can we get back to that please?

ANYWAY…so Level 55 hit our tapping devices a couple of hours ago and with it arrives….HERB POWELL!

2015-07-16 00.11.22

Things start off with a little dialogue between Skinner and his mother.  This is mostly explaining why Skinner’s hair in the game is now gray.  This has NOTHING to do with the update itself.

As far as the actual Level 55 update, Comic Book Guy starts things off with a quest to build the Woosterfield Hotel, this will take 24hrs.

So what else is going on for Level 55?  Details below the fold…



Woosterfield_HotelWoosterfield Hotel- $1,060,000.  6×9 in size, 24hr Build.  Earns $150, 13xp/8hrs.   Comes with Declan Desmond


Chrono_TrikeChrono Trike- $100,000.  3×5 in size.  Improves Vanity


Declan_DesmondDeclan Desmond- Comes with Woosterfield Hotel.



Powell_MotorsPowell Motors- 200 Donuts.  8×10 in size.  Earns $105, 11xp/3hrs.  Comes with Herb Powell.

Powell_MansionPowell Mansion- 120 Donuts.  8×14 in size.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs.


Herb_PowellHerb Powell- Comes with Powell Motors.

And if you don’t already have it…Gil will popup with the offer for “The Homer”.

Gil Deal The Homer

We’ve covered this extensively when it came out earlier this year.  You can find the details here:

The Homer Details
Should I Buy the Homer

The Herb deal will leave on July 23rd…

New Friendship Prize

After a lot of waiting a new Friendship prize has finally been released, Friendship Level 16!

Angel_FossilAngel Fossil- Requires 5,000 FP

And there you have the details of Level 55!

What are your thoughts on Level 55?  Excited about Uncle Herb joining Springfield?  Will you be spending donuts to get him?  How about Declan Desmond?  Excited to see a new Friendship Prize?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

125 responses to “In-Game Update: Level 55!

  1. I mean House, not Hoyse!! 👍Lol

  2. I was getting all my “money’s” ( couches, yoga mats etc. to “cash in” for my garages, business buildings etc., and while I was cashing in, two big Hoyse style, I guess they were, showed up on seperate times, one after the other, and it said that I had earned them with all the things I’d gotten, but can’t find them anywhere! I’ve checked my Inventory several times and don’t see them! Have u any idea what this is?? Thank you so much for All you do!!👍 And, I did get my Donuts re-imbursed last week!! 👍😃 stepingstair

    • Sometimes they disappear, as others are reporting. Check your full inventory (not categories) one more time if you don’t see them you can contact EA.

  3. Woosterfield is locked. I guess I will have to wait for all done with event and just finish off the quests.

  4. Usually I don’t really have a question about quests but here it goes.

    Level 55 came and I saw the woosterfield hotel yet nothing came up where I had to do a quest.

    I bought the trike thingy though and placed it. Apparently comic book guy has to start it off yet I don’t see a task que come up. Do I have to be done on all tasks for comic book guy beforehand or would it not matter and comic book guy will just add another quest in my que. honestly there should be no limit on que limit for quests especially when I’m almost caught up on them.

    • It could be that you have too many quests in the pipeline. It could also be that your game play level is stalled? Did you complete everything for Level 54? Is woosterfield locked in the store for you?

    • Comic Book Guy needs to be available. As I recall, I needed to quit out of the game and go back in before the level-55 questlines would start up.

  5. I had not realized that a new friendship prize had landed. Here is what I don’t understand. I had previously collected all of the friendship prizes and was supposedly accruing bonus friendship points. When a new friendship prize comes along, why do my “bonus” friendship points not get me the prize right away, just like getting a level-up in the game once it becomes available, based on my bonus levels? Instead, I always seem to get reset so I’m starting from scratch when a new friendship prize landed. This same thing happened to me the last time we had a wait for more friendship prizes to arrive.

    • Once you earn all the friendship prizes, you stop earning FPs. When a new one comes, we all start out at zero.

    • There are no “bonus friendship points.” What you may be confusing is that, once you max out on FPs, you get TRIPLE the $$ and DOs. You also get the chance to win free donuts (.05% chance with each tap you make in a neighbor’s town). However, now that there’s a new friendship prize, those things are suspended while you earn FPs to get the new prize. Once you’ve earned enough FPs to get the new prize, it should go back to the bonus stuff I mentioned earlier (unless they’ve changed the way things work).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • That does help clarify for me–thanks! (I wish they *would* allow us to accrue bonus “friend” points!)

        • Actually, I’m glad they don’t… I’d much rather earn donuts! 🙂

          • Donuts are great–but how often do you get one in that situation? I think I might have gotten one, just once.

            • If you visit 100 neighbors a day, you should AVERAGE 1-2 donuts per day. (Sometimes you’ll get more and sometimes you’ll get no donuts.)

              • Oh, that explains it! I only have five TSTO friends–they are all people I know in real life. It didn’t even occur to me you could get so many donuts by having a ginormous f-list!

              • Sandra Shill

                Yup – it’s a .05% chance per tap. There’s no reason not to have a full list of neighbors (unless you’re too busy to visit them) – it’s all anonymous and you can find friends easily by going to the “add me” pos there and/or on other TSTO-related sites.

            • I usually get two a day on average so that’s 14 free doughnuts. I’ll take the doughnuts over the points.

    • FP’s don’t hold over. One you max out, you stand a chance to get doughnuts instead

  6. callum geraghty

    Why did principal skinrash go grey

  7. Is Herb voiced? I really wanted him but 200 donuts is ridiculous. Should have come with the Homer for that price. But I can almost see
    It if he actually has Danny Devito voice clips…

  8. Did this update break a bunch of things for others? Most quests, daily tasks don’t complete for me now. I have to leave town and come back. I also can no longer click on my tap ball icons (I have to use the field to bring them up).

  9. Chrono Trike + Angel Fossil = more decor that improves vanity 😉

  10. Any word on if the chrono trike has any relevance beyond just being a vanity item? Thanks!

  11. Did the level update quest reset? I started it with comic book guy and even placed the building. Now it shows in the shop and says that I need to start the quest which I already did

    • Happens sometimes. You can either play through again, or contact EA and see if they can restore it

      • Well I see the problem now. For some odd reason when I logged back in after I actully placed the building i am only showing as level 54! I got the level 55 pop up, did the start with comic book guy and even placed the building. Now it is gone and I need to wait till I hit 55 again 🙁

  12. Skinner’s hair turning gray is hella random! I would have never noticed if not for the dialogue pop up. Really wanna get Uncle Herb, but am hoarding donuts in case EA decides to give us the monorail this year (y’all know that’s gonna be premium).

    Off topic, but I’ve noticed that some of my neighbors have their kids on the Halloween trick or treat task. Can I assume that they’re running hacked games? Or is it something else? If given the choice, it would be Halloween in my Springfield year round.

    • No it’s the Bad Dream Pile. There’s a glitch for some reason that shows the kids in their costumes (more than one at a time) to their neighbors…

  13. Funny how I caught an episode of the angel a few days ago and now it’s a friendship prize. Cool

  14. Hi Alyssa. It’s always 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. somewhere. 😊 Much of the world had a head start on me before. I think it’s more fair now that they release events simultaneously worldwide.

    But I hope in future they will base the release time on a reasonable hour for wherever the most Tappers live. Maybe they should also split the releases into sub groups of the languages the game is played in. And I’m not biased: I’m guessing that where I live is NOT where the highest percentage of English-speaking players live.

  15. Also I want to make a brief comment of Miss Springfield’s comment “55, that’s the age I’ll never be” – I get the joke that she will be lying about her age when she gets there but on the other hand I felt it creepy, as if she might be saying she won’t live that long. I know that’s not what it meant but it weirded me out just a little. enough to bring it to your attention and weird you out too :p

    • Don’t feel weirded out. I’ve been 29 for a few decades.

    • You have a dark mind, Tot! 😉

    • Lol I didn’t even read it as her lying about her age, just that she’s so daft that she honestly thinks she’s never going to age past her 20s.

    • I read it the same way as the ‘Big Birthday’ episode where they tell Homer his kids will never have another Birthday and Bart and Lisa both yell “Nooooo!” When they’ve actually never aged. Poor Marge has been changing Maggie’s diapers for 26 seasons now.

  16. Some questions about Skinners hair – there have been images and reference to it being a hair piece perhaps in the early seasons – so how does it change color or is that all non-cannon? Did the hair of Big Butt Skinner Balloon change too or was it originally that light? (Noticed it in a neighbors town).

    My suspicion is that there may be a future event about the Past and the younger versions of some of these characters like when He was a rebel with a diffrent name (don’t want to say it because of the pentaly of torture), but also with that maybe a Motorcycle event with him, Lance Murdock and the biker gang that wanted to keep Marge. Mindy and someone else already rides one in the game so it can’t be to hard to duplicate.

    I personally hope they will release the reoccurring characters before they release anymore skins or one episode-wonders.

    • My guess is that they got sick of people questioning why he was in the Seniors group! 😉

  17. Hi
    Ok so im always “ahead of the curve” on the levels, and i had the level 54 donut bonus for “levelling up” with no level 55… but level 55 hasnt triggered and im miles off the “new” level 55
    Whats going on with that?

  18. The angel fossil for free? For real? Don’t tell EA but I would have paid a kajillion and 3 donuts for it. Ha ha suckers…

  19. Tweetypiebabe1

    I’m very upset right now.
    I really want The Homer and clicked on Gil and then accidentally exited out of the screen, went back and there’s no Gil deal. Normally it would at least be in our stores for a set amount of time. I’m so sad right now 😟

    • Contact EA, it’s a glitch. It should be there until the deal expires.

    • In my game I eventually found The Homer in the Premium section of the store (the image of a Homer Buddha) rather than with the other newly released items.

      • Tweetypiebabe1

        I’ve never been able to access a premium only store, normally all my items are within the three categories. I even just tried looking for the homer Buddha and can’t seem to find the icon. It could just be me not recognising it. I’ll try and contact EA and see if they can help.

    • The same thing happened to me. It didn’t disappear, it’s just hiding. Look in the “Premium” section of the Store. You’ll find The Homer car there. (Open the shop. Click the little arrow “>” on the left side. Click the Homer Buddha to see “Premium” items.)

      • Tweetypiebabe1

        Ahhhh!!!! The arrow! I clearly rarely open that. Thank you very much Nicki and BlueHelm for assisting me, you both are tsto life savers lol! Contacted EA and my advisor didn’t help much saying Gil came in on the 12th and normally lasts for 24-72 hours so his deal must be over and herself and her colleagues don’t see him in their games either 🙈 .

    • Have you checked under the golden Buddha icon in the store? That’s where it is in my game.

  20. Those of us on lower levels get a limited time early access chance at Herb’s motors too. Is it like this every level update, we get one donut cost premium item up front for a few days ? I think I got the Power’s House last time but that’s the only one since I started playing.

  21. So they have aged Skinner but haven’t made Edna a ghost yet? Thoroughly disappointed :p I do like the change though, I think it suits him- gives him more of a Clooney vibe haha! Oh god, I think I just realized I have a thing for Skinner, followed by realizing I may also have daddy issues…

  22. Has anyone else noticed there is something wrong with the FP? When you have 100 origin friends, you should earn 810 FP for interacting with all of them (30×10 + 30×5 + 30×4 + 30×2 + 180×1), but I get 800, 10 simply don’t count. I observed I only got 29×5, the last interaction with friend number 20 paid out 4 instead of 5, and the other 5 points seem to disappear in a similar way.

  23. alex -aabcampos2

    Did EA hired someone in Japan ou Korea to publish new levels? its 9 .a.m there…..

  24. help me plz
    i stack on 16.7-8% in game update and always show me the retry screen

  25. I don’t know where else to post this but I can’t find anything on whether it’s worth forking over donuts for strongman homer. I know he can’t play tapball but does he have any bonus percentage? I love this site & find it helpful with most things but a lot of things which have previously been free do not get a should I buy, it’s frustrating for newer players to work out if they should spend donuts.

    • It’s not posted yet…trying to get everything out as quick as we can, but the new level does through a wrench in everything. It’ll be up a little later today

  26. Anybody else have Gil disappear? I bought Herb and then went back to get the Homer and he’s nowhere to be seen and there’s nothing in the store…

  27. This is odd. An update just took place. My hotel which is constructing has gone missing. The herb Powell 200 donuts purchase option went missing too.

    • Hard close and restart. If they’re still missing contact EA let them know…and double check to make sure they’re not in your store

  28. Yay, the Angel Fossil! Classic episode.

    My main game (level 54) caught a weird bug, doesn’t auto-level up even though I was already deep into bonus donuts XP territory and should be lvl 55 after this update. This happened last time as well, guess it’s time to contact EA. Maybe I have too many decos, even though I’ve never seen the warning, but I do get some of the weird glitches like charas instead of trees. Don’t want to get locked out…

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