Tap Ball Community Prize #3 Achieved: Amateur Bucks Unlocked!

Update: Hey guys so apparently level 55 has hit.   I’m currently at the airport picking up my hubby, who was away at the MLB all star game for work. I’ll get some coverage up as soon as I get home in about an hr or so.  Thanks for understanding!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know the third community prize has now unlocked!

2015-07-15 19.31.05


So log into your Springfield to collect your Amateur Bucks!


Now onto the next one….20,174,880 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg and the Taste of Duff Truck!

68 responses to “Tap Ball Community Prize #3 Achieved: Amateur Bucks Unlocked!

  1. Bummer! I got the little pop up of the 1000 amateur bucks but didn’t get the award. Contacted EA but they couldn’t help. Hope I don’t miss out on the other prizes too 🙁

  2. Not sure if this is new (I’ve never noticed it before), but I got a free soccer ball by collecting a ball bouncing in my town today!

  3. Graeme Peacock

    Just want to ask,

    dose anyone else get a bit board toward the end of an event,

    the last few events, we get halfway through and i’ve got everything i want, i only want the Gridiron now, the statue, ralf outfit, CCL outfit etc is all pointless guff. so i just stop playing the event and get back to the game.

    it seems the better prizes are always in the middle of the event,

  4. I would like to buy a lot of balls and drop them….what a pain to buy them one at a time. I wish I could buy 25 at a time

  5. Literally done buying balls. I gave each of my neighbors one and my real friends that play the game 6ea (I only have two friends that play the game, and I did get quite a few free ones). So if your my neighbor you got a ball from me. I’m using these ABs to buy things I want. Sorry TSTO world. From now on any balls I throw will be those I’ve gotten for free.

  6. 1,000 Amatuer Bucks + Level 55 (yes)
    More Gil (Nooooooo!)

  7. Unless it’s something really good, I’m kinda bummed that there’s a new Friend Prize…I like the chances for donuts better. (Also, I feel bad for folks who are still trying to max out FPs to get to chance for donuts…the more recently you started playing TSTO, the farther out the goal line is to even get there for the first time!

    However, if it’s a really good prize, then I’m glad for the opportunity to win it! 🙂

    • ciarathomp988

      Depending on how big of a Simpsons fan you are it’s an exxxcellent prize!! I’m workin on Stewert Duck right now so I’m a little far off but I love the episode it comes from 🙂

  8. HERB.

  9. Welp, level 55 hit. I was two days away from getting my bonuts…:(

  10. Is anyone else seeing the Bart screen right now? It started for me around 7:15 EDT.
    Thanks for letting me know.

  11. Geez EA, couldn’t wait a week for the level up??

  12. For those interested and planning their budgets, the first level 55 questline is triggered by Comic Book Guy for 1060000 money, with which you can build the Woosterfield Hotel in the princely time of 24 hours.

  13. Woot! Now for the prize I’ve been waiting for. Will look great with Duff Stadium, Duff Bus, and the Duff Blimp. Incidentally my parents were telling me today there’s a company (they weren’t sure who) that is in the process of producing a line of actual, real life, DUFF BEER! Of course will taste like any other beer, but with a Duff can, I can only imagine. Not a drinker myself but I’ll have to get one just for collector item 😀

  14. NoRosesNoSkies

    Random not about the topic but is there a topic about the task “Homer”s Homer PT. 1” ? I just purchased “The Homer” for 200
    Donuts and wondering how the task are. Thanks

  15. p.s. Alissa, can you tell us the generic substance of what your hubby did at the All Star Game? Hint, I am old enough to remember when the Reds dominated the All Star line-up.

  16. Don’t know if anyone will be able to read this before being moderated, BUT, according to another TSTO Site, Comic Book Guy triggers the event. Mine is tied up for another 4 hours, so I cannot confirm. But for others like me, you now (may) know what to await to start the event.

  17. Looks like L55 is Herb Powell (Homer’s Brother)

  18. Well the Homer appears to have gone with Gil, Herb Powell is the premium character which might explain the deal appearing, maybe it is being offered when people hit 55 and mine was a glitch. Declan the filmmaker(I have forgotten his surname) appears to be the freemium character. He does the documentaries about life in Springfield Elementary and also does a film where he visits Springfield every 10 years and speaks to the same main characters to see how their lives have changed.

  19. Is anyone else having the issue where the game starts from the beginning? I’m logged in to my EA account, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

    • Happens from time to time, try hard closing and restarting, uninstalling/reinstalling. You can also log in from another device to retrigger it. All of those methods have worked for me in the past. If all else fails you can contact EA

  20. my names jeff

    Were so close to the beer truck, i have sent 7 balls out today. Hope that don’t sound wrong

  21. Denise Koster

    Your hubby has a TOUGH job. But someone has to do it! Be safe!

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