Tap Ball 101: The Amateur Shop (Acts 2 and 3)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Tap Ball is sweeping the streets of Springfield and the players are bringing in the bucks!  Amateur Bucks that is!   So what can you do with all those Amateur Bucks you’re earning? Spend them at, what else, the Amateur Shop of course!

The Amateur Shop is basically the crafting option for this event.  Except instead of having to collect multiple items to craft 1 thing, you only need to collect Amateur Bucks (ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md).  So it’s like crafting and shopping in one.  If you have enough Amateur Bucks to buy something, you can.

So now let’s go over all of the options in the Amateur Shop for Acts 2 and 3 (you can review the options for Act 1 here) and break down all of the “goodies” you can pick up with your Bucks…


Remember we’ve covered the basics in our Act 1 post, so if you’re still confused be sure to check out that post.


Here’s a list of what you can pick up in the shop from Acts 2 and 3….


Double Bleachers- 1200 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  
Size: 2×4
What Does it Do: Bleachers for your town, doubled up for more of a stadium look.
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +200
Should I Buy?: Not a bad item if you want to decorate around your Stadium.  Remember you will get at least one for free, as well as single and triple bleachers.  So be sure to get your free ones from daily training before deciding if you should buy more.



Triple Bleachers- 1500 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  
Size: 3×4
What Does it Do: Bleachers for your town, tripled for more of a stadium look.
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +300
Should I Buy?: Personally I like these the best.  They’ve got the stadium looking cover attached to them and they can create a better feel for a stadium if that’s the look you’re going for.  However, remember you do get these for free (along with single and double) so besure to get your free ones from daily training before deciding if you should buy more.


Low Blow Boxing- 6000 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  
Size: 2×2
What Does it Do: Boxing game for Springfield.  Animated when tapped (the boxing gloves move, as does the image on the screen).
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +500
Should I Buy?: Don’t waste your Amateur Bucks on a second one of these.  You will get one for free via Daily Training and that should be more than enough for your Springfield.



Football Tire Target- 3000 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  
Size: 1×2
What Does it Do: Decoration for Springfield.  It is animated (slightly) when tapped (the tire moves just a little bit).
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +500
Should I Buy?: Don’t waste your Amateur Bucks on a second one of these.  You will get one for free via Daily Training and that should be more than enough for your Springfield.


Sports Ball- 40 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  
What Does it Do: Ball for community prizes.  Buy and send to neighbors to unlock community prizes.
Should I Buy?: Yes, since it helps unlock Community Prizes.

gauntlet01_menu gauntlet02_menu gauntlet03_menu gauntlet04_menu

Obstacles- 1200 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md  /each
Size: 3×3
What Does it Do: Decorations for Springfield.  Check out these posts for more…Wall and Tires; Wire and Log
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +500 each
Should I Buy?: Personally, I wouldn’t waste my ABs on more of these, considering you won them for free during Acts 1 and 2.  But if you didn’t get them or if you want more of them..here’s your chance to get them Donut Free.

And finally..

Should I Buy Items, or Upgrade my Players?


At this point in the game you should be saving your Amateur Bucks for items in the shop if you want them, so skip on upgrading your players at this point in the game.

And that my friends concludes the details for the Amateur Shop!

What are your thoughts on the shop?  Any items you’ll be picking up?  Any designs you can’t wait to try in your Springfield?  How’s your buck earning going?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


27 responses to “Tap Ball 101: The Amateur Shop (Acts 2 and 3)

  1. I did not earn the obstacle wall during Act (period) 1, it sounds like you can craft (or buy) this with ABs, but it doesn’t show in my amateur shop!

    • It should be in your store, but it may be something that’s only there if you won it. I’ll have to look at my lower level games that I purposely don’t complete to see if they’re there.

  2. Craft the rest of the Bleachers needed & that’s it 😉

  3. Hoping for a price drop on the stadium paraphernalia – will wait till the end to see what I can afford. On a side note…level 55 just hit…waiting for more info on who is required to trigger the quest.

  4. Bleachers and balls…

  5. I think I’ll keep my Amateur Bucks until the end, I’ve made a note of what I want most. I would love to get doubles of several items but I think that it is unlikely. I’ll get close, if I had been able to get on when I couldn’t, I may have been able to. I wanted to get loads of fences to make a wall around the stadium, it seems I can only get a few. I was going to make a little arcade area with just a couple before I remembered that the only arcade like thing is the boxing game which is very expensive. I’m sure I’ll get most things and find some way to use them, I just would have loved it if some of these items could instead be bought with cash.

  6. Size of triple bleachers is 3×4

  7. Hey, is it true a futurama game like tapped out is in the works???????!!!??
    That would be soo amazing, and make me so happy

  8. Not related, I wasn’t sure where to put this……Ok, this has been bugging me for a while. Why is Ralph being called Ballet when he clearly is Tap Dance Ralph? Tappa-tappa-tappa!

  9. So I just got my daily training to make Lisa hide cats five times. Problem is she’s got 15 hours left on a 24 hour task for the act 3 quest line. Should I rush her? If I run out of time I’ll miss the last prize in the daily set, but I’m not entirely sure what the shiny ball actually is. Advice please? 😀

    • The ball is just more sports balls for the community prizes.

      I never really advise on rushing a task, it’s just not worth it. But that’s my own opinion…

      • I don’t really want to but I also wasn’t sure what the shiny ball represented and if I wait I think I’ll miss just that last prize, if it’s more balls, I don’t care. 🙂

  10. The triple bleachers look good from the back, I’m thinking of using a couple of them rotated to create a frontage of a building.

    Another training log would be good for a children’s playground, the free one has gone to the cat lady for the kitties to play on. All depends on money by game end. Otherwise it’s just stadium fences from Act 1.

  11. Freemium player with two teams. So far I’ve saved up 6,000 ABs – shortly expecting 2,000 AB more from the prizes – and not really sure, what to spend them on. Might get some triple bleachers and a bunch of stadion fences – and of course more sports balls. Will wait until the event is almost over before I start spending, one never knows if there might be price drops (like with the Terwilliger Event).

    On a side note, too bad Crazy Cat Lady won’t get a skin, just a task. She is one of the few premium characters I bought (after all, I have three cats myself XD ), so I was happy seeing her included.

    Overall I am very pleased with the event, lots of nice prices and great skins without the need to grind excessively.

  12. hey,
    thank you so much for all the info you always give us. TSTO is always my first stop when i realise there is a new update on 🙂
    Apologies that its unrelated to the amateur shop but I wasnt sure where to post this, but I just wondered how the quest for the crazy catlady outfit starts that was the daily training price for today? I have her (there is a checkmark next to her pic in the daily training list) and pretty much all my characters are available and not on tasks but she isnt showing up yet. I have her premium character and she is free but her skin isnt showing yet.

    Many thanks for any advise.

    • It’s not a skin for her, just unlocks the ability for her to play Tap Ball. So if you go to your Tap Ball roster you’ll see her listed…

  13. At this point in the game I have 11 players, so I play twice, upgrade one player so I will have 4 active ones, and play a third time. Once I unlock Ralph (hopefully tomorrow), I will have 12, so I will begin saving for a few things like a stadium light, another soccer net, and some football uprights.

  14. Question? Do I have to already have Crazy Cat lady unlocked to use her in tap ball. I assumed I was unlocking her so I rushed Lisa’s task but that was a waste of 10 donuts it seems.

  15. Yeah, there’s not that much to craft really which isn’t a bad thing, duplicates or fences or uprights.

  16. Each of my towns still has over 7000 ABs since I only upgraded the original 4 tappers to level 3/3.5.
    Nothing spectacular to craft but will probably get more bleachers and the stadium lights.

  17. What are the chances of EA dropping the prices of these items before the event ends?

  18. Just as I wanted to ask the question about spending Amateur Bucks upgrading the players… You came up with the post…!

    I am now wearing the foil hat (yes, the very same one that Fry wears in Futurama) so you won’t be able to read my mind again!!!

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