Last Call for Tap Ball

Update 2:45pm EDT: The Takedown update is in the files, which means it should be hitting the app stores soon.  Remember, anything right now is borrowed time…so proceed with caution.  At some point it will force you to update to continue.  If you don’t want to update immediately make sure your auto updates are turned off.  But again, it’s borrowed time.  And sometime within the next 24hrs the game will most likely force you to update & when that happens you’ll be locked out until you update.

Update 12pm EDT: The timers are up, but Tap Ball continues.  So continue playing/collecting while you can!  Right now I don’t see anything indicating an update is hitting soon, but that can very quickly change.  So keep playing while you can!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that Tap Ball is ending tomorrow!  Tap Ball will be leaving our games at a little bit of a different time than we’re used to…it’ll make it’s way out at 1600 GMT (12 Noon EDT).

Most likely it will require an App Store update to remove, so it is possible you’ll get a little bit of “borrowed” time to earn more prizes (and Amateur Bucks).  But remembered, if it happens it’s borrowed time..and the game could force you to update at any time.

So let’s take a look at everything that ends tomorrow and what you’ll need to grab if you want it before it’s gone from the store…

Soccer Homer

Act 3 Prizes…

testosterzone_menuTestosterzone- 8,400 ico_june2015_pennants_01

ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md1,000 Amateur Bucks- 17,400 ico_june2015_pennants_01

unlock_ralph_ballet Ballet Ralph- 26,300 ico_june2015_pennants_01

ico_june2015_tonic 9 Tonics- 33,500 ico_june2015_pennants_01

homerclesestatue_menuHomerclese Statue- 38,900 ico_june2015_pennants_01

ALL Items from the Amateur Shop

Spend those Amateur bucks now because there won’t be anything to buy tomorrow!

Check out these posts for more details on what’s in the shop:

Act 1
Acts 2 and 3

Premium Items

ALL of the premium items related to Tap Ball will be leaving our stores tomorrow….


tennismachine_menuTennis Machine- 30 Donuts. .50% bonus on all cash and XP

murderhorn_menuMurderhorn- 250 Donuts Earns 5% on all cash and XP.

stadiumentrance_menuGold Stadium Set- 50 Donuts.  Facade/skin for your stadium

unlock_abe_toreador Toreador Grampa- 85 Donuts.  Can play Tap Ball.


Homer_Strongman Strongman Homer- 50 Donuts.  Can not play Tap Ball, but has a Amateur Buck Earning Task.

Tapped_Out_Duff_Party_Bus Duff Party Bus- 45 Donuts.  Should I Buy Awards a 2.25% bonus on all cash and xp.

duffblimp_menu Duff Blimp- 60 Donuts.  Was originally free back during Superbowl 2014.

Tapped_Out_Excellence_Prize_StatueExcellence Prize Statue- 20 Donuts. .50% on all cash and XP

unlock_bart_jockey unlock_furiousdJockey Bart and Furious D- 100 Donuts

unlock_nelson_footballFootball Nelson- 85 Donuts

tenniscourt_menuTennis Court

ALL Flags From Soccer Cup

If there was a flag you wanted in the store, be sure to purchase it before tomorrow, otherwise you’ll miss out!

There are 34 Flags available for purchase and each one will cost you 5 Donuts (and yes, you can buy multiples of each).    Each one will add a 0.25% bonus on all cash and XP in your Springfield.  They’re also all animated…so the flag will wave in the wind in your Springfield…

Here’s the list of flags you can purchase…


flag_costarica_menuCosta Rica
flag_ivorycoast_menuIvory Coast
flag_newzealand_menuNew Zealand
flag_southkorea_menuSouth Korea
flag_uk_menuUnited Kingdom
flag_usa_menuUnited States

Just for fun..

flag_donut_menuDonut Flag
flag_jollyroger_menuJolly Roger Flag
flag_learntofart_menuLearn to Fart Flag
flag_springfield_menuTo Fraternal Love Flag

For more details on everything Tap Ball related (including Should I Buys) check out our Tap Ball Event Page.

What are your thoughts on Tap Ball 2015?  Did you earn all the prizes?  How’d you spend your Amateur Bucks?  How’d you do with the daily challenges?  Did you earn a lot of Bonuts? (Bonus Donuts)  What was your favorite part of the event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

129 responses to “Last Call for Tap Ball

  1. I cannot log in to my game after a message that I’ve been logged out. I enter my info than I am getting the can’t connect screen. When i hit retry it asks me to log in again, and everything starts over. I already tried over 30 times, but i just cannot get through, which is especially annoying at the last minutes of tap ball :'(
    I can log in to origin, and i can use my account anywhere else but in springfield.
    How can i report this to EA? Should i write an e-mail to costumer service or is there a list i can sign up to?
    (many times i ve heard they offer some donuts for the inconvenience. i would not mind that this time.)

  2. I am sure this has been posted before…but if it’s on the Bart screen and I try the install/reinstall it shouldn’t hurt my game, right? Since a lot are experiencing this should I just try waiting before doing that?

  3. Will the stadium be used any more? the billboard is still advertising but the stadium name is off. I can’t find any character that uses it. is it all destined for inventory? disappointed that all the balls are gone – I was hoping to see soccer balls & beach balls bouncing around town. thanks alissa

    • Homer has a task there (to invent new tap ball rules) that’ll take place outside of the stadium (lighting it up). But beyond that there are no more games/practices there.

  4. Is anyone else taking advantage of the banner glitch? In taking a break at the moment but since i found out about it this morning I’ve managed to rack up about 60 donuts. Finally going to get me some Grimesy! Or maybe Herb…i did just get The Homer. Anyway enough chitchat, back to grinding!

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