New Gil Deal In Town: Ice Cream Homer!! UPDATED

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There is a New Gil Deal in the game. I Scream! You Scream! We ALL Scream! FOR ICE CREAM! Ice Cream Homer is in our games, WOOHOO!!


Gil Deal Ice Cream Homer

To start, you will need to make sure you are Up To Date on the App from your App Market to ensure you see all the content and have the patches necessary.

Additional warning, some Players reporting the game crashing as well with the Update. Looking into that a bit more. Additional note: It seems this is hitting more iOS6 and iOS devices. Cuavsfan has started a Forum Thread on it. Feel free to light it up with your comments.

Back with more details on the offer in just a bit.

When you first pop into your game after it is fully up to date, you will see Gil roaming your streets with a Fudgesicle Icon over his head. Tapping on it will trigger the dialog…

Gil: Used truck for sale! Used man selling a used truck!
Homer: Not interested.
Gil: I’ll clean all the half-melted ice cream out of the back. I’ll wreak havoc on my sciatica, but what choice do I have?
Homer: Half melted! Ice Cream! Sciatica! Wait, not the last one. But those first ones… SOLD!

The offer will then Pop Up on the Screen.

Gil Deal Ice Cream Homer

Ice Cream Homer w/Ice Cream Truck: 120 Donuts.


If you do not take the offer…
Gil: It’s me isn’t it? It couldn’t be the ice cream, because who doesn’t like ice cream? But everybody doesn’t like ol’ Gil.

The offer will then be moved into your Main Menu Screen.

Ice Cream Truck Main Menu



If you take the offer and place the Ice Cream Truck in your Springfield…

Ice Cream TruckIce Cream Truck: Is a Decoration, but animated when tapped. The lights flash, engine rumbles, and smoke shoots from the tail pipe. It also plays some Ice Cream Man Music, followed by “Product contains neither Ice or Cream.”
Gil: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Gil: Also I scream at the nightmares brought on by the sadness of my horrible life.

You will then see the Pop Up for Ice Cream Man Homer’s Outfit. You will have to play through the Questline to unlock it. More on the Questline in another post.

Ice Cream Man Homer Outfit Pop Up

Homer will start the Questline for “Ice Cream Man Cometh.”




For whatever reason, EA swapped out Fat Tony for Snake in LA Body Works. Task name remains the same, but Snake is now in that spot. Looking into it, but this may be permanent.


There you have it. Now I am REALLY craving some Ice Cream. Thanks a lot EA. Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough is calling my name now. 😉

What do you think of this Gil Deal? Are you going to pick it up? Did you already? Unlocked Ice Cream Man Homer yet? Let us know.



218 responses to “New Gil Deal In Town: Ice Cream Homer!! UPDATED

  1. I got the update and the offer for the ice-cream truck. I wanted to think about it. After the last update, Gil is still in town, but I can’t tap on him and no truck in the buy menu. I can send Tony to the gym, but not Snake. I tried logging out of the game, hard close, visiting friends, and I turned my device off and back on. I deleted and reinstalled and tried from my iPad and my phone. Any other suggestions? Gil keeps taunting me now that I want to buy by walking around town not letting me tap on him.

    • Did you open your Menu Fully? Swipe the arrow to the right, access ALL the multiple Menu tabs, and go to the Premium Section?

      As far as Tony… if you look at this very post… you will see it is something that impacted ALL Players. 😉

      • I checked all the menus – the new, the preimum and the decorations ones – and I went through my entire inventory to see if I’d bought and stored It accidentally. Gil is in my town, but I tap on him and nothing happens. I got a small update and crossed my fingers hoping it would be fixed, but no joy. Although, now Snake goes to the gym instead of Tony.

  2. If I have one complaint about the new Springfield Heights update, it’s that whenever a building has finished producing “currency”, that task takes precedence over any open characters, except for those with a waiting dialogue. Since the furniture job takes 30 seconds, it keeps interfering with cycling through people waiting to be assigned jobs. It’s nice that they let us know that those particular jobs are finished, but it would probably make more sense from a usability standpoint to have a separate popup, like we get with the special events. Or is it just me? 🙂

    • It’s not just you. You said it all exactly right. (Except that I’ve experienced that I can eventually cycle after I skip past (and reassign) the store once.)

      Let’s treat it like an event, give it it’s own icon space, because it is an event, just an untimed one, supposedly.

    • i love the fact that it takes priority over the others, keep me moving alno very quickly

    • if you don’t want it interrupting you while you assign jobs to characters, the simple solution here would be to just not set the 30 second furniture task until you’ve completed your cycle…

      • I take the opposite approach – I send my furniture makers to work and then try to cycle through as quickly as I can, before they’re done (or repeat the process about halfway through). The danger of not sending them on their furniture-making task first is that I might send them on “regular” tasks by mistake, when I’m cycling through seething everyone on tasks. That’s why I always set my SH tasks first (unless I’m not doing those, because I’m going to have a non-TSTO life for a few hours).

      • Sandra, that’s the approach that I’ve been forced to take, for the exact same reason that you stated.

      • That’s my approach as well, I was just trying to provide the guy i replied to another way since he didn’t seem to wanna approach it like that. However, now that I’m paying attention to it, while I cycle through characters with the icon in the top left to set tasks, the furniture icon never interrupts and jumps to the front. So I’m actually not sure what he was originally complaining about. The only time those job icons are at the forefront are when i first log into my game, or come back from visiting neighbors/krustyland.

  3. If others could use the ice cream truck also to buy ice cream or something that be cool also. It does give a pretty decent bonus towards money also so that mixed with homers perm task as suggested before would be pretty cool.

    I mean the ghost flying pirate ship has a perm task with the sea captain. Wash the ghostly decks. So it’s not hard to see this one would also.

  4. I think its odd that they are posting this updating asking us to spend donuts before they’ve actually fixed the missing donuts problem. Get your priorities sorted EA.

    • Keep in mind that Events… no matter if Large, Small, or even a Level… are all planned out and set up months in advance. So, months ago the issue did not exist. The two have absolutely nothing to do with one another

      A Company won’t stop functioning as a Company while one area is being looked at for isolated issues. They still have to keep going or it will cause massive internal issues and delays that would impact the game far into the future.

  5. Coppens Danny

    You can put the road under the Ice Cream Truck

  6. We need a Gil deal on donuts! I don’t mind buying donuts, the team over at EA deserve something for the hours & hours of entertainment they have provided over the years, I just don’t buy them unless they are on sale!

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