Danger Zone: Level 56 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 56 has arrived in Springfield!

2015-08-06 13.41.50

Back with more details in a bit…surprisingly it’s actually a busy day at work today…

But for now know that Bart kicks things off..with a task to build the Danger Pool.  It’ll cost you $1,022,000 and is an instant build.

Oh AND…you should see THIS when you log into your Springfield

2015-08-06 13.42.17

So now let’s get into the details of Level 56, shall we?




dangerpool_transimageDanger Pool- $1,022,000.  Instant Build, 10×5 in size.  Comes with Lance Murdock.

sprinfieldconventioncenter_transimageConvention Center- $511,000.  Earns $225, 22xp/16hrs.  9×10 in size, 24hr Build.

unlock_captainmurdockLance Murdock- Comes with the Danger Pool


springfieldgorge_menuSpringfield Gorge- 250 Donuts.  Adds 5% bonus to all cash and XP. MASSIVE in size…16×25.  Comes with Daredevil Bart.

stuntbikeStunt Bike- 30 donuts.  Adds 0.75% bonus to all cash and XP. (Side Note Bunny: this can go in Krustyland too)

unlock_bart_daredevilDare Devil Bart- Comes with Springfield Gorge

Returning Premium

518px-TruckasaurusTruckasaurus- 225 Donuts.  LIMITED TIME leaves stores on 8/12.   Should I buy

NEW Friendship Prize!

bloodbathandbeyond Bloodbath & Beyond- Level 17 (so you’ll need to have received the Angel Fossil to start this one), requires 2,000 FP (or instant buy for 200 Donuts)

And that my friends completes the details for Level 56!

What are your thoughts on the new Level? Thoughts on the characters added?  Will you be adding Springfield Gorge to your game?  Excited for a new Friendship Level already? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

181 responses to “Danger Zone: Level 56 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Umm.. so I got the convention center today… for 150,000… with a rebate of 150,000… essentially free… normal????

  2. is the convention center available?

  3. How come this pool is locked for me? I cant build it. Is it bc we are gping thru the halloween 2015 event?



      I LOVE LAMP!!! 😛

      Try to check some basic areas of your inventory and report it to EA if you can’t find it. Others stated restarting a few times helped. Just took a minute to sync into their game.

  5. I unlocked Bloodbath and Beyond, but I can’t find it anywhere in my inventory! Suggestions anyone?

  6. typeitasoneword

    I got Springfield Gorge, but don’t have the option of choosing Daredevil Bart. Is this because I got it via Early Access, and have not yet reached level 56, or is this some kind of glitch?

  7. Thanks Bunny,
    What you say maybe right but I’m chicken to try it, for fear of losing my donuts.

  8. Hi Bunny, I was referring to the task windows in Springfield heights.When you send your people to do the job and there is
    no enough resources to pay for the job. So a window comes up
    and it says not enough resources so pay donuts and a do it
    button, no exit out, unless you pay donuts or exit the game.
    There was a arrow to exit before,but not now.


    • There actually is an “exit” option to get out of it. There are two options at the bottom of the pop up screen, the donut buy out and “Do It” just like you said. If you read the dialog… “DO IT” is actually telling you to go to the Material Resource location to get more of that item. So tapping on “DO IT” takes you to the place (like LA Body Works, Furniture Shop, etc) so you can send Characters to make more and essentially “exit” out of the option.

      “Buy these resources now for Donuts, or do it yourself” is the exact quote. 😉

  9. I am stuck at level 55. I only have a couple Springfield Heights missions and the “A Drop in the Bucket” mission to do. I completed the Declan missions. I got the 15 donuts, but not the level up. I always go up when everyone else does. Do I have to get all buildings in SH to level 5?

    • Let me ask you this, WAS your XP at Level 56 but then rolled back into Level 55? If so, that is the classic “roll back” issue we see with every level update. It doesn’t impact all players, but it does impact some. If that is the case, all you can really do is contact EA or build up your XP again until your XP meter reaches 56 again.

      • I never went to 56. I got the pop up for the extra 15 donuts for all the issues, but not the banner pop up welcoming me to level 56. I completed one of the missions to build a level 5 Springfield Heights building, but still no change. Just that mission icon disappeared from the bottom. How much XP do I need for level 56? I have always gone up a level in the past when it was announced.

        • Only you can answer how much you need. It’s right there in your game on your XP meter. Take a look and see how much more you need to fill the bar.

          Going up all depends on where you were. If you went into bonus XP and turned the meter pink before the new level hit… then you’ll usually jump.

      • I don’t recall ever having to wait until my XP goes up to play the next level. I always went up when it was announced if I completed the previous level missions. I would go up a level and much later when my XP filled I got a bonus. I am at 590k and next XP level is 792k. If I have to get 200k+ XP before I can play level 56 it will be a long time. 🙁

        • That is because they usually slightly lower the requirements each new level. In the past you were probably close enough to hit it. Not this time. You just have to be close enough. You still have to hit the XP requirement regardless. So… earn more XP

      • That “rollback” happened to me. My XP bar has been pink since l hit level 25. It was PINK while on level 55. I have gotten DONUTS 1-2 times between every level since then. I contacted EA several times and got the run around. From it’s a known issue we are working on a patch for it, to we don’t know what happened, to denying that the “rollback” even happens and saying if it did, they can’t do anything about it. Everyone says Texas reps are the best. I got a Texas rep today. She basically not in so many words, said…suck it up. I tried to explain to her the “rollback” and she denied that happens and if it did, there is nothing EA could do about it. She then got smug and said “THE GAME IS FREE”. Like that makes it ok to frack with us. She then asked me what I wanted. I said it would be great if they gave me back my nearly $2 million coins I spent getting myself to Where I was supposed to be. She congratulated me on my game and said she couldn’t reimburse me since my gameplay wasn’t affected. Is she kidding me???? How was my game not affected???? Their glitch caused this mess. I was far enough ahead, that I should have never had to worry about leveling up. Giving serious thought to ending my playing.

        • Rollbacks are tricky. Depending on what happened will depend on what they CAN do. If you built a location and it is now lost, they may have to add it back in your game. If you lost donuts, they should be able to add them back.

          Otherwise there is not a way for any rep to add coins to your game or XP. So, my best suggestion is first… BE NICE BE KIND. I know it is hard when you are frustrated but remember taking your anger out on someone there trying to help you will NOT make the situation any better. Being courteous and respectful goes a long way when dealing with any customer service anywhere. (Think of what we Addicts go through when we are here to help and people take it out their anger on us. We don’t deserve that. 😉 )

          If you ONLY lost the XP you leveled up, then all you really can do is maybe ask for donut compensation for that amount (see the breakdown in coins for donuts in the random post or just tap on the donuts purchase menu in your game and scroll to it). Other than that… for ONLY XP, it is unlikely anything can really be done to help outside you just leveling up again those points.

  10. Marge is still signing permission slips so I wait.
    I spent all this money on this giant gorge and now I just sit here, staring at it, wishing someone would just use it already.

    That’s what she said

    Sorry had to

  11. I got the 15 doughnuts, then the level up to level 56. I started and I am still at level 55, and am back at the beginning. Is this a problem that others had as well?

    • If your XP showed Level 56 and rolled back to now showing Level 55… then yes, that is the Rollback we see many times in updates.

  12. We need More Land!! 👍😃 I did get the Springfield Girge, and now wondering what’s next and when Bart shows up!! When does Bart make his Apperance?? This whole new SH and what has been added is like”Fresh Air” and loving it!! I got my Billionaires Haven this A.M.!! Awesome!! Thank you EA also for the extra land we got, and now with All these buildings, we need more!! Thank you also for the Donuts and my Re-imbursemt of donuts from the “Donut Caper” Escapade!!👍😀

  13. Thanks EA (we needed a new Level update)! 🙂

  14. So I was finally told that I don’t have enough XP to move to level 56.


    Filling up the XP bar is how you level up or get donuts. I have been playing for almost 2 years. My XP bar has filled up nearly 90 times. I get donuts between most levels. HOW CAN I BE BEHIND???? I have leveled up every level with no problem. What can I do to get nearly 300 thousand XP ASAP?????

    • Buy and sell Rat Trap Delivery Trucks.

    • Buying and placing all of the SH upgradable buildings gets you, like, an extra 150% in bonus multiplier. (It doesn’t show on the Conform-o-Meter, but it’s definitely there.) Then make sure you’re visiting 100 neighbors and clearing most of buildings frequently. Frequent short tasks for charters (skip SH for a couple of days, I terms of tasks). Plant Triffids and have Witch Marge speed them up (you can get 3 or 4 crops of it that way). A few intense days of this and you should be there! 🙂

      (A while back I did the math on the rat trap/bloodmobile thing and decided that it wasn’t all that with it. I think the original idea of farming for XP in that style first came up when you needed a LOT fewer XPs to level up than you do now. But, then again, since you are pretty close, that could be a good strategy for you, especially if you do the SH thing first to jack up bonus multiplier…then the farming would REALLY pay off!)

  15. Thanks so much for your help 😄I contacted EA on live chat and got my hundred donuts back !! I just wasn’t warned it was homer again he can’t resist the donuts lol

  16. I got the Gorge, /: I wish I had waited for SIB. I really regret it. I’m trying not to complain because complaints on here bother me. But it’s Dementions are awful. Wish it was 16 x 24 and not 16 x 25.

    • SIB?

      What’s wrong with 25 over 24?

      • Should I Buy..

      • Land squares come in multiples of 12.

      • It’s just that all the flooring dementions are 4×4. So I can’t block it off properly. It looks incomplete the way it ends perfectly straight on both sides. Overall it looks cool I’m just in a funk over my rash purchase. ): oh well. It just sits in my town. I have opened my town really often today to look at it an sigh. < I find admitting that hilarious.

        Well I was in a funk, now fingers crossed that whatever is coming soon, comes with new ground so I can set it up properly.

      • Well, just be happy that I am so jealous that you have the Gorge. We all want more flooring options, but even so, I don’t have the Gorge. lol. Does that help?

        Thanks for the answers/explanations, y’all.

  17. Bunny,
    How come there is no exit when you don’t have enough resources.
    There was at first , but now there is just do it with donuts,no exit.
    I have to exit the game or pay the donuts to get the window to

  18. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    You can tell that this Springfield is not in California – too many pools. The city would be aghast at the waste of water.

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