10/28 In-Game Update: Gil’s Halloween Deal (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like Ol’ Gil is back in Springfield…good to see the mob that drove him out during the Monorail Event couldn’t keep him away!   And this time he’s got a trick or treat of a Halloween Deal for us…depending on how you look at it.

Back with more on this in a bit, as soon as I’ve had a chance to go through it… More details below the fold…

2015-10-28 14.28.09

As usual you’ll find Ol’ Gil begging on the streets of Springfield..

2015-10-28 14.25.04

Once you tap on him you’ll see this dialogue between him and Mr. Burns…

Mr. Burns: Gunderson!  This army of deadly robots you sold me has not launch a single attack.  They just wander aimlessly about the mansion.
Gil: I kept tryin’ to tell ya.  They’re not soldier robots.  They’re vacuum cleaners.  What makes them, quote “robots” is a logarithm that keeps ’em from gettin’ stuck under furniture.
Mr. Burns: Ever single one of them is stuck under some kind of furniture.
Gil: Yes.  They are not good at what they do.
Mr. Burns: Fine.  Just refund the money I paid.
Gil: I’m sorry.  I spent it all on this stone bed.  But I gotta say, this thing is tough to sleep on.  It’s cold, hard, inspires malevolent thoughts when I touch it…
Mr. Burns: That’s not a bed.  That’s an evil sepulcher!  Just like the one Mama had!

At this point you’ll be offered the deal you see above…225 donuts for Sepulcher of Evil.

If you don’t take it…

Gil: Wha-What?! You don’t want it?!  If I don’t make a sale, I get fired. And by that I mean I get thrown into a pit of eternal fire.  But no pressure, you do what’s right for you.  Just…ignore my screams.

If you purchase…

Mr. Burns: I’ll take it.
Gil: You brought it?!  Yay! Ol’ Gil’s on an upswing!  Life is lookin’ pretty good! Now all I need is a dry place to store my trash bag belongings! I’m living the life now!

So what is it?  What does it do?  Is it really worth 225 donuts?

First, we’ll break a lot of this down (in particular if it’s worth it), in a Should I Buy post…which will be up later today.  You have a week on this promo, so don’t rush right now and buy it.  Think about it and wait till you have all the info before you pull the trigger on buying it….

Sepulcher of EvilAnimated when tapped.  The book in the center opens and pages turn.  And the Gargoyles eyes light up.  4% bonus on all cash and XP.  11×11 in size.  Comes with a questline, focused around Mr. Burns.  You’ll have to complete the questline to unlock the job for Mr. Burns to spawn nightmares.  And Mr. Burns has a pretty awesome task there…

As far as nightmare spawns…it requires a 4hr task for Mr. Burns and spawns 4 3 nightmares.  From what I can tell it spawns whatever nightmare you currently have in your town (so if you’re spawning Zombies, it’ll continue with Zombies)

Here’s how it looks when it’s animated:

2015-10-28 14.53.56

And that my friends is the details of the Sepulcher of Evil.  As I mentioned above, we’ll break down the pros and cons a little later today with the Should I Buy post…for now don’t rush buying it.  You have SEVEN days…

What are your thoughts on the Sepulcher of Evil?  Thoughts about it spawning nightmares?  Think it’s useful?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

110 responses to “10/28 In-Game Update: Gil’s Halloween Deal (Updated and Complete)

  1. If it can’t make me coffee, than it’s not worth 225 donuts. 225 donuts! Seriously…

  2. Did they fix the “collect whatever nightmare you want” bug with this update? I’m sure I must have collected more than 200 zombies since this arrived but didn’t get a camp fire level upgrade yet.

  3. The update has caused my game to crash, just like the last update. I do wish EA would test this stuff a little better.

  4. I was hoping this update was for Booberlla and the Springfield Cemetery! I hope these two still come out!

    • Me too, although, based on what I’ve seen (Although EA may change their mind, OR this info could be false) I don’t have high hopes for either this year anymore. 🙁 Which means my cemetary area will go incomplete until it is released.

      • Veronica Shawcroft

        I’ve been holding out for the Springfield cemetery too (already have Booberella) so I hope it’s offered before the end of this event!

        • Apparently the Springfield Cemetery won’t be offered this THOH event….which seems crazy given they offered us the Pet Cemetery earlier on…. why offer Pet and not the main one?!

  5. Another update and my game just crashes. FRAK!!!

  6. It looks really cool, but 225 Donuts? That’s just insane…
    Still tempted though, especially since there wasn’t that much new stuff for long time players so far. I just know I am going to regret it either way.

  7. One word for this… AWESOME! Very cool looking and Burns reading from the book is great animation. My only beef is I was so bored with this event I’ve spent the last two days redecorating. Now this thing is gargantuan and I know the area I want it in but no idea how to make room for it.

    • lol i knew you would love it…which is why you’re in my only get if your.. part of the Final thought 😉

      • To be honest I had no idea what I was buying, I clicked over that screen too fast. But certainly not disappointed! Now I’ve spent the last 45 minutes staring at my Halloween/Rigelian forest think I may have found a home for it. Can’t wait to see it surrounded by spooky stuff.
        Now even though he’s not even close to cannon put two more books up there and give us Ash with a job to pick the right book and say the words, every syllable.

      • I love the should I buys, but I always have it before I read it, I just like to hear Yr opinion.

      • LOL. Just read the should I buy, I read this first and had no idea what you were talking about.

  8. EA justify an update this week by releasing this? How can Gil call this a deal? 225 donuts for something that’s really only worth it’s value for the rest of the very underwhelming THOH event. For that price or ‘deal’ you’d expect at least a character to come with it.
    So, so disappointed the update this morning was not for Level 59. How many weeks do we have to wait?! EA are doing what I suspected by releasing this deal for a week, so that then Level 59 can be pushed out to a November release, giving us 2 (hopefully a Dec release//Lvl 60) releases instead of 3 (one per month).
    Needless to say, this is a pass for me. I sound like the Halloween grinch!! I’m really not 😉

  9. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    Since I already have Count Burns, there is no way I’d spring for this. It looks really cool and the animation is awesome. But it’s beyond overpriced, just like all of the other Gil deals we normally see (unless it’s a garage sale or donut offer). Definite pass for me.

    I am disappointed that Bob’s house is gone from the store. I hadn’t realized it was SO limited. But I’m not heartbroken… So, not the end of the world for me.

  10. Since it is Gill, why would he ever have a “good” deal. It’s Gill, his deals should reflect his pathetic, no-win nature.

  11. So, I hear that Burns moves his “Read from the Necronomicon” task from the cooling tower to here. The image posted by nissa seems to show it. That seems pretty cool. Really wish I could afford to “splurge” because that would make that task infinitely cooler.

  12. alex - aabcampos2

    anyone notice that the zombies at gils picture are not the “disco zombies”? they are the “Shuffling Zombie” from previous events !!!

    • alex - aabcampos2

      do you know that it means?
      -absolutely nothing 🙂

    • I noticed!

    • alex - aabcampos2

      continuing the picture analysis, what is behind bart’s head at startup screen?

      I think its springfield nuclear power plant…

      but again, it means absolutely nothing 🙂

    • I tend to giggle at Gil’s costumes during his Deal Screen but not this time. Looks like he’s in his Red Blazer (but it isn’t), no collar or pocket. In fact looks like it has a little Hood behind his shirt collar. Yet he isn’t wearing it right (with the hood up), so what is he supposed to be? Igor, or some kind of Fraternity Pledge changing his mind?

      Gil, you are so disappointing on so many levels. Gil is the Zoidburg of the Simpsons’ world. But that’s not really fair, I actually LIKE Zoidburg.

      (Ok, I kinda like Gil from the show but Gil from the Game is Poisoning that fondness)

    • alex - aabcampos2

      Is Gil a stonecuter member ??? 🙂

  13. techbearseattle

    My fire is level 32, and I’m swimming in monster parts at it is. I’ll pass on this and save my doughnuts for something that will actually do me some good.

  14. This looks real cool, and seeing as how this whole event came to be all about the wailing walls for me, I could always do with a few extra zombies. However, I already bought three Freakmobiles, and for this price, I think Burns is better off earning metal for the rail yard or extra cash at the money mountain.

  15. I notice that the Gil Deal image shows a different kind of zombie. I guess those are the ones from a past THOH event, right? So, apparently EA was going to go with a much scarier zombie… what happened? That was my biggest issue at the beginning, these “Thriller” zombies. I like these other ones. It also would have given us 4 different colors to search for (instead of 2 white types, that of zombies and skeletons).

  16. So, you pay 225 doughnuts and what you get is 24 extra nightmares a day?

    I’d be passing on it even if it was a sixth of the price.

  17. Gil deals are loosing their sex appeal. This reminds me of expensive jewelry marked 50% off from a 300% mark-up… Pass…

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