Last Chance Act 2 Premiums

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just dropping in with a quick note…while Act 2 doesn’t end until Wednesday morning…the three premium items that arrived with it will be leaving our games in the morning.  So tonight’s your last chance to pick up the Halloween Party Wall, Light-Up Elder God & Wavy-arm Elder God.

Now I didn’t do a Should I Buy for these three…sorry about that, but I figured I’d do a quick recap on what each item is/does now.  So here’s a look at each item to help you make up your mind before they leave the store…

halloweenpartywall_menulightupeldergod_menu wavyarmguy_menu.


Decoration: Halloween Party Wall
Donut Cost: 20 Donuts
Bonus%: 0.10% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +5

Should You Buy?: In my opinion no. I think this is mispriced and shouldn’t be 20 donuts.  20 donuts is an insanely high for what this is/does.  And the bonus % just isn’t balance out for the price.  So this is a pass in my opinion.


Decoration: Light-up Elder God
Donut Cost: 20 Donuts
Bonus%: 1% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +5
What Does it Do?: It’s always kind of animated (it waves a bit) and the eyes blink.  But when you tap on it the eyes light up.  They’re surrounded in red and the white turns yellow.

Should You Buy?:  If you like it, it’s not a bad buy for the bonus %.


Decoration: Wavy-arm Elder God
Donut Cost: 20 Donuts
Bonus %: 0.50% on all cash and XP
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10
What Does it Do?: It does what you think…it waves it’s arms in the “wind” like one of those wavy arms you see advertising sales.

Should You Buy?: Meh.  It’s high priced for the bonus %.  But if you like it…pick it up.

And that my friends is the quick recap on all three of the Act 2 premium decorations.  Don’t forget they leave the store tomorrow (11/3) morning.  So if you’re on the fence, or thinking about picking any of them up, be sure to do so before they leave!

What are your thoughts on the Act 2 decorations?  Did you pick any of them up? Which ones?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Last Chance Act 2 Premiums

  1. What happened Creaters… Halloween party wall is remove … You stated it would be gone by wednesday morning. Can you add it back …. I need to buy a few more. Unless it will return on a future date or on future tasks.

  2. Not sure on the outfits for Kirk and Luann, I may buy them, but I’ll wait to see what act 3 brings first. I was a bit sad to have missed the Elder God items as I was waiting for someone to review them, couldn’t find anything showing them anywhere, but I don’t think the bonus was enough for me. Also, I had hoped the light up one would fully light up, not just the eyes. I think I’m glad that I didn’t get them.

  3. Omg I thought this act would never end! Can’t wait for new prizes.

  4. Bought one of the elder god decorations each, because I kind of like them, none of the walls though. At that price, who would?
    Moving on, I would be extremely interested in what the new Kirk and Luann outfits do 🙂

  5. Aaaah, squirrel costume for Luann… Buy!

  6. We got Acorn Kirk and Squirrel Luaan!!!! Saw them, bought them 😀

  7. Morning Alissa,

    I suppose you already know, and you’ve got your post ready ….the Luanne & Kirk skins are in store …..I almost want them for the comedy value …but I always think,…if impulse doesn’t make me buy it straight away, I probably don’t want it that much.

    🎃 ☺ 🙂

  8. I’m so disappointed they didn’t bring back Marge’s mom, or Ned’s deceased wife.

    • Not sure when Ned’s wife was available (might have been Valentine’s Day with the fortune tellers building), but I do remember Marge’s mother being released last thanksgiving. I’d imagine they’d bring back her mom after the Halloween event.

  9. Was gonna get the light up thing but then I saw the bonus % on wailing walls

  10. There’s something really weird about the price of those party walls, yeah they look interesting but nothing about them justified that cost!

    The light up elder god looks fun but as we already got the blimp as a prize it became a pass, the light up eyes sound cool but at this stage it’s not enough to give me a reason to buy.

  11. I picked up light up elder and the vavy arm thing but 20 DONUTS for ONE wall is ridiculous I think the should have been craft able

  12. The balloon and god I got. Limited times decorations are a must for addicts. The walls though are a total pass. 20 donuts for a wall is bs with a capital ULL HIT. To build a decent sized complex with them will cost you 200+ and even I’m not that crazy to do that. Besides with the spooky walls at a 2.25% bonus why would you even blink twice at a .10% at 20 donuts? Bring on Acorn Kirk & Squirrel Luanne.

  13. Yeah, I bought the elder god balloon items, I like them and i got a good deal on 150 donuts last week with the frink thing. Also, aztec theatre, duff brewery (both were high on my wants list) plus the 40 Free donuts from the Evil Shop!

    Everything’s coming up millhouse!

    • Yeah, I passed on that deal as it was $10 in Australia, which is a rip-off even with our crappy exchange rate (around US$7.20). IMO no building should cost more than $1-2, so $5 each or $3.30 each if you buy one with the 150 doughnuts is still crazy town.

  14. I wanted the cemetery and will go pout in my room because it wasn’t offered. Why wasn’t it is what I want to know. My diaper is full now. Can you tell I’ve been working on Heights too much lately? Finally got the bazillion points for Paris.

  15. When we can make as many spooky walls we want with a bonus % for free I found these items to not be worth it. 60 donuts for a 1.60% on cash and xp or 32 spooky walls for 6,400 snake eggs (essentially free) with the same bonus. (This doesn’t even factor in that many of us had spooky walls from previous THOH events) The obedience and the consumerism boosts don’t ever matter IMO since they can be gotten with game cash. I’ll save my donuts and get back to collecting those snake eggs.

    • Spooky walls? The waiting walls give a 2,25% bonus! I hope EA doesn’t change that, I’m very close to getting a 100% bonus!

      • I used the spooky walls to make the point that you get more value out of them than these items. Obviously the wailing walls are a better value, but I was using the 1.60% bonus due to these items total bonus and since the wailing walls are way more they weren’t my focus in my original post.

    • Do not forget about the Wailing Walls. They give a 2.25% multiplier and a payout every 12 hours for only 250 brains. Much better value!

    • If that’s your primary goal, you might want to switch over to zombies, as wailing walls are worth 2.25% bonus *each*! I got a bunch of those, but recently switched over to snakes, because spooky walls are more useful as a design element (there’s nothing inherently “Halloween-y” about them). I’m still making wailing walls as I collect brains through terrors and neighbors and such, but I’ve got my campfire focused on snakes for now.

      • I also like the spooky walls better since they can be used all over the town, but have a bunch of wailing walls that I will have to hide since my Halloween area can’t fit them all.

  16. I bought both the Elders, used donuts I earned. What can I say I thought they were cool! The wall was complete pass, in order for it to look decent would have to buy quite a few. I’ll stick with the rock walls & spooky walls, plus I tend to get in trouble with too many walls, I have to remove something each time I go wall crazy!

  17. Happy Anniversary Alissa! I’m happy to see some of these pool people are dropping like flies by putting Nov 1 and Nov 2 due date (SS)….this leaves a potential winning spot for me!!! Keep holding HER in, Alissa!!!!

  18. I can’t believe the price on those party walls never came down. I was certain it had to be a mistake. Like, factor of ten sort of mistake. I’m not buying any tiny walls with tiny multipliers for 20 gorram donuts apiece.

  19. I placed a wavy armed elder god next to my Treehouse, kind of looks like a monster attacking the kids.

  20. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    I wasn’t even remotely tempted by these items. Pass for me.

  21. Pass, pass, and pass. Easy decisions for me for these!

  22. I’d like to have some of those walls but…I’m not made of donuts!

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