Shopkeeper’s Challenges Week 4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are nearing the end of Act 2 and something in our game has restarted today…the Shopkeeper’s Challenges!

So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do for 5 days during week 4 to earn bonus crafting currency and 20 bonuts!


2015-11-02 16.50.02

Here’s what the Shopkeeper has in store for us this week…

Day Task Earns
Monday 11/2 Squish Snakes x30 100 ico_thoh2015_snakeeggs_md
Tuesday 11/3 Upgrade the Spooky Campfire 100 ico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md
Wednesday 11/4 Squish Bunnies x30 100 indicator_bunnyears
Thursday 11/5 Craft a Prize 50 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md
50 ico_thoh2015_zombiebrains_md
Friday 11/6 Make Youngsters Hunt Nightmares x15 50 ico_thoh2015_skeletonbones_md

Remember all new tasks unlock at 8am your local time…. (they’re supposed to restart at 8am, but many are commenting that EA didn’t “change their clocks” so they’re resetting at 7am local time)2015-10-31 11.54.43
And when you complete them all within the week you’ll earn 20 bonuts (Bonuts= Bonus Donuts)!

And there you have it my friends, the challenges to earn you 20 bonuts during week 4!

What are your thoughts on the Daily Challenges?  Did you earn your 20 bonuts last week?  Think you’ll get there again this week?  What do you plan to do with all those saved up Bonuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

156 responses to “Shopkeeper’s Challenges Week 4

  1. I finally got ONE skeleton in 4th time I sent kids to brown house. It’s been almost a day I saw skeleton last time!! And still 15 skeletons are missing. Now I’m only sending two kids, Bart and the other who suppose to spawn skeletons and see if they produce others instead of skeletons.

    • i topped out at 16 skeletons… This was after I hard shut down, before the shut down I got none.
      I’m wondering if this is only occurring while the kids are in battle at the campfire? A glitch that they can’t produce skeletons or bunnies (no bunnies either I noticed) while M’nthster is in battle?
      Any thoughts?

      • In my case, they didn’t produce skeletons either M’nthster is in a battle or not. Anyway, i solved this problem. Yeahhh!!! I’ve got 30 skeletons and moved on to next challenge!! 😆 The thing is you need to send kids to multiple brown houses. (place them in different area to avoid collect all at once) Make sure collect each house separately and squish all nightmares before collecting next house. Then you probably can have all nightmares. 👍

    • I. On day 3 of this challenge and haven’t seen one single skeleton, I’m doing it every four hours, just snakes and mummy’s coming out.
      Great way for the game to save their doughnut prizes.

  2. I have trouble with Spawning skeletons in brown house. They haven’t came out last 3 times I sent kids. I know they might be pop up little late but this time it takes too long. i suppose to have 25 skeletons in total but stopped at 13. 😕 I sent all kids again but next time I’ll send only Bart and the other who spawn skeletons and see what will happen.

  3. How on earth can we finnish the challenge for week 5…..never gonna happen on time totally imposable or are there any tricks?

  4. Is it normal that I cant level up as fast …I’m on skeletons at the moment and since only a couple kids produce skeletons while hunting nightmares I’m only getting maybe 4-6 skeletons every 4 hours

  5. So I am waiting for M’sther to come back (to minus 11 hours) and I have no option to send the kids to hunt nightmares for the challenge today. Am I missing something?

  6. Hello I am not abble to do the last task anyone else facing the same issue?
    Make Youngsters Hunt Nightmares x15 how do I do this one?

  7. Does anyone know how to make youngsters hunt nightmares?

  8. Can anyone please tell me how to complete this week’s Day 5 task, ie. Make Youngsters Hunt Nightmare?

  9. How to complete this daily taks.

    Make Youngsters Hunt Nightmares [x15]
    Location: Brown House

    when i go to Brown House. It written as “Hunt nigntmares at Krusty Murder”

  10. Alissa, so grateful for this post (all posts, really)! Last night I was spawning bunnies from my campfire. I was close to upgrading the fire, but I thought, “I’ll just wait until morning so I have bunnies to squish for the Shopkeeper’s Challenge.” Good thing I did, considering all the comment I’m seeing here and on the Act 3 thread. These posts really help keep this game fun for me, and not frustrating. THANK YOU!

    • I’ll second that, without this site, I’d probably still be squishing bunnies to this very day wondering why that quest won’t complete. To think its not even hunting season, all those poor defenseless bunnies getting squished.

      DISCLAIMER: No bunnies were harmed in the making of this post. 😀

  11. Why oh why would they make today’s task squish bunnies when they are talking away the nightmares today? Really!? Are there any other options besides neighbor visits?

    • If you haven’t started Part 2 of The Blameless City, you can still send Milhouse to tell a story and then send all the kids to make s’mores. They’ll make bunnies every four hours.

  12. Samantha Fawcett

    How are you supposed to complete day 3 when the bunnies aren’t spawning from the fire or pet cemetery?????

  13. Today’s mislabeled as squish bunnies again. Guessing it’s a misprint of snakes like last year.

    Anyone else?

  14. I’m glad that the CRAFT A PRIZE challenge is after the launch of ACT III. I can see what new items are available.

    … Of course, if nothing is appealing or required for a task, looks like another Wailing Wall could be the added to the town.

  15. Way off topic, but I’m missing my smoking brown house. I had forgotten about it until I visited a neighbors town. I blew up my town before the event kicked off, and was only adding items as needed. Thanks for your hard work with this great website.

  16. OMG I’m so tired of upgrading this campfire. It’s seriously repetitive, annoying, and seems pointless. My campfire is already level 37 and I have more spooky shacks then I know what to do with. This has been the most disappointing Halloween event to date (In my opinion). I’m bored with it already. I hope something good comes out of that lake in Act 3 to salvage this event but I wont get my hopes up. (Rant Over Lol)

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m still hoping act 3 well redeem itself but still too late to keep this from being the most uneventful event ever. Boring and very little for long time players

    • Michelle pearson

      Completely agree. I have so many spooky hedges in store that I’m never going to use. They could have varied the rewards up a bit. I’m also really disappointed with the craft items for act 3. Other than UBO I think they are a real let down.

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