11/10: Returning THOH Premium Items In Store

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know several items have made their way back to our stores today….

We will not be doing new Should I Buy posts for these items, as we’ve covered just about all of them at one point or another on the site.  So this post is your main spot to determine if these items are worth your donuts.

So what’s returned?  Let’s take a look….


703px-Heck_House_Tapped_OutHeck House- 40 Donuts. Facade for Springfield Church.  Should I Buy

portalgate_menuPortal to Rigel 7- 75 Donuts. From Halloween 2014, was useful then.  Now, not so much.  Should I Buy

Rigellian QueenRigellian Queen- 100 Donuts.  Prize from Halloween 2014.  Just a decoration.  Kodos and Kang do have a task here.  More info.

Ancient_RuinsAncient Ruins- 55 Donuts.  Back from earlier this event.  Should I Buy

marge_witch_menu Witch Marge- 75 Donuts.  Costume for Marge.  Has a speed up crops task.  Does not come with the Cauldron, that had to be purchased separately this year. Has a mention about improved Halloween tasks.  It will NOT earn you Candy Apples.  Just premium payout now at the Halloween buildings for Adult actions.  Should I Buy

ned_devilflanders_menuDevil Flanders- 120 Donuts.  Another popular costume, this time for Flanders.  Pretty fun actions.  Price increase this year. Should I Buy.

And there you have it.  A quick breakdown with the links to the Should I Buy posts for each of the returning items in our games!

What do you think about the returning items?  Any you’re excited to see?  Did you pick any up right away?  Still making up your mind?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

99 responses to “11/10: Returning THOH Premium Items In Store

  1. I’m disappointed that there’s no Mayan Marge. I was hoping to complete my Mayan bunch.

  2. This was a pretty disappointing Halloween for me. No Springfield Cemetary and no teleporters.

  3. I already spent 300 donuts in this event to buy the drivein and the costumes of Luann and Kirk so I will pass these, I just cant spend more

  4. I bought the Heck House, but I cant locate it anyplace! It showed up in my storage and I clicked it to place it and it disappeared again. I missed the cauldron!

  5. oh and anyone know if witch marge and ned are staying? they don’t have the limited under them as the others (as well as the other halloween skins?). Or is it just to mean that they’re fore the event only but no “timer” to them?

  6. Rigellian Queen is not worth 100 donuts let alone 15 to me she doesn’t have her own task and only gives the Rigellians 1 20 hour task. I was happy she was a craft item I got last year. Witch Marge is only good for her speed up crops and premium bonus. I got her with the cauldron last year and hardly use her other than Halloween.

    • If you use her to speed up Triffids, you can get three crops a day, which is great for earning XP (which, in turn, helps you to get free donuts).

      • That’s what I was considering doing, but… she’s the same price (75 donuts) as she was last year, but now you’re just getting her witch costume (i.e. EA took away the cauldron). I just don’t know.

  7. Does the portal to rigel 7 give us anything ? Extra star spawn maybe? I would definitely buy it if it spawned more zombies. oh well

  8. For those that may not be aware, Devil Flanders does have a questline. Although it only unlocks if you have the Bad Dream House. So its technically not a Devil Flanders questline, but more a combined with BDH questline.

  9. I saw all of these items a couple of days ago (around 9/11) and thought they were part of the Act 3 update and I just hadn’t noticed them. The only thing new for me today (11/11 already) was the Level 59 stuff…

  10. i’m bummed. witch marge was 75 with the cauldron (unless i’m mistaken) so i thought i would have enough to get her at 50 donuts (once and if the skeletons were resolved). So i splurged on the house. and i had bought the cauldron anticipating the witch marge’s return but looks unless I decide to spend real dollars i’ll have to wait another year…again. 🙁

  11. I’m quite happy; for this THOH I wanted Witch Marge, Maude Flanders, and some grounded zombie to place next to the jail. All things considered, 1 of 3 is not that bad (for a moment I feared it would be 0).

    What I don’t understand, though, if the business sense of EA. Who was the genius who decided to remove the cauldron from the store, right at the time when a reason to buy it appeared? I’m hoping that a patch of economic rationality will arrive before the end of the event.

    BTW, thanks for all the amazing work here!

    • alex - aabcampos2

      probably who decides what appear on the game doesn’t play the game or watch the simpsons show.

      I bet they are a couple of lawyers….

    • Yeah! Now we have to wait a year to get the cauldron?! I reaaallly hope not

  12. I’m a little bummed with the event this year…usually this is where I blow all my sprinkles! Not so much this year though. I did get Devil Flanders after holding out the last couple of years. Should have paid attention to this article, it was a little spendy and not a lot of tasks!

  13. Where is the cauldron for sale? Is it gone already? Will it be back next Halloween, or can we convince EA that it’s needed to make Thanksgiving dinner?

    I decided to get Witch Marge because she desperately needs better tasks. And deserves them. She had some good ones with her tennis outfit but it’s getting too chilly for that… I bought a fairy costume for Kodos for 40 hard earned donuts and haven’t regretted it (she spends her time mainly distributing glitter with Smithers at the moment).

  14. I want everything except the portal, but I’ve already spent a lot of donuts this event, plus I want to keep at least 150 for Christmas and hopefully get the Mr.Plow skin, candy cane cooling towers, and the King Kong tower (can’t remember if that’s Christmas or Halloween…I think I might be confusing it with ClausCo).
    Might get Witch Marge, haven’t totally decided yet…but I really like Marge’s tennis skin which is the one I always have her in.

  15. is there likely to be any more premium items added before the end of this event (or even better more cartable)

  16. Yeah, seems like there’s definitely some inflation going on because of all the free bonuts we’re getting.

  17. Witch Marge looks really cool, and for the first time since I started to play TSTO, I have a significant amount of donuts ( more than 300), so I could afford the skin. But I think I’ll pass on it a bit reluctantly though. Black Friday is coming soon, and I expect some great deals from Gil 🙂

  18. I like the heck house, but I’m 2 donuts away from being able to finally buy Barney (though I will wait until after the event, possibly even until christmas before actually buying him) plus, I have the sponsored church façade already and i like it very much! So EA’s fault for giving us something cooler for free… And I will not buy another character skin again, I got mr plow last year and now I have 5 or 6 skins for Homer for example. (Though mr plow is my fav).

  19. I take it the queen does not unlock the possibility of crafting huts anymore like in the walkthough link?

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