The Final Countdown Is On for Deep Space!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that the Deep Space Homer Event is set to leave our games tomorrow (0700 GMT, 2am EDT).  So if you’re still working on the questline to earn those prizes, better put it into hyper drive because it leaves in the morning!


Along with the prizes the items in the store will also be leaving…so if you’re thinking about getting Barney, do so now before he’s gone!  Need a little help weighing the pros and cons?  Check out our should I buy post on him here. (you can also check out the should I buy on the carbon rod here)


Oh and don’t forget to get your 5 FREE DONUTS via the Deep Space Easter Egg.  If you haven’t done it yet you can check out the details here.

So what’s next for TSTO?  Well we’ll have to wait and see what EA has in store for us…but for now I wouldn’t put Homer or Lisa on any long tasks.  I’d also avoid sending any freemium characters on 24hr tasks….just in case.

What are your thoughts on the Deep Space Homer Event?  Did you collect all of the prizes?  Buy any premium items?  What do you think we’ll get next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

47 responses to “The Final Countdown Is On for Deep Space!

  1. If u r visiting other Springfields n u tap on the rocket launcher, u can send it into space n receive $200 n xp when it finishes in 12 hours!!!!

  2. Have someone noticed that you can dig donuts from detrits came from space?
    I’ve already or two!

  3. I’ve had a case logged with EA since last Saturday about my rocket going missing from my game and not had it replaced yet. It marred the end of what was a good event as I was too scared to play the game in case they rewound to a previous state. As an event I really enjoyed it as it was straightforward and didn’t require me to play all of the time. More like this would be great.

  4. Ugh of course we got an update because 30 minutes ago I put everyone on a 24 task lol.

  5. It was a nice, easy and fun event. With such a great discount I immediately bought Barney and I also bought a carbon rod monument. Now looking forward to getting the next update

  6. Is there any breakdown on what the rocket launch can bring down? Is this going to continue after the event ends? I only got debris (twice) and a ‘hail ants’ signboard (once) otherwise it’s just burning… Did people mention they got alien shrubbery as a present? That would be awesome. Wondering if you guys have the total list of possibilities and odds, as you made before for the mystery boxes

      • Yeah, but any idea about the odds for each?

        • Nope and as a rule we don’t post odds any more because readers yell when we do and it’s not working as coded.

          • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

            First of all – nice photo. Two of the three loveliest lady ‘Host’ Addicts.
            Second of all – in a coin toss, the odds are 50:50* of it landing heads or tails. The odds of it landing heads 3 times in a row are 1:8. BUT, after it lands heads twice in a row, the odds of it landing heads on the next toss are still 50:50. It’s called independent trials – what happened in the past has no affect on what happens in the future. A 10% chance of getting a shrubbery (Monty Python and the Holy Grail is suddenly coming to mind) doesn’t mean that every tenth time will yield a shrubbery. Each time is a 1:10 chance.
            So give us the odds and let people complain- they gots to complain about something. (BTW, I don’t care for the sunglasses you are wearing 😇)

            *Actually, odds are better of a coin landing “tail” up – but just slightly so.

            • lol it’s just not something we’re going to do at this time. If EA wanted you to know the odds they’d publish them. I’d rather not stir up reminders of Easter 2014…

              And thanks for insulting my $9.99 drug store sunglasses, since i break them at a rapid rate, they do the trick of keeping the sun out of my eyes just fine 😉

  7. I’ve learned to stick to 4 hour tasks in the couple of days at the end of an event, just in case.
    I had, however, forgotten about the Easter Egg, so thanks for reminding me. Hopefully I’ll have that done in time….

  8. Darn! Wish I would have read this post earlier! Just sent most of my guys on 24 hour quests. Oh well, I have a few left! I enjoyed this event, I received mostly debris and I shrubbery. It’s up in space now so I’ll see what it brings me in the morning. I did break down & bought some donuts so I could buy Barney yesterday. Hopefully the next event is fun!

  9. I have sent that rocket up so many times and it seems like one out of every 5 times it actually goes to space and what it brought me back was either debris or c hail ants signs. I was hoping for more on this quest. But on the bright side I now have a spaceport.

  10. Ok, I have gotten bonuts from XP twice now since lvl 59 came out.. Never done that before.. Lvl 60 needs to hurry up and come out because otherwise the total XP is just going to continue going up without any reward (besides the bonuts).

    • Twice? Thanks to the Wailing Walls I’m currently working on my fifth round, guess I really am addicted lol

      • It also depends where your XP meter is. I’ve only leveled up once, but it currently takes 10M XP for me to fill it.

        • Right, forgot each time it requires more and more exp, guess I’m still kinda new compared to some lol

          • No worries…I’ve been playing for a year and a half now and, in some respects, I’m sometimes still a relative newbie, too. (In others, I feel like an experienced pro, though.)

      • The wailing walls from last Halloween, and the tennis courts from SH were a boon to me. Prior to these two items being re-released as craftable items I had a bonus multiplier of merely 41%. I was able to craft enough wailing walls and tennis courts to raise my multiplier to 235%. !

        • Yeah, I didn’t cash in on the tennis court thing, figured something that took up less space would come along, and then came the wailing walls. Sitting around 207% myself.

      • I almost feel like deep space was an event that could have been a new level…

        I wish they had a premium Buzz Aldrin tho.

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          I am terrible in regards to remembering names of characters, but….
          “Bumble Bee Man?”, the premium character- HE could have a Deep Space skin – Buzz Bumble Bee Man.

      • Don’t forget the tennis courts. The and the wailing walls gave my bonus muliplicator a boost of 200 percent.

      • What is your bonus percentage? Mine is only around 92% I think because I’m like a 75% freemium player..

    • Here’s a trick. When a new level is released your XP is reset to a lower level based on the requirement for the new level. When this happens, pay 5 doughnuts to activate one day on the collider. Buy and sell blood mobiles and/or rat trap trucks. You will gain a massive amount of XP, and thus level up (XP level up) a number of times depending on how much game cash you have to play with. The more game cash you have the better. You can easily level up a number of times even if you spend as little as $10 million (more or less) earning many bonuts. The last time I did this I earned about 35 bonuts, for a net of 30 (35 minus the 5 I payed for the collider activation). Get it? I have read in the posts on this site that many people have many millions more than $10 million. I saw one person state that he/she had $250 million waiting for level 60 to come out.

  11. Even though the prizes are kinda meh regarding the rocket launch, kinda hoping that stays for a bit. Got all items except the Kang shrubbery. Really don’t need/want it, and will not shell out donuts for a bush, but if it was “won” I’d gladly accept it. My rocket is currently burning up so guess its not meant to be, unless it continues like the Maggie game.

  12. I want to buy a bunch of Rigelian shrubs but all my money has been going to The Beatles ever since they offered their catalog for download.

    • I wanted to buy a bunch too, but I could only afford 4 before I started feeling like I was wasting donuts. But I LOVE those shrubs!!

    • And half of them are dead!

      • Well I’m a huge Yoko fan so she should have enough of my money. I have all her albums, John and The Beatles already, now I’m buying them again to have on my cloud, ridiculous

    • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

      A Beatles fan, you be? Hmm, then y’all should know the trivia of what Buck Owens and the Beatles have in common.

      • Would you be referring to the cover of Act Naturally from the Help! album also B side to Yesterday?

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          Yep! One of those bits o’ trivia that many people would probably say, “what!?”

          • My sister and I use to tease my mother for liking The Beatles. All we really knew was She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Ed Sullivan and an 8-Track my mom had of Abbey Road and I Want You (She’s So Heavy) was way too weird for me when I was younger. We thought they were so lame.
            Then my senior year of high school it was late and nothing was on TV but I stumbled across a documentary about The Beatles. When they got to Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane my universe suddenly changed. I had all their albums within months. Not only that but it changed the way I listened to music. I had been into hair metal of the late 80’s. I sold almost all those Cd’s and have been expanding ever since. The last 3 shows I’ve seen aren’t even concerts anymore, they were experimental modern opera.
            Sorry for the ramble, don’t get me started on The Beatles.

  13. Nice event, my only disapointment is not being able to get Barney – have enough donuts if it was discounted – but not enough to buy at full price, and then get mail in rebate for donuts. 🙁

    Looking forward to Valentine Day event…..

    • Yeah, it’s totally bogus how they do discounts. I managed to get 120 doughnuts, but of course they want me to buy another 130 just to get them back. No way I’m paying $15 for one in-game item… I can buy 15 mobile games for that money!

  14. I finished the quest line so long ago I forgot that the “event” was still going on. I want to see level 60 tomorrow.

  15. This was a great little mini event. Love Astronaut Barney and the Deep Space Homer skin. I also bought the Carbon Rod Monument because you kind of have to. Can’t wait to see what else the year brings us.

  16. blackgypsyrose13

    It was a nice little event. Pretty laid back and easy enough to get all the prizes. I did however break down and buy some donuts to get Barney. Also was able to get the drive in (which I have been wanting since it first came out) and the carbon rod. I’m looking forward to what EA is planning for the next event.

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