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  1. Post from EA on this issue:

    • If you have been affected by this technical issue (your land was reset to level 1), please contact us at http://help.ea.com/article/the-simpsons-tapped-out…t-issue-for-anonymous-players/

  2. my daily challenges never reset…it always says “new challenge in 12 hours” or whatever…counts down to midnight, and then says “new challenge in 24 hours” and starts the process again…been like that since day 2 of the daily challenges, but i didn’t know who to ask for help. Do you have any ideas? i’ve tried uninstalling and installing, updating, etc…i NEVER get a challenge 🙁

  3. Hi I’ve lost my game reset back to level 1, but I was signed on through Facebook dose that help in any way to restore it as I don’t have an apple back up.. My friends can still see my Springfield? Is there hope?

    You only get your old anonymous game back, if you haven’t started a new one.

    • I really hope the reset don’t happen to me. I got two Springfields safe on a phone and a tablet that one is with a orgin and one without a origin account I really hope I won’t lose both of them. I want to keep both of them

      • What happens on my iPad that my anonymous game was written over by my A-Springfield twice, so now I have two copies of it. Leveling up from 25 to 939 within a second 🙂
        One of them automagically changed back 🙁

  5. Random account-related query: I use my EA account exclusively for TSTO, but I’d heard from a friend that these accounts are also used for other games. (Indeed, a few minutes of research easily confirmed this.) So am I the only casual gamer around, who uses his account exclusively for this one game, or is that a pretty common scenario?

  6. Entering a fake adress while registering does nothing to prevent EA to access private information. As long as you’re logged into TSTO using your Origin ID, they’re able to and allowed (you’re signing the declaration of consent when signing up) to collect certain data from other scources on your device. They’re allowed to access browser history, collect technical specs (including your IP and MAC addresses), verify software authenticity and everything else that is somehow “releated to websites and mobile platforms” (quote: EA).
    If you you’re logged into your kindle, if you’re logging into the apple or google play store while tsto is running in the background, EA is going to have a pretty good idea who is using that e-mail adress you registered with.

    • Ok. I can’t even right now. If you’re that paranoid, or someone else is that paranoid…don’t have a smart phone. Don’t access the internet EVER. Live under ground in a bunker and keep your money in a coffee can in a hole in the bunker.

      • It’s not about being paranoid or not. I personally don’t have a problem with it, otherwise I wouldn’t have an Origin account, nor be using Steam or Arc, but for people who don’t trust EA enough and who don’t want to give out their personal information to them, it’s simply not enough to just use a fake E-mail adress. It’s not about the tin-foil hat, it’s about knowing what information you’re sharing with whom.

      • I already live in a hole in the ground with my money stuffed under my mattress…but I needs me my tekmologeez!


      • Being paranoid has nothing to do with it. EA says that its collecting that information right in its privacy policy. (Although I’m not sure that the information collection is limited to only those with accounts.) http://www.ea.com/privacy-policy

        People should just be aware of the privacy trade offs they’re making when they do things online. Gathering and selling people’s information is a huge business and how many online services make enough money.

  7. Has anyone found that the latest version of the update will not download? Been playing since the event began but not being told to download to continue, but when going to the app store (ios) hitting update does nothing.

  8. Regarding iOS update; why can I not craft stuff yet? Will there be another update, or am I not far enough in the questlines?

  9. I was hoping one of these updates would fix the Narobics bug where it still shows at the top of the task list for Marge, Ms Hoover and Luann.
    Guess I’ll keep waiting.

  10. Hi I have played as an anonymous for nearly 2 years. First time I required neighbours for an event I decided to create an account. Must have done something wrong as I created a different game. Now I have 2 games on the same device, one as anon and one with an account. Will the instructions you have given allow me to turn my anon game into an ES game without affecting the other.

  11. Is anyone having an issue with completing the casino daily challenge on ios. I did mine but it won’t clear out.

  12. Is there a glitch where it doesn’t show how many chips our neighbors have collected? I’m at 22000 and ALL my friends are 0 still.

    • Yea i think so….i noticed it too. Not sure if it’s intentional, like if it’ll show when Act 1 is over..

      • I was just about to ask the same question. Have noticed it since the initial upgrade, and still after the “2nd” IOS upgrade. I’m not concerned as I’m a grossly frequent player, but I do gauge my progress compared to neighbors. No offense to the TSTO calendar!

  13. I feel like you should add janitor your resume- EA makes a mess and you have to clean up after it :’)

  14. Is it true they’re adding a desert theme similar to the Springfield Badlands? I heard there’s something referencing that at the end of the Casino quest??

  15. Is it a good investment to get Florence of Arabia or is it a better investment to wait until something better appears. For the other parts of the even will she help?

  16. Good news. Hope this (and the backup recovery steps) will help most iOS users.

    Is Android being forced to update too? (Just the last version, I mean.)

  17. Not really sure if this info will help anyone who had lost their game but it’s worth a try.
    When I first started playing tsto I played anonymously for about 3/4 months. Then something happened to my phone therefore had to remove the game and then reinstalled it (can’t remember exactly what happened to the phone).

    At first I thought I lost the whole game but wasn’t bothered much as I only just started playing. But this time around I decided to create an account. As soon as I created it, I managed to get my previous game back. Hope it helps.

  18. You can delete my previous comment. Was half asleep when posted. Figured out they must reset counter on one menu after each prize is achieved. Sorry about that fellow addicts. No more sleep posting for me.. anyway loving the event so far. Different theme from the norm and a little more grown up. Peace, love and duff

  19. I apologize in advance if these answers are posted already but I just noticed this as I was getting ready to lay down. I was playing the slot game , tapping neighbors and roaming gamblers to gather the red chips. When I was checking the totals on each menu I discovered a 6000 chip difference between the two menus. Do they apply to two different tasks or are they not registering on one for some reason. Will investigate cluster when I have the time but was hoping you might have an answer already for this before I wasted my time.

    Thanks again for your time and dedacation

  20. I have an account so I was affected, but after the update I was given an extra skip for the daily challenge (actually one that’s been there a few days). Instead of making lattes, I got a donut for playing a game at Moe’s. A donut for doing what I would have anyway? Please, sir, may I have some more? 🍩

  21. I was checking my game and I noticed that I had a large amount of red chips on my main screen (the screen you see when you check out your town) and when I looked at the prize meter (the one that shows you how much you need to gain a new prize) I had less red chips. Is this some glitch?

  22. My wife lost her simpsons game this morning.. everything went back to level 1.. I was able to recover by restoring my iPad to an iCloud backup from 2 days ago (iCloud does nightly backups if you plug it in to a power source).. once I did the restore her old town was back up and running (yes she lost 2 days worth of work, but really thats not that bad).

    Once it was running I had the option to update to the Casino update, but first I logged into my own EA account to sync her game to an account. When you first log in with the EA account it says something like “a simpsons level XY was found on this ipad. Is this your game?”… and if you’ve been playing anonymous this would be.. so I clicked “yes” and then it synced the game to my EA account.

    I did the Casino update and so far everything looks to be good and running and now its backed up to an account as well

  23. So my 5 year old wanted to “help mommy” by bringing her the kindle..when it dropped against my granite countertop, my first thought was my beloved Springfield. After 5 reboots I got my game back, read your plea and created an account ..I took it as a sign from Bleeding gums Murphy,Maude,Dr Monroe, Snowball 1 and Mrs K.

  24. What are we getting for visiting or neighbours? My game also does not show that any friends have any red chips.

    • IF you triggerd the visit neighbor quest and IF you have not made any visits in the last 24hours… tapping on the info icon next to your chips in Neighbors town tells you… you will get 10 red chips for the next ## Neighbor Actions (90 total in a 24hr day)

  25. I’m holding out hope that they can still fix this. I know the data is still there because I got notifications of finished tasks even though I can’t get into my game. While I’m upset and hope this gets resolved, I’m not going to cry or lose sleep over it.

  26. I’ve updated my Reddit post with simplified steps now that the patch is out. Good luck everybody!

  27. Tracy - 1ltwoody920

    Ya’ know, after a massive number of seconds pondering this “create an Account” issue, it is my considered opinion that the only reason to provide a true e-mail account ( if this is an issue) is to allow EA to send you your password if you forget it.
    So, give EA the password “IamParanoidoidofEA@yahoo.com”
    With the password “YesIamParanoidofEA”

    • It’s so easy to create different email accounts, I really struggle to see why it’s a problem for anyone. Outlook, Gmail, and even poor old Yahoo will give email accounts for free. I don’t recommend anyone tie their account to yours, especially if they plan on buying anything in the future!

  28. It appears to be a forced update, too, presumably so that nobody who has yet to be hit by the problem can accidentally wipe their game by opening the buggy version. (I wasn’t hit by this bug myself, but I was slightly surprised when my game required another update, so soon after the initial casino update. I guess now I know what that update was.)

    • Same.

      But I have a minor issue (don’t know if it is iOS or not) when in the visit neighbor menu -NO ONE- not a single neighbor has a show of total of Red Chips. (These are people that comment on this site, they have Casinos in their towns, strange)

      The benifit of this being fixed is to see which neighbors are falling behind.

      Wonder if anyone else has this (minor) issue.

      • Others have reported it. I wouldn’t worry. It usually takes a bit for the game to catch up n sync. Give it til weekend. 🙂

      • I’m on Android and I have the same issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

      • I have the same minor issue but what is starting to bother me is how my red casino chips are being counted! On my main town screen, my menu shows the red chips adding up normally. Then I got the first prize (mermaid burns fountain thing). Now the town screen menu still has the chips tallying up normally but the event menu/crafting board zero-d out my chips! So my main screen has the correct amount but the event/crafting menu is wrong. Ex, I have chips in around the 8000 mark as seen on my main screen but the event menu says 1000/16000 towards the next prize (I know my numbers are off my these are just for clarity)
        Does that make sense? Is this happening to anyone else?

          • Grrr. I’m so sorry. Honestly I thought I had read through everything. Must have been me glazing over those numbers and skimming too much, just not understanding what you clearly outlined. Sigh. Thanks for taking the time to reply despite that you shouldn’t have had to.

            Hey, that’s nice you have both tallies–very informative.
            And thank for the replies to the others’ where you explained about the “i” icon next to the red chips in the friends section! Never knew that. But then again I began tapping at the very beginning of the 2016 Xmas event….soooooo hard to start that way and missed out on a couple of things not having enough characters, but obsessive tapping helped. Lol. I’m at lvl 54–not too bad for such a short period of time, eh? 😉

      • The bigger issue this minor issue is that friend visits might not be adding to the red chip count!

  29. It did not restore lost games but will (probably) hinder Anonymous games going missing if updated now – for those who did not get the original update.
    My B is still gone. Studio is aware and looking into it.

  30. You guys are awesome! I got the prompt (again) that I did need to update to continue to play this afternoon. I did not do the app update because I already did yesterday (and yes I have an account). I was waiting until I got an email from you guys with instructions lol:)) So my question is, do you think it’s fine for me to do the update (again), or will I then lose my progress?

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