Casino Event 101: Gaming Moe’s

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  Vegas has arrived in Springfield and nothing says Vegas like rigged games of chance! Gaming Moe’s is a place where you can experience first hand one of those rigged games of chance…as you try your luck in the TSTO slots!

So what can you win at Gaming Moe’s?  How do you win?  How do you cheat?  Let’s take a look at all those questions and more as we break down the details of Gaming Moe’s….


You guys know the drill by now…we’ll start with the basics

How Do I Unlock Gaming Moe’s?

Gaming Moe’s will unlock, for FREE, once you reach The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 4. If you’re stuck check out our Turbo Tappin’ Post here.

How Do I Use Gaming Moe’s?

To “gamble” at Gaming Moe’s you’ll need Tokens.  They look like this…


Once you have at least 1 Token you can use it at Moe’s.

How Do I Earn Tokens?

Tokens will randomly pop out of Gamblers as you tap them..


You can also earn Tokens when you complete tasks at Burns’ Casino…1 token/4hrs per character that has a task there.

Additionally you can earn Tokens by upping your VIP Card Level (more on that in another post).   And you can earn them via the Daily Challenges.

And of course you can buy them for donuts in the store…I DO NOT recommend buying them.  You can earn Tokens pretty easily, DO NOT waste your donuts on them in the store.

ico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg ico_casino_gametoken_pack02_lg

So What Happens Once I Have A Token?  

Well…you tap on Gaming Moe’s and it’ll bring up the Slot Machine game…

2016-02-25 20.37.21

Take your finger and swipe down on the red lever.  That will spin the reels and show you what you’ve won!

So How Do You Win?

Well much like a regular Slot Machine, simply Match Icons on the reels to win…

2016-02-23 22.03.11

Two or 3 of the same icons wins a prize!  Pretty simple right?

What Can I Win?

2016-02-25 20.59.33

For Act 1…you can win Red Chips & Crafting Currency.  Every pull is a winner, so even when you lose you’ll still win something.

Here are the chip payouts:

2016-02-23 22.03.11

2 Barneys (anywhere on the reel) earns 60 Chips, 3 Barneys will earn you 400 Chips.  And it follows that pattern down.

You can also randomly earn crafting currency when you win (or lose).  Occasionally you’ll see crafting currency popup as a prize in addition to the Chips…

2016-02-25 21.00.13 2016-02-25 21.00.26

The bonus crafting payout is random and doesn’t always happen.  There’s no special trick to getting crafting currency to popup.

What Happens When I Lose? 

2016-02-25 20.59.53

If you lose at Moe’s you’re still a winner!  Sorta… If you lose at Moe’s you’ll win a courtesy chip.


During Act 1 you can trade courtesy chips in for chips via the crafting menu.  10 courtesy chips = 100 ico_casino_redchip_lg.

When you lose you’ll also occasionally get a crafting payout, just like when you win.

The Game Said Something About Cheating, How Do I Cheat?

2016-02-23 22.03.41

First, let me say this…cheating is random.  There is nothing you can do to get it to popup.  It’s completely random.  So don’t think you can do something to cheat…you can’t.  It’ll just popup from time to time.

Now..there are currently two ways to cheat at the slots.  The first is pictured in the image above.  You’ll get a popup that says the reels are stuck…simply tap the reels to change them.

2016-02-23 22.03.45

When this happens, at least for me, it’ll change the Reels to Barney…the highest payout:

2016-02-23 22.03.49

The second cheat pops up every once in a while and tells you that Moe’s not looking..

2016-02-25 11.34.20

This one only happens when you have two Barney’s on each end….and when you tap the center reel it replaces the image with a “sketch” of Barney…

2016-02-25 11.34.23

Again…there’s nothing you can do to make the cheat trigger.  It’s completely random and will popup in your game when you can.

And finally…

Should I Hoard The Tokens or Use them When I Have Them?


That’s really up to you.  There’s really no reason to hoard the Tokens.  I’ve personally been using them as I get them (when I have about 10 of them I cash them in at Moe’s).  Using them will help you earn the chips you’ll need to unlock the Act 1 prizes…so use them up! 🙂

And there you have it…the details on Gaming Moe’s!

What are your thoughts on Gaming Moe’s?  Having success in the slots?  Enjoying the “winning”?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

124 responses to “Casino Event 101: Gaming Moe’s

  1. What are the messages from Moe’s slot machine saying exactly?
    There’s one that says “Ah Yeah”. When you win big what is he saying? “That’s one for the…..”

  2. I just noticed that Moe has a 16-hour “Work at Gaming Moe’s” task at the top of his job menu that is not highlighted. Is this an Easter Egg task? I guess I never noticed it before because I use the Job Manager.

  3. Steve Elliott

    Have finished act 1 prize track, but have 60 game tokens left …. Is it worth hanging on to these for act 2 or will I lose them on the change over ??

  4. I have all act one prices, should i keep the tokens saved up for act two?

    • Your call. Personally my plan is to level up crafting at least to level 2 before i start saving coins. Plus, there’s a new game coming out tomorrow…so I think you may want to spend them.

  5. Strange glitch: I bought two cycling spotlights. The first day neither did anything – today one is lit up and the other one isn’t. I’ve tried storing it and then re-placing it but it still isn’t working! Am I missing something or is it just a glitch? (My phone has plenty of space so it isn’t that.)
    Not that worried about it but thought it was strange and wondered if others had the same problem.

  6. hi, not sure if this was asked yet, and there’s 100+ comments to go through.

    so, say we get all of the round one prizes and craft everything available at this time. does it make sense to hold off on spending coins at gaming moe’s then?

    the only thing i can think of continuing to play for in that scenario is the hopes of getting crafting items so that we can upgrade to level 2, but that seems like it would take YEARS lol.

    any thoughts?

    • It’s up to you. Personal choice. You can save them, some are. However, remember leveling up in crafting is important. It’s the only way to unlock more stuff in crafting.

  7. shawtymclittle

    The purple courtesy chips are only use to craft the current currency JUST in Act 1right?, So I should spend them as I get them ……

    • I think it’ll stick around for the whole event. So if you don’t need the chips and want to hoard them you can. (at least that’s what I’m doing. Don’t shoot the messenger if it doesn’t workout perfectly lol)

      • shawtymclittle

        lol….. NEVER EVER!!! 😀

      • Thats what im doing to hoarding all the purple chips hoping there’s a better use for them in act 2 or 3 than just exchanging for red chips but if not then if they work the same in act 3 they will just give me a big jump on a head start .. there’s no need to trade them no at all still have 5 days left to act 1 and I only need around 10,000 more red chips to finish the act im at around 90,000 chips right now ready to get to getting the bonus donuts

  8. Is there any way to speed up the slot machine? It takes way too long to do this and it’s not really all that much fun .

  9. I’m really annoyed, have about 15,900 red chips, but when I go on the prize checkl!ist thing, it says I have 9,500. Don’t know what to do, and I’m not sure how this happened… Can anyone help?

  10. will my tokens disappear if i save them for the 2nd act?

  11. once all this acts prizes are earnt. is it worth saving tokens for the 2nd act as im not to fussed about the bonus donuts and would like the potential prizes asap as i have a holiday. thnx

  12. I like to Gamble

  13. I wish there were some consistency with the payouts. I am talking about getting the same wheels (for example, three mugs of beer) and then the game gives out an arbitrary amount within a certain range. I have gotten as low as 120 chips to as high as 250 chips with that configuratuon. If I got this kind of payouts in a real casino, they would be closing it down (I do understand that this slot does occasionally allow cheating and you sometimes get a bonus). But it should be paying out the same amount for the same configurations.

    • They should be the same with 3 of the same or 2 of the same. They match the payouts I listed here. If they don’t something is wrong with your game but theyve been consistent for me.

  14. I truly hate having to spend tokens on the slot machine. It was funny / interesting the first 5 times… but having to grind through 80+ tokens is just a chore. I really want a way to just spend them all without all the mucking around to get crafting materials out of them. In fact, it would be nice if we could just tap the gamblers for crafting and forget about the whole tokens & slot machine entirely!

  15. Hello, I don’t see my earlier post so I’ll ask again. I have a daily challenge that is “casino: play slots” for 10 silver show tickets, but it won’t complete after playing slots at Moes casino(which is where it takes you after hitting blue “go to”
    Any guess? Or should I change the challenge?

    • Hmm i thought i answered it. Anyway…I’ve seen several complaints of the same issue. Right now there’s no fix to get it to clear that I’ve seen. You can either skip it or just keep it there and hope EA patches it. It won’t hinder progress if you want to keep it there and see what happens..

    • I’m having the same issue. I’m gonna try un/re-install, but I doubt it will help. EA will probably provide a patch…

  16. Are the courtesy chips only for crafting Act 1 ships, or can they be used to craft act 2/3 chips down the line?

  17. Is there any reason to save courtesy chips that you can tell?

  18. Between winning 20 tokens from the daily challenges twice and my working late the last two days, I have over 80 tokens now. Not really planning on hoarding, but I can’t see myself spending them all in one sitting. It is useful but still my least favourite part of the event up to now. Going to try to chip away at them 10 at a time.

  19. I’m hording coins until the next daily challenge comes out. Sometimes hard to complete the challenge without playing a lot of slots.

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