Casino Event 101: Players Club

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Las Springfield!  Vegas has arrived in Springfield and nothing says Vegas like VIP Players Cards.  (my parents know this all too well…)

Seeing lots of questions from you guys about the Players Club Cards.  How do you get them?  What do they do?  How do I get the concierge kiosk?    Let’s take a look at all those questions and more as we break down the details of the Players Club…


In a nutshell…the players club is another aspect of of the event where collecting will earn you more currency (for crafting and prizes), tokens for the casinos & an exclusive building!

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How Do I Earn Players Club Cards?


There are several different ways to earn Players Club Cards.  You’ll earn them when you unlock prizes during each Act.  They can also be earned when you craft prizes.  And finally they can be earned when you buy certain premium items.

For Act 1….here’s what each prize pays out in Club Cards:

burnsfountain_menuBurns’ Fountain: 120 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Points

ico_priz_casino_impulsewedding_lgImpulse Wedding Chapel: 240 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Points

charactersets_milhouse_magicactMagic Act Milhouse: 360 Club ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelCard Points

ico_priz_casino_britannia_lgBritannia Casino: 240 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Points

luciussweet_victory_pose_image_5Lucius Sweet: 595 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Points

Crafting items also earn club cards, we’ll discuss that in the crafting post.  (too much to outline here)

Also during Act one the following premium items pay our Club Card Points…

labellefrottage_menuLa Belle Frottage- 185 Donuts.  Awards 480 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevelClub Card Points

charactersets_gingerflanders charactersets_ambersimpsonVegas Wives- 115 Donuts. Awards 955 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Club Card Points. 

welcometospringfieldsign_menuWelcome to Springfield Sign- 35 Donuts. Awards 240 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Club Card Points 

How Do I Unlock the Concierge Kiosk?


The Concierge Kiosk is the “hub” for the Players Club Cards.  As soon as you earn your first set of club cards, you’ll unlock the Concierge.  So either via earning a prize, crafting an item or buying a premium item…one of those will unlock the Concierge for you.

What Can I Win from the Club Cards? 

Club cards is a cumulative total and you’ll need a total of 6,660 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel to earn everything you can in the Players Club.   Note: Remember this runs for the whole event.  So you don’t need to unlock everything immediately.  Don’t stress about it, you’ve got 30+ days to earn it all…

295 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 100 Chips (for Act prizes.) ico_casino_multichips_pack03_lg
665 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel  10 Game Tokensico_casino_gametoken_pack02_lg
1,035 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 30 Keychains ico_casino_keychain_pack01_lg
1,405 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 20 Coasters ico_casino_coaster_pack02_lg
1,775 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Bronze Players Club Tower Tapped_Out_Bronze_Players_Club_Tower
2,145 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 1,250 Chips ico_casino_multichips_pack03_lg
2,515 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 20 Tokensico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg
2,885ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 20 Coasters ico_casino_coaster_pack02_lg
3,180ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 10 Martinis ico_casino_martini_pack02_lg
3,550ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Silver Players Club Tower Tapped_Out_Silver_Players_Club_Tower
3,850 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 2,500 Chipsico_casino_multichips_pack03_lg
4,145ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 30 Tokens ico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg
4,440 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 15 Martinis ico_casino_martini_pack02_lg
4,735 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 10 Show Ticketsico_casino_showticket_pack02_lg
5,030ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Gold Players Club Tower Tapped_Out_Gold_Players_Club_Tower
5,330ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 3,750 Chipsico_casino_multichips_pack03_lg
5,625ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 40 Tokens ico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg
5,920ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 20 Martinis ico_casino_martini_pack03
6,290ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel 15 Show Ticketsico_casino_showticket_pack02_lg
6.660ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel Black Diamond Players Club Tower Tapped_Out_Black_Diamond_Players_Club_Tower

Can I Unlock All of the Players Club Items Without Spending Donuts for Premium Items?

Several of you were asking this question in the comments…and I’m happy to say yes you can.  TSTO is a game, unlike some other freemium games, where you can earn/win everything available during an event with diligent frequent tapping.
As I mentioned above you’ll need 6,660 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel to earn the Black Diamond Players Club Tower, the final Players Club prize.  From prizes alone, acts 1 through 3, you’ll earn 4,670 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel as long as you unlock all of the prizes for each act.  You’ll then need to earn an additional 2,000 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You can easily achieve this by crafting.
It won’t be easy, but you absolutely can earn enough ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel to unlock all of the prizes without spending donuts on premium items.

And that my friends is the basic info on the Players Club!

What are your thoughts on the Players Club?  Excited about the Players Club Tower?  Think it’s an interesting way to earn more crafting currency?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

222 responses to “Casino Event 101: Players Club

  1. Didn’t unlock everything in action one of burns casino but unlocked everything in action two and three but 5 club points from unlocking final upgrade of black Diamond player’s club tower. How can I get them as placed all items that give you club points.

  2. Thomas redshaw

    I reached enough club card points for my silver player club tower but it’s not in my inventory and it’s not been placed. I’m now ahead of it but still haven’t got it.

  3. Tiana @

    I put my black Diamond players club tower in my inventory and now I can’t find it. Any idea where it is hiding?

  4. I still need 105 of the player clubs to get the tower and I’ve crafted all of my stuf so everything is at unlimited. So How do I get the last player clubs with out being able to craft anything??

    • Ok is what works…just tested , you take all of one item off your map and then check the items craftability in the crafting log, then it should read the 1st x amount will get you y amount of club points. You recraft that item however many times and boom your done. YOU CANT DOUBLE IN ON THIS PROCESS. AKA YOU ONLY PUT ONE CLASS OF ITEM AWAY AT A TIME THEN RECRAFT.

  5. I need 65 points to unlock the black tower but I have all the items in the acts expect in act 1 I missed 2 but I have no donuts now
    How can I get the last 65 points

  6. I started getting interested in this event a few days ago and now I regret missing on all the fun. Still managed to unlock all prizes in act 3 though. It’s a lot of fun!

  7. I’m up to the 20 Martina’s but out of items to craft since I don’t get points anymore from crafting, what do I do to make more points after the crafting all goes to unlimited and it doesn’t give you points anymore?

  8. It’s a couple days before the event ends & I managed to get the Black Diamond Players Club Tower without spending any donuts. In fact, I missed out on the last couple prizes in Act 1 (Britannia Casino and Lucius Sweet), too, so I didn’t get any help from that. It can be done!

    This has been a fun event. I probably won’t display the Black Diamond tower, though, to be honest, it’s a bit much. I prefer how the Gold Players tower looks.

    I LOVE Reclusive Mr. Burns…

    • How did you do that?
      I have bought all the prices (with the cocktailglasses, tickets and so on) and a few minutes ago I also got the last price which was Gabbo and Arthur – which is worth a lot..
      Now I had a look at my Players Club points and there are 25!!!Points missing for the Diamond Players Club Tower.. what did I miss?

      • I’m not sure, I played frequently throughout the day and kept cranking away at it. But like on the current superheroes event, I haven’t made it past the 4th or 5th prize in any of the cycles so far. That’s usually how it goes.

  9. for me, putting items back into inventory did work but only for about 50 points on a few trees nothing else worked…..

  10. If you put in storage some of the items you crafted (water fountains, plants, lights…) you can buy more and obtain more Players Club points. Was short 65 and it worked.

    • Thanks for the suggestion I was able to get some more points with the trees I logged out and cleared catche and ad download updates not worth the hassle and I’m still 300 away from black tower but I can live without it easily hahaha

    • Thanks

    • How do you do that with an iPhone? Just put some objects in the inventory and craft again? I tried that, and it didn’t work yesterday…am I doing something wrong? Thanks!!

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