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As many of you may have noticed…it’s Whacking Day in Springfield! After years of begging and pleading by new Tappers (older Tappers still have Whacking Day flashbacks…oh the snakes…those snakes!) EA has finally pulled many of the Whacking Day items out of the TSTO vault and released them for our tappa tap tapping pleasure.

So let’s take a look at this mini Whacking Day Event…and hope this time around we won’t have nightmares about snakes and eggs…

Tapped snakes

So as many of you may have noticed when you started up your Pocket-sized Springfields this morning a fun new snake themed questline starts up for you once you arrive in town.  You’ll roll through it fairly quickly as there really are no tasks associated with it… And once it’s triggered you’ll see if you haven’t seen them they’re new to you Whacking Day items in our stores!

The good news is just about everything is freemium…so you can get some Whacking Day decor at the low low cost of FREE! 🙂  Well, in game cash…

And of course the questline premise follows the idea that Homer’s excited about Whacking Snakes and Lisa…well she’s Lisa.  Which, if you saw last night’s episode of The Simpsons first perfectly…IMO.  We’ll go over the questline in a bit…as in later in this post.

For those of you who’d like to take a trip down memory lane with the original Whacking Day Event…check our Wookiee’s recap post on it here.

There was no TSTO Addicts back when Whacking Day first hit, Spring of 2013, so you won’t find all the same in-depth articles on it that you’re used to with every other event…but Wookiee did a great job recapping it for us.

So now let’s take a look at what’s in the store for us…


Wind_SockWind Sock- $19,000

Whacking_Stick_StallWhacking Stick Stall- $15,000

Whacking_Mugs_StallsWhacking Mugs Stall- $10,000

Whacking_T-shirt_StallWhacking T-Shirt Stall- $4,500

Whacking_Day_BannerWhacking Day Banner- $1,000

And now for those who have donuts to spend…


There is a Whacking Day Bundle that appears, but ONLY if you don’t already have Lumpy.  If you have Lumpy you cannot purchase the bundle, sorry guys…

whacking_bundleWhacking Day Bundle- 125 Donuts.  Includes Lumpy, Snake Speakers, Snake Rocks, Hollow Snake Trunk, Snake Stump, Green Practice Snake, Purple Practice Snake, Red Practice Snake and Yellow Practice Snake.

200px-Ninja_Homer_Practice_Snake Ninja HomerNinja Homer Practice Snake- 60 Donuts, comes with Ninja Homer skin (and if you already have him you’ll get some additional dialogue/questlines for him.  You can wait until AFTER the Wild West event to complete this) More info here

Bare Chested Willie Wrestle a snakeBare Chested Willie- 60 Donuts.  Costume for Willie.  More info here

If you don’t have the items in the Whacking Day Bundle, but you have Lumpy you should be able to purchase the rocks, stump and speakers for donuts separately.  But I cannot confirm that in one of my games.  So if someone has the option please let me know and verify pricing in the comments below..thanks 🙂


Homer auto-starts things off…

The Whack Is Back Pt. 1

Homer: …Whack…ing…Day…Whack…ing…Day….Whacking Day!  Whacking-Day-Whacking-Day-Whacking Day!!!  LISA!!!!! Do you know what day is almost here?!  I’ll give you a hint: it involves whacking, and it’s a day.
Lisa: Jeez, let me guess….Can we just skip our beloved family snake-bludgeoning festival this year? Look around! It’s Western times!  Let’s just focus on the current theme! Can’t we lay off the animals, and just focus on gunning down our fellow human beings?
Homer: Not this year, Lisa! You tricked me out of Whacking Day for the last two years in a row.  Besides, I’m tired of battling humans in the streets. Humans are smart! Cold-brained reptiles are much easier to hunt!
Lisa: Fine. But no snake-whacking! We’re going to do this thing my way!
Pat 5 Snakes to Sleep
You’ll see them stacked out outside the Simpson house..just tap them.  Snakes will award 10 ico_wildwest_deputybadges_md

2016-05-09 13.39.39

The Whack Is Back Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: Lisa, if we just PAT the snakes, they’ll lose respect for us. And respect for humans is probably very important in snake culture. Can’t I whack just one?
Lisa: Can you just smack them around a little? That might not be too bad.
Homer: Well, it’s not as good as murder. Any idiot could see that. But I suppose it’s better than just leaving the snakes alone. Which would be AWFUL.
Slap 5 Snakes Down- Again just tap them

The Whack Is Back Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, the snakes look miserable. Can’t we just leave them alone?
Homer: If you take getting whacked away from the snakes, they’ve got nothing. Everything you’re saying is incredibly selfish and inhumane.
Lisa: ….
Homer: Ugh, fine, I’ll stop. And I was just about to double whack a big one!  His head’s a little bumpy, but we’ll just put a hat on him and he’s good as new!

At this point you’ll unlock a new NPC..the Western Snake


There is some additional dialogue that’ll popup after Part 1 for a reminder of Homer Live this Sunday!

And that my friends concludes the Whacking Day Festivities for 2016!

The TSTO Vault closes on Whacking Day May 12th!  So decide quickly what you want to purchase before the snakes disappear again…

What are your thoughts on the mini Whacking Day Event?  Excited to see some items make a comeback?  What will you purchase?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

248 responses to “Whack…ing…Day!


  2. The ninja Homer disappeared from the store… or I can’t find it to purchase anymore. .. where else can I look for it?

  3. You know, I had already had Bare Chested Willie. I remember getting him and doing the quests associated with him, but that skin for Willie mysteriously disappeared, just like the NPC of that Triffid Monster from one of the Halloween events that I purchased after the event was done. Guess I’m gonna’ have to contact EA and hope they can restore those items that disappeared.

  4. I do remember first whacking day event (1000+ days ago😉) but I do not remember bare chested Wille. Long story short I accidentally tapped on him in the store and dropped some precious pink delights. Wish there were a “sure you want to spend donuts?” or “cancel” options for items like this.

  5. BraveElfgirl1994

    Curious as to how many of the freemium decorations people bought..
    I got 10 each myself as I missed out on the original wacking day event

    • I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve got more in game currency than I could ever spend (like 180 million). So, whenever limited time freemium items are offered I will buy at least a couple hundred if it is something I think I can use a lot of (like a fence or a tree), and 50-100 if it’s something that I can’t think of a use for at the moment (because, you never know…).

    • I buy usually 200+ freemium items if it’s fences or trees, 10 otherwise like here (well, 9 since I already got one of each when I was too poor to buy more).

  6. I wish you could buy the bundled Items, individually. I’d love to have the speakers.

  7. WanderingCaveman

    Oh boy, did that bring up some memories. The eggs… So many eggs…

    I have to admit that I felt a little bit of panic when I saw the words Whacking Day in the middle of another event. But EA did a good job of giving a nod to the past event.

  8. Wanted the bundle. Not there anymore. 🙁 Was there this morning. Sad.

  9. Lumpy is it in my store anymore! He was in there a few hours ago, but now he is gone! The other whacking day things are there though! I restarted it, logged out, and uninstalled and reinstalled. It didn’t work! I really wanted to get Lympy! Any ideas what is going on?

  10. I’m sure this will be a dumb question, because I know your usual response for decorations, lol, but will you do should I buy for the premium stuff. Especially the bundle. I’ve always wanted those items, but probably not worth it. Yet I’m guessing some do give a bonus. I just don’t know how I could design a wacking day area without the snakes popping out. Lol and I am behind of designed my town. 🙁 like events past haha… Oh to much time tapping and not designing

  11. Can the tents and banner be placed in Krustyland?

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