Ladies and Gentlemen… start your whackers!

Note from Alissa…in fairness to Wookiee this post has been sitting in drafts for well over a week.  We got slammed with Level 39 and had to push it back.  So we’re happy to be able to finally post this awesome read for you guys now! 🙂 (composing myself as I try to stop chuckling… this might take a sec) snakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnake It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to write a post with a title as silly as that but I’m definitely not complaining.  I’m sure all our TSTO veterans get the idea but for any one relatively new to the game i.e. started playing after May 2013, I’m referring to Whacking Day and the probability of another Whacking Day Event in the future. Whacking Day The Whacking Day Event appeared for tappers last year on 10 April 2013.  For 30 days, we had the chance to whack snakes, plant eggs and earn prizes until it all came to a close on 9 May 2013.  Some folks loved the event and some hated it.  Others oscillated between the two depending on their moods.  No matter folks’ opinions though, this was really the first major event that ever occurred in TSTO.  A lot of the mainstays tapperinos take for granted started right in this event. Just for fun, I decided I’d do a recap of the event for anyone unacquainted or for you gluttons who want to relive the whole thing over again.  First off, the free stuff.  That’s what we all like the most, right?  Whacking Day (or WD as I like to call it) brought us the 10 prize format.  All you had to do was follow the Whacking Guide: –       Enter Baton Mode and tap to whack snakes and collect rewards. –       Place snake eggs in friends’ towns for them to hatch.  Some snake eggs contain donuts! –       Win up to 10 amazing prizes for whacking snakes.  Just like in real life! Tapped snakes The ten prizes were as follows (nice little picture below this list for all my tactile brethren): Fort Sensible – 150 snakes Expert Whacking License (added 5 snakes whacked) – 400 snakes Balance Beam (w/ Gymnastic Lisa) – 1000 snakes Snake Rocks – 2000 snakes Snake Statue – 3000 snakes Duff Stadium – 4250 snakes Pet Snake – 5500 snakes Bare Chested Willie – 7500 snakes Springfield Coliseum w/ Drederick Tatum – 10000 snakes Sleep-Eazy Motel w/ Miss Springfield – 12500 snakes Whacking Day Prizes After you earned all the prizes, for every 1000 snakes whacked, you earned a Whack Box which was the WD version of mystery box. Whack Box Your town would fill with snakes and you’d go around tapping them into submission.  50 wandering snakes was the limit your Springfield could have at one time and 1 new snake was spawned about every 8 minutes.  Once you’d whacked 400 of the slithery fellows in your town, you earned the ability to whack up to 5 snakes in your neighbors town.  The other task you could do for your neighborinos was place snake eggs there. WD Eggs Example These eggs popped out occasionally when whacking.  When neighbors gave you eggs, inside were snakes/eggs/and a 1% chance of a donut for you.  Of course, some people eggs in plain sight, others cleverly hid them behind buildings and others went all artistic with them.  Guess which one Bunny was? Bunny Eggs It was all pretty intense but fun.  I had a blast and actually got everything but must admit this event was the first one I actually spent a large amount of donuts on.  I only had 3 “friends” at the time so I had to help myself.  In addition to all this amazingness, EA gave us a bunch of other stuff to buy. Basket of Snake Eggs –  3 donuts Basket of Snake Eggs Elite Whacking Day License (added ability to whack 10 of your neighbors snakes) – 50 donuts Green Practice Snake – 10 donuts Purple Practice Snake – 10 donuts Red Practice Snake – 10 donuts Yellow Practice Snake – 10 donuts Snake Rocks (generated 10 snakes every 4 hrs) – 40 donuts Snake Speakers (when tapped, drew snakes to that location) – 50 donuts Snake Stump (generated 20 snakes every 4 hrs) – 55 donuts Hollow Snake Trunk (generated 30 snakes every 4 hrs) – 75 donuts Ninja Homer Practice Snake (came with Ninja Homer costume) – 120 donuts Ninja Homer Whacking Day Banner $1000 Whacking T-Shirt Stall $4500 Whacking Mugs Stall $10000 Whacking Sticks Stall $15000 Wind Sock $19000 Lumpy 55 donuts Lugash’s Gym w/ Lugash – 175 donuts Here’s some pics of all the stuff listed here that I left in my town year round. Here are all my WD decorations in my Springfield Park Area.  This is what the practice snakes look like.  Only one of the red ones was needed for Ninja Homer.  I had just purchased 50 bucks of donuts and went a little carayzey. Whacking Day Stuff Here’s the snake rocks, stump and hollow trunk. snake stump, trunk and rocks Since my other Jebediah statue is by City Hall, I figured I needed one near the courthouse like the opening sequence.  Originally, I had this by Fort Sensible. Jeb Snake Statue Speaking of the fort, here it is by Abe’s cabin and Kamp Krusty. Fort Sensible Here you can see the snake speakers by Corpulent Tony’s jacuzzi and also Lumpy stretching out at the bottom. Snake speakers and Lumpy Lastly, here’s my gym complex area with Gymnastic Lisa on the balance beam. Lugash and balance beam All in all, I was a huge fan of the 2013 WD Event.  Of course, the fact that I love the “Whacking Day” episode (S4:E20) probably helped.  In Springfield, WD is celebrated annually on May 10.  The citizens all drive snakes into the town square and then club them to oblivion.  What’s not to love about it?  It had it all… typical Springfield silliness, some info about Jebediah Springfield, Lisa trying to save snakes, a message making people consider the mistreatment of animals, a Barry White cameo, the first appearance of Super Nintendo Chalmers, a JFK spoof by Itchy & Scratchy AND Homer showing he has ninja skills.  This episode is one of the great ones penned by John Swartzwelder, period end dot. whacking-day In TSTO, we got so much new and cool stuff to decorate with.  After the event was over, EA even kept several of the buildings and characters by making them premium items (Duff Stadium 90 donuts/Springfield Coliseum w/ Drederick Tatum 190 donuts/Sleep-Eazy Motel w/ Miss Springfield 225 donuts).  I think this has me the most excited because even if EA completely rolls out all the old stuff, there are three holes to fill which means NEW STUFF! Add to that a mid-event bonus of 12 donuts (on 23 April 2013) with the possibility of earning free donuts from eggs and I’m pretty stoked for this all to come back.  There’s no guarantees if and/or how this update would happen but I have faith that if it does, it’s going to be phenomenal. Willie Sound off below with your thoughts/comments/remembrances of Whacking Day.  We always love hearing from you.  Y’all stay classy and make sure your ready to whack if the time comes for it.  For those about to whack… WE SALUTE YOU!!! TTFN… Whacky Wookiee Out! P.S.  So proud of mysef to have written a whole post with the gratuitous use of the word whack and whacking and being a gentleman,  No promises in the future should this event come our way. Jebediah Snake Statue



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  1. Dang – Drederick Tatum and Miss Springfield could have been earned!! I missed out. OT but I love the tumbleweed NPC!

  2. Its me again, whats up with Krustyland? Are there going to be anything new with that section. I have done all that I can do and desire to do more. Let get it cracking EA. Love this game!!!!!!!!!!

    • EA is slowly adding things here and there to Krustyland. Not sure on future plans. All we can do it wait to see what comes next. I hope for more for it too. 😉

  3. Hi my friendly tappers, I was wondering when you was going to bring back the “The Whacking Day”. I missed it last year and I really like the concept of the game. So, do you think it will be coming back anytime soon? Me being a late comer to the game, I missed alot. My grandson who is 10 years old hip me to the game and now I cannot stop. I would like to experience all the special sessions that has happen in the pass. I am looking forward to what is going to happenin the future too. Are you going to be expanding the land any time soon? I only have like 4 plots left to purchase. I know Im asking alot but I really love playing this game and what more or it. Keep it coming EA.

    • This looks to be EA’s version of “Whacking Day” so far. Whether or not they will bring back more later, only they know.

      Not sure on land either. Haven’t seen anything for it as of yet. Glad you are having fun playing. 😉

  4. Can somebody please tell me if we are gonna have whacking day this year? I missed it last year and thats what Ive been looking forward to the most! plus I too want a crazy cat lady character!!! How do they not have her already?? crazy!

    • No know knows for sure what EA has up their sleeve! I think it’s a good possibility we’ll see it…but it’s hard to say for sure and when

      • Any idea if there is going to be another whacking day event or that the prizes will come back( I know some have ) . I started playing later than most, Halloween 2013 and there are still lots of items I see and want 🙂 .maybe if you haven’t already you guys could do a post of some of the oldest and rarest items that appeared in the game.

  5. I don’t think EA will repeat Whacking Day, instead I believe the Stonecutters (hinted at during the New Years event) will be the major event based on a single episode for this year (like whacking day was last year). Think of all the characters that could have stonecutters costumes with all new tasks! Not to mention number 1 and that cute little Martian. I loved Whacking Day, but I don’t want another one every year.

  6. Ebenezer Burns

    A Whacking Day with Ninja Homer, The Crazy Cat Lady and Spider Pig (or Harry Plopper) would be nice. For some reason I like Spider Pig.

  7. I wish we could have Lionel Hutz to add to the legal eagles.

  8. Please add me:

  9. I’ve been looking forward to WD since Halloween. I didn’t have nearly enough friends to get any prizes past Willy last year but this year I’m maxed out! Woo hoo!!

  10. Really hope that they bring back the Duff Stadium, Springfield Coliseum, Sleep-Eazy Motel. I wasn’t actively playing during whacking day last year due to being away and I’m determined to stay freemium

  11. While everyone else is hoping for Sideshow Bob and the monorail, the one character I want the most is Mona Simpson. All four episodes centered around her (with the possible exception of Mona Leaves-A) are phenomenal.
    If Sideshow Bob was added to the game, Mona should be as well. (Even though she’s dead.)

  12. Looking forward to this, but i was wondering, what is the actual date of whacking day ?

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