Get Out The Raid…Here’s the Bug Report 5/19

Updated Info On Googolplex below

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So….yesterday saw the end of TSTO Level updates.  And then everyone’s games broke.  (well not everyone, but you know what I mean..) A bit ironic, no?

Anyway, we’ve still got a TON of bugs going on in the game since yesterday (and I know some of you still have Wild West Bugs…) so here’s one handy place where we’re going to list them all….

For those who don’t like to read the whole post…
Here’s what we’ll breakdown:
-Missing Gil Deal
-Game Lockout (Bart screen/server down)
-Constant ingame Updates
-Not Enough Space to Download TSTO
-XP requirements changing

Oh and a quick note…seeing Longshot Skinner in your game BEFORE you unlock him as a prize is just a little glitch.  He’ll go back to Skinner if you try to change his outfit.  And you’ll still be able to unlock the prize when the time comes.  This is seriously NOTHING to worry about…so don’t 🙂

Gil halloween promo

Missing Gil Deal:
The Gil Duff Gardens Deal is missing for a good chunk of you.  I’ve got some quick tips for trying to get it back on this post. But for many of you that’s not working.  So….many of you have reported this to EA already.

2016-05-18 11.27.23

EA is aware of the Missing Gil Deal and they’re working on it.  My hopes are that if they don’t fix it this morning they’ll extend the timer…

If you are impacted by this one, I still think you should contact EA and let them know.  The more that report it the wider scope they have to investigate the issue.

Also, many of you are reporting that EA Reps are telling you wrong information about this.  Not that I’m EA, or associated with EA, but I’m sorry.  Some of the reps are either not trained properly, don’t know what to do if something isn’t in their script, are from overseas call/chat centers and are completely clueless (no matter what they say, they haven’t played TSTO) or they just lack common sense.  I do know that EA has been working on training many of these reps…unfortunately if they lack common sense it’s hard to train them.  My best suggestion…contact them again and try to get someone else.  I know it’s frustrating….but when you get a good rep, it’s worth it.

Also…to EA (because I know you’re here reading this): Is it too much to ask for some reps who know what they’re talking about?  Who don’t tell people they’re crazy when Gil disappears from their games.  Seriously, some of these reps are so incredibly rude and disrespectful I’ve had players tell me they don’t want to play the game anymore.  So can you please do something about this?  Thank you. 🙂

-Game Lockout:
Yes, many of you are still locked out of your game.  You’re on an endless loop of Bart Screens.

bart screen

We’ve covered this here.  

EA is aware and they’re working on a patch for this.  Again I do still suggest contacting them…

Hopefully this is fixed soon, as I know it’s frustrating for many of you.

My suggestion if you’re still building Googolplex….don’t clear the checkmark yet.  Wait until this is fixed.  Because we’re seeing people locked out at Level 64, 73…all over the place.

Update: It’s safe to clear the Googolplex if you’re low in XP (and don’t use your collider).  They drastically reduced the amount of XP awarded from the when you clear it it won’t fill your bar (unless you’re close to filling it already).  Now you’ll only get just over 18k xp for building it.
So if you’re low in the XP bar on Level 60, go ahead and clear it to build it.  And then work on the rest of the Level 60 questline.  🙂

There’s no rush on Level 60…so just wait it out if you can still play.  Since the Wild West Event is still timed and ends May 30th.

-What’s With All The In-Game Updates?:
They’re patches.  EA’s trying to fix the problems so they’re sending patches through.  Until everything is resolved there may be even more patches coming through…bartandlisa_scream

-Not Enough Space To Download Update:
If you’re getting the Not Enough Space Message on your device…
Fully uninstall TSTO and then reinstall it.

ONLY Do This If You Have an EA/Origin Account

It’s not that this update is massive, it’s that the Wild West Update is huge.  And when it downloads an in-game update it tries to add all of the space to your device again.  So if you’ve been playing Wild West it’s likely you don’t need to free up more space, just fully uninstall and reinstall TSTO.

This problem should be gone once the Wild West Event is over, May 30th.

Level Up XP Requirements Changed:
Last night a patch came through that increased the Level Up XP required for every level after 61.  It went from 40k to 500k and up.


I believe this is how it was intended to be originally.  And there was just something wrong in the coding that said 40k…

And I believe that wraps all of the latest on those bugs.  We’ll try to update as we get more information….

Are you experiencing this bugs?  Anything resolved itself for you yet?  Anything else you’re getting since yesterday? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

169 responses to “Get Out The Raid…Here’s the Bug Report 5/19

  1. It’s August, so the Wild West event is long gone, but I am having the updating issue and I am beyond frustrated. About once a week for I don’t even know how long….a month?…., I get logged out of my ea account and when I pull up the game it shows that I have 600mb to update. I log back in and it still tells me I need the update. It won’t let me play the game unless I let it update. This takes about a half an hour. Yes, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Once a week with this? Come on! 😡 What’s a girl got to do to just play the freaking game?? Help!!

  2. Please help!
    Hi, I’ve tried all the things suggested to get gil deal back but no luck, do you have a link to contact ea? I’m in the uk if that makes any difference, also do you know or how likely do you think it would be that this deal will be returning again? I really wanna get duff gardens but tbh it’s going to be difficult to get it as I’m currently on 97 doughnuts, any suggestions would be appreciated xx

  3. I never received the solvient red building or the Gil Deal asylum! are these issues fixed for everyone but me?! I REALLY WANT THE RED BUILDING!


    I am still having issues with levelling up after 40k, what am I missing?
    Now @ level 62 but want to ensure I don’t lose any progress. Any suggestion?

  5. Has the leveling up bug been resolved? I was a few levels behind on my quests when 60 hit. I just placed the prison bus and it sent me to level 63. I’m broke and still need to make enough to place the googolplex. Is it safe to continue? I’m sure I’ll be going through the levels pretty quickly trying to make enough money to finish the level 60 quest.

  6. I have only ever been offered a Gil deal once, never to be seen of again. After reading this I think a: maybe I should have had more Gil opportunities b:I won’t ever bother phoning EA

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