A Balanced Tapper’s Life…And the Rewards are FREE!


Let’s be honest…you can only spend so much time each day Tapping, even during a major update! As many of us have discovered, even in the most frantic of update periods (when one first hits) the real secret to “Getting It All” runs in fairly obvious 4-Hour Cycles. This has been the case for the last 4 major updates, and in some ways have made it possible to “Get It All” without having to “Tap It All the Time.”

We have been able to maximize our ROT (Return On Tapping) by doing the math of the calendar events, and then be able to divide out the Tapping Time for the best ROT.  Tapping every four hours leaves a lot of time for doing other things outside of the Padular World of TSTO.

With a NEW UPDATE Rumored to hit very soon, it begs the question, What Do YOU Do Outside of Your TSTOTapping Time (TTT)?

I have written about this before, but the fact is, there is never a better time than right now to start “Living Wide” as it pertains to your daily Tapping Rituals.

Here are some of the things I do, when I am not tapping (and no…please no double-entendres on the word “tapping”).

First-let’s establish that I am old. And because of this fact, one of the mitigating aspects of many people’s lives that keeps them busy outside of the tapping world is no longer in play…namely, KIDS!

But, as a father of 5 daughters, and 4 grandkids, they still play a major part in my “down-time,” mostly by having to answer emails, phone-calls, and texts from them almost 24/7. But, I have no complaints. I no longer have to do daily battle over the “TV Clicker” and for the most part, can watch whatever my wife lets me watch.

I have pretty much got my daily schedule wired around TSTO, without actually having to play more than every 4 hours.

I Wake Up at 5:30 AM…a good two hours before my wife wakes up. This allows me to Tap without having to answer the question, “Hey…I thought you gave up blogging about the game? Why are you still playing it??”  I then answer emails from clients…moderate comments (on this blog…because I promised to kill the other blog), and answer phone calls. They call this “multitasking.”  I call it survival.

For the next 3.5 hours, I can work with clients, answer more emails and comments, and check my game to do any of the 1-hour tasks that may have been required in the update (or the Monorail). And…check to see if I can get a tee time at 2PM.

At 9:30 I run my TSTO Cycle for the update, do more emails, and start any blogging for the day. For the next 4 hours, I repeat the above functions, while folding in replies to my daughters, who know not to bug me until after 10A.

That’s cool. I know that if they break the rule, it is an emergency. Something like, “Dad!! Did you see the Facebook post that she posted of me?? It makes me look awful!!” Yes. My daughters are too old for this stuff…but they think I have some magic connection to the “Interwebs” that can cure any insult or ill that may fall upon them. They are only part right about that.

At 1:30 PM- I do my TSTO Update Cycles…and button up my computer so I can head to the golf course. I tee off at 2:22 most weekdays (they call it Miller Time at the club), and finish just in time to do the next Cycle of TSTO, head home, and start dinner.  Yes…I am cooking a lot of the meals these days. My wife is a teacher, with just 5 more years before she can retire. She needs a break…plus it buys me Relief Of Grief (ROG) when she catches me Tapping again right after dinner.

Are you staring to get an idea of the Flow?

It works. And the fact is…I don’t golf nearly as much as I want. But this gives me more time to work on things that “Widen My Life.”  Because even with a nice, EAsy to manage Tapper’s Life, you need to do some things that are “outside of the box,” (or the padular device) and might even go so far as to do something for someone else, without being rewarded.

But…then again…If You Can Do Something Nice for Someone Else, AND BE REWARDEDit may be one of those times that makes you yell, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!”

Of course…I’m not sure any of you yell, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” when something good comes your way…but old habits are hard to break. And this for me, is a very old habit.

This Next Part Is Only For Those of You Who Want to “LIVE WIDE” by Doing Something Nice for Someone Else…AND GETTING REWARDED.

Here’s the deal.

In very first “Introducing Myself” Post, I mentioned Two Facts.
1. In the Early Days of TSTO Blogging, I wrote a TSTO Book with my fellow blogger and friend, Ryan Kagy.
2. Two Years Ago, because my daughter Maddy, who was doing an internship in Uganda asked for help for the local rural school there, we started doing projects for the school there, through the TSTO Community.  Alissa and Joe(Wookie)  have both been a part of this effort.

NOW…the two things are coming together!!!


It is time for the next round of school books, supplies and teaching aids for the Buyijja Village School. It is also time for me to finish winding down TSTOFriends  (final day, Sept. 9th). This makes a perfect time to offer this AMAZING, ALMOST FREE OFFER, for The Book We Wrote…for a small donation.

So. Here’s the DEAL…

You can see the description of the Book Here…including a look at the first couple of chapters. You can see offers from 3rd party re-sellers who think the book is worth even more…USED! Here…

BUT…if you donate at least $10 to our latest round of fundraising for this round of Books, Supplies and Teaching aides for the school… I will EMAIL you a copy that you can read on your padular device (with a Kindle, or .pdf reader) or even PRINT off, if you so choose (but be aware, it is close to 250 pages).

So…call it a donation with a “premium,” if you want to be technical…but, the book part is free, and does something important that the game, or reading about it never could.

GO HERE TO DONATE— and in the comments section, simply say, “I want the book”…make sure to use a valid Email Address!

LIVING WIDE…Gettiig It ALL…It’s the way to a Happy Tapper’s Life!

How Do YOU Spend Your Non-Tapping Time? What do you do to Live Wide?? We want to know!


23 responses to “A Balanced Tapper’s Life…And the Rewards are FREE!

  1. Welcome back to the Bliss Ninny side of life Patric, your icon didn’t nearly do you justice. I greatly admire all that your family is doing to improve education and quality of life for the people in Uganda.You remind us that every day citizens CAN make a difference.

  2. I don’t really have time to read right now… In between tapping, I’m store manager of a doughnut shop, I’m studying off-campus at university (bachelor of communications, double major in PR and Screen Studies) and I have a 19 month old toddler. Yes, I’m constantly exhausted :p

    • Yikes. You manage a doughnut shop? And you Tap? Where’s the irony in that? My best to you…that is a LOT of work! I applaud you, and hope that the year brings you a little more sleep!

  3. Seeing that I “work” from home, it gives me plenty of time to jump in for some tapping. Usually, it starts first thing in the morning for me (which is about 9:30am). If it’s not for an event, then it is usually about 5 minutes to collect some rent or send a few characters on short tasks or do some monorailing. Then it is off to check emails to see if clients need anything (usually not), then either write scripts for my comic strip or do pencils for the scripts I have already written. Once I have a few scripts penciled, I jump into the microstudio to scan the pencils for digital inks, colors and lettering, resize and upload. Then, I jump back into TSTO for some more monorailing or Springfield Heights or events, then back to the microstudio before showering and actually getting dressed. Maybe run a few errands or eat. I then diddle around on social media, check the mail to see clients have still not sent payment then hop back on email to remind the clients about said missing payments. Then it’s back to the microstudio for a few more hours before the wife comes home from work. As I prep dinner or assist in dinner prep, I sneak back into TSTO, maybe play some other games until they crash on my old ipad (usually they crash fast so you can’t really call it playing), curse at my ipad and finish dinner prep. Watch Wheel and Jeopardy like the old farts we are, maybe a few other shows and then tap again here and there, social media, tap again, attempt to play the crashing games again until its about 2 or so in the morning. Check TSTO one more time before laying down next to the chainsaw grizzly battle that is my wife’s snoring while I stare at the ceiling for a few hours, finally falling asleep somewhere between 4 and 5 am to wake again around 9 to start the whole process again.

    What a wonderful life I lead!

  4. Sorry Pat but I don’t know whether to ‘PITY’ you or feel ‘SORRY’ for you! 5 daughters did I read that right?
    All I can say is I hope you keep your shotgun loaded.

    • I have developed a “Dad Look” that keeps the boys under control without weapons. It is two parts linebacker, one part crazy coot. It seems to work!

      • One part crazy coot… hmmm sounds like something you might wet your whistle with at the 19th hole.
        Forgot to ask, with your schedule you don’t mention when you attend to your ‘B’ or ‘C’ game? or are you too busy enjoying that purdy part of the country you live in?

        • I admit…that I a very rare bird in the world of TSTO. I have one game. No A/B/C…just one. It allows me more time to see the rest of the REAL world, and not worry as much about the virtual!

  5. Thanks for doing this, Pat! Yesterday (monday) was my first day back at work after pregnancy leave. And guess what: I’m a teacher! Couldn’t agree more with you on the necessity of your cause.

    Made my donation with a phone in one hand and a struggling 10 month old in the other, which made me miss the comment section on the fund site completely. Would love to read your book anyway, if possible?

    • Absolutely! Love teachers…love moms…there are several in my family! I’ll just pull your email off of the GoFundMe~ You are good to go, and thanks so much for your support!

  6. Welcome back! I am older than you! I play everyday. It is sooooo much fun! I started at the first whacking day.
    My message….please volunteer for changing. I have more than a dozen years helping a local charity 2 months full time per year. Commit to your passion and have a little fun on TSTO! Fun to have a little space I can have command over!

  7. Hello!! Btw..love these threads!! I’m a TSTO ADDICT of little over 3 years and on my down time I “spruce up” my Springfield and use it to collect as much items/cash/donuts as possible to have for my use in the next event!! 😄 (ex: fill my monorail pieces to capacity) I am one of those less fortunate to NOT be able to buy donuts soooo these “bonuts” are AWESOME! I finally have accumulated enough to get something worthwhile! Only after reading and checking “are my donuts worth it” threads first of course! Thank you so much for your time and efforts and look forward to more!! HAPPY TAPPING 👇👇👇

  8. What you do is inspiring! If I had any account to donate money in anyway then I would … But I don’t 😢

    I wish you the best if luck with your future here at Addicts and I hope your charity get’s the love, support and money it deserves!

    Keep updating us on the charity. You are doing an amazing thing for the world 😊

  9. Hi pat

  10. I wouldn’t buy a tsto book personally but hope whoever gets it enjoys it.

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