What Changed with the Patch Update for Sept. 1st?

OK…So, the mystery about the glitch being an Easter Egg, or a Glitch that could be exploited is over. It is patched (along with some other changes), which finally settles the old question, “What came first? The Glitch or the Egg?”

Or maybe…”What was BIG about BEN Before the Patch?”

In any case…a few of the glitches have been patched. Hard to tell what the longterm ramifications for those who exploited may be, if any.

Here’s the list…

File:Big Digi-Ben.png


  • The infinite currency payout from tapping the Big-Digi Ben in a neighbor’s  towns was fixed.
  • At the Go-Kart Track, the chances of winning 2-1 was changed from 56.51% to 66.01%, 9-1 from 33.15% to 20%, 19-1 from 7.83% to 10% and 49-1 from 2.52% to 4%The winnings from the  49-1 odds at the Go-Kart Track was lowered from $2,500,000 to $250,000.
  • The Monorail Tunnels can’t  be placed in succession…fixing a bug that allowed them to be removed, along with the land associated with the tunnel.
  • Robot Parts and Future Bucks now won’t appear in the HUD until collection process is complete.
  • Payouts for the “Sci-Fighter” mini game were increased with the addition of the new robots (thanks Gio/LPN).

In short…once again…EA had a bit of a “Glitch-Fest” with the Act and update. Go figure.

If it is any consolation to those of you who didn’t get a chance to “Exploit” (cheat) the Big Ben Bug, and are smarting from yesterday’s outage… The added payout on the Sci-Fighter will help a ton in staying on track.

I clear my PolyVac 4 times a day…and am staying well ahead of the calendar. So…there is hope yet, even for those who didn’t “exploit.”

256 responses to “What Changed with the Patch Update for Sept. 1st?

  1. Hi there, I got the evil homer yesterday & it shows that he should be able to do tasks or jobs but when I click on him nothing happens, anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks.

  2. Can I ask what the little running homer is beside a certain job? It changes from time to time. I don’t see it going faster than the allotted time but I don’t see where it explains what it does.

  3. Aha darn and I just won the race track 49-1 odds for the first time only to get the $250,000 right after it was fixed lol …ahh well.

  4. Nooooooooo!!! I just noticed that the race track payout got lowered to $250,000. At least I got one big win there. Now it’s all kind of pointless. Too bad someone at EA learned to do math.

    In the next update, I only hope that some one there will learn to embrace the comma, or period, in writing the numbers instead of making us count all the digits to see if the payout is 250000 or 2500000. Or was that 25000, or maybe 250000000? It’s time, EA!!!

  5. Thank you Alissa and Patric for keeping it real, balanced, and ultimately loving, as a community where it’s safe for everyone to express their raw and/or reactive reactions. Life is bumpy. Emotions make it moreso. You are doing a truly lovely job of hosting well intentioned spewing, honestly stated hurt feelings, reactionary commentary on either edge, and the conciliatory tone that is the JEEBUS Blessed product of realness dialogue. Thank you both. (Wookie, no exclusion intended, merely my oversight if you have commented and I simply didn’t see it.)

  6. Sounds like a cool glitch, too bad no one shared it and thus i never capitalized on it. Good for those who did take advantage. I’m enjoying the game so far. Great prizes and a great frink rebate deal with another donut rebate deal coming up soon. Hope everyone is having fun with this event.

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