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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Act 2 of the Sci-Fi Event hit our games last Tuesday…and let’s just say it’s made for an interesting week.  How’s your Chronons count coming?

Speaking of the Sci-Fi Event…what are you planning on doing with your event items?  Creating a dedicated area of your town or working stuff into your Springfield?  Or are you just planning on throwing it all in storage when it’s over?

Schools all across the US are either getting ready to start back up, or started back up last week.  How about where you’re located?  Have you (or your kids) started school yet?  Parents, are you enjoying the quiet tapping time?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Personally, we’re soaking up the last bit of summer fun and spending today at a Phillies game!  Likely our last family game for the season.

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


378 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

    • I’m trying not to let that make me feel bad for not picking him up when he was made available for this event….I was really on the fence on that one! Maybe he’ll show up at a future yard sale for fewer donuts and I’ll snap him up then.

      • grimey and the forgotten grave? not only is he still in the store for another 10 days, but he’s a permanent character anyway (introduced with the level 51 update) and will undoubtedly be available in the store as usual after the event is over.

  1. I have found that with my kids getting older/more involved in school stuff (& my kids birthdays and holidays), I really can’t even do the standard 4 hours for events. I’m NOT happy, but just something you have to accept with being a mom of 3. Am I depressed that I can’t get all the prizes? Yes, but I just have to accept that my kids need me more. I feel guilty towards the game, but after being a gamer for 20 years, being a mom is seriously more important. Will I still play the events? Yes, but I can’t be as serious as I once was. That’s just my rant. Please don’t comment in a negative way. It just took me a little longer then others to understand that games aren’t as important as my kids (my kids never went without, but when the 4 hours came up they were basically ignored till I dealt with my 3 Simpsons accounts).

    • i have two boys of my own, and they are a handful, to say the least… i could not imagine what a third would be like. that being said, i could not imagine having 3 tapped out accounts to maintain either. might i suggest whittling your gaming down to one account? that or hit up mary jo and find out her secret to maintaining 15 accounts….. 🙂

      • LOL. My secret is my children r grown, I am retired, and my husband has Alzheimer’s so I play tapped out, while keeping an eye out for him. Mary Jo

    • You’re right…your kids are WAY more important. 50 years from now, I’m sure you’ll cherish the time you spent with them more than you’ll regret, say, not getting President Lisa. You have my vote for having made the right decision (for whatever that’s worth)….yay, mom! 🙂

    • I don’t suppose it’s an option to foster them with a friendly family member until they are 18…? Or boarding school…?

      (Can anyone tell that my children all have 4 legs and fur…?)

  2. This is maybe a weird question, but I hit a billion REV awhile ago in SH, and since then I’ve kind of ignored it. However, I want to max out all my resources so the icons will stop showing up in the corner… What’s the best way to go about that, considering the way some resources cannibalize others? I feel like I can’t get ahead on any of them except furniture and coffee.

    • Start with ads and awards statues. Build until you have 199 of each and stop, then send everyone you have available for one last build. This will put you at 204 (or 206 if you have Bumbleman for statues and Blue-Haired Lawyer for ads). Then do pharmaceuticals (you’ll hit 206 with Jasper). Then do smart devices/cell phones (you’ll hit 206 with Frink). These are all the resources that require other resources to craft.

      Next do coffees. When you hit 199 coffees send everyone for one last push (Squeaky Voice Teen is the premium character here) but also at the same time send Number 1 on his 60m task, “Control the Latte Market”, at the Mountain Lodge (if you have it). This task is worth an additional 15 coffees. So you’ll end with either: 204 (basic characters), 206 (basic characters + Squeaky Voice Teen), 219 (basic characters + Number 1) or 221 (basic characters + SVT + Number 1)

      Lastly do furniture (206 with Otto), and yoga mats (206 with Disco Stu).

  3. Just wondering if anyone knows: is there any advantage to continuing to upgrade buildings in the Springfield Heights after earning the Billionaires Haven?
    And does keeping all the ‘extra’ parts of the buildings out, instead of in storage add to the conform-o-meter?

    • I don’t know of any advantage to be gained by continuing to upgrade buildings once you’ve reached a billion REV. However, when a new expansion arrives for SH, if everything is upgraded you may get a head start towards the new prize(s).

      I’ve continued upgrading here and there but more to get rid of the upgrade symbols over my buildings than anything else. I’ve also used the Googleplex to ‘overstock’ my SH storage so when the new expansion comes I will have a head start on upgrading – especially my bottleneck items: yoga mats & lattes

      I don’t think the ‘extras’ add to your multiplier but they do count towards Vanity. If your Vanity is below 5 stars, put them out but otherwise you can store them…

    • I haven’t reached a billion, but I store all of SH buildings and only pull out what building I want to work on… and then back into storage it goes. I have a few heights buildings worked into my town, but most don’t really fit in. Added bonus…a whole empty area to fill up with what I like.

      • Did you know that all of the first wave of Springfield Heights buildings, plus the private islands from the second wave (once you’ve upgraded them to Level 2), have a hidden XP bonus multiplier? But the buildings have to be out to get the multiplier. So, if you didn’t know that already, you might want to reconsider storing those away…

        • Didn’t realize there were hidden bonuses in the buildings, will reconsider. Already at a 500% bonus and an XP multiplier, but every little bit helps. Love those LevelUp Bonuts!

  4. This one is directed at the Addicts or any of the mathy/statsy people out there…

    Statistically speaking, which are the appropriate bets to make for both Springfield Downs and the Go-Kart Track for the highest average rate of return? Used to be the longshot on the go-karts before they removed the $2.5M but now I don’t know. Input is most highly appreciated!

    • I don’t even pay attention I just pick the first one if I want the easy 2-1 odds it advertises or if I’m feeling lucky I pick further down. I’ve been playing for 200 years so I don’t really have to worry about money like I did in the early days. If that’s not mathy/statsy enough for you I dunno what is…. seriously I don’t know what is. I’m asking. 🍺😊

  5. Got President Lisa last night & now need to have the robo parts to get Homer’s future house. Have thousands of future bucks to use who knows what? Am being very conservative on this event on land as so many of these buildings are so out of scale with the town. Do enjoy the challenge though & look forward to a few days of down time. Happy tapping everyone?

  6. I have a tsto question, on the loading screen I have noticed that there are 3 different types of hover cars all in the sky. There is a purple one on the top left next to the word Simpsons, a pink and blue one above Homer’s left hand, I assume that the blue one is the Simpsons hover car from act 1. My question is will the purple and pink car be released soon (probably in act 3) or is it just only on the screen. The reason why i ask is because I would like to see a range of coloured cars and so far (not counting the returning ones) there is only the Simpsons one + the crafting one and they both are blue. I am not complaining but it would be nice to see those 2 cars in our games.

    • I agree it would be nice to see multiple colors but I’m not going to hold my breath for them. They did offer three different colors of premium electric cars.

    • The blue one isn’t Homer’s car, it’s the car that you get out of the craftables. I made 2 so far, but yes I want diff colors too because I am putting them all in Herb Powell’s car dealership and I want as much variety in his showroom as possible. Hope we get more flying automobiles in Act 3!

    • Wookiee, that’s what I meant about the “returning cars” the electric cars from last year but you may never know what act 3 has to offer even though it lasts a week.

      FlawfreeYo, I assumed it was the Simpson’s hover car because of the red turn signal by the door and by looking closer at the car it looks more like a lavender colour than blue. I want herb and his motors in my town but I’m waiting for a rebate deal on him so I probably will have to wait until the Black Friday sales come.

      Plus those cars look really cool to me and they look like completely different to each other ( by that I mean style) Also thanks for replying.

  7. Think I know the answer to this, but just for shiggles, when you craft bonsai with Akira do they earn a bonus % or just a gain to tree-hugging rating?

  8. Well folks I lost a couple of weeks on this event after the second Kindle Fire in just over a year crashed and burned, concerned my Tapped Out addiction is costing more than just donut dollars. Hubby surprised me when I got home from work tonight with a new Samsung tablet, so I’ve got a bit of a learning curve here, just started act 2 and my new college program on the 1st. I may have to drop beaucoup donuts to buy president Lisa in act 3 if I can. How can I have Rockstar Maggie, Mooch Bart and no Lisa? Any tips to radically make up time appreciated. Also I’m feeling a little Samsung crazy right now, I want the Galaxy phone, watch and VR! Any feedback from Samsung users before I break the bank would be much appreciated.

    PS Howdy to all my Neighbor-eeno’s! Missed you guys!

    • Congrats on getting a Samsung. I didn’t get Rockstar Maggie…now your point about the group of kids/adults is hitting me. I should have gotten her.

      • Samsung are really good products. I would always put them at the top of my list of brands to purchase. I had a Samsung laptop that I took out myself before it went out on it’s own and a Samsung flatscreen tv I’ve had for 5 yrs now with no problems.

        • It amazes me how little we’ve come to expect from our electronics and appliances… For a TV to remain in working condition for five years should not be something remarkable, but, I guess, these days it is. It’s like when I had to replace the toaster oven that I had had for almost 30 years, and the reviews I read on the new ones would give high marks to those toaster ovens that lasted more than two or three years.

          I hate to sound like an old fogey, but it saddens me how much quality in those fields has declined and how disposable we view everything as now. So bad for the environment, aside from everything else!

          Sorry, Taz….this mini-rant wasn’t aimed at you… I’m just frustrated about this particular topic and your post reminded me of that. Thanks for the info about Samsung, though! 🙂

          • My TV has been holding up for 9 years now…everyone in my family marvels at how it’s still working lol (yes it’s HD, LCD etc…). Although it is starting to go…we may need a new one in a few months.

            We had a TV at my office from the 70s, that JUST finally died last summer.

            They don’t make em like they used to!

          • When I was young and our tv broke down, we had a tv repairman come to fix it. Now if it breaks down, into the trash it goes.

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              Toasters that used to last for 20 years

              • Exactly! Really annoys me…

                I’m pretty much a cheapskate, but I’d pay a premium to be able to buy stuff that will last. (I drive a 2001 car….my husband’s car is from the same year, too. And they weren’t even “premium” cars — Toyota Corolla and Toyota Echo (cheapest Toyota at the time) , respectively.)

              • Josephine Kick@$$

                Yep, I love my ’02 Accord, it helps that it came with all the bells & whistles, (at least they still work as opposed to some of the newer cars made) 😂

              • I’m kinda dreading having to get a more “modern” car at some point… For example, my car works with just a regular old, non-electronic metal key. When my keys went missing last summer, my husband was able to get a replacement key made for under 10 bucks. With those newfangled electronic one, I’ve heard of people having to spend hundreds to get a new key! Also, to me, the less electronics in the car (i’m not talking about consumer electronics; I’m taking about helping-the-car-to-work electronics), the fewer things there are to potentially go wrong and to have to get fixed/serviced.

                I’m not a Luddite, truly, but I think some of these “advancements” are really kind of a racket.

            • I know…it’s awful. So many toxic elements in a TV, too… (Don’t get me wrong…I’m a major TV user/fan, but I just wish they were built to last, like they used to be, and that it would be less expensive to get them repaired, because it’s so bad for so many to end up in the trash. But, yeah – the way things are now, repair is usually more expensive than replacement for most appliances and electronics.)

          • No worries Sandra; I get it.

            It’s all a money grab in this day and age. 20 or 30 yrs ago it was about quality, durability, service and stretching the consumer’s dollar. Servicemen that came out and repaired things to make the item last longer at a cost that is more affordable than junking the item and buying a new one.

            Now things are made “high quality” (and I purposely put that in quotation marks) but the components are flimsier and less durable and the cost to repair typically exceeds the cost of replacing because the value of a dollar now exceeds the value of helping a fellow human. Products are so “high quality” that the parts that make it up are now more expensive than the entire product was worth 20 yrs ago. Factor in “labor” costs by the servicemen to replace these parts and now you have a new product that is more cost effective than a repaired one. Resale value and “what’s it worth now that it’s been repaired” is a whole other tangent to that as well.

  9. At what point do you get the Playdough factory and Maggie given to you? I got it a few levels ago, but I wasn’t sure what triggered it and all the info I can find refers only to the Winter 2015 event.

    • Well…you kind of answered your own question. She came during the Winter 2015 event, starting on December 23rd. There wasn’t a “trigger” as much as it was part of the planned quest line for Acts II & III. We got Maggie in Act II…Act III started off with the factory and the “Where’s Maggie?” game.

      • That’s what I read, but I’ve just recently started a game in the last three weeks or so. At some point last week, the factory was randomly given to me for free, so there must be some trigger beyond the event that the Wiki doesn’t list.

        • I think the trigger is somewhere between levels 17-21 but I’m not 100% sure. I haven’t had it pop up with regular game play. All of my games that didn’t have it are between levels 17 and 21 and had it popup. The one below level 17 doesn’t have it. I don’t regularly play those games though, just use them for testing.

          My own game and my B game (which i use for this blog, so everything is unlocked and rushed) earned her via the Winter Event.

  10. Gah, what is wrong with WordPress? I’m not seeing any replies to comments here and I have been trying to reply to the comments that I do see on my wordpress account but I think that’s not working as well.

    • It’s all screwed up on this thread….wp issue

    • Yeah something goofy is definitely going on. Very, very laggy when I’m tying to reply. I have notifications that there are replies to my posts but my posts no longer appear on the thread. It says there are 294 replies on the Open Thread but only 4 pages worth of posts and there is definitely not 294 posts on those 4 pages

  11. I am furious here, I just sent Kirk on a 24 hour job, “Gold-Farm in Homer’s Happy Little Elves Game”, and the reward is a miserly $20! Seriously EA, wtf? Anybody know why a 24 hour job pays so little? It pays 200XP which is pretty average, if it was giving me 2,000XP I could understand the $20.

  12. I wish there was a way to exchange or sell monorail track pieces. I have tons of the L curved pieces and no place to use them, and I desperately need straight-line track pieces.

  13. On the back to school banner for the site, shouldn’t Bunny be riding on the short bus? 😂

    • You find her, you can tell her lol I haven’t seen or heard from Bunny in over 3 weeks now…. (although I know she’s alive because she’s posting on her personal Facebook.) So yea. You find her you can tell her lol

    • Are you trying to lure her out of hiding with that one? 😉

  14. is it just me, or are many of the replies to posts in this thread missing/uncoupled?

  15. I got the teleporters!!! I thought they would have been more expensive but they weren’t so….now i can stack my doughnuts for Hallooween.

  16. While doing my neighbor visits the other day, I received two donuts in one town. I didn’t know that was possible! I’ve received donuts in back-to-back towns before, but never two in the same town. It makes me wonder if anyone has every received three donuts in a single town.

    • I received two in the same town about a week ago and i was surprised too 😃. You’ve got me wondering now lol.

      • I’m glad it’s not just me. This game can be so random sometimes 😃

        • Actually, it’s pretty straightforward…each time you tap in a neighbor’s town, there’s a .05% chance of getting a donut — it doesn’t matter where the taps are.

  17. Does anyone else sorta find themselves looking forward tl whats coming next more than enjoying the current event / mini event / break?

    Just realised that I ‘suffer’ from this. Always planning for and wondering whats coming next; hoping for mass released of land; anticipating getting more of the (admittedly few) characters I don’t yet have; adding things in to current events that would have fit etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the game.
    Also, President Lisa will be character 200 for me!

    • Not exactly, no. I am sorta waiting for Act 3, and that is something I have done before even without getting ahead. I kinda like the way they’ve been doing a few of these crafting things, where you know it all ahead of time but have to unlock it as you go. A mix of that and the Wild West version might be cool. Anyways, I’m waiting to see what’s coming up next in the very short act 3. Why so short, EA?

  18. Got a head start saving donuts strictly for the Black Friday sale this year. Gonna have a poop-load! Kind of a nice thing to be donut rich! I finally got to the point in the game after 3 years (as a freemium player) where I have just about every premium character I want so, hey, time to squirrel them away for winter 😀

  19. *Minor Spoiler alert* OK, I see them teasing a certain show that Matt Groening has a MAJOR hand in. Holy Crap! 🙂 Now, at the end of the bit for the demo, Groening says “its not licensed to appear here, I’m suing myself” (that’s the joke). HOWEVER, just to see that IN THIS GAME means that it IS licensed. I think (and hope!) that we are going to see a crossover with said “show” in the “future” (see what I did there?) 😉

    • Someone stole my burrito™

      “HOWEVER, just to see that IN THIS GAME means that it IS licensed.” Yup, it means it isn’t impossible. There are exclusive licenses and there are licenses where you give someone permission to use your copyrighted work, but not exclusively ( think Disney on tons of products by different companies ) . I can’t imagine they would give an exclusive license for one other mobile game or company.

  20. Have the odds on Go Kart track changed? Haven’t won last few days. Kinda pointless having it out really if so. Might put it back into storage.

  21. Looking forward to the Halloween event. Mainly because of what I’ve read from fellow addicts. Only been playing since May, so new experience for me.
    I assume it will be worth my while to save my donuts ?

    • Someone stole my burrito™

      Halloween and the Winter event are a good time to save some extra donuts, but I think most tappers look forward to these events because they are kind of a tradition. The spookiness of Halloween and the snow of Christmas are something I look forward to, yearly. To get out past items from storage and decorate. There will be unique and returning decorations, decorations you may be coveting from friends SFs.

      • I wish EA would leave the snow in game for the duration of (North American) winter and not for just for the month of December. 😢

        • Someone stole my burrito™

          Yeah, at least through January. I love it.

          • It’s just so awkward seeing it all green and springy in mid-January or February when I’m looking out the window at a foot of snow on the real-life ground. I see the snow leave the game and for a split second I think “Oohhh, spring is coming (in real-life)!!!! Yay!!!) And then I’m so disappointed when I revert back to reality and realize it’s still January 🙁

    • Last year, people got their expectations up way too high for Halloween and were, as I predicted, generally disappointed. (Granted, EA didn’t do as good a job with last year’s Halloween as they had with the year before and the year before that, but I don’t think they could have ever met the expectations that people had…the anticipatory comments were way through the the roof!)

      So, I guess partly it depends on how good a job they do this year (after two hits and a miss in the past three years), and how into Halloween you are. Personally, I wouldn’t put all of my eggs (or, in this case, candy) in one basket/trick-or-treat bag….if there’s something you’re dying to get during this event, get it, but, if you’re on the fence about stuff, then hang onto your sprinklies for Halloween (and/or the Black Friday/yard sale deals that sometimes happen, during which regular premium items are offered with good rebates or discounts).

      In the meantime, I’ll pass along something I learned about here, and that’s the QuickThoughts app, which allows you to earn App Store gift credits in return for answering surveys. When you agree to take a survey, you generally either earn $1 for completing it or, if you don’t qualify after the first few questions, a $0.10 consolation amount. When you’ve earned $10 on the site, you can trade it in for a $10 App Store gift code. I’ve gotten a couple of truckloads of donuts that way already and I’ve now amassed over $100 in iTunes credits, which I can use to get my first boatload of donuts (something I would NEVER spend $100 of “real” money to get), when I need it.

      • Thanks for the heads up, you all have a nice evening.

      • That sounds great. I tried the app and it said I would be redeeming for an Amazon gift card. Can I turn that if for Play store credit? How does it work converting it to in game money? Sorry if it’s a dumb question 🙂

        • I think Amazon and iTunes are the only two choices, but, if you can use Amazon credits on your device, that’s by FAR the better deal. Amazon sells its coins at a discount and then they often rebate on purchases. So it’s a much cheaper way of buying donuts!

          • Darn, I looked in the game and it’s not one of the redemption options. There’s play store credit (Android), credit card, PayPal, and gift card redemption (something like that). Sigh.
            Thank you though!

            • Do you have a friend with a Kindle? All you need to do is borrow it long enough to make the purchase. (Well, actually, you’d need to give them the code and have them use their Amazon account while logged into the game with your Origin account to get into TSTO (of course).)

          • Thank you again! I will ask around. (I could not comment to your last suggestion because “reply” was not an option.

        • Get Google Opinion Rewards for Play credit.

          • That program sucks, they stopped sending me surveys long ago. For the first few months I got tons, now it’s nothing. Maybe 1 every 3 weeks…

            • try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or go into your settings and make sure you’re allowing apps to know your location. i had an issue once where i wasn’t receiving any more surveys, but after i reinstalled, it has been working ever since. i dunno if you go out a lot or stay at home most of the time, but i get a lot of surveys based on or near the locations i visit.

        • Google opinion rewards is good for android

          • It’s only good if they give you surveys. I’ve had Opinion Rewards since late May (3.5 months) and only received 2 surveys and none since mid-June. Gots me a total of 63 cents.

      • I’ve had “Quick Thoughts” since June and gotten (3) $10 gift cards for Amazon from answering surveys and a $30 cash card for participating in a 75 minute online focus group. It’s legit. Another good one is “On Go Surveys”, slower to accumulate but you can redeem for straight cash. Avoid “Google Play Rewards”, they never send out surveys.

      • Thanks! I downloaded it. Hopefully i can get some surveys in before Hallooween.

  22. Happy Labor Day to all celebrating a day off work.
    I’ve looked all over and can’t find an answer, what level do you have to be at to get Maggie’s face on mountain top. I’m at level 704, thought it was 700 but guess not. Anyone out there have a quick figure?

  23. I’d really love a future-themed monorail station. Even though the monorail is supposed to be made of garbage, it still fits the future motif well.

  24. What is anomaly? Task of the day is to tap.

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