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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Act 2 of the Sci-Fi Event is winding down, ending Tuesday morning.  How have you done with the Act 2 prizes?  Ready for Act 3?  Just ready for it all to be over?

Speaking of the Sci-Fi Event…what are you planning on doing with your event items?  Remember we’ve got our Showoff planned for the Sci-Fi Event, so don’t forget to show us your designs!

The very first episode of Addicts Live! premiered yesterday, have you checked it out yet?  What did you think?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Not a ton going on here in Jersey this weekend.  Just enjoying a quiet weekend at home 🙂

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. So….first of all, love the new banner, even if its really only the addition of a new person/character 😉 Got to admit, it has me wondering though, why is Alissa all the way over on the other side of the banner by herself. I mean, the boys are chillin’ together, Bunny has, well, her bunny, and Otto, but Alissa is completely away from everyone, and not even a Simpson to hang out with her? Seems unfair 😀

  2. Would someone please explain Kwik-E-Mart farming? I’ve been using the rat trap delivery trucks to level up fast but you need a hellovalotta dollars to do this. Thanks in advance.

  3. Friday night feels empty without the Bracket Challenge! We need another series 😄
    Any plans Alissa?
    I LOVE tuning in to Totbox’s Throwback Thursday! Really cool series but I want something else to look forward to reading … I could do something

  4. Not sure what is happening, but I am getting thrown out of my towns and can’t log back in. Servers down?

  5. Maybe depression speaking but why have none of my comments been posted. 😊 Just curious, thanks

  6. Sooooo, I let myself be spoiled by spoilers…
    No teleporters (yes, I know I’ll be kicking myself…) but waiting for Maggie.

    • Maggie has already come and gone during the last half of Act 1. So you missed out on both, sad to say. 🙁 However, if you still want a character, Lampwick’s bundle is a great deal. Hopefully it makes up for it.

  7. Hey all,
    Just a random question for everyone. My husband has been going on and on about how many donuts he’s been getting from his ‘clean up springfield’ task. Yesterday he cleaned up 30 piles of trash and got two donuts! I’ve been hoarding up junk forever so I decided to give it a try. I cleaned up 200 piles of trash and got 2 stinking donuts. WhyTheFace? I got my first after 100 piles, and the second at 125.
    Has anyone else kept track of how many they earned? I’m feeling kinda cheated right now! 🙁

    • I’ve heard it said it’s a set % chance of getting a donut each time you pick up a debris pile, something low. So you could get one a bunch of times quickly or go really long stretches with nothing.

      Kind of like roulette: you have the same % chance of landing on #31 every spin. Could theoretically land on it 5 times in a row or go 1,000 without. Or just because the board says it’s landed on black 8 times in a row doesn’t mean there is any better chance of it landing on black the next spin.

    • Turn on the XP collider and build a bunch of Kwik-E-Marts then sale them. Show him how to really earn donuts!

    • Lucky you, I’ve never had a donut from cleaning up debris and my rocket is never idle. I’ve completely lost count of how much debris I’ve cleared.

  8. Hey everyone.

    Hope this works, but saw a post on Facebook about a local house that decorated with Simpsons characters. Thought it appropriate to post here.

    If the link posted doesn’t work properly A/B/W please edit so it works if at all possible.

  9. I need help deciding between:
    1. Powell motors
    2. Crazy cat house
    3. Florence of Arabia
    4. Volcano lair.

  10. I was wondering why the comment I tried to post last evening has not appeared here. It was some suggestions for tasks for president Lisa. It sure didn’t seem like there was anything offensive in the post but if there was I would like to known for the future . Feel free to email me privately if you’d like. Thanks.

  11. **Bump from last week…**

    This one is directed at the Addicts or any of the mathy/statsy people out there…

    Statistically speaking, which are the appropriate bets to make for both Springfield Downs and the Go-Kart Track for the highest average rate of return? Used to be the longshot on the go-karts before they removed the $2.5M but now I don’t know. Grazie!

    • 2-1 odds. You win every other time you play, (on average) and it pays 3x your bet, so it’s always profit after every 2 times (on average)

      • I think you’re forgetting to account for the initial investments…

        • I think he is. If the favourite is actually 2-1 chance, then theoretically, you win every second play. Every play costs $5000, so it’s $10000 to play it twice. On one of them you *theoretically* win, so you get $15000 for it, which gives you a $5000 profit from two attempts.
          TL;DR: $10k in = $15k out

    • Well, to do the math myself and answer my own question, it appears the 2-1 bet is actually the worst bet you can make.

      Based on the given payouts:
      Odds Payout
      and based on the updated payout schedule Patric posted here:

      Over 100 races you will invest $500,000. Multiplying the win % Patric provided by the payouts gives you the following:
      Odds Payout (x100 races)
      2-1 (66.01% to win)………..$990,150
      9-1 (20% to win)…………….$1,000,000
      19-1 (10% to win)…………..$1,000,000
      49-1 (4% to win)…………….$1,000,000

      So the average rate of return

      • Sorry. I prematurely…………pressed enter. Hehe

        So the Average Rate of Return would be as follows:
        Odds………Rate of Raturn

        So for the Go-Karts, it appears any bet besides the 2-1 is the appropriate bet to make.

    • You ask the question, then bump it, then answer it yourself thoroughly, I like it man. Well done.

  12. Over the weekend, for entertainment purposes, I watched Now you See me 2 and a Korean Movie : New World. New World is a gangster brotherhood police flick and is really fantastic. I also rewatched Cap America Civil War again. There is a scene between Captain Rhodes and Tony Stark where Rhodes mentioned that he has done 138 flights in his armour. This number has a significance in chinese. It can be interpreted as prosperity all the way or rise and prosper. I guess it is a small touch to make chinese audience happy. I wonder if 138 has a meaning in western culture.

  13. Prob a dumb question but I can’t figure out to use the flash?

  14. I’ve just unlocked Lisa last night and now I’m about to get my first (and only) round of bonus donuts.

    Much better than last time, I wasn’t able to get Skinner, I still needed 4000 event points, but I wasn’t able to get them in time. (I missed 4 days of play due to a vacation).

    • Yep I couldnt get Skinner the first time around but after they changed the payout I got Lisa today. Very happy about that. But I could only get her if I visited my neighbors everyday, my only other town has no neighbors and I didnt get Skinner and I won’t be able to get Lisa either in it either.

  15. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but in reading the comments some folks have made about being concerned that they might not be able to earn Prize ABC by the end of Event XYZ, several references have been made to “the calendar”, and checking our progress against that.

    Where might this mythical beast be found? Is it a feature of the TSO Addicts website? It sounds as if I should be able to see certain milestones (eg, 4000 Chronons by 06 September 2016) or something to that effect, so I can see if I am ahead (more than 4000 Chronons collected) or behind.

    • If you click the Sci Fi event icon on the right of the comments… You’ll find the calendar and all other related posts.

      • Thanks Patric. To be honest, the TSO pages are so busy and there are so many links, that sometimes it’s not obvious what to click on.

        Every time I click on something, I end up following the white rabbit… 😉

        • LOL…the calendar is pretty big there…but, I get the “too many posts” thing. This update has a lot of working parts.

        • When in doubt, I use the great Google search feature for the site, accessible via the Search option on the menu bar. (Use that instead of the Search box on the page…it’s much better.) I find it’s the fastest way to find a post that’s no longer on the first few screen’s-worth on the Home page. (I also keep a few tabs open all the time, like the calendar post and the turbo tapping post, until I finish the act they’re for.)

          Hope that helps! 🙂

          • Thanks for the tips, sandrashill

            I still need to work out where to find the Turbo Tapping post, and then to figure out what exactly that is xD

            I’m sure I’ll get used to the TSTO site soon.

            • The Turbo Tapping posts are the ones in which Alissa things through the event questline and says which character does what and for how long, so you can make sure to have the right characters free at the right times and stuff like that.

  16. Sometimes it’s the really small things in TSTO that give me the most pleasure. At the moment I have Mooch Bart & Saxaphone Lisa jamming outside Moe’s whilst Duffman dances away with Kearney. The Wise Guy is also giving me a lot of joy with his 12 hour plumbing task. He has, amongst others, visited the Mountain Lodge, the Bad Dream House, Ultra House 2, Pumpkin House, Elf Home (😂) as well as all of the new buildings. He’s in my Astro House at the moment. When EA gifts us a free character that actually does something useful it makes me fall in love with the game all over again….😎….💜X

  17. Should I hold off on completing Prez. Lisa’s quests or finishing up my 3d Printer prizes & associated quests so that the chronon’s get saved for Act 3?
    Just trying to figure out a way to get a jump on the next act.

  18. was I the only one who won’t be able to get lisa…I entered my town at least 4 times a day and I was fine, on track until today…now for some odd reason I’m 1000 points behind…something is wrong here…

    • 1000 isn’t so bad, you might be able to make it in time

    • It’s not just you. I am in a foul mood right now. Like tempted to quit TSTO foul. This seems to keep happening to me, and I really wanted to get President Lisa. 🙁

    • I’m not going to get her either, and i didn’t get Sgt skinner in the last act. But I just started working again and can’t really check my game like I had been, and since I have a bazillion characters already anyway I’m not too upset about it. I’m glad I got all the buildings and hopefully I’ll be able to get everything crafted, but I fear it may not happen.

  19. There should be at the very least one item made for Krustyland during an event, even if it costs donut

  20. So Act 1 brought us a future Maggie (via a Gil deal), and Act 2 featured a future Bart and a future Lisa. Now all that is left are the future versions of Homer and Marge. Using the Holidays of Future Passed/Days of Future Future Marge is a no-brainer, since the other future designs for her are just present-day Marge with slightly different facial features and/or lighter/shorter hair.

    Also, in the future, it would be cool to see the Ultimate Behemoth from “Call of the Simpsons” as a Gil deal.

  21. hEAy, wouldn’t it be grEAt to bEA able to plEAce ocEAn stuff in inland lEAkes.

    EAny rEAson why not EA?

  22. Happy Sunday, everyone. I found this event was quite easy, even with a few of my towns not really making the robots. I started getting President Lisa on Thursday in six of my towns, got her in six more of my towns on Friday, and the last three of my towns on Saturday morning. What I did was just pop into each town long enough to restart the Homers and do the battle, so it would take about fifteen minutes every four hours to do all my towns. Then I could go back in to each to tap anything I wanted to tap or not. Then I had four hours free for life. Just concentrated on the event for the most part. Mary Jo

    • Uhm…Holyfreakinshirt! How many towns do you have?

      • Patric, I have 15 towns. Also, I would like to let u know how much I enjoy ur posts and glad that u have rejoined the team. U r definitely a plus.

        On another note, I like the fact that we can get as many of the crafting things as we want using the future bucks, and we don’t have to if we only want one of each thing, or can put things into storage. I have seen some amazing things that my neighbors have done with many of the same items. It is a game and we each can play it as we want. I think EA is, from where I sit, trying to make the game work for everyone. Mary Jo

      • I counted 15.

    • Mary Jo, you’re one busy lady! I still only have one town and that keeps me busy enough! Your town in my list is so organized with all the bells and whistles so hats off to you Missy!

      Long time no see so it was nice seeing you post here…..hope all is well with you!


      • Val, u sweet lady. I have talked to u in the past, but I know u were super busy, so u could not respond. So good to finally get to communicate with u. U r so kind with ur remarks of my town. I think I have u in several of them, but right now, not sure of which ones except for 70notagain. Lol. I had to get u to reconsider to friending me at level 10. Lol. Julie had fun with that one. So glad u have stuck with me. Always love looking around in ur town. It is quite difficult to come up with 15 ways to design with the same things and with the events coming so close…not complaining…I am still trying to figure ways I want to go. All is well on my end and hope the same for u. Mary Jo

    • Wow your town juggling is ambitious and impressive. I feel like you may have tsto related carpel tunnel syndrome. Tap on pal tap on! 😊

  23. I find it really annoying that even now every event has to be marred by some small aspect like event currency that does not matter. What is the point of the future bucks? What was the point of those gems we got from the superhero event? Not only are they completely useless, theybare the mkst abundant currency being paid out of the event. I’m not going to want multuples of these craftables. Most of them are so unique-looking that having 4 or 5 of them would look silly.

    I just wish EA would realize how out of touch these useless aspects make them look.

    • I really appreciate that they only have a single crafting currency, as I usually have to do a lot of maths towards the end of events to figure out what I can craft with the items available.
      Re: future bucks, I think it’s great that we can choose what we want multiples of. Stock up on flowers, trees, signs, fountains, and street lamps if you don’t want more of the big stuff. Personally, I can’t get enough of the luminescent flowers, and fountains. Even the billboards & signs are of great use in various parts of my town. You don’t just have to pile them into the same “future town” – I’m sure there’s plenty of places to use them

      • I’d be interested to see how you’re using the luminescent flowers….that’s the one thing in didn’t really want to craft *any* of (although I did end up crafting one, because it cost just what I needed to advance to the next crafting level at one point). I do like the holo flowers, though…pretty, little tulips! 🙂

        • I haven’t done anything particularly amazing with them at the moment – I put some near my Duff Gardens castle, to give it more of a trippy/hallucinogenic feel. I put some more around Dr Lenny’s Lab and other imposing tech buildings (re-neducation, skyberdine etc) but I’m thinking about moving those to my Halloween and/or Spooky Campfire areas. They might even work as a fairy ring (circle of mushrooms) or something similar

  24. I call this screenshot “some things never change.”

    • Aaaaaand boom. The world implodes.

    • That is so incredibly sweet….I love it!!!

    • That’s a fantastic shot! How did you manage to align everything so perfectly?

      • You have lifted my spirits. Just been reading posts about 9/11 and was feeling very sad. Thankyou

      • I’m glad it’s made you happy 🙂

        Young Lisa is easy to move about on her reading a book task, because she always uses a tree. I just moved the tree. Pres. Lisa was trickier. I needed to find a different task that used something I could move. I ended up sending her on a future-length coffee break at the mushroom office building, moving the building near the library, and then storing it. (The area select and swap option was very important to this working easily.) Then set her book reading task, easy peasy.

        • I never knew that Lisa used a tree for that! I’m glad you explained your process…I found that info quite interesting!

          • Thanks! If you ever want to set up a particular scene, I can tell you how to move almost any character just where you want them to go. I have a lot of character tasks as part of the scenery in my town, so I’ve gotten pretty good at arranging them.
            Most recent example, I thought it would be fun to have future Maggie rocking out with Otto. His task is tied to the bus, so I had to move Maggie there. So I pulled a brown house out of storage, put it near the polyvac where Maggie has been raging against the machines, and set her on her “party” task, which will send her to the nearest brown house. I selected the house with the area select tool and put on top of the school bus. Swapped once to place it there, then swapped back so the brown house was selected again and could be stored. Store it and out pops Maggie, ready to jam!


        • Thanks for the explanation. Great tips!

  25. I would like a new set of lands like for Krustyland for the Sci-fi event. Maybe you could reach it tapping on the black hole and you are sent to the Springfield of Tomorrow.
    All those buildings and decorations from the future just don’t make any sense in my Springfield at the moment.

  26. Haven’t been around lately, mostly because I find this event BOOOORING. Not as dull as the wild west event (I GOT A ROCK) but still kinda lame. Most of the prizes look the same, especially the craftable buildings. I think the best one was the Atomic Hula Hoop. And the Maggie Stadium of course.

    The only thing that has kept me playing is Mooch Bart and Prez Lisa. Got her yesterday, now I’m kinda half-assing the bonut round. They also made the first act WAY too hard, too many people missed out on Skinner.

    Hoping the next act is more exciting, but from what I’ve heard it’s not. I’m planning on storing most of these items…I don’t have a sci-fi area, the only place in my town it makes sense would be in my space station/NASA area which is already full. I also didn’t get Frink. I really don’t like him and didn’t want to be swayed by a sale lol.

    I’m really excited for the Halloween and Christmas events though as usual. I feel like those are the ones they usually do the best with consistently.

    But ya, this event is just a bunch of grey buildings and boring decos. I do like the holo flowers and trees though, any new plants are always good. Could’ve done with some interesting holo fencing instead of the holo hedges though.

    Good luck to anyone still trying to get Lisa! I feel like she’s definitely the best part of this event.

    Football is back!, what a way to start the season 😁


    • As my daughter and her long suffering Raiders fan fiancé are saying, “This could be the year!”

      • I’m still a realist. I just need to see a winning season this year. 9-7 would be good, 10-6 would be great, 11-5 would be spectacular. Honestly, just to be in it throughout each game would make my year.

        • I agree, just to be in the game feels great! Carr looks like he could be a franchise quarterback, feels like the days of Gannon, Plunket, and Stabler! Always feels like you’re in the game. Stabler was a master at the 2 minute offense

          • Ah, Rich Gannon…I can help but chuckle a little. I know he had some great seasons in silver and black but, you see, I remember him from his days in purple and gold. Speaking of QBs, I’m starting to wish the Vikes had drafted Carr over Bridgewater, and not because of Teddy’s injury.

          • *can’t

  28. For the rest of act 2 I’m loving in EVERY 4 hours

  29. Football season is back! My favorite team is the Los Angeles Rams.

    What’s your favorite NFL team?

    • For me…I am geographically between the Seahawks, the 49ers, and Oakland.

      So…I root for Denver’s defense. And hope that Marcus Mariota can not be Joey Harrington in his NFL career.

      Kids- one in NYC is a Jets fan…my daughter in SF is a raiders fan.

      So…every Sunday is very confusing.

      • I’m a big raider fan! From the Ken Stabler days! Awesome opening game! And I’m from Hawaii, so big time Mariota supporter! Bad opening day, but have confidence he’ll bounce back! Hope he’s not a another Harrington, but his strength is his quiet confidence. He’ll learn and get better. He did it all through his high school and college career.

    • Your clip gave me a seizure.. hope you’re happy. The ITT tech paleontologists are my favorite team.

    • I have two. 1) Washington Redskins. I have a huge family connection to the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area and my mom is a HUGE Redskins fan. 2) San Diego Chargers. I grew up in San Diego and love the Bolts (and the Padres). They always disappoint me though but I still love them.
      I live in the Seattle area and must say that while I am indifferent to the Seahawks, I despise the majority of the fans.

      • There is a reason for that… They’re also mostly Huskies fans.


        • LOL! I’m not much into college football (basketball is a totally different matter) so I get to enjoy all the fun of Ducks vs Huskies vs Beavers vs Cougars without being invested in any team.

        • as a Seahawks fan but a Florida resident just curious what is the point of despising someone based on who they root for in a sport?

          • Clearly, you have never met a Duke fan

          • It’s how the vast majority of them act. Some of them are really nice and cool people. I work with a lot. But some are just so incredibly rude, obnoxious, arrogant to anyone who lives in this area and yet doesn’t root for the Seahawks. A lot of them (and no, I am not saying ALL of them) only started following the Hawks when they started winning and are the first to drop them when they stumble. This is area full of fair weather fans and as someone who believes you follow your team through the good, bad and the ugly, I really hate that.

      • I got a Coke Can bearing the Red Skin logo, an indian chief? I bought it around 1997 during my trip to USA Washington DC. I did not really know its meaning but I guess it belongs to a football team. I thought it look cool and meant to keep it as a souvenir. Many years later, the tab pop open by itself. At the moment I still have that empty can somewhere in my cupboard.

      • “They always disappoint me though but I still love them.”

        you and me both. sunday would’ve been devastating… if i hadn’t already experienced that same kind of failure from them all my life.

        • Luckily, I missed the game as I was at work. I saw the score when I got home, winced, sighed and muttered “Of course”. Nothing will top the devastation that was Superbowl XXIX though.

      • well have to reply here the reply button further down is gone. I get that about the fans, sadly I think that is like that in a lot of places. Me ,I go all the way back to the,Curt Warner, Jim Zorn,Jon L Williams, Steve Largent days. Check my other favorite team is the Browns , now the requires persistence,LOL. Glad you find some of us really nice and cool. I like to think I am. Well ok maybe just really nice…coolness is up for debate. My nephew says I,m to old to be cool. :).

    • Skol, Vikings, let’s go! 🏈😀

    • Da Behrs!

      • A certain team, from a certain Midwestern town, that starts with a “C”, ends with an “O”, and in the middle is HICAG.

    • I hope everyone remembers their answers and repeat them in my next Throwback Post, stay tuned Thursday, you’ll be Thankful that you did 😛🦃🏈

    • Green Bay Packers
      Not that we get to see much football on tv in England,
      🏈 😃 🇬🇧

      • I don’t know if this comment will be deleted or not but I will state it anyway. I am boycotting American football until the rich babies not honoring the US Flag and National Anthem stand up and honor both. I, as well as millions of others, wrote a blank check to the United States up to and including giving my life to defend my country. These rich babies have no concept of what that means.

  30. Why do the reply buttons disappear sometimes is that just their way of telling us to shut it. Just wondering.

    • You can only have so many levels of replies with this WordPress theme. Just reply somewhere else in the levels is what I do. 🙂

    • WordPress only allows for a limited amount of “nesting” in comment threads…once that limit is reached, the posts at that level no longer have Reply buttons.

      However, I subscribe to the comments for every post I comment in, so I actually read in email all of the comments made after I first post a comment there. In the emails, there’s a Reply button, that actually places the reply in the correct spot in the comment thread, which is pretty neat.

      But that’s why I sometimes answer a question that someone else has already answered….I just didn’t get far enough through my remarks to see that someone had already replied.

      So, no… it’s not meant to imply “shut it,” or you’d be seeing a lot fewer comments from me, lol! 😉

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