Addicts Open Thread

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

The Simpsons are back baby!  Season 28 premieres TONIGHT!  What will happen in the new episode?  Excited that our favorite yellow family is back?

Speaking of the Season 28 premiere…we had a fun episode tie-in launch last week to help kick things off.  What are your thoughts on the tie-in so far?  Enjoying the prizes?

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  We’re taking Riley to her first farm for some pumpkin pickin’ and corn maze wandering… 🙂

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


247 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. 🏈 🇬🇧 FOOTBALL NEWS 🇬🇧 🏈

    Tomorrow, Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
    Live from London ….
    early start for you Americans….afternoon for us

    🏈 😃 🇬🇧 🏈

  2. I just posted a comment. What the hell has happened to it?

  3. WOW!!!! The Western Bulldogs won the AFL Grand Final 2016
    What a fantastic game. Neck to neck most of the way then won 89 to 66
    Most were predicting that the Swans would win but the Bulldogs were the sentimental faves.
    Hope your hubby’s heart is still functioning Karon. 🏉😀❤️

  4. Someone tell Wookie there is some free Stickers in the App Store called “Harry Dude” that made me think of him. 🎅🏿

  5. Sorry Swans, the Doggies finally had their day…

  6. Nice to have you as a neighbor now Safi!

  7. @Totbox: Many moons ago we discussed adding each other as neighbors in the game. I recently was able to make room, and sent a request. At least I hope it was you, there was a few Totbox type names within the list. If it was, please look for a name starting with Dearth.

  8. Hi Karon,
    I’m not sure if my replies to your posts and Mat’s posts have been getting through. There’s something funny going on with WordPress, I think. I keep getting kicked out.
    Anyway, happy Grand Final Day to you both. I think you will probably be one happy fan at the end of the day, Karon, but the Doggies are my sentimental faves.
    Let us know what happens with your Maremma. Hope you get him.
    Love reading your posts.😄👍

  9. Hi Mat, thanks so much for checking out my town and for the compliments. You’ve inspired me to sort out my sci-fi area and a few other things that need attention😄
    I love what you’ve done with your town👍 Your SH buildings look great.
    It seems like you have the perfect environment for a large furry friend. Keep us posted on that.
    It’s Grand Final day and heading off to a friends house to barrack for the Doggies! My husband will be very lonely backing the Swans at that gathering. Only I think the Swans will probably win.
    I love having neighbours who post here. Thanks for adding me, Mat.
    GO DOGGIES!!!!!!

    • Hello Su (you missed a T ;), the underdogs finally won, I’m probably as suprised but as thankful as many Melbournites are, despite the South Melbourne connection with the Swans…
      I’m looking for a pup that can keep me as active as I need to keep it, so I’m erring towards a Huski 🙂
      Thanks for the design compliments, every time I log in I need to fix something, usually related to a current event, but I’ve been playing so long now that sometimes I forget neighbourinos are watching 🙂

      • Sorry Matt,
        Yeh, maintenance on designing is never ending. Keeps me busy though. Now that there’s some downtime it’s a good opportunity to get things organised.
        I’m trying to make some space for new items that’ll come up with Halloween and Christmas. I’ve already bought up all available land.
        Good luck with Huski hunting.😀

        • Kinda nervous with upcoming events, Halloween and Christmas have always been big content events, as you can probably tell I’ve been through a few already and have limited space…
          I still have land to buy, but every time I do it takes a massive expansion redesign. As Sandra may confirm, I’ve tried to keep the same layout since day dot, expanding as needed. Some redesigns took days and days, f’instance the Clash Of Clones (I won’t abbreviate THAT one 😉 redesigns took its toll weeks afyer the event finished.

  10. I noticed the link to the open thread on the home page takes me to the open thread archives, with the first one being Xmas 2014 thread instead of the current one. Just curious if this was intentional or not? Thanks 🙂

  11. Hey Karon, been good to catch up, hope the young un’ knows what it means! I’ve recently been looking at getting a puppy, I have a massive and very secure backyard, and had been looking at huskies, malamuts or maremmas… A one minute walk and I’m on one of the biggest open parks around, and I’ve always wanted a fluffy friend 🙂

  12. Hi Again to Sue & Matt – hopefully you two are now neighbours! I’d like to say Good Luck to your team Sue; May the best team on the day win! (Hopefully the Swans will get off the team bus this year & not have another GF disgrace!) If not the dogs may have their day. Please excuse if I don’t visit tomorrow (Sat) I’ll be glued to the TV & monitoring hubby’s heart rate!

  13. Oh……..dear……….GOD is the game lagging for me since the update introducing the Corporate Kickbacks!!!!!! I can’t even toggle between characters without getting booted out of the game. I’ve stored all the animations and NPCs in town and it did nothing!


  14. Hi Sue & Dex 3 – oops I just realised what the other Aussie name was used for. SORRY ! My daughter surfs near there & calls it Franga. She also goes to Torquay with Dexter. Best winter surf spots or just for beach sitting. I was not suggesting anything horrid! This will go right over Americans heads! Maybe? You two should send friend notices & that would be nice.

    For cube Dex. The meet & greet with the Meremma rescue dog went well. Some diddlysquat bought the dog now 7mo & left it in a small backyard; Not even house trained or able to sit on command. Dexter went well with him. Dog not used to cats; Which may be an issue. We’ll know middle of next week whether we can rehome him here.

    Evidently the foster carer’s hubby has become attached.

    • I’m from 100 Km south of Chicago and I was wondering if she needs a raincoat when she is on the beach – sitting or surfing.

    • Hi Karon,
      Cube and I are now neighbours. Thanks to you, I think. Don’t worry about the Franga reference. Totally understandable since your daughter uses the term. Obviously she wasn’t around in the 70’s
      Hope you get the Maremma. What’s his name?
      I looked up the breed on the Internet. What a beautiful dog!
      I’d really like to get another pet myself but I live in a townhouse with a small decked area at the back. I had to have our cat put down earlier this year and I really miss her.
      My husband would like to get a dog but we don’t have the space.
      Good luck with the Maremma😀

      • Hey Sue, yup, it’s all Karon’s doing! But it helps that you care enough to share a bit of yourself 😉 I’m sorry to here about your kitty, unfortunately I can relate, my parental male ran over mine, and ever since then I’d been a bit adverse to emotionally investing…

        • What a horrible thing to happen. Your parental male must have been devastated, as you would be too.
          Completely understand your reluctance to reinvest those feelings towards another. Feeling a little that way myself.😪

  15. I don’t know if anyone had any trouble with App Store stuff since the latest iOS update.

    I’m strangely hoping it isn’t just me.

    -lol (laughing because another issue that seemed to have popped up) also been having multiple pop-up notifications. I just had Homer say “Better them than Me” three times in a row just now.

  16. Here is my take of woe…..

    The stupid gardener cut through the internet wire while pruning the honeysuckle that grows beneath our lounge window, and it took British Telecom a whole week to re-connect it, despite their useless call-centre (in India) telling us it would be hours not days 😬 😬

    The funniest part is that us adults weren’t really bothered as we can remember life before the internet, but our teenage son thought it was the end of the world. ……no Facebook, Snapchat, or other things I’ve probably never heard of.

    So I’m back on line again but don’t know when I’ll get time to catch up with neighbour visits…..

    😃 🚬 🇬🇧

  17. 3 normal straight pieces out of 16 this week. That’s about average. Very very frustrating. I contented all the turn and twisty pieces. They should let you pick the pieces you need.

  18. Morning Alissa

    This time EA waited until you were fast asleep 😄😄😄

    A Gil Deal has landed with quite a few goodies – all with a rebate…

    Don’t shop too much though, Halloween is on its way…

  19. Reply for cube 3 Dex – A Franga! LOL! This from a rather old lady with hair that they call Ranga ! 🙂 Nice to see you & Sue & speak to you both. I’m glad this forum has made a chance for you both to read my message & respond here. M – DEX3 -have you met Sue? (& vice versa) you are both most excellent neighbours! & we are all in Melb, AU.

    Sorry Sue; Still barracking for the Swans! Hubby is so diehard he’s having the day off work. Already stressed & his many heart operations make me worry! Where do your thoughts lie Dex3? Any team you’d prefer?

    I remember telling you Dexter was my Border Collie; Tomorrow we are looking to adopt a Maremma Sheepdog – no one else seems to want him! If he gets along with Dexter he’ll have a lifetime home. Cheers; Karon

    • How on earth is a Maremma without a home! THE world’s greatest protection dogs for birds! And not A Franga (hehehe… I think Aussies, especially Victorians only really know what that means ;), the Franga, although rumor has it that is where the name came from, because of the lack thereof!
      And just Cube, or Matt (not the one you walk over 🙂 too…
      Hey Sue (if she replys :), I don’t think we’re neighbourinos but welcome aboard, I think I have a few slots left if you’re interested, if not let me know (handle=username), I have my eye on some stragglers…

      • Hi Cube
        I also happen to have a Burns Slant Drilling powered Supercollider, (upper right corner of my town) we are both Melbournites. How can we not be neighbourinos.
        I sent you a request.
        I always wondered where the term Franga originated. Thanks for the info.
        I’ll be dropping in soon.😀

        • Hey neighbourino, agree on the comments side, and also strange our Springtanias have not crossed paths before, but welcome!
          Had a good scan of your digs, fantastic layout! Dex, hey and thanks for the intro (and I did post a rather tongue in cheek response regarding my AFL preference to a recent commenter :). I have many of those similar sorts of things scattered throughout my Springtania. F’instance a recent change was my “Moon Landing” in front of my One Week Films (behind my Space Centre ;). I loiter mainly around the AWOTters stream, occasionally comment on other posts, and recently been a bad neighbourino for not visiting but in events I try and share th’ TSTO Addiction love!

    • Hey Ranga!!!! Be careful how you use the term Franga. It’s a throwback to the 70’s with a totally different meaning where I come from.😅
      No need to apologise for being a Bloods supporter. My husband doesn’t.
      Cube and I aren’t neighbourinos but I’ve read and enjoyed many of his posts. Must be time to send a request.
      Have fun on Grand Final day, Karon. It should be a great match!!!
      GF’s in the past have been pretty boring. This one will top them all no matter what the result is.
      Tap on dear friend👍🏉🏆 oh and Hi to Dexter

  20. Hi everyone! First time posting here! Can anyone tell me if it’s normal to have to do a huge update every morning and evening? It’s been happening for nearly a month now. My wee phone is having trouble keeping up! And it makes it difficult to just nip in and have a quick play before work in the morning or before bed at night as the updates take maybe 15 minutes or more to download. Also the “tap to play while game downloads in background” option never works. Thanks everyone!!

    • It’s not normal, and probably means one of the game files is corrupt, which reinstalling should fix. It could also mean there is not sufficient space on your phone, and your cache is being regularly deleted, in which case you might need an upgrade. There are some totally decent and cheap smartphones on Amazon, if that’s the case.
      Never tap to play while it’s downloading, btw. I don’t know why they included that instruction, but it can corrupt the install. And as you noted, it does not work.

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